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Ankh-Morpork MUSH.

[Unknown] ARESMUSH
November 22, 2019
dark pawns mud circle circlemud mult-classing multi-playing quests hunt looting mobs scary hard difficult clean simplistic dark fantasy medieval wizards ogres golems elves and dwar

[Circlemud] DikuMUD
November 22, 2019
A remake of SW:FotE with plenty of open slots for community involvement.

[SWR] Modified SWFotE
November 22, 2019
Based on Anime Hunter x Hunter, Greed Island Arc. The old Diku/Circlemud with new classes and stuff. You can play here even if you never seen the anime!

[TBA] Heavily modified
November 10, 2019
Can you cut it as a galactic trading magnate in Federation DataSpace?

November 09, 2019
We offer a RP enforced completely unique, weird world with active combat, quests, and progression via many systems! Updates arrive daily. Our amazing community is focused on fun.

[Custom] ATS Titan Engine
October 18, 2019
Dragonball Evolution is the longest running DBZ MUD online with 17 races, 7 planets and a loyal playerbase.

[Circlemud] DBX modified for 17+ ye
November 20, 2019
May 8th - 2 new areas. May 11th - 1 new area. June 5th - 1 new area. Juli 11th - 1 new area. November 19th - 1 new area. We...

[TBA] Heavily modified
November 19, 2019
Chaos is back, with a new administration. Come join us, as we improve the Chaos code, and bring back a place that people were upset about when it shut down. Lately...

[Merc] Heavily Modified
November 10, 2019
A custom world where you decide the legend. How will history remember you? Join Asteria and start your legacy.

[Custom] SocketMUD
November 09, 2019
As you may have heard, the DragonBall Saga codebase leaked a while back. We got ahold of the code and started up our own MUD. Before you judge, please note that...

[Smaug] Heavily Modified
November 07, 2019
Classes: Monk, Ninja, Bishop, Armswielder, Archmage and Bard 32 Races - come visit and see! -- 4000

[Rot] Rot 1.4 and Rom 2.4
November 05, 2019
Infinite adventure, decades of custom development, totally free, no pwipes!

[Dikumud] Original / HEAVILY modifi
November 03, 2019
Aadarian Realms - Adventure Awaits - port 1111

[Rot] Aadarian Codebase
November 03, 2019
A dark and immersing "cyber-fi" roleplaying game.

[Rom] Customized beyond recognition
November 01, 2019
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GemStone IV -- Mud Review posted by Matt
Review Thread Last Updated Fri 22 Nov 2019 05:34:20 AM MST / 0 comments
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My first experience with Gemstone was Gemstone III on AOL when I was around 14 or 15 years old. I was a big fan of fantasy novels by authors like Melanie Rawn and David Eddings and it was enthralling to explore a fantasy world and create a custom character. I'm an avid reader so exploring a world via text and using my imagination to bring it to life is more attractive than graphics that might not match up with what you envision. I've played a lot of modern MMOs since then and nothing scratches the same itch that Gemstone does in regards to creating a unique character. From features, to clothing, to items, etc. there are numerous ways for you to make your character unique albeit in the form of text on a screen. If you enjoy exploring a world, interacting with other players via roleplaying, and not running full tilt towards an end-game/dead end, then Gemstone IV might be a very worthwhile experience for you.

Armageddon -- Mud Review posted by Blerk
Review Thread Last Updated Fri 22 Nov 2019 05:34:20 AM MST / 0 comments
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Long post ahoy! Consider yourself warned.

Armageddon MUD is the best role-playing MUD you're going to find. While it's not perfect, if you come in with the right expectations, you can have a lot of fun. No game - ever - has made my heart pound from the stress of being hunted by enemies, sad (or happy!) to see another PC die (or get what was coming to them), or as curious to discover answers that I did not have. The perma-death and relationship building, along with the sometimes cruel and unforgiving environment full of things that can surprise you for better or more often worse, is unparalleled. If this sounds cool to you, dive in and see what you think.

There are a wide variety of character archetypes to play from the coded perspective, and an infinite number of personalities and social traits to play as. The game has a karma system to unlock more powerful coded abilities and races that require special play, but even at the 0 karma level there's so many possibilities you could play for years and not explore all of them.

At its core, the game is about a broken world that is ruled by a couple of god king despots and their lackeys. Generally speaking, your PC will be coming from squalor and trying to make something of themselves and just survive, frankly. The fun of the game is with interaction with other players via their PCs. There are some true stars that are a lot of fun to interact with. Staff position certain players in leadership roles to facilitate clan play and others are promoted up through the ranks organically themselves. Catching one of these PCs and getting hired on is the best way for a new player to learn the ropes. A good leadership PC facilitates plots for everyone around them, both in and out of their clan.

Just a few blurbs to address a couple of the other reviews I read here. Not tooting my own horn, however I played heavily for well over a decade before joining staff for a multi-year stint (now retired) at that as well, so I have a pretty good grasp on the world, its mechanics, how the game works, how the staff works, and so on. Consider me "woke" when it comes to ArmageddonMUD.

Re: The "OOC" community around the game can be a weak point. * The discussion board on the official game isn't the most welcoming of places (the word toxic gets used and sometimes that's accurate) and sometimes there are back channel discussions between players that cause problems. You aren't supposed to talk about in character stuff when you aren't playing the game "in character" and when this happens, it's always bad. That's fair and something the game could definitely improve on. * There's also a self-promoting 'community' of people who seem to enjoy bashing the game endlessly, despite largely having vowed to have long ago quit playing it(?), which seems to speak to how passionate people get about Arm - for better or worse. Mostly they complain about staff, often as a result of staff penalizing them for a rule violation or being a toxic member of the community (see above). While some fraction of this is warranted, as staff do make mistakes sometimes - more of it falls between misguided arguments and outright libel. Some of the more negative reviews here smell like they come from this group, and should not be taken at face value. I'd encourage anyone who is intrigued by the game to give it a shot and make your own judgement instead. * On a more positive note, semi-recently, the staff has opened a Discord server that seems to be a pretty chill place where people talk nicer with one another, help new players, and so on. * Not participating in the OOC channels at all is largely viable, though some clans will expect you to read the clan GDB forum for coordinating playtimes - and I would recommend reading the staff announcements section of the GDB but you don't even need to make an account there to do that.

Re: coded skills and so forth * If you're interested in the kind of mud where you go out and own things in combat as your primary activity, there are better choices out there. * The other variant here is players who want to "grind up" to be "the best at " - they are doing themselves and the rest of the community a disservice. * The game is about RP, the coded skills are there to support that, not the other way around.

Re: Karma * Karma reviews were re-opened in the last year or two and are fully operational now as far as I know. They stopped doing them while they were overhauling the classes and the magick system. Players who lack the karma to try a role can also "special application" a role that's beyond their reach. This is an excellent way to get noticed and experience with karma roles, when played responsibly. * As of several years ago, the karma system is codified that players must meet certain criteria to be graded at various levels of karma. While there's still some subjectivity to it, it's a lot better than it was in the distant past where staff could just arbitrarily hook people up with karma. The new system, while imperfect, is infinitely more fair. * If players want more karma, best thing to do is special app something at +1 their karma level and play it responsibly for a respectable period of time (before dying to a scrab, getting thrown in the arena for insubordination, and so on).

Re: Simple statements about staff and fair expectations * Staff are players who work part-time to support the game. They have jobs, families, and so on - just like you. Do unto others... * Generally speaking, most plots are supposed to be player-run, not run by staff. When staff run plots, it's often to orchestrate some larger change that is happening in the game that needs framing. * Staff can't make everyone happy, all the time. Literally impossible - someone is always unhappy with any decision that gets made about the game, regardless of which way it goes. * Staff don't have cheaty avatars or run around killing players, helping their friends, or anything of that nature. This categorically does not happen. * While it's not required, communicating with the staff via character reports is a good way to get your PC involved in plots and is one criteria for earning karma.

Re: Sex, consent, female stereotyping, etc. * While there absolutely is "erotic" role play, it is by no means required, and you won't be excluded from plots because you don't "mudsex." You do you.

* The blurb about the female characters being treated living sex toys is up to the portrayal of the PC. As one might expect, more than half of players are male, and some of them play female PCs who are described with barbie-like proportions and are shallowly portrayed in-game as primarily sexual entities. This much I agree with, and while some (including me) find it distasteful, there's also an audience for that amongst the playerbase. To be fair, some female players also enjoy this sort of roleplay and do the same sort of thing, which propagates this phenomena. However, there are also female PCs that never engage in this sort of play. Sometimes, male players might imprint their real life prejudices into the game and treat female PCs as fragile or needing protection, opening doors for them, chivalry - and all that. This is literally against the rules as Zalanthan females are expressly defined as being equivalently strong, smart, and capable in all respects to their male counterparts. The staff team (up to and including the producer level) has a pretty strong feminist streak over the years and the no-BS rules around equality, consent, and so on reflect this. Bottom line is that while a female PC might occasionally run into a male player who plays outside the bounds (loosely defined above) that is the exception rather than the rule, and they should be called out on it if and when it happens. See above point about it not being required and there's a long list of extremely successful female PCs who weren't at all about sex.

* Re: Desertman's reply to the review that I discuss above - Desertman's Sept 29 post is excellent and he is spot on. As a staffer I was familiar with the player, attest to his credentials (including not always getting along with staff - haha) and will heartily +1 to everything he said here. Also, the game could use you man - you ought to return!

* Lastly! If someone was really having sex in a tavern, in front of a crowd, you should have wished up about it and staff should have responded. If you did this and got no response, it's probable that no staff were around at the time. That's both ICly and OOCly inappropriate. You could have also submitted a player complaint request through the website and that would ensure it was investigated by an admin or producer.

Sindome -- Mud Review posted by Jade1202
Review Thread Last Updated Fri 22 Nov 2019 05:34:20 AM MST / 0 comments
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As a long time player, I felt I should offer another perspective to the review posted recently.

While the game was called 'aged', it should be noted that where this stems from is the fact that the game has been around for quite a while. And, because of this, there is deeply rooted ideology, legends, lore, historical references and other factors that, in my opinion, make the game's realism seem even more relatable and effective.

The Pros listed below are true. But, there are several more pros to that. The game has a constantly evolving flow of 'power' and a very dystopian feel to it that starts straight out of immigration and continues through the life of your Character. The constant struggle to survive, thrive and climb the mountain to the top (and keep it) is an ever-changing, fluid experience.

I would disagree that there are 'hundreds of thousands' of bugs. There are bugs, as there are in any game, and with the new changes and systems being added to the game, that's to be expected. There is a phenomenal growth in such things as forensics to study the bodies of corpses, identification of corpses, drug withdrawals and addictions and other improvements which are being flushed out...quite frequently. And, there is a positive transparency offered by the GMs by posting all bug reports and fixes that can be seen on the forums.

ERP is allowed in the game, yes. But, it's not a driving factor for RP. And, as I said earlier, it -is- a dystopian society with joys (prostitutes), strippers and nefarious 'folk' that prey on the down trodden - in an IC approved manner. Sexual harassment and any ERP which is not mutually agreed on is not allowed - in any fashion. I have yet to see any OOC harassment myself but, I know that GMs have a zero-tolerance for such behavior and it is quickly handled if it's brought to their attention. Yes, there is a help file which is there to politely remind players that the game doesn't require that type of RP to propel a story. But not because it's a prevalent issue.

As for the coded support for archetypes, I would strongly disagree with this. There are some that are not as strong as others, but there is a healthy system in place for the majority of archetypes that are used. But, again, the archetypes are a model example used to help guide new players. Just as each person is individual, each Character is not going to be a carbon copy of the archetype. And, with creative RP and sometimes GM assistance, most anything can be accomplished in the game.

As for the memberships. This game is ran by volunteers who donate their time to help. The Senior GMs have set up a lot of features for the game that help keep it online and running smoothly, something I appreciate having played games in the past that lag, drop out or have other issues. Memberships help fund those programs. Every six months, Senior GMs hold town hall meetings for all players to attend where they offer further transparency on all funding and where it's been applied. As a player that enjoys the game and appreciates the efforts, I see nothing wrong with this trade off. Memberships are not expensive and offer the player free rent, yes. However, making chyen (SD's form of currency) in the game is difficult in reference to the theme (remember, dystopian) but it is easily accomplished to find housing based on your social/economic position. And, there is free housing given for all 'immigrants' (new players, newly created characters) for up to two weeks while they learn the game.

All in all, the game offers a rich environment to explore a post-apocalyptic world where the societal and social lines are drawn and the haves and have-nots struggle to find their way. It's a game that will draw you in from the first time you play and keep you on your toes. It's not for the feint of heart as there is a theme of struggle, loss and harshness. But, don't confuse that with the OOC community as a whole. GMs are super helpful and most players are the same. I would try the game and formulate your own opinion!

New Worlds -- Mud Review posted by Bella
Review Thread Last Updated Fri 22 Nov 2019 05:34:20 AM MST / 1 comment
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I played this game for about a year, following a world reset. My conclusion is that New Worlds Ateraan does many things well, but nothing that other MUDs don't do as well if not better. Ultimately, this MUD is not worth your time, and you'll save yourself a lot of frustration if you find another MUD that actually values its players.

I must echo the sentiment expressed by Zerbo's review, below me. NWA had a lot of potential, but underneath the veneer is a dull grind that's exacerbated by weak RP from much of the playerbase. The game claims to be RP-enforced, but many players don't even use proper spelling and capitalization. The defense will be that this game has many blind players, which is great, but which is also just an excuse.

I have also felt personally bullied by the staff player discussed in his review. Without getting into too much detail, a couple months ago we had a cordial disagreement. It turns out she took it much more personally, and the amount of hateful vitriol coming out of a STAFF MEMBER toward a PLAYER was shocking. My five-year-old knows how to keep her temper better! I don't have any problem with Staff playing the game they worked so hard to put together and maintain, but this behavior is completely unacceptable. It's totally unchecked because Andrew, the head of the game, won't do anything to rein in his staff, so they have permission to go on sustained bullying campaigns against players. Again, admin have decided that this is an appropriate way for STAFF to treat a PLAYER.

Once it became clear that the admin didn't really have players' backs, I logged off, and I won't be going back. As I said at the top of this review, NWA doesn't do anything well enough that it's worth putting up with weak RP and mean-spirit staff who reinforce cliques, abuse their power, and bully other players.

Do yourself a favor and stay away.

Comment posted on Sun 17 Nov 2019 09:23:56 AM MST by Nha Trang:

Y'know, I've seen a number of reviews dissing Those Evil Cliques. So here's my question: what mythical great spectacular MUD does NOT have cliques? Inquiring minds wanna know!

New Worlds -- Mud Review posted by Zephybel
Review Thread Last Updated Fri 22 Nov 2019 05:34:20 AM MST / 2 comments
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Some human beings cannot help themselves. They have an impossible to suppress sense of adventure and enjoy trying things which are entirely alien to their ever-limited scope of ever-expanding interests. For the longest time, I loved tabletop role-playing immensely. It pretty much defined my childhood with how much of my time and passion it consumed. Of course, being a girl in a male-centric game setting wasn't always easy but I played well with others and tolerated their treatment of a newcomer or a seemingly naive female well over the years because tabletop role-play was a personal and social activity and players and dungeon masters alike valued their reputations in tightly knit social circles.

Bearing this in mind, I eagerly set out to try my luck with the online role-playing community. For once, all of my role-playing circles were becoming rather inactive due to various individuals having a lot going on in their lives at once. For the first time in my life, I had to dive into the dangerously anonymous and troll ridden environment known as The Internet. New Worlds Ateraan, they called it. Seemed like a wonderful idea at the time! A somewhat generous list of races to play. Decent enough guild choices despite there not being many to choose from. A promise of role play being wonderful, active, and very much in character. I would invest many hours of my time into enriching myself with knowledge of the game mechanics, lore, and story of this world. And many more hours were sunk into creating a genuinely unique character to explore it. I pride myself in putting much thought into my characters, you see, for I do not right stories or participate in role play as anything even close to resembling an amateur. I do this for a decent living already but want to have some fun with it from time to time.

But one Ateraan player with a little seniority over me in this specific setting couldn't help but throw some vaguely out of character shade my way using her in character dialogue to call me a stupid, ignorant newbie and contrive some sort of harassing dramatic role-play with me when I refused to lick her boots. In a tabletop environment, this usually ends rather quickly with a dungeon master fading it out for what it is and giving the encounter a redo or even kicking a toxic member out of the aprty for a while if it continues to come up as an issue. This facilitates keeping a clean role-play environment free of OOC stupidity negatively affecting an IC world. It also facilitates reducing a delay in story progression over this becoming a recurring argument between players.

Almost supernaturally, the way Norman -a staff member of New Worlds Ateraan- handled this, a not too uncommon instance of bullying a newbie bleeding into in character dialogue, was by investigating an immediate false claim by the harassing perpetrator herself and her friends that I was breaking another entirely unrelated rule. This suspiciously escalated the problem to Norman himself and sidelined my own claim entirely even when I was found innocent.

Amusingly, even the most objective of evidence was not used to resolve my issue with the player of the character named Shadeau and I was eager to debate my disagreement with Norman. Norman was eager and willing to participate in this debate rather than close it, himself. And since he could not convince me to agree with him, he banned me from using all out of characters channels on New Worlds Ateraan. There not being a rule that I have to agree with him, he had abused his power to shut me up rather than use his power properly by telling me to drop it. In fact, if he had wished me to drop it, he had plenty of opportunities to tell me to do so. I could have then done so. And if I had continued then, I would have only then been guilty of breaking the rules of New Worlds Ateraan and had earned myself any sort of punishment. He then could have explained his community's sideways rules to me using the proper English that was missing in all of the help files combined.

Rather than take this lying down like so many girl gamers, I gladly shared the issue with a few willing Guides. Eagerly, Norman imprisoned me within a private the gaming environment so I was unable to speak with anyone else at all in order to shut me up entirely because his good oldbie friends were kissing his boots and disagreeing with me to be on his best side despite quickly piling objective facts adding up to his disfavor. I got to spend some time imprisoned for deigning to disagree with the Gods of New Worlds Ateraan, a place I am sure is full to the rafters with individuals who have role played far less than myself and probably wouldn't last five minutes in a meeting with publishers who have me on a first name basis and exchange birthday cards with me.

First impressions of Ateraan? There is not enforced role-play as advertised, but Enforced Role-Play Lite™. If someone bleeds OOC bullying of you being a newbie into IC dialogue as a form of contrived nipping social competition in the bud like this is middle school, you will be forced to break the game's own rules and role-play being harassed unfairly IC as the bullying is then compounded into unfair IC gossip and lies and it becomes outright bullying in a game that pretends to be newcomer friendly.

Penultimately, the staff members of the game are barely aware of the concept of role-play. Ultimately, they are incapable of maintaining a safe and friendly role-playing environment as a result of that. And finally nailing the coffin firmly shut, their own pride matters more than their own rules being clearly written and politely enforced.

As a sidebar, the conveniently made up unwritten rule that OOC harassment issues should be handled IC used as the excuse to bully me about rather than teach me said rule as a newcomer from literally dozens of other communities that would never ever do things that way doesn't really help me trust these people to be anything but extremely shady. If they were wise, they would have been a lot nicer to me and tricked some donation money out of me before revealing the truth that they hate new people learning how to play their game and want them to suffer miserably their vaguely excused wrongdoings for hours.

If you are a good human being and play Ateraan, I pray that you find a better-led community soon with similarly promising world building. But for the rest... Well, you made your bed and you can lie in it for all I care. Especially those of you who blindly defend unwritten, vague, or just made up rules and punishments. Perhaps I will consider reviewing this MUD specifically in my own community while I tear apart the socially incompatible mess that is the typical MUD in my experiences so far. Perhaps I will not. It depends on how angry I still am by the time I compile my information into my own content.

Roleplay isn't an MMO. You don't just get to bully people for being new. And you don't just get to pass poorly written garbage as rules. And you don't just get to repeatedly silence someone for pointing out that bullying needs to be resolved OOC for role-play to be fun. That's like yelling at newbies that they're wrong while simultaneously giggling you're sticking up for someone you've literally known five seconds longer and like more than your community growing, surviving and improving. That's, in fact, a perfect tutorial on how to get a stale, dying community with nothing but hesitantly returning people who probably are only returning because they sank a lot of time, money, and creative juice into your game.

This unfortunate incident aside, I really could use some tips on which MUDs are actually playable and have staff members that do not make excuses, ask loaded questions, or even outright spin topics to be right when, fundamentally in the sense of role-playing itself, they are so painfully wrong every moment they touch their keyboards. I want my content when I review the MUD community as a whole to have at least a shred of hope in it. I'll make money whether I rip on MUDs in general or not, so it benefits only yourselves and the potential curiosity of my own readers enriching your own communities to prove that MUD can be safe, fair, and fun.

Comment posted on Sat 08 Dec 2018 12:11:28 PM MST by Luneth:

I'd like to leave on Record the following:

That Zephybel was treated fairly. That it was I who gave her the tour and we were enjoying the RP. Until she met shadeau. And it went downhill from there. Shadeau did NOTHING ooc. She treated IC at all times and being hit so aggressively by an Immigrant, not only is it a rule broken. But she and I told you to desist and you continued to pursue her sexually. Also in your original you attempt to make it look like we sh** on you because you are a transgirl in real life. Then changed it here. Not sure why have two different version. But yes, you broke rules. Rules that were VERY clear.

Comment posted on Sun 17 Nov 2019 09:15:58 AM MST by Nha Trang:

Unfortunately for Zephybel, the real story’s pretty well known in NWA. The REAL story is that she insisted on playing a transgendered, transitioning character, as well as being sexually aggressive, something that’s also explicitly against policy for newbies. Trans characters are also against policy. Basically, the deal is that “the Gods don’t make mistakes.” People don’t get born into the “wrong” bodies, but are born into the bodies matching their true sexual identities. (This is part of a policy that also bans RP of permanent disabilities, because healing magic is too ubiquitous for them not to be healed. And really, what the hell? What stopped her from rolling up a character that *conformed to her preferred sexual identity??*)

First, Zephybel demanded to talk to a Guide about it, a volunteer specifically tasked to help newbies. She didn’t get the answer she wanted to hear, and demanded to talk to a staff member about it. That’s when Norman stepped in, and told her the same things. Throughout, she shouted on open IC and OOC channels about how she was being bullied and abused, because people wouldn’t just agree with her and give her her way. She also kept demanding to see black-letter policy prohibiting trans characters, and declared that unless someone produced one, she was right and they were wrong and she was going to play how she wanted. (There’s also no black-and-white policy forbidding players from RPing stormtroopers, half-demon/half-dinosaur crosses, or Donald Trump’s illegitimate son. For what it’s worth.) Ultimately, she refused to stop spamming every player in the game, and her access to those channels were shut down.

Like most players, I don’t know the tale from there. Zephybel is right in one thing: there’s no rule saying she had to agree with Norman. But there’s no MUD out there where any player can say “Eff you, I’m just going to break the rules and do whatever I want.” Damn near every MUD has rules governing what kind of play and characterizations are allowed. Damn near every MUD has administrators who interpret or explain those rules.

Now maybe Zephybel really does believe being told she can’t do something in a MUD is “restricting her self-expression,” and not getting her way is being “bullied.” But hell, there are games out there where you can play trans lesbian stripper ninjas and mudsex everyone in groping range five minutes out of creation. NWA’s not one of them. And instead of saying “Okay, this doesn’t sound like my kind of game, toodles” right off the bat, she bitched to the whole player base for half an hour and came over here to whine some more.

Sindome -- Mud Review posted by Ephemeralis
Review Thread Last Updated Tue 05 Nov 2019 07:59:35 PM MST / 0 comments
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An aged tabletop-inspired roleplaying game with great promise kept alive by its players and superb volunteer GM team, but let down by negligent development staff, questionable design choices, a litany of massive, game-breaking bugs and wildly inconsistent moderation.


* Interesting Blade Runner-esque cyberpunk world in a unique near-apoc setting

* Established community with a few excellent roleplayers

* Engaged GM team

* A deep repository of 'hidden' lore that requires palpable OOC effort to even hear of

* Immersive first-person perspective 'posing' system


* Riddled with countless (hundreds to THOUSANDS) of crippling bugs that may get your character killed or make your experience unpleasant, guaranteed. Many go unfixed for months - major ingame 'forum' on the "Grid" has been broken for 6 irl months as of time of writing and has yet to be acknowledged or fixed.

* Missing major, essential archetype features for several IRL years (decking archetype is completely neglected and requires direct intervention OOCly with the GM team to perform nearly any of its expected functions).

* Many game systems will break and be left that way for months due to little/no developer oversight.

* Big issues with theme enforcement, many long-term 'nuisance' players who roll barely-altered versions of their previously dead characters or bring bleed directly into the game, goes unpunished for years and years

* Many players choose to treat the setting as a glorified cyberpunk-themed chatroom/baby mother drama simulator, resulting in highly stagnant gameplay for months without GM intervention

* Prevalent undertones of expected ERP in the community due to setting. Female characters will be propositioned and often harassed for declining, even if for OOC reasons. So prevalent that a help file titled 'help chastity' exists and is regularly cited by the GMs in order to encourage much of the community to do something other than fuck each other in their apartments.

* Unacceptably poor coded support for most archetypes outside of tailors and combat-based characters

* Pay-for-advantage membership that pays your in-game rent on a pad, meaning people who pay have anywhere from 1.5k-12k more than someone else does each and every week from not having to pay rent. If you cannot afford membership, you are significantly behind the curve before you've even started the game.

* "Permapads" granted to older members who paid several hundred USD have incredible in-game advantages that they can never lose, including secure facilities, hundreds of thousands of chyen's worth of in-game tech and security equipment, all of which is ported across characters and can never be permanently stolen unlike nearly everything else in the game. Some even have live-in vehicles, which cost MILLIONS of chyen in some cases (most people will never see this much ever) and are very low-risk and cannot be permanently stolen.

Aardwolf -- Mud Review posted by Stitches
Review Thread Last Updated Sun 27 Oct 2019 03:53:42 AM MST / 0 comments
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Within the first two hours, it was made clear on the Newbie channel that this is just a social world to kill things and watch numbers go up.

Other information gleaned from the Newbie channel:

- The game features almost no IC roleplay.

- No ongoing lore.

- Quests are solely NPC machinations

- No way to lose

- No way to win / retire

- Very little character customization

- After 2 hours, I had only completed 20% of the tutorial. That's too much tutorial.

It's like they painstakingly ripped out all the fun and exciting parts of a game, leaving it as a husk of numbers and Skinner boxes.

Penultimate Destination -- Mud Review posted by Empress Odinsdottir
Review Thread Last Updated Sun 27 Oct 2019 03:53:42 AM MST / 0 comments
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First off, this is one of the most poorly designed MU*s I have ever had the displeasure of chargenning on. The code is more rickety than a termite-eaten wooden scaffold. It is byzantine and unhelpful to navigate. The world map is terribly designed and unintuitive, and the Admins are rude, unfriendly, and hostile.

There is a clique on this game that comprises of a bunch of anime character underage girls who are obviously men roleplaying women badly. I say this as a woman in real life. They are not just upsetting to behold, they are also hostile to anyone outside of the clique. The game is basically the Haigha and Co. show, with a bunch of Saber cosplayers, a Rukia cosplayer, and some other minions that escape my notice. They make no attempt to interact with anyone else.

The grid play is nonexistent. everyone on the grid is either idle or page playing.

The numbers of the game are inflated because most of the Clique has ten alts.

The whole game is a scam. Avoid.

Mud Connector Top 10 Mud Rankings
1. Aardwolf 3998 votes (1103T/3529H)
2. Sindome 2773 votes (701T/2767H)
3. TorilMud, the Sojourner's Home 2479 votes (398T/1673H)
4. 4 Dimensions 2058 votes (431T/1427H)
5. 3Scapes 1908 votes (473T/1546H)
6. Deathwish MUD 1720 votes (354T/897H)
7. BatMUD 1661 votes (492T/1470H)
8. CoffeeMud 1650 votes (469T/1495H)
9. Armageddon 1467 votes (491T/1609H)
10. Legends of the Jedi 1191 votes (517T/1547H)

Rankings Last Generated: Fri 22 Nov 2019 05:48:25 AM MST
Mud Connector Top 20 Mud Rankings
1. Aardwolf 3998 votes (1103T/3529H)
2. Sindome 2773 votes (701T/2767H)
3. TorilMud, the Sojourner's Home 2479 votes (398T/1673H)
4. 4 Dimensions 2058 votes (431T/1427H)
5. 3Scapes 1908 votes (473T/1546H)
6. Deathwish MUD 1720 votes (354T/897H)
7. BatMUD 1661 votes (492T/1470H)
8. CoffeeMud 1650 votes (469T/1495H)
9. Armageddon 1467 votes (491T/1609H)
10. Legends of the Jedi 1191 votes (517T/1547H)
11. Cleft of Dimensions 1116 votes (333T/1160H)
12. End of the Line 969 votes (336T/891H)
13. Dark and Shattered Lands (DSL) 945 votes (427T/1530H)
14. The Inquisition: Legacy 931 votes (295T/640H)
15. Kallisti MUD 900 votes (398T/892H)
16. Geas 831 votes (361T/696H)
17. MozartMud 797 votes (396T/677H)
18. 2016's Eternal Darkness 712 votes (324T/479H)
19. Abandoned Realms 682 votes (394T/1002H)
20. Mordor 671 votes (371T/574H)

Rankings Last Generated: Fri 22 Nov 2019 05:48:25 AM MST