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[Update July 18, 2023] - I am fixing the bugs in the mudlist and submissions system and new and updated mud listings are being processed again. I apologize for the site being down for so long. Sometimes life comes at you fast and I had to step back from TMC for awhile, I did not realize that the site hosting our dns had gone down during that time.

A bug was recently reported which was preventing small and large mud logo files from being saved (thank you for reporting Myst). This has now been fixed, if you have attempted uploading a logo in the last week please resubmit and your logos should be saved.

The default biglist will no longer sort or display rank information. The ranking system has not been active for a long time and is no longer accurate, alphabetical sorting is now active. -Iccy
Mud Site Play Now Website Connect Status
Aardwolf 23 Connected
Darkness of Time 4000 Connect Refused
Sindome 5555 Connected
Achaea, Dreams of Divine Lands 23 Connected
HoloMuck 5757 Connected
Aabahran The Forsaken Lands 1848 Connected
Covenant of Lords 23 Connect Refused
Battletech MUX 3067 Connect Refused
Epitaph 6789 Connect Refused
Grimm Tales 7000 Connect Refused
The Fairy Garden MUSH 3349 Connected
Clessidra 4000 Connected
AVATAR Mud 3000 Connected
Materia Magica 4000 Connected
Warhammer 40k: Rise of Heroes 1906 None Connect Refused
CyberASSAULT 11111 Connect Refused
CyberSphere 7777 Connected
Dark and Shattered Lands (DSL) 4000 Connected
Discworld 23 Connected
ChatMUD 7777 Connected
Dragon's Den 2222 Connected
Dead of Night 5000 Connected
AstroMUD 2447 Connected
The 7th Plane 8888 Connected
Unwritten Legends 6666 Connect Refused
Alter Aeon 3000 Connected
Realms of Aarendil 4000 Connected
The Unofficial Squaresoft MUD 9000 Connected
Winter's Edge 3000 None Connected
Rusted Promises 9630 Connected
Genesis 3011 Connected
Harshlands 5555 Connected
4 Dimensions 6000 Connected
The Savage Soul 6666 Connected
Mage: the Ascension Online 4000 Connect Refused
Resident Evil: Redefined 2002 Connect Refused
Game of Bones 4222 Connect Refused
LegendMUD 9999 Connected
Shattered Realms 8081 Connect Refused
Lost Souls 23 Connected
looneymud 8888 None Connected
Aetolia, the Midnight Age 23 Connected
Days of Dragons 4040 Connect Refused
Samsara 5001 None Connect Refused
MorgenGrauen 4711 Connected
Cleft of Dimensions 4354 Connected
Nilgiri, the Forgotten World 8888 Connected
Zelda RPG - formerly Triforce MUCK N/A N/A
Vampire Wars: The Final Sunset 4888 Connected
Verrator's Empiremud 4000 None Connect Refused
Winds Of Time 4500 Connected
The Legends of Krynn 6100 Connect Refused
From The Ashes: Detroit By Night 2860 Connected
Cosrin: A New Dawn 31000 Connected
Ansalon 8679 Connected
O Mundo de Arkadia 2442 Connected
RoninMUD 5000 Connected
CoffeeMud 23 Connected
Shattered Kingdoms 1996 Connected
Mundo Sangre 23 Connect Refused
SlothMUD 6101 Connected
Genesis: The Return 5321 Connect Refused
Star Wars Mud (SWmud) 6666 Connected
Classic 6Dragons 4100 Connected
Avdanced Persistent Threat 4000 None Connect Refused
Akanbar 23 Connected
Nuclear War 4080 Connected
TerraFirmA 2222 Connected
Redemption 4000 Connected
Swords of Chaos 23 Connected
TrekMUSH - Among The Stars 1701 Connected
The Godwars: War of Legend 4200 Connected
UNItopia 23 Connected
Kallisti MUD 4000 Connected
Valhalla MUD 4242 Connected
The World Called Hollow N/A Connected
Wheel of Time 2224 Connected
Intrepid 4020 None Connect Refused
Sociopolitical Ramifications 23 Connected
Frandum 2001 Connected
Dark Skies 2001 None Connected
The Green Leaf 2000 Connect Refused
End of Time 4000 Connected
Let Freedom Ring 8020 Connect Refused
LuminariMUD 4100 Connected
2016's Eternal Darkness 9700 Connected
New Worlds 4002 Connected
NarniaMUCK 2050 Connected
Overdrive 5195 Connected
Aarchon 7000 Connected
aGe oF iNsaNitY 4000 Connected
Realm of Shadows 1133 Connect Refused
Imperian: The Sundered Heavens 23 Connected
NostalgiaMUD 4000 None Connected
Helliconia 9000 None Connected
The Inquisition: Legacy 5050 Connected
Star Conquest 7777 Connected
God Wars II 3000 Connected
Wing Commander 4201 Connect Refused
The Gathering... 9010 Connected
Barsawia 23 Connected
Lament: The Age of Wind and Wolves 8600 Connected
Realm Of Mysteria 3000 Connect Refused
Zephyr MUD 23 Connect Refused
The Builder Academy 9091 Connected
Fallout MUSH 2077 Connect Refused
InfernoMOO 7777 Connected
WinterMoon 4003 None Connected
/TG/MUD 5555 Connected
Lusternia: Age of Ascension 23 Connected
Bedlam 9000 Connect Refused
Edge of Twilight 2004 Connect Refused
Asteria 1111 Connected
Miriani 1234 Connected
DragonStone 2345 None Connect Refused
X-Men: rEvolution 7717 http:// Connect Refused
Typhon Accords TrekMU 1701 Connected
Star Wars: Jedi vs Sith 8707 Connect Refused
FluxWorld 7777 Connected
Otherworld, the land of Tirn Aill 4000 Connected
Cosmic Rage 7777 Connected
EmpireMUD 2.0 4000 Connected
LorenMUD 9100 Connect Refused
Age of Heroes: Fire, Iron and Blood 2250 Connected
Virtustan MUD 8888 Connected
Second Contract 6666 Connect Refused
Marvel: The Flame of Darkness 2008 Connect Refused
Star Wars Edge of Destiny 2424 None Connected
Shattered Isles 5900 Connect Refused
d20MUD : Star Wars ( d20 / SAGA MUD ) 5500 Connect Refused
ShadowGate MUD 4016 Connected
Shadows of Isildur: Laketown RPI 4500 Connect Refused
Iberia 5900 Connected
The Last Outpost 4000 Connected
ShadowMUD 1030 Connected
The Eternal Battles 8000 Connected
Amber Augury 23 Connect Refused
SerenityMUSH 6060 Connect Refused
Continents Mud 5050 Connected
PernWorld 2211 Connect Refused
Dreamwalk MUSH 1736 Connect Refused
Yggdrasil: Horse of the Hanged 9500 Connect Refused
Dragonball: North Star 4000 Connected
CoMuX: NuGenesis 6006 Connect Refused
Transformers: Lost and Found 1984 Connect Refused
KoBraMUD 1138 Connected
Pendulum's Calm 4000 Connected
Imperium Devel Game 3458 Connected
NoMUD 4096 Connect Refused
City of Ages 2 N/A None N/A
Arx, After the Reckoning 3000 Connected
Star Trek: Phoenix Rising 1701 Connected
HexOnyx 7777 (Needs updating) Connected
After the Breaking MUD 4000 Connected
BattlecryMUD 4000 Connect Refused
ifMUD 4000 Connected
Seltami N/A N/A
Highlands III 9001 None Connected
NeonMOO 7777 Connected
Procedural Realms 3000 Connected
Crusify: The Chosen 5000 None Connected
Dark Pawns 6969 None Connected

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