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Flexible Survival is a game of transformation, adventure, and wanton acts of lust.

The Prometheus virus was unleashed, in part due to the acts of its major researching company, Zephyr Inc. The virus, more nanite than any biological portion, tore the planet apart. Communication went down hours after release, and the populace was reduced, in large, to gibbering, insane, mutants of all shapes and perversions.

You are a Zephyr Inc agent, piecing together what's left. Your mind has been spared dissolution or subversion, but your body remains like stiff clays to the untiring fingers of the promethean virus, constantly adapting to shape new forms.

An adult erotic MUD like game.

Features: Dynamic body changes while fighting, gain and lose powers on the fly! Master the powers you want and keep them even if you change(You can master more as you gain levels) Improve your mastered powers for more awesome! Supplement your mutant powers with gear and equipment! Adventure with friends. The wastes are safer with backup! Breed. Players can become pregnant and give birth. Children have mutant powers and can be summoned to aid in battle!

flexiblesurvival.com 2000 Don't have a client? http://web.flexiblesurvival.com/play/

Come get infected!

Mud Theme: Adult Transformation

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Review posted by Anonymous
Posted on Tue Sep 19 14:29:52 2023 / 0 comments
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Stay far away from this! This game is monetized harder than many modern mobile games, and definitely more than any other game in this medium that I have encountered. Lots of bad dev issues, and I feel like the game is in its death throes due to sudden radical changes and a rapidly declining and disgruntled player base.

I've played this game on and off for many years, but I've finally had enough and decided to quit and write a review. Take my bias with a grain of salt, but I genuinely want to warn people about what they can expect. Most new players likely won't read this, as they tend to show up after seeing the single player game however (which is *completely unrelated* to this game, and even its story/lore is different and non-canon here). The retention rate of new players is also extraordinarily low despite the traffic and new accounts it gets because of this phenomenon.

By far the *biggest* reason I would immediately tell people to steer clear is the monetization. Mako, the premium currency, is what paywalls many of the more fun aspects of the game, and recently the automated market to trade freecred (in-game currency you earn by playing the game) for mako was completely removed from the game. This paywall includes (but is absolutely not limited to) game mechanics such as: changing the sizes of your body parts, reverting back to forms you have mastered, transforming aspects of other people, changing the colors in your automated description, paying to reroll skill checks in RP, buy extra perk points, paying to hide your private parts, increasing your rather limited inventory space, etc. The game also runs on stamina-like system similar to mobile games which you can pay to refill, as well as lootboxes for things like rare power upgrades (ex. Nuclear damage type conversion is extremely rare and exclusive to the lootboxes). New players especially are also likely to get baited into buying things they may not really need with real money, and there are plenty of traps with relatively useless ways to waste your mako (once again, like a predatory mobile game).

Nuku, the head dev, will essentially hold long awaited bug fixes and such for ransom behind large mako donation pools, but will then turn around and freely implement ideas that are rushed, poorly thought out, and often unpopular. In the same afternoon that he thinks of them, he will sometimes push out updates with little to no community input or quality control (and often no patch notes in the update channel) that usually break random things in the game's ancient spaghetti code, causing further compounding problems as these issues go undiscovered/forgotten/ignored. These spontaneous updates are usually the ones that would never get donation funding as well, such as deleting content, nerfing things, etc. while he usually actively charges the player base for the good stuff.

In the last few months, he has been constantly pushing out constant radical changes to the game that I have not enjoyed at all, many of which aren't even documented because he'll only mention them in the public global OOC chat and you'll easily miss them unless you sift back through the entire chat log. Group farming end game monsters was somehow seen as a problem (despite being standard behavior in most online RPGs) and constantly struck with nerfs, changes, and unpleasant talk until the people who ran and participated in public farming groups gave up. Newbie items (literally gained as starting gear) and other similar basic items were made to cost millions of freecred (and thousands of times more expensive than any other comparable items in NPC shops), and Nuku just said he didn't care and left it like that. The player economy has been made increasingly nonexistent as more features are removed, people only really trade rare lootbox items anymore. Remorting (basically 'prestige' level resets that become absurdly expensive over time) was changed to make it much more annoying and tedious to catch up to veteran players (ex. The level scaling system has been removed so you can't participate in bosses, farming, daily quests, etc. with friends while you are grinding remorts, removing convenience and fun for more tedium). He has also performed spiteful detrimental updates in response to being annoyed by chat, usually followed by logging out after implementing them so he doesn't have to listen to complaints. He also has a hard comprehending people's concerns about the changes he makes, and frequently ignores or outright dismisses them in chat.

Gameplay is an absolute mess, don't come here for that. The new player experience is complicated and miserable, and by the time you actually understand the game enough to stop dying, combat will become absolutely trivial and can be easily automated with built in features. You might get a kick out of the crafting system if you like messing with stats and numbers, but you'll find little to actually do with it outside of hunting optional boss versions of enemies with absurdly bloated stats for repetitive titles (the only "challenging" end game content because you can just keep procedurally scaling it upwards until only the cheesiest and most optimized strategies work). The game's content is mostly abandoned/forgotten, with entire zones that are usually empty and never used by the player base for RP and such. Entire game mechanics such as repeat attacks (which composed basically 1/3 of all damage focused abilities, classes, roles, items, etc.) were scrapped recently due to spaghetti code issues that they couldn't fix, after simply leaving them broken and nonfunctional for a very long time.

RP is the game's saving grace due to being entirely community driven and there being some good people here during my time. However, the player base is increasingly dwindling and most players just sit in one spot all day long for OOC conversation and casual RP. "Judged" RP with a DM and rolls using the skill system has essentially been on life support with only a small but passionate fraction of the player base participating. However, the RP specific skill system just randomly got nerfed pretty hard, so I don't know what the future holds regarding it all. This was my last reason for staying, but bad updates ruining even this has pushed me over the edge into finally quitting.

So yeah, I don't recommend playing this, and I definitely advise against spending money on it. As somebody who has previously contributed quite a bit, I regret it honestly due to the awful way Nuku has been treating the game and its community as of late. If you do play it, be aware that whatever you like about the game is subject to change at any moment at the whim of the head dev, usually with no real regard as to how you or other people may feel about it. It's a real shame because there was plenty of potential within the game and its setting, but the serious problems just kept getting worse.

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Review posted by Rin
Posted on Wed Mar 23 20:36:18 2011 / 0 comments
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Flexible Survival is an adult themed game of transformation that is still in the beta testing phase. As such, it isn't as large or as functional as other muds but progress on the game is being made every day. You'll often see the head administrator/programmer Nuku declaring a new area or the arrival of a new monster within the game world.

The game is set in a post apocalyptic world where a nanite virus is mutating people into animalistic monsters driven by primal desire. Players take on the role of a survivor, and employee of the Zephyr corporation, the company behind the outbreak.

So far there isn't that many quests or areas to explore. At the time of this posting I think there's the Zephyr HQ, the city, the farm, the mall, the sewers, the toy factory, and the zoo making a total of 7. Each area (except Zephyr HQ which is a safe zone) is populated by different creatures and are intended for different levels of players.

Which brings me to what makes this mud unique. The infections. Every monster, and most players, are infected with a disease which causes severe mutations. Whenever fighting monsters, players are sometimes infected and parts of them mutate to match their new infection. Different mutations give different powers, for example, having the tail of a skunk gives you the area attack, Skunk Spray.

Players get stronger by spending xp and free creds to level up their character, master a power which prevents it from being lost even if its associated part is, and upgrade the powers they mastered making them even stronger. This gives a unique feel to character progression and ensures that no two characters are exactly the same.

XP can be gained in two ways. The first is obviously battle. The second is by actively engaging in RP with other players. So even while sitting in the infirmary waiting for your health to tick back up you can still be gaining that all important XP.

Excess XP(if there is such a thing) can also be traded for Free Credits, the currency of the game, or resources that are consumed whenever the player uses an item like a medkit or chain sword.

Aside from powers and equipment, characters can also gain access to perks which help tailor the game to their specific tastes, for instance one could get 'Ultimate Infection Resistance' making them immune to further infection and basically locking their character's appearance and mutant powers as they are, or get 'Male Preferred' Which insures their character will always be male.

As mentioned before, this is an adult game, with adult interactions. Being defeated in combat comes with a nice, descriptive event detailing just how your character was violated before being sent back to the infirmary. Players can, and most likely will be impregnated during their travels, either by another frisky player or by one of the feral monsters in the city. Once born, a player's child can help in combat.

While still unfinished and a little confusing to get into, the game is remarkably enjoyable and fairly unique, though most of the fun comes from IC interactions with other players...but really, isn't that what multiplayer games are about?

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