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A bug was recently reported which was preventing small and large mud logo files from being saved (thank you for reporting Myst). This has now been fixed, if you have attempted uploading a logo in the last week please resubmit and your logos should be saved.

The default biglist will no longer sort or display rank information. The ranking system has not been active for a long time and is no longer accurate, alphabetical sorting is now active. -Iccy
Mud Site Play Now Website Connect Status
Cities of M'Dhoria 6996 Connect Refused
Darkness of Time 4000 Connect Refused
Abandoned Codex 4000 Connected
Covenant 1685 Connected
Age of Dragons MUD 4000 Connected
GinkoMud 8898 None Connected
Adventures Unlimited 5005 Connected
After the Plague 3000 Connected
HoloMuck 5757 Connected
Aldebaran 2000 Connected
AlexMUD 4000 Connected
Aliens vs. Predator 4000 Connect Refused
COW Creative Object World N/A N/A
Covenant of Lords 23 Connect Refused
Battletech MUX 3067 Connect Refused
DB: Sphere of Fantasy 7000 None Connect Refused
WeyrPast 126 1260 Connected
Areth 6000 Connect Refused
Epitaph 6789 Connect Refused
Asgard's Honor 5454 Connected
Grimm Tales 7000 Connect Refused
The Fairy Garden MUSH 3349 Connected
StormHunters 7000 Connected
Transformers Universe 1976 Connected
Star Wars: Knights of Darkness 5555 Connected
Primal Darkness 5000 Connected
Champions MUSH 6363 Connected
The Lazarus Project N/A N/A
Crimson MUD 2 4000 Connected
Carrion Fields 4449 Connect Refused
The Eternal Crusade 1220 Connected
Dark Risings 1313 Connected
Lands of M'dhavian 7500 Connected
Cowboy Bebop: Space Cowboy 5678 Connect Refused
DustMARE 4000 Connected
The Great Hunt 8500 Connect Refused
Dawn of Demise 4000 Connected
Advanced Universe: Ressurection 3069 Connect Refused
Deeper Trouble 4242 Connected
TriadCity N/A N/A
BrutusMUD 4444 Connected
Deckeon 2065 Connect Refused
Grendel's Revenge N/A N/A
Redwall 4203 Connected
Dragon's Den 2222 Connected
Dead of Night 5000 Connected
Dreams 3000 Connected
The 7th Plane 8888 Connected
MozartMud 4500 Connect Refused
DUMII 2001 Connected
Unwritten Legends 6666 Connect Refused
HolyQuest 7373 Connected
De Digitale Metro 8888 Connected
Omphalos 4444 None Connect Refused
DraknorMUD 4000 Connect Refused
PKmud 5000 Connected
AderonMUD 3200 Connect Refused
Realms of Aarendil 4000 Connected
The Stack MUSH 8023 Connect Refused
Final Realms 4001 Connect Refused
MUD2 27723 None Connected
Rusted Promises 9630 Connected
The Gathering 5000 Connected
MUDII 23 Connected
Rothogna MUSH 4201 Connect Refused
Fossworld MUD 4000 Connect Refused
The Eternal Fantasy 3333 Connected
Arda MUD 7000 Connected
Hidden Worlds 4040 Connected
The Savage Soul 6666 Connected
Mage: the Ascension Online 4000 Connect Refused
Hyperborea 2000 Connected
Erimand 23 Connect Refused
Corporate Expanse: From the Cradle 7117 Connect Refused
Kerovnia 1984 Connect Refused
Game of Bones 4222 Connect Refused
The Sea of Storms 7070 Connected
Galactic Trader 23 Connected
Legend of the Nobles 5400 Connect Refused
Shattered Realms 8081 Connect Refused
Legends of the Darkstone 5432 Connected
Olympus Island MUSH 1960 Connected
Metropolis Universalis 18888 Connect Refused
DarkeMud 5559 Connected
Lost Souls 23 Connected
Faery Tale Online N/A N/A
Malevolence 3000 Connected
Chronicles of Ivalice: Emberstrand 1771 Connected
Dark-Legacy MUD (Dark Legacy MUD) 9898 Connected
Hexahedron 5500 Connect Refused
Days of Dragons 4040 Connect Refused
Samsara 5001 None Connect Refused
Mordor 4000 Connected
MULTI MUD! 4242 Connected
Mystic Adventure 4000 None Connected
NannyMUD 2000 Connected
Nilgiri, the Forgotten World 8888 Connected
The Land LPMud 6666 Connected
Northern Lights 6715 Connect Refused
Battle Fantasia MUSH 2873 Connected
Zelda RPG - formerly Triforce MUCK N/A N/A
Vampire Wars: The Final Sunset 4888 Connected
PixieMUD 6789 Connected
The Soul Ruins 5000 Connected
Pict 4200 None Connect Refused
Elessar 7778 Connected
Verrator's Empiremud 4000 None Connect Refused
Bleached InuYasha Galaxy 1801 Connected
Winds Of Time 4500 Connected
No Reality 4000 Connected
AddictMUD 4000 Connect Refused
Insomniacs Asylum 7000 Connect Refused
Beutelland 5678 None Connected
World of Naruto 9000 Connected
DragonBall Z FE 4000 Connect Refused
RoninMUD 5000 Connected
CoffeeMud 23 Connected
Dead Souls 8000 Connected
Moosehead SLED II 4000 None Connect Refused
Multi-User Dungeon (British Legends) 27750 Connected
Mundo Sangre 23 Connect Refused
SMiLE 6715 Connected
AnderLand 31415 Connected
DreamScapes 2 MUD 4500 Connected
Genesis: The Return 5321 Connect Refused
RPG Reborn N/A Connected
Classic 6Dragons 4100 Connected
Avdanced Persistent Threat 4000 None Connect Refused
Sentience 9000 Connected
Nuclear War 4080 Connected
Chonicles 2: The Dark Ages 9009 None Connect Refused
Lords and Legends 4000 Connect Refused
StickMUD 7680 Connected
Tempora Heroica 2895 Connected
TerraFirmA 2222 Connected
Thieves World 6000 Connect Refused
Avalice MUSH 7248 None Connected
Stick in the MUD 9000 Connected
The Godwars: War of Legend 4200 Connected
Heroes of the Lance III 5000 Connected
The Final Sunset 4888 None Connected
CLOK 4000 Connect Refused
Valhalla MUD 4242 Connected
AnsibleMOO 6000 Connected
Vampire Wars 6666 Connected
Virtual Realities 3019 Connected
Foo MOO 4500 None Connected
Ages of Despair 5000 None Connected
Escape from Destiny 2020 Connected
Intrepid 4020 None Connect Refused
Acropolis : Revival 4000 None Connected
Zee MUD 4000 Connected
Cthulhumud 8889 Connected
Anime Planet 3334 Connected
Islands 3000 None Connect Refused
Aladon MUD 9000 Connected
Rupert 9040 Connected
EternityMUD 23 Connected
Dark Wizardry 6969 Connect Refused
Cleft of Dimension 9000 Connected
Frandum 2001 Connected
Dark Skies 2001 None Connected
Beleriand 4739 Connect Refused
The Green Leaf 2000 Connect Refused
Tauros 5005 Connected
Mirrors of the Wheel 2222 Connected
Haelrahv 3001 Connected
ForgottenMUD 2300 Connect Refused
The Void 1234 Connected
Accursed Lands 8000 Connected
JellyBean 4444 Connect Refused
Worlds of Carnage 4000 Connected
Dark Mists 2222 Connected
Bakhara 4000 Connect Refused
Ascii 4096 Connect Refused
VanciaMUD 4000 Connected
FoxMUD 4848 Connected
Arrant Destiny 1999 Connected
Dragon Ball Star 20000 None Connect Refused
End of Time 4000 Connected
Dawn 3000 Connect Refused
FieryMUD 4000 Connected
Dragonball Uprising 3074 None Connected
Aadaria: Rebirth 1111 None Connected
Babylon 5: The Last Best Hope 2259 None Connect Refused
Eternal Night II 9009 Connect Refused
Kingdoms of the Lost 2222 Connected
LuminariMUD 4100 Connected
Darkness and Despair 4201 Connect Refused
Edge of Creation 5665 Connect Refused
Overdrive 5195 Connected
Realm of Shadows 1133 Connect Refused
The Ministry 6969 Connect Refused
Ragnarok 2222 http:// Connected
NostalgiaMUD 4000 None Connected
Helliconia 9000 None Connected
Eye of the World MUD 2222 Connected
Beyond the Veil of Shadows 9000 Connected
Wing Commander 4201 Connect Refused
Dark Lair 3500 Connect Refused
Star Wars: Legacy of the Sith 3000 Connected
CaveMUSH 6116 Connected
Indeterminate Destiny 2000 None Connected
Lament: The Age of Wind and Wolves 8600 Connected
Realm Of Mysteria 3000 Connect Refused
Zephyr MUD 23 Connect Refused
Lost Time 5000 Connect Refused
Lands of Oneiro 6000 None Connect Refused
Bayou 4444 None Connect Refused
The Builder Academy 9091 Connected
Lac 4000 Connected
Promage 4000 None Connect Refused
The Land 5000 None Connected
SluggyMARE 8000 Connected
MUCK University 2052 Connected
Haven Of The Embraced 2000 Connected
Northern Vampire Mysteries 8456 Connect Refused
Arthnor 8888 None Connected
Star Trek: Faded Glory 2100 None Connected
Shattered World 23 Connected
Prospect: From The Ashes 5555 Connected
WinterMoon 4003 None Connected
Dream Chasers 4767 http:// Connected
/TG/MUD 5555 Connected
Elusive Dreams 8800 Connected
DS Wonderland 6969 Connect Refused
Legends of Hatred 3500 http:// Connected
Static Chaos - Still Alive 1982 Connect Refused
Haven 4000 Connected
Bedlam 9000 Connect Refused
Solar Eclipse 4321 None Connected
PhoenixMUD 4000 http:// Connected
Imperial Expansion 4000 None Connect Refused
Synergy 2000 Connect Refused
DynamixMUSH 4200 None Connect Refused
Simauria 23 Connected
Chaos Mud 1111 None Connected
Ensimud 4500 None Connected
Edge of Twilight 2004 Connect Refused
Asteria 1111 Connected
Abandoned Reality 4444 Connected
StuphMUD 2112 Connected
DragonStone 2345 None Connect Refused
HighVelocity Paintball (HVPB) N/A N/A
KitsuMUCK 8888 Connected
Darklord MUD by Mogwai 5000 None Connected
Renegade Outpost 5 9999 Connect Refused
Cosmic Cuttlefish 8178 Connect Refused
Archons of Avenshar N/A N/A
Equilibrium MUD 4000 Connected
Typhon Accords TrekMU 1701 Connected
Grimwood 4201 Connect Refused
RivaMUSH 7777 None Connected
Distant Lands 23 Connect Refused
Comic Adventures MUX 4220 Connected
Twilight of the Gods 6969 None Connected
Moral Decay 3003 Connected
Shattered Lands 6666 None Connect Refused
Medieval Times MUD 8500 Connected
FurryFaire 8888 Connected
Arcane Ages 4000 None Connect Refused
TwistedMUCK 4242 Connected
Legacy MUCK 9999 Connected
GNSmud 8989 Connected
Star Wars: Jedi vs Sith 8707 Connect Refused
FluxWorld 7777 Connected
FurToonia 9999 Connected
Otherworld, the land of Tirn Aill 4000 Connected
MaDDness 6000 Connect Refused
World of Pain 6969 Connected
Once Upon A Time... Steampunk! 6660 None Connected
YorMUSH 9988 None Connected
Age of Heroes: Fire, Iron and Blood 2250 Connected
Virtustan MUD 8888 Connected
Minstrel Hall 221 Connected
Xanadu Station 8888 None Connect Refused
Rise of Warriors N/A N/A
Wing Commander: New Horizon 2199 Connect Refused
Deathwish MUD 1111 Connected
MTBS Nations at War N/A N/A
Winter's Oasis 8888 Connected
Scarlet 2000 Connected
Wildfire Cove 4201 Connect Refused
Second Contract 6666 Connect Refused
Star Wars Edge of Destiny 2424 None Connected
Meat II 4000 None Connect Refused
Star Wars: Way Of The Force 23 Connected
Noir Haven MUCK 7878 Connected
Jupiter's Children MUX 3169 Connected
Unbridled Desires 8888 Connected
Dragon Balls Transendent Warriors 4567 None Connect Refused
Transformers: The Dark Eras MUSH 2005 Connect Refused
RubbeRoom 6969 Connect Refused
Ironclaw Online 443 Connected
d20MUD : Star Wars ( d20 / SAGA MUD ) 5500 Connect Refused
Pegasus 4242 Connected
ShadowGate MUD 4016 Connected
GateWay 6969 Connected
Erion 1234 Connected
GodWars: Apocalypse 6660 Connected
PogoMUX 5555 None Connected
Gizmo DikuMud 6969 Connected
Deep Shadows 6250 Connect Refused
Shadows of Isildur: Laketown RPI 4500 Connect Refused
Iberia 5900 Connected
Realms of Redemption 3000 None Connect Refused
The Last Outpost 4000 Connected
Edge of Darkness 2001 None Connect Refused
AnimeMUD 9000 Connected
NYC: Veil of Shadows 4228 Connect Refused
Insymnia 6600 Connect Refused
Angalon 3011 Connected
Tele-Arena 5.6 Gold Et Al. (MajorBBS) 3000 Connected
The Eternal Battles 8000 Connected
Crimson Stained Lands 4000 None Connected
Ancient Empires 5011 Connected
Wilde Adventures MUX 1221 None Connected
Amber Augury 23 Connect Refused
Continents Mud 5050 Connected
Dreamverse 9600 Connected
NeoTokyo Muck 10222 None Connect Refused
Dreamwalk MUSH 1736 Connect Refused
Nuclear War Mud 4080 Connected
Yggdrasil: Horse of the Hanged 9500 Connect Refused
Dragonball: North Star 4000 Connected
Hakkard 5555 Connect Refused
ShadowGate Re-Imagined 4016 None Connect Refused
Transformers: Lost and Found 1984 Connect Refused
The Beast Within: Returns! 5353 None Connect Refused
KoBraMUD 1138 Connected
Pendulum's Calm 4000 Connected
Rise of Praxis 6666 Connected
Moments of Hatred: Anniverary Edition 3500 Connected
Age of Legends: Tales of the Lance 6010 None Connect Refused
Dark Realms: City of Syne 1138 Connect Refused
Imperium Devel Game 3458 Connected
Penumbra 4002 None Connect Refused
Desk-Battles N/A None Connected
Dungeonia 23 Connect Refused
Cloudsdale 3 8888 Connect Refused
Alternate Identities MUX 7277 Connect Refused
Inheritance Gambit 2099 Connect Refused
NoMUD 4096 Connect Refused
Dragon Ball: Tournament 2500 None Connected
City of Ages 2 N/A None N/A
Star Trek: Phoenix Rising 1701 Connected
HexOnyx 7777 (Needs updating) Connected
After the Breaking MUD 4000 Connected
Darkened Lights 2.5 4000 Connect Refused
Mutant Genesis MUX 2017 Connect Refused
Azuria Online 4555 Connect Refused
Drag(*)nBall Z: Fighter's Edition 4000 Connect Refused
BattlecryMUD 4000 Connect Refused
Highlands III 9001 None Connected
DreamLand 9000 Connected
MajorMUD on 23 Connected
Valorous Dominion 1510 Connected
NeonMOO 7777 Connected
Shadowed Quicksands 7701 None Connected
GodWars: Rogue Edition Revised 9000 Connected
Aesir 2 7000 None Connected
Crusify: The Chosen 5000 None Connected
Insomnia 4000 Connected
Dark Pawns 6969 None Connected

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