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Welcome to Wildfire Cove (WFC), home to the sprawling city of Bridgeport, set in the beautiful and dangerous backdrop of the Florida Everglades. With a rich history that extends al

March 20, 2019
A fantasy role-playing game in a haunted universe where players must travel through the planes of existence in self-discovery to unlock the secret of eternity.

March 17, 2019
Acropolis is an ever-growing ROM-based MUD that has more enhancements (good enhancements) than 99% of ROM MUDs out there. We are constantly adding new features to make your MUDding

March 15, 2019
*** IMPERIAL EXPANSION *** A space-themed adventure where you can explore planets, mine for resources, research technologies, design and fabricate equipment. (beta; re-opening af

March 14, 2019
Welcome to Asgardian Nightmare

[Rot] Asgard
March 14, 2019
friendly immortals constant player based pking and role playing invovled. we are also looking for builders with exprience in smaug building...

March 13, 2019
Omphalos is a vaguely classical-era mush.

March 20, 2019
Haven is based on White-Wolf Publishing's World of Darkness roleplaying system. Specifically, Haven is set in the 13th century using the Dark Ages series of rules.

[Rom] Heavily modified
March 17, 2019
Infinite adventure, decades of custom development, no pwipes!

[Dikumud] Original / HEAVILY modifi
March 15, 2019
Dark Risings is a dark fantasy roleplaying environment with role-based PK available. Come forge your legacy!

[Rom] Rom 2.4 (modified)
March 14, 2019

[Circlemud] LexiMUD
March 09, 2019
IMPORTANT: TMC often shows us as connect refuged on statistic, but were open and very much online ! May 8th - 2 new areas. May 11th - 1 new area. June...

[TBA] Heavily modified
March 07, 2019
Sindome is a cyberpunk environment that rewards roleplaying over stat grinding, boasting a healthy player base and a helpful admin staff.

March 06, 2019
Reclaim the Outpost!

[Dikumud] Started with Diku Gamma 0
March 03, 2019
Combining the elements of provably fair online gambling and text-based multi-user dungeons (MUDs), Slice&Dice Dungeon delivers a unique gaming experience for...

[Custom] Written in C++11, inspired
February 27, 2019
Hiring OLC Builders - Haven Of The Embraced
In Category: mud-staff
Sun 17 Mar 2019 04:07:37 PM MST
Posted by: Lykaios
Gates of Krynn Looking for Content Creators
In Category: mud-staff
Sun 17 Mar 2019 02:49:07 PM MST
Posted by: Gicker
Threshold: The Dawning of Order and Chaos - Mar 15-18.
In Category: announce
Sun 17 Mar 2019 10:10:58 AM MST
Posted by: threshold
Looking for a MUD to get lost in.
In Category: mudpromo
Sat 16 Mar 2019 02:24:16 PM MST
Posted by: Jupiter49
Worst MUD Happenings
In Category: general
Thu 14 Mar 2019 09:22:00 PM MST
Posted by: RhysChristiansen
Realms of Myst - building/staffing/coding
In Category: mud-staff
Thu 14 Mar 2019 08:22:40 PM MST
Posted by: RhysChristiansen
Looking for a MUD with a specific class type...
In Category: uncategorized
Thu 14 Mar 2019 08:15:36 PM MST
Posted by: RhysChristiansen
New MUD: Realms of Myst
In Category: mudpromo
Thu 14 Mar 2019 07:45:34 PM MST
Posted by: RhysChristiansen
Article I saw about MUDs
In Category: general
Thu 14 Mar 2019 03:01:02 PM MST
Posted by: Ortallus
new mud recently started.
In Category: mudpromo
Sun 10 Mar 2019 07:56:58 AM MST
Posted by: cactaurking
Anyone still making new codebases?
In Category: mudcode
Sat 09 Mar 2019 03:44:34 PM MST
Posted by: plamzi
Atharia Mu* Staff
In Category: mud-staff
Sat 09 Mar 2019 03:44:22 PM MST
Posted by: Atharia
Alter Aeon March 2019 Update
In Category: mudpromo
Tue 05 Mar 2019 06:22:19 PM MST
Posted by: the_draaks
Ofind/Mfind not working
In Category: mudcode
Sun 03 Mar 2019 11:02:52 AM MST
Posted by: darksix
Free trial of CoffeeMUD hosting on a server in a datacenter
In Category: mudpromo
Sun 03 Mar 2019 11:02:49 AM MST
Posted by: fstltna
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Haven Of The Embraced -- Mud Review posted by Matthew
Posted on Sun 17 Mar 2019 10:55:24 AM MST / 0 comments
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Haven of The Embraced has been a fixture of my life since I was 14 or 15. I love the players and the community that we have on Haven. I never got into Table-Top roleplaying, but roleplaying on Haven is a lot of fun, with the right partners. I do most of the development for the game and have done so since approximately 2012 and I enjoy putting new features in and seeing players enjoy them. I take player feedback seriously and do whatever I can to make sure everyone that logs in will enjoy their experience, however they choose to play Haven.

I left for a few years due to personal reasons but I'm back and I've been putting changes in on a regular basis since. I take pride in this game and want to make it as popular as it had been back when it first opened. Hopefully, we can rise through the ranks and be in the top 10!

Asteria -- Mud Review posted by Belgahr
Posted on Tue 12 Mar 2019 05:22:29 PM MST / 0 comments
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I love this mud. The mechanics are great and getting better all the time. Greg and Arcades have put a ton of work into this and it shows. I am really looking forward to the growth of the player base as this mud is new and still undiscovered. If you want someone to play with just look for any character that starts with Bel.

7 Degrees of Freedom -- Mud Review posted by Beth
Posted on Mon 11 Mar 2019 12:44:08 PM MST / 0 comments
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I do NOT recommend this mud! As it seems like most MUDs of late, one person rules this mud. If they decide they don't like you for whatever reason, expect to be miserable playing this mud. If you walk blindly into this MUD, you will be fine. If you have an opinion on anything and it disagrees with this power, forget it. Your name will be dirt and expect to not have a fun time. You will be silenced. If you persist, you will be kicked off. You have been warned.

Legends of the Jedi -- Mud Review posted by Flint
Posted on Mon 04 Mar 2019 03:32:36 AM MST / 0 comments
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I've played LOTJ on and off for almost twenty years now. Circumstances in life sometimes caused me to stop playing for years at a time, and running an eight year storyline in another MUD distracted me, but this is the one MUD that I consistently return to and I'm surprised by all of the developments that have occurred since I was gone. I literally feel like a new player each time I have to come back. I've met a lifelong friend on this game about fifteen years ago, that I still keep in touch with on a regular basis.

The MUD has a lot of custom code to differentiate it from most other Star Wars MUD's that have existed before and currently. It would be difficult to describe all of this in detail, but some standouts would be: the RPC, a council of elected players who help out with any questions you might have and debate restore requests from frivolous PK's/perms. The force system is pretty much one of a kind, but I'll leave the secrets for you to discover on the rare chance that you get to be one of the glowstick wielders.Espionage/Slicing/Medical/Science are all custom skills that aren't in a stock SWR codebase. There's a introduction/greet/dub system. Building ships and armor part by part as an engineer. Full ship interiors. Just too much to list and always something new being worked on. There's also a ton of players to interact with, as I've been seeing 80-85 players at night and even 40-50 in the wee morning hours. I've never had to go out of my way to get interaction with someone. I think the MUD is probably the definitive Star Wars RP experience on the internet. It's about the closest thing to a sandbox that you can get, in my opinion. Be careful of the addiction that might occur when you start playing.

Realms of Aarendil -- Mud Review posted by Beth
Posted on Mon 04 Mar 2019 12:00:07 AM MST / 0 comments
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Though a bit simplistic and much too easy, the mud itself is OK. Especially for someone new to mudding. For those experienced, it isn't very exciting. But, if you just want a game that prevents boredom. you could play here. The problem is, the complete absence of oversight of players. 2 players are basically allowed to rule the mud, and no one on staff does anything about it. If the two players disagree with you, you are harassed with name-calling, insults and worse, until you just leave rather than deal with it. It is a very hostile environment. I did complain to no avail. I was basically told I need to learn to "deal" with these kinds of people. Though in all my years of mudding, (at least 15) I have never been subjected to such horrid behavior. I warn you, if you are a woman do NOT consider this mud. I was the only one of 2, me being the regular player. It was very intimidating and lonely, especially with these attitudes . No one should put up with that. Even on a mud. A mudding experience should be pleasant for everyone. Not just a few.

Adventures Unlimited -- Mud Review posted by Ohtarithil
Posted on Fri 01 Mar 2019 11:05:53 PM MST / 1 comment
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This mud has been the same story repeated over and over, just look at the previous reviews compared to this. I was driven out of the mud by the Imms and their bias. I have watched many other dramas with the imms happen every few years to the point where the playerbase is now averaging max 2-3 a day and up to 8 players on a saturday night.

I persisted along with my friend, Arken because we loved the tradition and the familiarity. It got to the point where the Imms were never online, and when we post about balance issues/bugs it took far too long to be seen. Thats ok, people have lives.

Arken was then muted and was put up for banning which the Imms took a vote on. Because Arken had done some in-character things to piss off the Immortals mortal character, she and her husband swiftly voted for the ban. The Immortals themselves dont even play anymore, what little playerbase the mud had left has been driven out. I decided to quit voluntarily like many others before me because the mud is basically dead and I got sick of playing basically by myself.

It is really a shame that a great mud like this has been destroyed by out of character shenanigans. We loved this mud, we grew up on it together, we wanted it to thrive, we kept suggesting things to build the playerbase back up, we helped the newbs who would just quickly leave after they seen the embarassing player list. Its hard to move on, but the mud is officially dead.

Comment posted on Fri 01 Mar 2019 11:05:53 PM MST by Ohtarithil:

However despite these issues, I've moved past it and still play, because great games make you want to keep coming back.

Legends of the Jedi -- Mud Review posted by Part Time LOTJer
Posted on Sun 24 Feb 2019 04:33:17 PM MST / 1 comment
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I have played LOTJ for awhile now with some breaks between firmly addicted sessions. I do have some criticisms of the place, but the most important thing to note is, in my mind, that I keep coming back.

The Good

Space Travel - The flight system is one of the most enjoyable mechanics on LOTJ for me. I loved it the first time I wandered into a public taxi on my first play-through, swiftly realized that after launching I had no idea whatsoever what to do that I was drifting slowly toward a sun, and found myself panicking while scouring helpfiles for how to contact other characters to rescue me. I ended up finding a way to send a radio message to other ships in my immediate vicinity, and whoever it was that answered after several such desperate hails guided me step by step, little by little, into getting into planetary orbit so I could land again. I'm sure this might SOUND like complaining, but it was actually one of my favorite experiences on a MUD, ever. I went from 'I wonder what this nonsense does' to suddenly finding myself immersed in the moment and setting, having to explain that I didn't take any naval courses at the academy, I don't want to fly into a sun, HELP.

Flight is complex but not so complex that it's unapproachable. Even with a good understanding of how to use the system now, there are layers and levels to it well above what I know. Orbital bombardments, tractor beams that actually work, capital ships that require multiple players to properly use... The list of what ships and 3D gridded space travel can do for every player from a diplomat with a personal shuttle to a smuggler with a beat-up freighter, then all the way up to a major government with several capital ships is pretty endless.

The Timeline System - This was difficult for me to comprehend, coming from games where the timeline is the timeline and it's always moving in a linear fashion, but it's actually pretty darn fantastic once you get a feel for it. The immortals design a three-part (each part is called an Era) storyline that extends across a couple real life years, then release the players into the often fully redesigned world to do their thing. There is usually a trigger point for the Era turnover, such as one major government managing to destroying the other. Throughout the course of the timeline, the three Eras play out. If you're still with me and don't get why this is a good thing (I didn't at first!), you have to think about it within the context of how Star Wars stories typically end - dramatically, and with massive destruction. Having a timeline means that that timeline will eventually end, which means that the players can (and probably will) destroy the ENTIRE GALAXY without it needing to be prevented by Staff so the game isn't ruined. With a finite story in mind, the players really can do anything. Being able to play within a plethora of different overarching stories and time periods is an added bonus.

The Neutral

Staff - The immortal team are about on par for what you would have expected from a MUD staff 15 years ago. They aren't awful by any means, but expect some unprofessional decorum. There are game-wide echoes with threats to the playerbase, flexing the ole immortal fist over this or that issue. A recent one was an immortal not liking that people were reporting building errors in their clan bases. While a simple, 'Guys, please report issues to your clan leaders so they can contact me with a list instead of spamming channels' would have sufficed, instead it threatened to Hell ('punishment'/jail room) the next person who reported a problem, and ended with 'You have been warned.' I get it, to an extent. I'm sure it was annoying to deal with. But there's professionalism and then there's that. I tended to feel the culture around MUD immortals having that attitude faded out long ago, but it's alive and kicking on LOTJ.

The flip side of the immortals being unprofessional, however, is that they're fun. You can joke around with them on Discord or the OOC channel, their news posts to the players with updates are often funny (DILLY DILLY!). Despite not always knowing what will push the wrong button and admittedly being a little wary as a result, I have no real complaints about the immortal staff. If the worst thing I can say about the imms is 'I don't understand why the tone of an occasional gecho has to be hostile' then we're in good shape. They're active, they're invested, they don't cheat or spy on players. That's all you really need.

Roleplay - When I'm recruiting friends or acquaintances to try out LOTJ I tend to tell them it's 'SMS RP.' The vast majority of roleplay I've seen during my time on the MUD has been over comms, which are spoken-word messages sent out over your comlink to specific frequencies, clan frequency, or the public frequency. Should you roleplay in person, you'll be using socials and the 'say' command. It IS roleplay in the sense that you are speaking for your character, but it isn't roleplay in the sense that most players of RP MUDs (RPIs, in particular) will expect. There is some variation, of course, where you'll find somebody who uses emote to do some of their own writing, but for the most part roleplay is socials, 'say,' and comms.

Coming from a background of heavy RP MUDs I was pretty disappointed at first, and I definitely struggled for immersion without the benefit of imagery or context. Over time, however, I have come to respect what people can accomplish using the aforementioned tools. It isn't my preferred roleplaying style, but there are many (most?) players on LOTJ who wield it to great effect. There are some who wield it so well that they invoke incredible amounts of personality without ever writing an emote. It's different and it's probably not what you would expect of an RP MUD, but that doesn't make it bad. Unique isn't bad.

The Bad

I hesitate to dub anything strictly 'bad' about LOTJ, but I think it's reasonable to list what I would change if I could.

Skill Grinds - Holymoly the grinding. First you'll be rolling through quests to get your 'levels' complete, which for most character archetypes won't be too awfully bad. Skill levels are just time-consuming enough that you'll be getting tired of it when you finish, and you'll come away with a feeling of accomplishment. For most archetypes, besides practicing with a few of your more finicky skills over time, you're good to go. For engineers, scientists, or slicers, you have a good two, maybe even three real life weeks ahead of you of either botting or entering the same two commands over, over, over and over again to get slivers of skill percentages at a time. The science grind takes about a week of solid 24-hour botting. The slicing grind, which involves entering 'slice (thing)', waiting a couple minutes, then entering 'secure (thing)' over and over, can take multiple real life weeks to finish, and cannot legally be botted.

While I can't argue against the idea that making these things so incredibly long-winded also makes them infinitely more valuable to have, I do tend to question a game mechanic that requires the player not to play the game, especially over an extended period.

Helpfiles - LOTJ needs some variety of helpfile searching system. 'Help search (keyword)' or something would raise the bar on my experience tenfold. It can be difficult to find helpfiles and many are outdated or insufficient. You can often get the information you need by phrasing it as IC-ish as you can and asking other players over comms, but it's best to have solid helpfiles. It would prevent a lot of the frustration of learning something new as a player that your character should already know, and it would stave off some of the more awkward IC questions that can be immersion breaking for roleplay.

Summary LOTJ is a charming game with a horde of satisfying systems and a unique roleplay style. Don't expect perfection, do expect fun.

Comment posted on Sun 24 Feb 2019 04:33:17 PM MST by Part-Time LOTJer:

A little more than a year ago I wrote this review for LOTJ, and as I've come back (again!) since to play some more I thought I'd revisit. As far as I can tell, literally every flaw I cited in my previous review has been improved upon, up to and including the amount of grinding that was required to do certain things. There's still some of it, but it's nothing at all like it was. It's come to a pretty comfortable balance. I'm genuinely floored by how much obvious care and work has been put in by the Staff to resolve the (admittedly minor) issues and kick things up to a whole new level. This was never a bad game, it was always good. Now, though, it's coming up on fantastic. They kept all the good and smoothed out the little rough spots. I really couldn't be happier.

Game areas have taken a noticeable uptick in quality and design since the last time I played. They were never bad, they've just gotten better. I spent an afternoon fishing on the Wroonian coast the other day, because that's totally a thing now. Couldn't be more tickled by the variety of new quest types and styles I'm discovering. The builders have gotten amazingly creative.

Code updates and new feature releases have become a thing, and as they never really had been throughout my time on the game it's kind of a big deal to me. It really adds to the excitement, seeing long-desired features being added and things we never knew we wanted (but definitely do) getting released. Again, kudos to Staff here.

Roleplaying has moved away from being so comlink-specific and become a lot more common face to face. On top of that, almost everybody I've run into puts the effort into writing their own emotes (rather than exclusively using socials/say). This is more of a style preference than anything - different strokes for different folks - but I'm pretty thrilled with it. There's nothing wrong with says/socials, but emotes! I'm stoked. For the wordier RPers out there, if you tried LOTJ before and it wasn't your style, you may be pleasantly surprised by trying it again. Don't expect MUSH-style essays, but do expect some truly great, compact emotes that suit the faster-paced atmosphere of the game world. LOTJ has achieved that difficult to find middle-ground.

Something else I touched on before were Staff attitudes, which while by no means abusive, I did feel were a kind of antiquated. It had the air of being a Staff from another time - prone to flexing unnecessarily, so on. I go back to being baffled here, because it's like somebody waved a magic wand and it all vanished overnight. Same Staff, same playerbase, completely different atmosphere. Newbies are actively being recruited, too, which used to be kind of a rough spot - any game that survives for decades gets a bit of the "old guard" mentality, especially in a deliciously competitive environment like LOTJ's IC world. The "old guard" seems to have diminished of its own accord. Instead of "struggle like I had to!" attitudes it's "lets get this newbie the helpfiles they need to get good."

Honestly, this has been one of the most surprising returns to a game I think I've ever had. I've always been a fan of LOTJ, but this is something else. You guys are owed big, giant "well done."

Realms of Aarendil -- Mud Review posted by Forty3
Posted on Thu 21 Feb 2019 11:21:15 AM MST / 0 comments
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I hadn't played since yesteryear, and thought I would give it a shot again. See what is new and what remained the same. Gave this MUD a shot and was not disappointed at all. Enough was familiar that I was able to get back into the groove again while enough was different that I have come back for more. The imms are extraordinarily helpful (without being enabling) and responsive to requests. The IDEAS board is _not_ ignored and changes are coming for the betterment of all. The primary user base, while small, is growing and very friendly. Taking direction from leadership, there is no hand-holding and doing-for, but rather encouragement and assistance. It truly is a fun place to wander around, hack and slash, quest, and socialize.

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Mud Connector Top 20 Mud Rankings
1. Aardwolf 2218 votes (486T/1580H)
2. Sindome 1437 votes (303T/1248H)
3. 3Scapes 1321 votes (223T/768H)
4. TorilMud, the Sojourner's Home 1209 votes (167T/665H)
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