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Original codebase from 2001! Looking for old school players!

June 04, 2019
Once AfterHours, online since 1991, pretty lonely here now

[LP] 2.4.5 style from the 1992 snap
June 03, 2019
Medina is an easy going & easy to learn MUD. 1st MUD full translated to Spanish (some content in Catalan). Loyal to the spirit of its founding in 1995. Good dealing with players.

[Merc] 2.2
June 02, 2019
How would a world of humans truly react to discovering the alien and superhuman is all around them?

[MUSH] PennMUSH 1.8.7p0
June 02, 2019
The Federation once again stands on the brink. Does a group of cadets have what it takes to save it?

May 30, 2019
Free to play, adult-oriented RP MUD with a massive realm to explore. RP not your thing? Then grab a sword and explore the vasts lands and become a reputable hunter.

[Dawn] DSv4 Enhancements
May 12, 2019
May 8th - 2 new areas. May 11th - 1 new area. June 5th - 1 new area. We now have a playable evil start city, and evil races. And a...

[TBA] Heavily modified
June 13, 2019
CamelotMUD. Explore. Joust. Repeat.

[Custom] Custom codes, objects, mob
June 12, 2019
Infinite adventure, decades of custom development, totally free, no pwipes!

[Dikumud] Original / HEAVILY modifi
June 09, 2019
Online and welcoming adventurers since 1994 Aldebaran is a fantasy MUD based in the medieval time period. Recently upgraded to...

[LP] own lib
June 09, 2019
Player Empire System (Materials, Town, Army, Nation), Wilderness meshed with Empire system. 5 Tier Multiclassing, Custom World, Mix of Godwars-Rot-Rom, Sphere power system, Almost

[GodWars] Merc Godwars Dystopia 1.4
June 08, 2019

[Circlemud] LexiMUD
June 05, 2019
Chaos is back, with a new administration. Come join us, as we improve the Chaos code, and bring back a place that people were upset about when it shut down. Lately...

[Merc] Heavily Modified
June 04, 2019
Dragonball Evolution is the longest running DBZ MUD online with 17 races, 7 planets and a loyal playerbase.

[Circlemud] DBX modified for 17+ ye
May 28, 2019
Crimson MUD II is a place you can lose yourself in for days, months and years. We are a long established MUD, offering over 80 zones to explore. It provides...

[Dikumud] Ubuntu Linux system
May 27, 2019
Favourite God Wars based Mud
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Sat 15 Jun 2019 09:26:40 PM MST
Posted by: proxima
Looking for a mud
In Category: mudpromo
Wed 12 Jun 2019 02:01:04 PM MST
Posted by: the_draaks
Age of Heroes: Fire, Iron, Guns and Blood
In Category: mudpromo
Wed 12 Jun 2019 02:00:51 PM MST
Posted by: ian
Alter Aeon June 2019 Update
In Category: mudpromo
Wed 12 Jun 2019 02:00:47 PM MST
Posted by: the_draaks
Python Coders Wanted
In Category: mud-staff
Tue 11 Jun 2019 06:31:27 PM MST
Posted by: Ntech
Reconnecting characters causes a crash?
In Category: code
Tue 04 Jun 2019 12:15:48 AM MST
Posted by: blobule
Celestial Knights
In Category: mudpromo
Sun 02 Jun 2019 10:04:58 AM MST
Posted by: Zenzi
Current Comcast Port Forwarding
In Category: code-help
Sun 02 Jun 2019 10:04:56 AM MST
Posted by: draechen
Help wanted refitting code
In Category: code
Fri 24 May 2019 01:00:52 PM MST
Posted by: Ntech
looking for something!
In Category: uncategorized
Fri 24 May 2019 12:37:09 PM MST
Posted by: matteo112
19 Year Old MUD Rebooted
In Category: mud-staff
Sat 18 May 2019 11:18:32 AM MST
Posted by: Daos
Looking for a coder
In Category: mud-staff
Sat 18 May 2019 11:18:30 AM MST
Posted by: Toytown100
Vampire Wars: The Final Sunset
In Category: mudpromo
Sat 18 May 2019 09:20:29 AM MST
Posted by: Tijer
Alter Aeon May 2019 Update
In Category: mudpromo
Thu 09 May 2019 12:47:29 PM MST
Posted by: the_draaks
New Class in Ember Online
In Category: mudpromo
Sun 05 May 2019 11:46:31 PM MST
Posted by: EmberOnline
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Common Descent MUSH -- Mud Review posted by Kit
Posted on Fri 07 Jun 2019 11:14:35 PM MST / 0 comments
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This is an absolutely wonderful SuperHero based Mush. The people are friendly and inclusive. The plot arcs are fun. The player driven plots are also a blast. They allow freedom to run your own thing, one time or larger arcs. There are a wide variety of Feature Characters and Original Characters to interact with. There are also plenty untaken ones to play.

Penultimate Destination -- Mud Review posted by Jonas
Posted on Wed 05 Jun 2019 03:11:13 AM MST / 0 comments
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This place has issues.

First I should mention that the game itself began when Shangrila MUX banned all characters who appeared to be under 16 years of age in an effort to purge itself of a rather nasty pedophile crowd. Those affected sought refuge at a couple of other games before Penultimate Destination opportunistically opened its doors with the boast that ALL were welcome. This will be immediately obvious to anyone spending any amount of time there.

The pedophile crowd is thriving there. While the staff of the game claim that they restrict this group to the hardcore chat channels it is seldom that they actually enforce this. Child characters (referred to as "lolis" to attempt a cute spin on a reprehensible practice) will often feature explicit artwork of underaged characters in their +finger profiles, some as young as 6 years old. That's right, you can find people openly showcasing artwork featuring 6 year old girls with their prepubescent vaginas on display. If you remark on that then you are accused of "kinkshaming" and insulted until you drop the matter. These characters are said to be forbidden from explicit activity in the general chat channel yet they get away with it more often than not due to a lack of effective moderation on the game.

Another point of concern is that the game's lack of enforced rules has attracted a large crowd of militiant heterophobes. Many characters openly display gay pride, trans pride, adverb of the week pride flags in general chat and do not hesitate to insult heterosexual or "cis" characters or players, calling them boring or disgusting. Such talk is encouraged by the players and the staff do nothing to put a stop to the bigotry. On the other hand it was only last month that a player was disciplined for saying that they did not want their female RP partners to have a penis. This was somehow seen as "hate speech" and the more militiant players in chat were permitted to attack this player without staff intervention.

The game appears to only have one moderator active in chat channels which may explain their lack of presence. You will find this to be a good thing as this moderator Haigha is extremely combative and often more disruptive than the problems they unidle to solve, openly demanding respect and using threats and ugliness to attempt to silence those they find to be offensive. They have a chip on their shoulder and they are not afraid to go after anyone who runs afoul of their arbitrary set of rules for the given day.

Another matter I found curious was their lack of many coding mainstays to be found on similar games. This was explained to me as their coder Glass being somewhat new to coding and "borrowing" code from many other places to cobble together in an attempt to reach their goals. I do not know if this is true or not but it is suspicious that even the most common object attributes are set to invisible. The average player is forced to resort to complicated methods of obtaining information that is right out in the open on other games. There is something there that they do not want us seeing.

The worst part about all of these problems is that the game doesn't offer any reason to put up with them. You may look at the activity levels and think that this is a busy game but it is actually little more than a series of active chat channels. Gridplay is essentially nonexistent and any RP done here will only be found by making arrangements to meet someone in advance.

That is about all I have to say for now. I felt compelled to finally quit after hearing a staff member make a thinly veiled threat to a player who spoke of writing a negative review, "I wouldn't do that if I were you", and have since encountered other former players who have been sharing logs and stories of their own disturbing experiences with this game. One of them spoke of assembling an Encyclopedia Dramatica entry on the game with these resources so you can check there soon if you would like to learn more.

If you really need an adult themed game I suggest Shangrila MUX for now. yes they banned characters under the age of 16 but as the people of Penultimate Destination go to show it is sometimes a very good thing to have the line drawn somewhere.

Champions MUSH -- Mud Review posted by Thomas
Posted on Tue 04 Jun 2019 06:54:09 PM MST / 0 comments
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So, this game uses the HERO System. It's fairly complicated as a system. No books are provided, but they have their House Rules on their website.

The players themselves tend to be pretty nice. There is a small player base however.

However, the Staff in some cases are not.

I recently tried to rejoin and was told to "stick to American comic books" among other things and one Staffer started griping whenever I tried to make a Brick with some martial arts on it. Apparently whatever fit in their "vision" of things was not something they were happy with.

As far as the setting and types of characters, it has a good vision otherwise. You will easily notice the comparisons to others. From Captain America to Captain Marvel, Thor, and others. Their in-character grid is a good medium size.

I will say again that if you can get past the Staffers, it's a good place to hang out and to play at mostly.

Asteria -- Mud Review posted by Ekkiron
Posted on Sat 01 Jun 2019 01:58:33 PM MST / 0 comments
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When I first logged into Asteria it was because of the note that it was in Beta and I seek out Beta muds because my favorite thing to do is Build. While that wasn't an opportunity available, I was amazed by the feeling of nostalgia that this mud brought back.

I am an old soul so nostalgia is a HUGE thing for me and if you're as old as I am and remember the olden day Muds this is definitely a place to check out.

If you are newer to the Mud universe, I also DEFINITELY suggest giving this Mud a try. The delivery of the battle system, quest system and skill system is unique and after you play for even an a half hour, you will see why I am raving about it.

Often times you can be left feeling like even though a Mud is running and asking for new players, the people in control or who own it care very little for making anything new or even trying to give you something unique because of the age of Muds and how much of a niche Muds are. And if they care there are often so many restrictions and outdated limitations that cause players to choose a totally of 3 out of 12 offered races because their stats are the best or the design of the skill system forces players to level-sit or quest-sit at low levels. I get very sad when a Mud doesn't want to create anything new for its players just because of the age of Muds and how niche the genre is.

Asteria feels like the opposite, for me at least. I can feel the passion and care that the Immortals and Owner place into their work and how much they have listened and taken into account, all the player feedback over the decades to offer you the way to play how YOU want to play. I no longer feel the pressure of making sure my character has perfectly picked the correct stats or the perfect race or skills in the right order because you can redo it all at any time! This gives you ultimate control over the progression of your character and the style and feel of fighting you desire.

Come say hi and lets make this adventure as grand as we can!

Sindome -- Mud Review posted by Supermarket
Posted on Thu 30 May 2019 06:35:45 PM MST / 0 comments
Display Review

Update to earlier review - The players in this community should be policed a bit more on their level of toxicity. Staff does a good job and there are still players who don't dogpile and attack people blindly when they don't understand a situation, but the players who do partake in this are the loudest and get their behavior from former examples of equally toxic people.

As an example, I recently declined to tell the community part of the reason I left not long ago, only relaying how my grief was triggered over someone departing suddenly (which can put you through the motions of when you lose someone irl). When I decided to disclose the other part of the story, which was more personal and embarrassing, some players immediately accused me of using a dead person's memory to garner sympathy.

Let's just unpack that for a second. I know some people see that sort of accusation on soap operas, but just.. think about that. You mean to tell me that somebody you talked to and roleplayed with is also someone you immediately will accuse of manipulating their dead *friend* like that? Really? This is the logic you're rolling with?

This didn't stop until that particular thread on SD's forum was deleted. But by then, the people who said this to me hadn't even bothered to apologize, they just kept piling on and attacking until there was no longer a thread for them to post in.

You know who the last person like that was? A person who used to yell at newbies to "FOIC" until others parroted her, someone who bullied people in the ooc channel, and now the spirit of this mean sort of behavior is continuing on. Mean-spirited memes that are meta posted in threads, that admins have to intercede more frequently to put the kibosh on. The meme thread didn't used to be like that. It was about just laughing at general, non-specific things. Now folks are trying to turn it into a circlejerk. That's not what Sindome is supposed to be about.

This isn't going to stop until the community is in real trouble again. Recently it was getting better, everyone pulling their weight to make it so. Please do not undo what has been done. I can't possibly return because it's hard to forgive what was said right now, but in the least I can warn about that.

The question is, do the loudest and worst people in the room want to stop themselves before it's too late?

Star Conquest -- Mud Review posted by Omelet
Posted on Sat 25 May 2019 11:16:32 PM MST / 1 comment
Display Review

Star Conquest is primarily a roleplaying game, but it happens to have amazing mechanics to back it all up. The story is an amazing one that spans many years. Much of the background details are available online (including the help files), and a lot more con be gained by roleplaying to learn about more of the theme than you ever dreamed existed. Roleplay is well-rewarded in the game, even more than mechanical prowess. It's no hack and slash, but it keeps those elements for variety. Staff is friendly (as long as you're friendly to them) and helpful. There's a mentor system for new players and all players are very willing to help someone new. There's almost always something happening in the game, one major plot or another, as well as several minor ones. Whether roleplaying to affect the broader arc of the game is your style, or roleplaying interpersonal situations is your style, you'll be happy there. The mechanics are also top notch, allowing for more grindy type players. There are three factions (alliances) immediately available to new players, one that's only open to those who have shown their knowledge of the theme through their roleplay, and one that occasionally accepts temporary player membership. Each has its own distinct style (or be a trendsetter).

Common complaints I've heard often have to do with staff reacting to people who think they can act like children and be accommodated. If you want your hand held to the point someone creates your character for you, Star Conquest is not for you. If you like to be creative within the theme, you'll likely thrive.

Comment posted on Sat 25 May 2019 11:16:32 PM MST by Vulpine Adversary:

"Common complaints I've heard often have to do with staff reacting to people who think they can act like children and be accommodated."

Vague, nonspecific, painfully clearly passed directly down from almighty staff. No matter what, refusing to labor under the thumb of disdainful hosts is not acting like children. There is a reason the way hosts treat players is a common complaint. If several unrelated parties are expressing the same concerns over the course of several years, there may be a reason for it.

That said, I am glad you seem to be enjoying yourself. Just had to comment as I found that bit a little silly.

Star Conquest -- Mud Review posted by Vulpine Adversary
Posted on Sat 25 May 2019 10:27:42 PM MST / 0 comments
Display Review

In the summer of 2011, I was introduced to Squidsoft Entertainment's Star Conquest, a space-themed moo that promised respite from the repeated slaughtering of animals for XP and aimless wandering that had become the norm for me on other games. It delivered.


You will not start in a newbie area here, nor will you be talked through equipping your shortsword and going out to kill your first rabbit. The galaxy is fresh from an alien invasion it managed to escape by the skin of its teeth, and you are a cadet newly graduated from your alliance's flight school. Alliances are political governments arranged throughout the game galaxy, and are as follows:

The League of Old Earth Democracies (The League) Old Earth is our earth, but a thousand years in the future. In the Star Conquest universe, that means the entire planet, in the wake of the invasion, became one huge European-style socialist government.

The Alliance of Extrasolar Unions A handful of explorers who went out into space once upon a time and began carving their own niche and government. A pretty obvious in-universe parallel to the USA, complete with the remnence of bad blood between them and The League--apparently The League tried to govern them at some point and got their collective nose bloodied.

The Federation of Fringe Worlds (The Fringe) A slightly grittier place and power structure, characterized by poverty, crime and some of the more combat-oriented ships. Seems to be based on South America, with its Spanish names, and less pretty but more boomboom aesthetics.

The Mutuality No real government or structure, just a bunch of rogue pilots being roguy and hating all things authoritative.

Part I. - The Beginning

I found cadethood to be a solitary, sometimes lonely existance. In lieu of levels and experience, Star Conquest has a points system, referred to in-character as license points. The more points you earn, the more equipment and game features you gain access to. As a cadet you are capped at 30 points, which can pour right in if you're enjoying the game. Some of the activities to gain points and money are pretty engaging, some of them are a bit on the grindy side, but pretty much all of them you're doing by yourself.

Attempts were made to bypass this. My cadet chatted up a nice gal in the local pilot lounge and scored an invite onto her ship. Hilarity ensued when she asked me to wait in the control room while she got into something more comfortable, then slunk out and back in wearing some clothing that was decidedly non-efficient for piloting a spacecraft. She poured wine and purred about how comfortable the sofa was (yes, there was a sofa in her ship's control room), while I scowled and tried fruitlessly to launch the ship into space. Unfortunately, the ship in question was owned by a pilot with many more license points than I had at the time, and thus I couldn't control it. Said pilot put on a robe and explained this, and then promptly kicked me off said ship.

Part II. - The Next Step

Once your point cap is reached, there is quite literally nothing to do but sit around and emote at your fellow pilots, all of whom have better things to do than sit and sip coffee with a cadet. Tough to blame them, really. I probably wouldn't slum it with some undergrad if there were millions to make and stars to conquer elsewhere.

To no longer be a cadet, you have to write a character profile, going over your character's history and personality. Pretty standard for a lot of RP enforced MUDs. I like writing a fair bit, so this never tripped me up much, but I've heard stories from other players of hosts rejecting profiles multiple times with little explanation. As there is no way anyone but game admins will ever read character histories, being as selective about what will and will not unlock the game to you as it has been suggested seems unnecessary. Further complicating the process of graduating from cadet into full pilot is the addition of concepts on top of profiles, which we'll get into a little later.

Part III. - Piloting and Gameplay

Escaping cadethood is good times. You are able to team upwith players more and join in on more of the game's group-oriented features. For example, it takes an entire crew to run certain ships on combat missions. The gunboat requires a pilot to move the ship, an engineer to keep it together, and three gunners. They only get bigger from there. It is also possible to join ground squads of pilots in different brands of specialized power armor and move around zones blasting baddies apart.

For the solo fliers, it's possible to just drift around space collecting salvage and selling it. Or firing off low difficulty beacons to call in low level enemies so you can blow them up yourself. There's more, but you can try it out yourself if you're curious.

Speaking of curious, the game offers quite a lot of support for ... shall we say, one on one RP. I know that most RP games with adult characters will carry a certain adult element--it can be an important part of character development, or sometimes people are just in the mood to get their jollies off. No judgement. But yo, they coded in handcuffs and writing crops. And plugs, and clamps, and hoods, and blindfolds, all of them functioning. Some work definitely went into these props.

Part IV. - Host/Staff Involvement

The game hosts get involved, which is almost always a plus. Primarily what they do is write up fun little in-universe tabloid headlines and news articles to flash across the screens of news devices every character comes equipped with. "Aroo brand of spacedog food company donates money to veterinary clinics across Noogabooga System", or "Nigel Pinkleton Loosebritches III of Wobblety Bobblety street defends his title in upcoming tea-drinking extravaganza!" Stuff like that, to add a titter and make the world feel a little more organic and living. I've heard they run plots and involve characters as well, but I've only ever seen that happen once excluding single night holiday events. Halloween parties and so forth. Which are fine, but they aren't character driven plots.

Part V. The Beginning of the End

In early summer of last year, a handful of friends and I found ourselves bored and in need of something to do. They were all League of Legendsed out and I had beaten Mortal Kombats 9 and X for probably the thousandth time. I had taken a break from Star Conquest the way you do over the years with games, but remembered positive experiences with it, chief among them just how awesome it is to wreck pirates and aliens in a fully manned ship. So I pitched the idea and it stuck. Six of us rolled in, most of us choosing AEU as a faction because lasers and Spacemurika. We all received alerts that we would be given certain bonuses because the AEU was at that time very low on players. We would soon find out there was a very good reason for that.

With our enthusiasm and pooled efforts, we made short work of the cadet alotted 30 points. We then found ourselves facing the profile monster, which has feasted on many a player before us. When I went to submit mine, however, I was given a concept prompt. Basically, before you can even submit your background and history, you now first have to boil it down into a single line. This tells hosts if they should even let you write your profile or not. Luckily for me, I got through. My concept was approved, and my profile after that. I was a pilot! I say luckily, because three of us made it through, two of us needed to resubmit anywhere from two to five times, and the last never made it past concept. I attribute it to luck because all six of us were veteran MUDers by that point, and you don't RP as long as we all have without becoming at least semidecent as a writer.

I don't want to speak too much on someone else's experience, but it's worth noting that for the rest of this tale, our sixth friend submitted concept after concept after concept. Rejection notes ranged in helpfulness and specificity from "too generic" to "Is this really the best you can do?" Finally, the hosts told her something to the effect of "Take a week or two, roleplay and think about it a little more". That's about the time she made her exit, and no one this side of the staff veil blamed her.

Part VI. - Space Trump

You read that right. Donald You're Fired Trump. Only in space. This would be the first and only time I saw hosts run a plot. Actually, it seemed like I had gotten there after it was all well underway.

As I was zipping around the galaxy in my corvette Little Red (hahaha get it?), a transmition came over the general channel, something very long and selfcongratulatory about how the speaker did not support bigotry, nationalism or hate in any form whatsoever, and that she disavows everyone in the AEU who does. My first thought was "Wow, the chubby girl from my Poli/Sci class plays SC?" Then I gently kicked myself under the desk for being unkind and asked in character, "Like, whatcha talkin' 'bout, chick?" This prompted a flood of replies from seemingly everyone in comms range, explaining that as a citizen of the AEU, I had Eric Best, an incredibly hateful and bigoted president to answer for. "He wants to kick all the unregistered pilots out of AEU space! He wants to make the AEU great again," and so on. There was a lot, and all of it had all non-AEU characters in a selfrighteous tizzy. And as an AEU pilot, if I didn't transmit something long and virtuous about how much I hated Eric Best, well then I was just as bad as he was, damn it! A few minutes looking over my news device confirmed this. Pretend dogfood commercials, gossip headlines about fictional celebrities, advertisements about NPC companies and new products had taken a back seat to moment-by-moment coverage of just how horrible President Best was. The AEU's president sucked, and thus the AEU sucked, and thus my friends and I made up the vast majority of the then active AEU. All save for the girl who was fast and loud about distancing herself from everything AEU until the president stopped doing his thing.

Part VII. - Starlol and Spacekek

You know how you totally log on science fiction games to argue politics instead of zooming through the void, flirting with cute spacer chicks and blasting holes in aliens? Me neither, but apparently that's what the SC hosts had in mind for me. There was nothing, literally nothing you could do as an AEU pilot to not be part of the fray, short of turning off your comms unit, ignoring any and all forms of contact and just flying around in space salvaging and doing asteroid belts and wearing panties on your head, and whatever else people do when they're alone. The thing is, I don't go on a MUD or MOO for a single player experience. I have single player games for that. So instead of hiding, or self-flagellating for the acceptance of the other factions and the host-driven media, I got my patriotic unioners together and we set about giving the game the villain element it so desperately railed against.

Honestly, it was probably the most fun I had that entire time. We argued, "If the unreg pilots want the rights andprotections of AEU citizens, maybe they should just become AEU citizens!" I gleefully called out over comms, "We are gonna project a great forcefield! It will be an incredible field, and we're gonna make the unregs pay for it!"

"Project the field! Project the field!" my cohorts chanted in support of me and our president, who we had decided didn't hate unregs necessarily, he was just looking out for us. AEU first!

Predictibly, the few AEU who were not onboard with this gaped in horror and scurged until they bled, while characters in other alliances seemed confused at what to do now that they weren't just arguing against an NPC who never responded to them. Debates usually ended with laughter and pro-AEU slogans on our end, and either namecalling or comparing Eric Best to the Outsiders (which I think is supposed to be the SC equivalent of Nazis) on theirs. We even got a shoutout from President Best on the news. "The Elite of Pilotdom", he had called us.

It was awesome! We had taken a pervasive, one-sided metaplot, and turned our faction from scapegoat and whipping post to actual player for the first time in what was apparently a long time, given how dead the AEU was when we had initially arrived.


This was not to be. A group of new and active players scoring points for a figure modeled after Trump could not stand--the hosts would not allow it. Sure the player base was more vibrant and engaged than it had been in a long time, but that was taking away from the main message: ERIC BEST IS TRUMP, TRUMP IS BAD. To show just how bad Best was, one of the AEU's planets, Hyperion, took to the airwaves with just how bad life under him was. They were all over the news, burning union flags, starting a separatist movement and protesting. In response to these NPC protests, NPC officers of course brutalized them, and Eric Best of course said that was the right thing to do, which in turn was of course the fault of everyone playing AEU at the time. As my crew and I had decided to own it, we told the detractors where they could stick it, that the protesters were probably violent and disorderly as their real-life counterparts tend to be. This, of course, was disproven when hosts decided to make it explicitly clear that the protests were completely peaceful and lawful, and that the officers were murderous minions of Best. "Explain that!" demanded the staff-vindicated entire rest of the game.

Instead, we found that we too could serve the AEU and ourselves go to Hyperion in our battlesuits to subdue protesters, which we gleefully laughed about and then did. By the way, the protesters? Anything but pieceful. They threw rocks and stuff at us in our battlesuits, which only do 2 or 3 damage. Doesn't sound like a big deal, but when you got 6 or 7 of them all laying into you at once the story changes. Thus, they died. BZAP, laser, no more rock-throwing protesters. (Is it a bzap? Maybe more of a pew pew!)

Part IX. Take that, players! - Star Conquest Staff, 2018

This was what the hosts had been waiting for: irrefutable, unquestionable proof that the characters in support of Eric Best were bad people. Say what you want about that tripe we were spewing before about galactic sovereignty, all of it was to cover up the fact that we were killers, never mind that there is not a single nonlethal option programmed into the battlesuits, or if there is, we a group comprised of five new players and a casual on and off player were unaware of it. And there was no one to tell us about it, because literally (and I use that word in the classical sense, not the contemporary one) no one would have anything to do with us outside very visceral conflict RP that blurred the lines between IC and OOC.

We couldn't play solo under threat of older players with far better equipment blasting us out of the sky in the name of space tolerance or something. As we all lived in different timezones and had different work schedules, we were unfortunately not able to play all together as much as we liked, but all together was the only way any of us could deride any enjoyment from this game. Staff continued to grind their political axe against us with ridiculous endorsements from Best and what they probably viewed as measured and rational rebukes from every other NPC presence they could animate. Hell, there were even shops that wouldn't sell us ship components and other upgrade equipment because of what Best said about X NPC group or faction. We were mechanically pinned and universally alienated.

Around the same time is when staff told my friend I mentioned earlier to stop submitting concepts and instead sit around emoting for a week or two. That was the first one out if memmory serves.

Shortly after him, a different friend for exactly zero reason anybody can think of to this day, got Sausage Lover tacked onto the front of his name. So every time he spoke or asked a question on IC or OOC channels, he was Sausage Lover Jeramiah instead of just Jeramiah (hope you don't mind me putting your real pretend name, bro). It had to be done by hosts, players do not possess the power to change each other in that fashion. He quit too.

I watched one friend mocked as he fired off a beacon in hopes of summoning some low difficulty enemies to kill, only to be arrested by NPC spacepolice and thrown indefinitely into spacejail. Apparently you're not supposed to fire beacons near the Nagabokidugurani Fruganfragenwhateverwhatever Cluster, or something? I don't know. It wasn't written in any helpfiles, and when first he, then we all asked for clerification IC, we were basically told, "Shoulda known better you stupid spacenazis!" Asking for OOC clerification over the newbie channel was answered only with choruses of "You punks stay IC!" He also quit.

By this point, it had become pretty clear that this game was not for us. Swanky mechanics not withstanding, it was a sparsely populated wasteland (25/30 players on at peak times of day, counting the six of us) with authoritarian bullies at the top, and an outrage mob beneath them ready to punish all wrongthink in double-plus good fashion. Rather than bother with it, the rest of us made our exits as well.

Part X. - Tender Farewells and Exit report

I think I stubbornly held on the longest, because I really did have fun before. But how often does that turn out well? The game I had previously enjoyed so much had a message, and they were gonna drill that message home, and then hammer it home, and then screw it home, and use any other tool they could find to bring it home. I was frustrated at the fact, and embarrassed that I had brought six friends to such a clownshow. Venting this frustration in an admittedly childish way, I slumped exhaustedly in my captain's chair and said to the empty control room something along the lines of, "This game is SJW trash." I then logged out for the last time.

To quote another review, "If you're looking for a mechanically sound game where you get to fly in space and aren't big on a good story. I would FULLY recommend this game to you." Beyond that, I'd give it a pass.


Recently while browsing /r/mud on Reddit, I came upon a post by someone who enjoyed the game enough to make a song about it. Decent track too, but I had to ask about the current state of the game. A reddit user answered, "The Eric Best plot is over. I also think it was pretty bad, not just because it seemed low-effort, but because it was a missed opportunity. Letting a group of players be the villain could be interesting and even fun, but I think it would only really work if the villain's ideology is nuanced in some way with good and bad, as opposed to just Donald Trump being racist and incompetent among the stars. I think you're right that they probably thought it was necessary to shock us with how much they disapprove of Trump. It also decimated the AEU player base."

We're a year on now. I figured I would see for myself if Star Conquest had returned to its previous form. If so then awesome. Weird thing happened when I tried to connect, though. It said I was IP banned. "If you think this was a mistake, contact the administration at" blablabla. So I did. This is the exchange that took place.

Me: Hi squiddies and softies. Took a bit of a break from Star Conquest. thought I'd pop back in and see what was going on. But I'm banned. Anything I can do to remedy this? Hosts: Not at this time, but thank you for your interest. Me: There's nothing I can do to be not banned? That doesn't seem right. I'm unaware of doing anything wrong. Didn't break any rules or fight with hosts or anything. just stopped playing for a while and now can't get back on. What's up? Hosts: Your parting words last time were that we were 'SJW trash.' In light of that, we feel you may enjoy Miriani more. You can find it at

Hahah, I did say that. They're not wrong. Apparently I was though, as is evidenced beyond a shadow of a doubt by this perfectly reasonable and proportionate reaction to what I said off public channels in an empty room a year ago.

Take Care, Squidsoft Todd Fielding, AEU National Patriots' Party

Quoted sources:

Bonus: I submitted this review on TMS as well, and posted the link on Reddit. You can click the link below if you feel like watching one of the top hosts, Lindsey, try to shift blame onto anyone who has ever played AEU for some of these issues, while outright ignoring others and silently retreating when questioned further. If posters seem a touch on the harsh side, reread my review and the sad, flat explanations and obvious deflection we were given. And maybe give Miriani or Starmourn a try instead.

DragonBall Evolution -- Mud Review posted by Ternium
Posted on Wed 22 May 2019 01:14:55 AM MST / 0 comments
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I have a long history with DBE. I've made friends that I've kept outside of the MUD, I even met my wife there. No kidding, some true once in a lifetime stuff. The game itself really isn't bad or I wouldn't have kept playing it as long as I did. The problem with this MUD, is the admins. All but one of the admins on this MUD know each other in real life and have grown up with each other. There have been other admins that don't fall in this category, but they've been summarily run off by the owner, Ozma. Ozma is a bigoted racist with a short temper and inadequacy issues. I've known this man outside of the MUD, have played multiple games with him, spent many a late night talking on mics about all kinds of things. We had a falling out on another game, Atlas, in which he kicked my wife and I out of our company losing all our progress after I asked him to not insult us by calling us racial slurs and insulting our intelligence. Silly me for thinking he or Ragna could be unbiased and not abuse their admin power in a different game to work out a grudge. Since I started playing DBE again, Ozma went so far as to nerf the race I mained (RIP Truffles) and having his other admins forcing bloodlust on me so that they could pk me in game. The last straw today was when Ragna, Ozma's friend irl who we also played Atlas with, decided to freeze my character for a conversation I had in tells, a private channel. His reasoning? "Atlas all over again". All of these admins have player characters and they're all in the same clan. They punish any newbie unfortunate enough to log in and try to participate in PK, they bend the rules or make new ones whenever it suits them. If you're the type of person that likes to play a game just so you can be a character in some megalomaniac's personal little sandbox, and be subject to his bipolar whims regardless of right or wrong, this is the MUD for you.

Just another couple quick notes: If you log in and see a bunch of players, don't be impressed. This MUD has been around for almost 18 years now and botting is completely legal. There are 4-5 "active" players out of the 30-something that are logged in at a time, and now that'll be 2 less since my wife are gone. In fact, seeing that it's been around as long as it has and there are *only* as many players on there as there are considering nobody *ever* logs out so you're seeing their entire pbase every time you type who, that should tell you something in and of itself. There are like 5 newbies that come through that MUD a day. They either farm them for pk rewards or run them off the MUD by being jerks for no reason.

***All the positive reviews you see below are from current or former admins! Don't believe me? Log in and ask who these people are!***

Conclusion: Good game with bad ownership and abusive admins - play at your own risk and don't be surprised when you get screwed

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Mud Connector Top 20 Mud Rankings
1. Aardwolf 2881 votes (735T/2347H)
2. Sindome 2009 votes (466T/1832H)
3. 3Scapes 1623 votes (323T/1105H)
4. TorilMud, the Sojourner's Home 1595 votes (255T/988H)
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