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The Worlds of Carnage is different from many of the other MUDs you have played. At the outset you can choose from many of the standard races for most muds, and you can choose from several places to make your home. Additionally you can choose to play with a class or without. Within the world the skills you obtain depend on the skills you have learnt formerly. Additionally, your primary stats have a bearing on the quality of your skills, so any race can learn any skill up to 99%, but depending on the relevant primary stats the effectiveness may be more or less.

The Worlds of Carnage also runs on a micro gains and micro ticks system. This means that whenever you kill a creature, or perform a quest that has an experience reward, you make rolls for various stat gains at that time and not when you gain a level. On that note, there are levels in the game, but your level is dependent on your experience and as such can go up and down as your experience increases or decreases. Micro ticks are like normal ticks except rather than have you receive some kind of regen bonus every 60 seconds or so, the bonus you would have received is broken into multiple slices and applied over much shorter intervals.

For the adventurer who likes attention to detail and variety, the Worlds of Carnage is almost entirely original with only a couple of small stock areas kept for historical reasons (and they are heavily modified). With 16 years of existence much time has passed to create rich and woderful places to adventure. Additionally, the Worlds of Carnage recently absorbed the MUD formerly known as Cythera (which originally split from WoC about 10 years ago). This has created a diverse system with multiple continents for adventure.

Finally, for those that like the wierd and wonderful, or those who might be interested in building areas for WoC, we have a Web-based world editor which allows changes to be made from anywhere and reloaded into the game on the fly. Rooms, mobiles, and objects can take advantage of the BlobbieScript MUD scripting language to create amazing affects and behaviours. BlobbieScript is 100% backward compatible with the old easyacts system upon which even mobprogs are based. The difference is that BlobbieScript is a true scripting language and allows for on the fly variables, running context management, over 200 built in functions to do almost anything, and the -> operator to access virtually every data element of rooms, mobiles, and objects. Additionally, commands, skills, and spells in the game can be completely written in BlobbieScript allowing for live update within the game without the need to reboot.

So what are you waiting for, come get started and immerse yourself in a world full of challenge and entertainment.

Mud Theme: Fantasy RPG

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Review posted by Rohl
Posted on Thu Sep 28 19:46:36 2006 / 0 comments
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Established in 1992, Worlds of Carnage (WOC) is a fantasy- based, hack-slash-cast MuD based on a significantly modified Diku system. The game is run by highly active immortals who have constantly enhanced and extended the skills & spells and capabilities of the game, and who are often open to suggestions direct from the playerbase.

There are no in-game restrictions in WOC with regard to your character's race (10 available) and their primary and minor 'dedicated' class combinations. The quality of your skills and spells on your character are instead based heavily on your attributes (STR/CON/WIS/DEX/INT and CHR) which grow from your initial allocation with your levels up to their pre-defined racial maximums. As a result the number of character builds possible in- game is huge and enables you to refine a character to meet you ideal playing style and RP. The races on WOC all have their own benefits and disadvantages. From a troll that may gain large amounts of hit points and regenerate at a better rate than others, to gnome who are by far the most intelligent race, to the reptiles whose skin hardens with age providing additional well needed armour.

'Dedication' of your classes is an important term in the scheme of things. Choosing a primary dedication is the same as choosing a class. Choosing a dedication means being able to practice specific skills and spells that are not available to those who have chosen that class as a non-primary class. When choosing a class there is an option to stay with a pure dedication e.g. Shaman-Shaman. This will give a higher spell and skill quality, but it lacks the potential flexibility of a dual-class. Dual classes pay slightly for their flexibility with a penalty to the skills of their secondary class.

Current options to dedicate/dual class include: - Warrior - Mage - Thief - Cleric - Black Knight - Paladin - Shaman - Druid - Ranger - Necromancer

There is a limit of 75 levels for a character, at which point they become a Living Legend. However, characters do not max out as they can continue to gain in experience. hitpoints, mana and moves. The same applies for practice sessions which are used to practice skills from teachers found around the world or from tomes.

Players who may get tired of a given character and class build have an option to rebirth at level 60. This will restart the character completely with a penalty of 1/4 the maximum experience. This can be beneficial or in some cases detrimental depending on how effective your new chosen race and class combination is. However, rebirth experience is recorded and may work towards 'super races' in the future.

WOC is compromised of 3 continents so far, Cythera, Carnage, and the islands surrounding Crete. Some areas have multiple quests that can be complete for either tomes to practice from, or very nice equipment to better your character. There is a huge amount of flexibility to be had on WoC in terms of characters. The classes, races, and equipment are all well balanced offering options of many different (and sometimes challenging) combinations. This system is great for getting away from the carbon copy effect of everyone having the same 'best' equipment and 'best' class/skills.

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Review posted by Tuor
Posted on Fri Jul 7 19:30:02 2006 / 0 comments
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Hi, i'm an old player of Worlds of Carnage. I started mudding probably around 13 years ago. I have migrated from small muds to big muds over many years.

Anyway, I just want to say that WOC, it's a great mud and I tend to go back to it through the years. I have achieved the max level there on many versions. Right now it's a mid sized mud with many areas and interesting quests made by creative players and immortals that have worked there through the years. We have a small playerbase but its nice because we all kind of know each other and sometimes if our rl time allows, group and do big quests, help newbies, turn on each other in pk, play games made by the immortals, etc.

It's a nice place. It's not hard to level once you get to know the system. It's also very different from other muds. Here even if you get to the max level you can keep growing and becoming stronger, thanks to Blobbie´s creation of micro gains.

Also we run a micro tick system, you don't need to sleep 1 whole minute to regen, you regen in slices of 6 seconds aprox. It's nice.

The variety of races and combination of classes is also another good feature. We have many skills and spells to choose from and have fun with. You can be either be a dedicated player (just one class) or dual class and explore a wider selection of skills-spells. Of course both ways have their ups and downs to balance it.

The admin are friendly (mostly hehe) and hard working. They keep things running, fix bugs, make new areas, make new skills, changes to races, eq updating, social commands, etc. a lot of stuff that needs to be improved. Nothing here stays eternal, we are a mud with constant changes. My chars sure know it. I have had my share of differences with the admin, but also a bigger agreeing points. And in the end it's a better mud even if it doesn't benefit my uber char, haha.

It's open pk, but it's roleplayed enforced. Not all people like to pk, but some do, such as the vampire lords and some gnome magicians with great power. Anyway i'm sure you will like it, try it out sometime, look for Armand for tips, help, etc... not me... i'm evil, haha. See ya

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