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Free to play, adult-oriented RP MUD with a massive realm to explore. RP not your thing? Then grab a sword and explore the vasts lands and become a reputable hunter.

[Dawn] DSv4 Enhancements
May 12, 2019
Friendly immortals constant player based pking and role playing invovled. We are also looking for builders with exprience in smaug building...

May 01, 2019
The Dark Prince Returns

[Circlemud] DBX Created by Kastion
April 23, 2019
The Federation once again stands on the brink. Does a group of cadets have what it takes to save it?

April 20, 2019
Free to play, mud game, text adventure

[Smaug] Highly modified
April 17, 2019
Time is irrelevant. You can sense a multi-dimensional pull that will take you to far away places that you only dreamed of, and places that might be right out your back door.

[Circlemud] tbaMUD and custom MySQL
April 10, 2019
Player Empire System (Materials, Town, Army, Nation), Wilderness meshed with Empire system. 5 Tier Multiclassing, Custom World, Mix of Godwars-Rot-Rom, Sphere power system, Almost

[GodWars] Merc Godwars Dystopia 1.4
May 15, 2019
CamelotMUD. Explore. Joust. Repeat.

[Custom] Custom codes, objects, mob
May 14, 2019
The Cleft of Dimensions is an amalgamation of video games, anime, and original content with dedicated long term players and an attentive and invested staff.

[Rom] 2.4b6+++
May 13, 2019
CKMud is a new original codebase designed off SWR complete with ASCII maps, random encounters, a level based class system with dynamic powerlevels, and an active immortal staff. If

[SWR] CKmud 1.0a
May 12, 2019
Infinite adventure, decades of custom development, totally free, no pwipes!

[Dikumud] Original / HEAVILY modifi
May 09, 2019
Aliens, giant robots and rock stars. What's there not to love?

April 30, 2019
SlothMUD is one of the oldest two DIKU muds online. We boast a game which has been around since January of 1992. Our original creators are still with us today, coding...

[Dikumud] Heavily Modified
April 10, 2019
A medieval-era post-fantasy-apocalypse MUD with a wide array of innovative features.

[Unknown] Evennia
April 10, 2019

[Circlemud] LexiMUD
April 09, 2019
19 Year Old MUD Rebooted
In Category: mud-staff
Sat 18 May 2019 11:18:32 AM MST
Posted by: Daos
Looking for a coder
In Category: mud-staff
Sat 18 May 2019 11:18:30 AM MST
Posted by: Toytown100
Vampire Wars: The Final Sunset
In Category: mudpromo
Sat 18 May 2019 09:20:29 AM MST
Posted by: Tijer
Alter Aeon May 2019 Update
In Category: mudpromo
Thu 09 May 2019 12:47:29 PM MST
Posted by: the_draaks
New Class in Ember Online
In Category: mudpromo
Sun 05 May 2019 11:46:31 PM MST
Posted by: EmberOnline
Age of Heroes: Fire, Iron, Guns and Blood
In Category: mudpromo
Sun 05 May 2019 06:22:25 AM MST
Posted by: Tijer
Favourite God Wars based Mud
In Category: general
Sun 05 May 2019 06:16:26 AM MST
Posted by: Tijer
Anyone still making new codebases?
In Category: mudcode
Sat 04 May 2019 05:21:09 AM MST
Posted by: Hyena
"Hope" is looking for a story designer.
In Category: mud-staff
Fri 03 May 2019 07:06:47 PM MST
Posted by: DrJ
SWR/Smaug resets
In Category: mudbuild
Thu 02 May 2019 01:43:56 AM MST
Posted by: Zenzi
Simple automapper
In Category: mudcode
Thu 02 May 2019 01:43:54 AM MST
Posted by: Zenzi
Dragonball Evolution
In Category: mudpromo
Mon 29 Apr 2019 10:07:44 AM MST
Posted by: Ozma
The Spirit of the Four Guardians
In Category: announce
Mon 29 Apr 2019 10:07:17 AM MST
Posted by: Ateraan
Celestial Knights is back and seeking builders
In Category: mud-staff
Mon 29 Apr 2019 10:07:15 AM MST
Posted by: Zenzi
OLC Builders Needed
In Category: mud-staff
Fri 26 Apr 2019 07:07:21 PM MST
Posted by: Lykaios
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Edge of Midnight -- Mud Review posted by Jordan
Posted on Sat 11 May 2019 11:56:06 AM MST / 0 comments
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The Good

Pretty great community. Decent variety in the kinds of people you'll meet. Awesome admins. There is great and frequent communication between the staff and we players.

So much descriptive control over the appearance of your character that you'll be spoiled to any other MUD. Tons of race/class choices, each with pretty unique traits.

A decently sized world to explore. In-depth crafting systems, with items being able to be made from tons of different types of materials. Housing, with owned rooms able to be almost completely changed to how you want. Tons of interesting spells/prayers/chants to be learned by mages/clerics/druids. Level up by RPing and crafting! In-character interactions trigger the game to award you with a special type of exp.

The Bad

No ingame map of any sort. There are player-made maps on the Discord, though. Navigation for new players can be confusing.

Combat and hunting mobs for exp can be repetitive (leveling can be grindy if you want to do it quickly). A few things regarding leveling aren't given enough attention during the mudschool (EOM's tutorial area).

Some added notes:

I'm sure I missed a few things regarding the good. As for the bad, I really had to think about the last one. The game is quite brilliant, in my opinion, and only gets better the more you learn its systems and get used to RPing with the rest of the community. It should be noted that this is a VERY NSFW game. Hardcore ERP is not uncommon here, and some of it may be triggering for some people. That being said, the players here are extremely open-minded and mature about things - as long as you are not overbearing and offensive, just about any kink will be met with accepting arms. No promises that there will be someone that will want to actively RP with every kink, but you won't be shunned for anything (there are, of course, some things that are rather contentious, and you should read the rules page if you are concerned about something). If you ARE shunned, you have my sincerest apologies and I recommend you talk to one of the amazing admins.

Edge of Midnight -- Mud Review posted by Emery
Posted on Sat 11 May 2019 10:57:34 AM MST / 0 comments
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So I'm not sure where to start my review. As a actual game this mud is a solid ten, the areas are rich. Offering plently of variety for scenery that will really help choose what your character will be like. The race choices and classes all have different feels and there are SO many. The multi classing is well put together and is my favourite of any mud or even table top system I have played. I am playing this on my android and the code seems to work great for blow torch. The players are amazing, most being helpful and careing. Others are not so amazing, its the internet things happen. But when they do on EOM, I feel it stays in character and the drama really does pass quickly. Vella the immortal seems to me like a mother hen, who sometimes may make a choice they feel is best for all. And I just feel they are doing what they feel is right and do try to listen to everyones input before making a change or major choice that effects everyone.


A solid game full of talented gamers and roleplayers alike. Rich detailed game play, with open minded people. Who want you to enjoy your EoM life,your way.

Haven: Mist and Shadow -- Mud Review posted by D. J.
Posted on Sat 11 May 2019 05:37:24 AM MST / 0 comments
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Note that as I write this review I am still deciding if I will become a player. Currently it looks like I will choose not to, and here is why. Being drawn to muds involving vampires specifically, and Shadows came across my search so I decided to try it out. I went through the process of making an account because they have the "Newbie-Friendly" tag falsely displayed on their listing. Now please understand that when I say falsely displayed I'm not just throwing it around out of spite, from what I've seen they aren't. I only saw 6 people on when I looked at the who liskting in game, so after my 5 minutes total play time on the mud, I went to their forums instead to ask for some help getting started, tricked into believing that "HavenRPG" was in fact newbie friendly. Ten minutes after I wrote my post to ask for help, I returned to the forums to find that I had been banned from the forums, and presumably the mud as well. They had "spam" listed as the reason for the ban and a note at the bottom declaring it would be lifted "Never". So I urge you all to carefully consider the following question: Does a reasonable person over the age of ten consider one single polite post asking for help to be "spam"?

They do not. The conclusion is simple. It is an absolute miracle that Haven has even allowed one single player to stay on the mud or forums at all. It is obviously a private mud which desires not to have any new players, it is not newbie friendly, and it does not deserve to be listed on a mud site. I have all the evidence I need to know for a fact that any positive review given to the mud was written by the owner pretending to be a player. The mud should be avoided at all costs.

DragonBall Evolution -- Mud Review posted by Darkzumi
Posted on Mon 06 May 2019 11:26:53 PM MST / 0 comments
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Summary: 9.5/10 stars!

I've been playing DBE for years and it's a lot of fun. You have a TON of race options, all of which are right out of the Dragon Ball Z world. Each race also has a class to pick once you get high enough level, so you'll never be left hungry for character customization! The game has a bunch of quests, and bosses or NPCs who are also right out of the DBZ setting: Beyond Perfect Cell, Frieza, Bojack, BROLY, and more. The mud is continually developed and as of April-May 2019 also just implemented a long list of updates.

The mud also has content to reflect the latest anime of the dragon ball series: Dragon Ball Super. Beerus is in the game even! You have more equipment options than you can shake the power pole staff at. There's a ton of stuff to do, come play!

GNSmud -- Mud Review posted by Cody Sexton
Posted on Mon 29 Apr 2019 06:18:40 PM MST / 0 comments
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GNSmud is an updated take on Shadowdale Mud code. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, but there have been some code clean up and zones that were not ported over from the past have been added. Some previous immortals have come back and finished zones, along with a few new zones added! We have levels 1-50 and if you get enough experience you can request to immort and go to level 51. At 51 you can do new commands, help newbies and eventually build zones.

Players can start in hometowns. I personally enjoy the dwarf hometown. It has a lot of small details that really bring it to life. Each newbie zone has low level zones that surround it and then eventually you can explore and find tougher zones with fun quests and equipment.

There is an arena zone where players an join and PVP. They do not lose equipment and are brought back to their innkeeper(save room). Sometimes quest points are given to winners! Some things that are fun to note for this game are: Quest Shoppe - Quest points given for participating in immortal run quests, or good behavior can be turned in for quest gear, stat increases, or restring (changing the name of an item!) I personally like to rename my gear - Hat of Disguise - Stone Shield of Grounding - Armbands of Decay!

We have a bot in our common area (place everyone meets). He casts buffs and can you summon you from around the mud. This really helps newbies as they get lost or have to flee tough fights! Summon! Summon! Heal!

Reincarnate Druid Spell - You can level to 50 with certain races then switch to another race! I can be a trollish monk, or a mindflayer cleric!

Over 100 zones based around the Forgotten Realm World of Faerun! Learn to build your own zone! Come up with an idea and pair up with an immortal and make a zone!

This game is based off of 2nd edition DnD. Classes and Multi-classing is possible.

I suggest trying it out and exploring. You might meet a Red Wizard of Thay or get lost underneath Myth Drannor!

SlothMUD -- Mud Review posted by reality
Posted on Sun 28 Apr 2019 09:19:41 PM MST / 2 comments
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Best mud ever. Been playing for decades since original sloth. Many changes but gradual over the time. 8 classes offer enough variety in play. Well balanced, good immort staff to maintain the world.

Comment posted on Wed 09 Jan 2019 05:25:35 PM MST by Doug Stoothoff:

Speaking primarily for the benefit of those who have played with us and left us years ago, though maybe to new folk as well: I would say there have not just been gradual changes but quite a few really recent ones due to our current coder Jeff. ..such as resettable session statistics (the counters command), automated targeting (the target command) and automated equipment switches (the eqsets command) so that you don't have to write these in your client anymore. Also we are in the middle of a campaign to expand or revamp existing areas that were written quite a long time ago originally, by pairing off 2 builders each to an area. This last bit has been going on for several months now and has yielded some results. Oh and if you've been on a desert island for 5 years, you can put mob health percent in your prompt. 3x40 equipment selection is being expanded, there is both rebirth and remort progression (which are not the same thing as each other),... drachma (quest-point purchaseable) equipment is up for a revision soon. This list is far from complete.

Comment posted on Sun 28 Apr 2019 09:19:41 PM MST by Neptune:

Over the past few months, we have grown by leaps and bounds with no clear end in sight. New ideas and things added to our agenda crop up nearly everyday. Recently, we added over 600 rooms and 12 new areas, comprising a new mish-mash of Dante's Inferno and old school Dungeons & Dragons' Lower Planes. We have recently revamped out milestone equipment, updating it to the most recent vision and agenda for SlothMUD moving into the future. We have recently surpassed 30,000 unique and original rooms over five continents , approaching 12,000 unique creatures to encounter, and over 10,000 pieces of equipment and items. The future is bright, and our sun is just now peeking over the horizon. Come see us and experience our massive world, and be a part of the new dawn at SlothMUD.

Cowboy Bebop: Space Cowboy -- Mud Review posted by Doctor West
Posted on Tue 16 Apr 2019 04:54:26 PM MST / 0 comments
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It looks like a good SWR modification, but it's hard to say when you can't advance or save your character without an immortal approving your name and there hasn't been anyone around the three times I've remade my character and checked.

CoffeeMud -- Mud Review posted by Chamomile
Posted on Thu 11 Apr 2019 03:59:54 AM MST / 0 comments
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I just noticed an automated email from 2 days ago that gave me 24 hr warning of purging my character. I understand not keeping around characters that were barely used, but only 24 hour warning is a bit ridiculous. It's not a good sign or encouraging that you want new players to return. Many games will send a reminder, or update of events, to encourage us to play. I don't know if I'd go through the trouble of making another character here. I found the char creation process to be unclear on the limits/guild choices of the type of race I chose the first time around, which was expressed to a GM.

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