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"MajorMUD - Realm of Legends" is the most popular and heroic text-based fantasy adventure game on the Web. With the promise of battling dragons and thieves and setting out on dangerous quests, the game has become an addiction for thousands of players on the WorldGroup and Major BBS platforms around the world.

The victory over the dark phoenix, and the appearance of its master still weighs heavily on your mind. With your brain and brawn it is once again up to you to travel into regions unknown, battling an evil that threatens all things living, and the power of the Three.

A new Sheriff is in town, crime is being swept from the streets. As Silvermere begins to enter a new age of rebuilding and exploration, echoes from the past call back. Rumors flood through the city that an orc warlord has come to power, building a throne of the bones of his victims, inside the dark cave in the depths of the darkwood forest.

Scouts that actually return to town, tell stories of a massive orcish horde building inside the cave, training with weapons of destruction, plans being drawn for a seige on Silvermere. An order is placed, a call to arms!

The city needs the help of adventurers like you, to band together and squash the flood of war, before it breaks open and lays waste!

Elsewhere an old ally requires the help of friends to break him free of his eternal prison, but it requires travel to another place, where light is as scarce as water in a desert!

People have been seen being dragged into the slums, kicking and screaming, by oddly-garbed foreigners. Many whisper about friends or neighbours simply disappearing in the night, leaving no trace. Rumours abound-- tales vary wildly from person to person. Some fear the cultists are recruiting en masse for some dread invasion, or even worse, stealing away with victims for a colossal sacrifice to their blood god. Others report hearing talk of slavery, though why slavers would infiltrate a city to kidnap people is unknown. Some tell of mysterious figures walking in the darkness-- tall, graceful, and cloaked in nightblack cloaks. Only time will tell what evil plots are afoot ...

Mud Theme: Loosely Similar to Dungeons and Dragons

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