Mud Category Summary

Category Description Muds Listed
Adult Contains content not suitable for minors 21
Amber Based on Roger Zelazny's Amber novels 1
Anime Based on Japanese animation 17
Babylon 5 Based on the popular television show 1
Comic Books Based on comic book themes 3
Cyberpunk Based on William Gibson's Cyberpunk genre 10
Dark Fantasy Muds with a Dark faFantasy theme 7
DragonLance Based on Dragon Lance 7
Dragonball Based on the popular Dragonball Anime 17
Dungeons and Dragons Based on TSR's D&D 3
Eddings Based on the works of David Eddings 2
Fantasy Muds which are have a general Fantasy setting 285
Final Fantasy Muds which are based on Final Fantasy 7
Forgotten Realms Based on TSR's Forgotten Realms 7
Futuristic Muds which are set in the future 7
Gothic Based on a Gothic genre 3
Harry Potter Based on the Harry Potter book series 1
Historical Based on actual or fictional history 5
Horror Muds with a Horror theme 5
Magic: The Gathering Muds based on Magic: The Gathering 1
Medieval Fantasy Based on a medieval fantasy setting 67
Modern Day Muds set in modern times 4
Star Trek Based on the Star Trek TV series and movies 5
Star Wars Based on the Star Wars universe 16
Superheroes Based on superhero comics, stories, movies 4
Warhammer Based on Warhammer 1
Wheel of Time Based on Robert Jordan's 'Wheel of Time' series 12
World of Darkness Based on White Wolf Studio's 'World of Darkness' 14