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Earth-626 isn't an easy place to live. Not for some people, anyway. For others, it's a walk in the park. It all depends on your point of view.

Starting with the first publicly acknowledged super-hero was Captain Steve Rogers, a.k.a. Captain America, then there was the revelation of Atlantis and over time, other heroes - and villains - stepped into the light of public scrutiny and governments scrambled to decide how to react.

Shooting lasers out of your eyes? Flying at supersonic speeds with a thought? Reading other people's thoughts? Moving objects with your mind? These things are the things which are supposed to be impossible. But, they're not.

The results have been mixed, at best. All that is known is that most super-humans have powers and abilities that aren't just far beyond what the average human being can do, they're outright bizarre! Contemporary America - not to mention her allies, never mind many of her foes - is a hotbed of debate and action both in support of "affirmative super-human activities" and against the "super-human menace". The public, and many officials in government, make no distinction between metas or mutants or even aliens.

Nowhere, is the continuum of responses to the emergence of super-humans seen it more clearly seen than in the Tri-City Corridor spanning New York, NY, Gotham, NJ, and Metropolis, DE, straight down the garden state coastline.

This is the world of CoMUX: An attempt to recreate the complex reality of popular drama against the backdrop of classic comic-book action. Offering players a wide range of RP opportunities within a cohesive, persistent world where the actions of their characters will make a real difference. Can Gotham ever be redeemed? Is Metropolis actually, unwittingly doomed? Will New York still be so willing to live-and-let-live if half the city is leveled tomorrow?

The answers to all these questions are found in the actions of the characters that live, work, and fight within each of these great cities.

The actions of your character.

What's your preference? Hero, Anti-Hero, Villain, Mutant, Meta or Enhanced Human, Secret Agent, or just regular Joes caught in the middle of it all?

We are a NON-CANON game and Original Characters are more than welcome, as well as those from other Comics! (IMAGE, Vertigo, DC, etc.)

Stories range from large, game-changing inter-faction politics and corporate boardroom deals to small, character-driven interpersonal relationships and back-alley encounters. There are overarching metaplots, that will help direct the world's development and players are encouraged to tell their own stories.

Mud Theme: Super Hero

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