For as long as mankind has been forming even the simplest of civilizations, powerful legends and myths have been built to help us live with the the unexplainable.

The ancient Greeks constructed a pantheon of powerful gods and goddesses. The people of feudal Japan saw demons and magic at work in the world around them. Even in Victorian London common folk spoke in hushed tones about the possibility of vampires and other supernatural beings living in the crowded streets beside them.

Imagine an entire world created to breathe life into dozens upon dozens of these amazing legends and myths from our past. Now imagine walking through time and interacting with each one of them.

LegendMUD is now well into its 22nd year and continues to offer a rich landscape and a completely original environment. LegendMUD hosts over 60 individual but seamlessly interconnected areas within three eras of time, with areas ranging from Feudal Japan, Imperial Rome, Ancient Ireland, Anasazi America, 19th century Paris, Pirate Tortuga, and many more.

LegendMUD features a dynamic classless skills system, RP opportunities, an opt-in playerkilling system, a free-forming clan system, customizable player housing, equipment customization, post level 50 "Era Abilities", monthly events, and dozens of other unique features and code.

LegendMUD offers players unlimited player-characters. A private accounts system unites your PCs without exposing this information to other players. Crossplay is discouraged, and we are committed to personal privacy. LegendMUD has always been and will always be absolutely free to play.

Awards and Kudos: * 'If you are only visiting one mud, make it Legend.' - Electronic Newsstand * Pueblo Recommended World Top 10 website for Interactive Fiction - XYZZYNews * 'Hot, hip, cutting-edge' - Yahoo's Wild Web Rides * Mud Connector Mud of the Month, October 1995 * EyeOnTheWeb Selected Site Recommended by C|NET * /r/MUD May 2017 Let's MUD Winner

Mud Theme: The myths and legends of mankind's history.

LegendMUD Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Scott Hicks
Posted on Fri Nov 9 22:46:01 2007 / 0 comments
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I have been in and out of several muds, and have played all of the major MMORPG's. I keep coming back to LegendMud. Compared to other muds, it contains completely original code, and is not a boiler plate knock off. The magic and fight system is unique, and the capabilities for group runs and pking are engaging.

Compared to graphical MMORPG's I find that LegendMud has the appropriate balance of time required to experience the many unique runs and quests vs the 8 hour runs some MMORPG's require. The community is friendly, and completely open to helping new people enter the fold.

There is more I could say, but I am busy playing myself at the moment. Check it out if you are an avid mudder, and interested in something new, and engaging.

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Review posted by aryia
Posted on Mon Oct 23 19:55:47 2006 / 0 comments
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I am fairly new to mudding, have been playing for a little over year and I tried out many muds in my search for the perfect one. Legendmud is one I have found to be the most diverse with skills and spells unlike anything on any mud I have tried. It's not extremely easy, which makes it great and interesting. The quests really are one of my favorite, unlike any of your run of the mill muds where you go find an item and get points or money.

The world itself is very extensive and well thought out and historically accurate. It's not only a hack and slash mud with optional pk, but Rp is very big on this mud and with so many possible options for characters which allows a wide range of rp possiblities and rewards for good roleplaying.

Player housing is really awesome on this mud and not something thats just an option but that most players actually use and you can build houses in different times you can build a cave in alaska, a villa in rome, or a castle in the crusades and so many other places that it would take to long to mention.

All in all, it's a fantastic mud with loads of stuff to keep yourself occupied. I would recommend that you give it a try and i'm sure you won't be disappointed.

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Review posted by WilliamHung
Posted on Thu May 11 19:38:42 2006 / 2 comments
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I've been playing this mud on and off for about six years at this point. Hands down, Legend has one of the best code bases and combat systems of any mud out there. Combat is descriptive yet fast paced, really a great system.

Legend is impossibly difficult for new players to establish themselves in, however. You are penalized xp for grouping to kill things. Solo experience grinding is slow and repetitive. The magic system (based on learning words to form spells) is overly complicated and extremely difficult to pick up on the fly.

The existing playerbase is dwindling to almost nothing, and those that remain are for the most part cynical and unfriendly towards new players.

There is virtually no end game for characters achieving max level. The pkill system is horribly imbalanced, with one main archtype of character dominating all others (a problem that the immortal staff seems unable to deal with).

The immortal staff as a whole are generally very helpful, yet a few (and coincidentally higher ranking) imms are extremely aggressive, selfcentered, and generally unpleasant to be around or communicate with.

The bottom line is, LegendMUD is an incredibly well written mud, with a lot of unique and awesome features. The shortfalls of the game overshadow all of it's bright spots, though. That is, new players are faced with a cynical playerbase, an overly difficult grind to higher levels, no activities or end game once achieving those levels, self-centered and aggressive immortals, and a broken and unused player kill system. My advice is to stay away.

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Comment posted on Fri May 6 16:32:30 2005 by Dietric:

I considered not responding to this review at all, instead letting the review I wrote a few weeks ago stand on it's own as stark contrast to the opinions of WilliamHung, but then a few things occurred to me:

1. Hey, I'm a new player. Why don't I feel the same way this guy does? Why is it that I didn't find the same flaws he did? I began playing LegendMUD just recently...and while I found the xp process difficult, I didn't find it debilitatingly so. The game DOES require some effort so as to weed out those who would simply make throw-away character after throw-away character in an attempt to achieve the ultimate in powergaming monsters. I've managed 35 of 50 levels in my first month of play.

2 - Hey, I'm a new player who made a magic-using character...why don't I find the magic system as complicated as this guy? Certainly, it's not as cut and dry as most 'ca fireball' magic systems. However, I find the difficulty in obtaining and figuring out the magic system balanced by the sheer number of spells and, dare I say, coolness the system affords. Amount of time to figure out how the magic system worked: 3 days. Though I bet I was a slow learner. Amount of time it took to realize how cool the magic system was compared to others I'd dealt with: 1.

3 - Hey, I'm a new player who sees new players everyday on the MUD... how is the player base dwindling? No words necessary: I am a living contradiction to this claim. As far as the 'Only the cynical and unfriendly remain' claim...let me get back to that. Keep it in mind.

4 - Hey, I'm a new player and I just read all about how the immortals are in the process of revamping post-level 50 (the maximum level) gameplay. Though, currently there are rewards in place for experience garnered after level 50.

5 - Hey, I'm a new player and I've found all of the immortal staff pretty helpful. Maybe this is because of recent restructuring or maybe its because:

6 - Holy cow! WilliamHung IS IN FACT one of the cynical and unhelpful players he alludes to in his review! While I certainly can't refute such obvious evidence, I can assure new players that there ARE very helpful and nice folks on the MUD. For more information on that, read my player review...or any of the others that are up, for that matter.

While I generally adhere to a no-retaliation policy, I feel it justified in this case because I really believe that WilliamHung's review is a mean-spirited attempt at ceasing the growth of LegendMUD. Either he doesn't play the same MUD I've been playing, or he hasn't played it in a while, OR he's bitter about something or another and just can't get over it...hence the need for an anonymous review.

In the end neither WilliamHung nor myself are what make or break LegendMUd. The MUD itself has been quite capable of existing by virtue of its own merit for 11 years now. So judge for yourself...log on and write your own review!

Comment posted on Mon May 8 08:57:50 2006 by Zillah:

Alright, normally I wouldn't be responding to this review either, but apparently I'm not the only person who feels this way about the above review, so here it is.

I've been playing LegendMUD for four years, give or take, and have been playing seriously for around three years. I haven't seen everything to be sure, considering how long Legend has been up, but I've seen enough. Whenever I meet another MUDder, I immediately mention LegendMUD as a recommendation. In fact, it is the -only- MUD I recommend -- partly because after I started playing Legend, I never played another MUD again. Why? Because even though Legend is thirteen years old, it is constantly evolving. There are new features, areas, items, quests, mobs, and players on a monthly basis. One never runs out of things to explore and learn; there are a wide variety of classes and subclasses to choose from, a very flexible stat and eq system, a myriad of areas in an enormous world to explore or lay the smack down on from ancient to medieval to industrial. In addition, Legend boasts one of the hardest-working and most helpful staff you're likely to find anywhere else. Some of the people who are working behind the scenes at LegendMUD have been doing so for years, and are consitently active... and that's saying a lot, especially taking into consideration that LegendMUD is entirely FREE.

Yes, I will agree: as a new player, you are going to encounter some difficulties. That's to be expected when playing on a new system that you don't know yet.

We're all gamers here. You know the drill. Leveling and learning come slowly at first, but once you get the knack for it, you'll find that it really isn't that difficult. And as far as help and support go -- the playerbase is fantastic, (the above bitter commenter aside,) and we -will- help you. Legend even has a clan of characters dedicated purely to helping new players to get their bearings: 'NPH' or the 'New Player Helpers,' (of which I myself am a member.) And again, I point to Legend's immortal staff, who in my experience are also eternally patient and helpful. If you are respectful, people will without fail come to your aid. I don't know when the above post was made, however I can also say that the statement that 'there is no endgame for characters achieving max level' is patently untrue. Among some other intensely exciting recent changes is the 'eralevel' system, allowing characters who have reached max level to earn experience points toward rare new skills and abilities. Playing is what you make of it. If you expect everything to be handed to you, maybe it isn't the game for you. If you want something easy, something that doesn't occasionally challenge you, then look elsewhere. This game gives back what you put into it.

In conclusion, I will say this: yes, LegendMUD has its flaws. It is not 'the perfect MUD.' There's no such thing. Tastes vary, and not every MUD is for every player. But if you're at all intrigued by the concept that Legend is based around, chances are you will enjoy your experience. All in all, the downfalls are far outweighed by the merits of this gem.

Review posted by Dietric
Posted on Wed Apr 27 19:35:58 2005 / 0 comments
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I am very new to LegendMud, but from what I've seen so far, let me tell you this: Wow. This mud is hands down the best I have ever played.

The premise is simple: history as it was thought of at the time. What does this mean? It means running questing to become a Ritter in medieval Kleinstadt, following in the footsteps of Odysseus, doing battle with dragons, the Kraken, exploring Dante's Inferno, meeting the protagonists and author of The Scarlet Letter, surviving the port of London in the 19th century, delving into the opium trade...the list goes on and on.

As a writer, this mud is enough to invoke jealousy. The rooms, mob descriptions, equipment, everything is painstakingly crafted and brought to life by a unique system of interaction. You can actually converse with mobs.

From what I've seen so far, there appears to be room for player killing, roleplaying, or just hack and slash. Though there seems to be a fairly nice balance of the three, compared to other muds I've visited.

LegendMud offers a classless system, wherein the skills you learn (based on your attributes, which are rolled at the start of the game and may be increased only through equipment changes and questing rather than practicing or training) develop the type of character you become. This leaves room for any combination of thieves, fighters, mages, druids, snipers, bowmen, bards, elementalists, fencers, necromancers, rangers, surgeons...again, the list goes on and on.

Beginning your character, you will become frustrated. You don't get a chance to see your actual attributes until level 10, and achieving that level for a first time player involves patience and a willingness to learn. If you're hoping to hop right into an uberpowerful character, look elsewhere. LegendMud asks that you put time into your character, flesh out the details, put some stock into it. Which is fine by me. By the time I hit level 10, I was hooked.

While not all of the players are helpful, most of them are. Some have the letters NPH in their title, indicating that they are New Player Helpers. They're quite willing to answer any questions you have...as are the immortals.

In conclusion, check it out LegendMud. It'll be worth your time.

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Review posted by Dave Sigman
Posted on Mon Feb 28 22:15:21 2005 / 0 comments
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I have been a player for more than nine years, and an immortal for less than one year on LegendMUD. It is quite simply, the best MUD I have ever laid eyes on. It has an all-original world, painstakingly developed over the years by a number of dedicated builders, a very well-constructed codebase, and a skills system that allows you to really have a lot of variety in what sorts of characters you can create. It's not the simple choice of fighter, rogue, wizard, or cleric; you can be a battle surgeon, pure druid, sniper, bard, or any number of other character types - your imagination is the limit!

The immortal staff keeps the mud moving and adapting with the years, and there is no danger of this mud becoming stagnant any time soon.

Stop in today, give it a chance. Once you get the hang of it, you'll never want to play another MUD again.

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Review posted by Steve Sims
Posted on Mon Jan 31 21:32:37 2005 / 0 comments
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LegendMUD is simply one of the best I have ever played, I started shortly after Legend was imped in 94 and was immediately hooked. The staff is great, some truly gifted writers and coders, and for the most part they are willing to listen to suggestions from players and actually take said suggestions under consideration. There is at least one q and a session hosted per week (more depending on what changes to code or implementations are coming down the pike) at which time members of the staff address any ideas, greivances, or thoughts the players might have.

My favorite aspect of the game is the LACK of a newbie area, I truly and deeply despise having to spend 1-4 hours learning in these controlled environments. That is what Legend has New Player Helpers (NPHs) for; simply ask on one of the channels (yes, newbies also have access to all channels)... Quests and magic spells are extensive and well thoughtout, and for any mythology/historical fiction buffs, much of the game content is accurate. All in all, I give Legend a 9/10. (not perfect only because of the lack of graphics). Poi, Flaco, et al.

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Review posted by Ganymede
Posted on Thu Oct 16 12:32:37 2003 / 0 comments
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Although I have stopped visiting Legend except for a minute or two now and then to poke in, I have enough years of experience with it to have the pros and cons pretty well nailed down in my mind.

The writing and acts are phenomenal. The areas come alive with the robust flavor of history, thanks to lovingly crafted room descs by skilled writers and almost as many unique and memorable acts as there are rooms. Many of the best areas were written by immortals who no longer administer at Legend, but even among newer areas, poor execution is rare.

The code itself, at least on the user end, is really incredible too. There are enough skills to allow you to do practically anything you want either in battle or in roleplay, and only a few of them are totally useless. The fight code is refined and gives you tons of options. Player battles are intense and highly rewarding to those who take time to develop strategies. Legend's interface is clean and highly customizable.

Legend does require grouping to be successful. If you're a busy social bee, you won't have a problem. Loners will have a hard time, and for some character professions, XP can be all but impossible to achieve without being part of a large group. You may want to find another mud if you prefer to go it solo.

Immortals on Legend are a mixed bag. Many of them are great people who care deeply for the game and the players, while some are highly standoffish and abrasive. The immortal culture is highly exclusive, resulting in only a handful of new immortals every few years, and the turnover among newer immortals is high at times. Some years back a period of infighting spilled over into the mortal community, and since then a culture of authoritarianism has slowly prev2ailed. Rules are rigidly enforced with warnings, which are given out fairly frequently because...

The players are also a mixed bag. As I mentioned before, Legend has really refined and rewarding code features for fighting and for roleplay. As a result, it has over time attracted a fairly incongruous mix: players who like laid-back roleplaying, and players who like hardcore, balls-to-the-wall playerkilling. This strange dichotomy is offset by a healthy number of people who like to practice both in some measure, but the bottom line is, the resulting playerbase is a cumbersome group of people with different interests, tastes and sensibilities. The paradox is that, in trying to provide a complete experience for each group, Legend ultimately fails at both.

Years ago, Legend's reputation for its excellent fight code attracted a lot of serious PKers who were essentially in it for the sport and had no use for roleplay. This resulted in a lot of bloodshed that raised the cries of those who were used to RP-motivated sparring, and many of Legend's original players left in disgust. Over the following years, attempts by the immortals to satisfy both groups have resulted in a partly permission-based PK system so ridiculously convoluted, you could spend a whole week familiarizing yourself with the rules of who can be killed and who cannot. This system naturally no longer satisfied serious PKers, who themselves largely evacuated the mud, leaving behind finally a disjointed playerbase of RPers, PKers, and those who like to do a bit of both. If you belong to that middle group--if you enjoy some good-natured light roleplay but nothing too serious, and you like the occasional PK fight but not too cutthroat--you will probably love LegendMUD. If you lean heavily to one side or the other, you are likely to be disappointed in what you find.

One piece of advice for the adventurous roleplayer wishing to give Legend a go: turn off the chat channel. Chat is pretty much an in-game IRC channel where very little in-character conversation happens. If you don't mind OOC chat, this channel is frequently enjoyable, but if you want to really immerse yourself in RP, kill this channel immediately.

Overall, LegendMUD provides a great experience for a particular type of mudder, and if you fit the description, I can't recommend it enough.

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Review posted by Leigh
Posted on Thu May 6 22:26:58 2004 / 9 comments
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Legend is a vast world full of in-depth quests, storyline, adventures, and areas. It is easy to become addicted once you get the hang of it. However, contrary to what other reviews have stated this mud is not newbie-friendly. There are very few who will actually sit down with a newbie and explain how things work in this particular mud; most will just power-level the newbie. Once powerlevelled, this character is useless. The player doesn't even know how to transport from one area to the next because someone else was holding their hand the whole time. This aspect of the player-base does not let it be appreciated that this game has amazing acts, descriptions, and twists and turns.

This mud is also very Group reliant, meaning, if you want to gain lots of experience or get a nice piece of equipment, you must gather characters of all classes (tank, druid, mage, sniper, etc). There are level restrictions on certain areas, which is understandable so the newbies don't kill themselves poking pirates or sidhes. However, if you don't know anyone it is extremely difficult to advance in this game.

Much of the immortal staff is corrupt and have been disciplined many times for taking advantage of the commands they are given. Ask them this, and they will deny it. Immortals would run games (flaghunts, trivias, etc.) on a regular basis, and now they give the impression that they do not want to be bothered with it. People wishing to become Immortals are usually not accepted because of the tangled political system within the Immortal-player base.

In closing, this mud is for advanced players only. You must make a serious impression on others to be recognized, but not so serious to get you warned (which is also easy to gain in this mud). Over the years, Legend has been downgraded. They've changed the mud from good to worse, and if you are willing to adapt to that, then feel free to play.

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Comment posted on Thu Sep 25 12:10:53 2003 by Trinity:

Just a few counterpoints, if you will.

1 - New players who actually care to learn about the mud will not allow themselves to be power-levelled and left completely naive to the intricacies of the virtual world. Certainly, there are players who (unfortunately) create such 'useless characters.' However, I am absolutely confident that there are more than a few players who would be happy to sit down and explain the mud to anyone who cares to listen. Case in point: just recently there has been a resurgence in the New Player Helpers (a clan dedicated to...you guessed it...helping new players.) I suggest that any new player with a desire to learn the mud seek out these folks...easily identified by the letters 'NPH' in their titles.)

2 - Yes. If you don't know anyone it is extremely difficult to advance in the game. This is because Legend promotes...gasp...player interaction! Roleplay! Socializing! Holy majole! The horror! Suggestion: meet other players. They're everywhere (if you are having difficulty finding other players...please see the bit about New Player Helpers in the preceeding paragraph.) Isn't it extremely difficult to advance in real life if you don't know anyone? But I digress.

3 - I wish that I could disagree with the idea that the immortal- player base is a tangled political system...but I can't. Does this detract from your mudding experience? No. Unless you were looking to become an immortal...in which case in might be a good idea to make a good impression and learn said political system. Learn it well. I mean, isn't that how it works with most jobs? In the end, though, players who are on Legend to enjoy playing will not be affected by the immortal staff. Or rather, do not have to be affected. Don't break any rules. Don't provoke them. Don't expect immortal run games...just be pleasantly surprised when you get them. And try to ignore the whining and woe is me and power-trip rants of some of the less valuable immortals...you should be fine.

4 - Legend is not for advanced players only. It was my first mud nearly 10 years ago. And though I have strayed and returned and strayed, etc...I can assure you that this mud is well-worth the time of any player, novice or expert. The writing is superb, the unique acts system is tremendous, there are myriad quests (ranging from simple to exceedingly complex), and there are both players and immortals who are willing to help you.

Comment posted on Thu Sep 25 09:30:18 2003 by Masha Corlan:

I do have a few things to point out to Leigh, as well as to any others who read her scathing and misinformed review of LegendMUD. No, I'm not on the immortal staff, but I am a player, which I believe gives me a somewhat valid place to put my responses.

Now, onto my point...

Leigh talks about how newbies can be easily powerlevelled. This is true, if the newbie is just plain lazy and not willing to learn. Not everyone on LegendMUD likes to see a high-level newbie who cannot get from the Sherwood Forest to the Royal Stag Inn (which is only 4 rooms away at best). I, for one, and a few others I know, will only powerlevel a new character of a friend that I've known for a while, not a complete newbie.

Second, Leigh's point on the MUD being group reliant. I have to strongly disagree on this. Not all pieces of equipment or levels of experience are based on having a group. I remember spending the first twenty-five levels on my own getting experience and low-level gear. Yes, if you want to have fun, you group up with people. You can learn some of their wisdom and tips on how to make Legend easier, but you have to go out and try to make a friend, now whine on a public channel first.

On Leigh's third paragraph about corrupt Immortal Staff, I have to disagree yet again. It is true that I've had my run-in with the staff, and they have done a good job policing me, as well as others, when we were at our worse. As for the running of games, there is the point to be made that players abused these games, hence Immortal Staff unwilling to want to run them as often. Those who are applying for Imm Staff are not 'caught up in a tangled political system'. Yes, they are voted upon, but they are chosen based on acceptability amongst the staff and amongst the player base.

In closing, LegendMUD is not just for advanced players. New players are always welcome. Once a new player reads the rules and understands them, things can go on nicely for them. I was a new player to LegendMUD, and I read the rules, understood them, then asked for help on a channel on learning the MUD. It's not gone downhill since I've played, and I've been there for a while now.

--Masha Corlan

Comment posted on Wed Sep 24 18:28:49 2003 by anotherLeigh:

'Much of the immortal staff is corrupt'??? I have seen a few instances of abuse of power over the years, and I do believe that player/imm relations could use some improvement, but this accusation is ridiculous, un-based, and, well, lacking in any backup.

Over time, it seems, the muds (the good ones) have more old players who get bored but are reluctant to leave. Some of them turn disgruntled, nasty, whiney and sometimes paranoid. My best suggestion to those: instead of crapping about the mud here, take some time off, find another mud, explore new worlds. You were not given a life sentence. You are free to leave.

Comment posted on Wed Sep 24 20:48:39 2003 by Duckon:

I disagree. Yes, some people do powerlevel newbies. Yes, sometimes it does seem hard to find someone to help a newbie. But to make the generalization that you must be this and you must be that before you can advance in this game is a big load of malarkey. This game is very newbie friendly. I, myself, will help a newbie at the drop of a dime. Not powerleveling, but helping, as in directing.

And to say that the Immortal Staff is corrupt is to also say that they are no longer good at their job? Which I find all reason to disagree with. I believe the Immortals work very hard to provide a mud that all people no matter what nationality, race, sex, and/or religion, age and other wise can join. They are constantly providing flag hunts and PK tournaments, along with other great activities. If you ask me, they've done nothing but good. Someone isn't very appreciative and seems to be quite bitter.

On ending, I believe LegendMud is the greatest mud ever. And for that, I salute its Immortals and its Players for jobs well done! This mud is great for all players, and it should be highly praised for such a great atmosphere.

Comment posted on Wed Sep 24 22:36:45 2003 by Dr Herbert West:

While parts of the review are fairly accurate things are not so lost as it may seem.

As a newbie on LegendMUD if you ask the right people you will receive guidance which HOPEFULLY will also be education so that when you need to do things on your own you won't become frustrated. There are certainly elements of struggle in newbieness but thats the same in almost all muds.

Groups are important, they encourage socialising while also getting you the experience and equipment you need, and are also the ultimate counter to the comments about needing to be popular to get anywhere, if you hang out with a group of people there will always be chances to just talk for awhile between the action, its there that you will make some of your best friends on Legend, and one or two of those is all you will ever really need.

But if you still want to come and see some of the more impressive code design and a more living mud than others I do suggest it, even if you are totally unsure after reading these posts.

And you are MORE than welcome to ask me for help *grin*

Professor Herbert West. Doctorate of Newbie Training.

Comment posted on Wed Sep 24 18:03:44 2003 by Void:

I agree with this honest review about LegendMUD. But I would like to add how the immortals staff treat the PK community of LegendMUD.

Eventhough they tried to hide it, most of them want to take out the PK system totally. If you tried to take a PK conversation on one of the public channel, like chat. You will get warned for and forced to moved it somewhere else. And still, even when mortals would asked for a official public PK channel, they shrug and just ignore us.

Another point on LegendMUD poor PK system is the fact that they have two PK codes running at once. One is called PKOK, allowing anyone to have a duel type of PK. And the other one is called PKE, aka old pk system, where you can be attacked by PKE characters anytime, and the only way to get out, is to either redeem or playerfile deletion through perma. This might in theory sound great, allowing hardcore PKers and casual PKers to have fun. Too bad however, this isn't the case. Since LegendMUD have a small players base, most of the time, there isn't enough active players on either side of the PKE or PKOK to actually have a active PK community. On top of that, with PKOK in place, most PKE players would have a threat of cross-playing. Where one PKE character would die, then log on their PKOK character and try to kill a already wounded PKE character. Joining a PKE clan would automaticly set you to Accept All, a PKOK option, where anyone can accept you and kill you. This also mean that by joining a PKE clan, you are welcoming cross-playing players against you. PKOK is theory again, sound great, allowing anyone to PK when they wants to. But the truth is, PKOK encourage nothing, beside dirty tricks like killing someone, and rejecting them a few hours later, stopping them from allowing revenge on you.

The RP community consist of 3 or 4 players that only RP with themself, joining one of the RP 'gang' would require you to actually first be experience with LegendMUD, and then actually find them and prove to them that you aren't going to poison their RP community.

So to sum up my points, if you want a active PK mud, don't choose LegendMUD. If you want a active RP mud, don't choose LegendMUD.

Only come here, if you are willing to take the abuse old players diss out to new players. Or that you want a original muds with great areas and codes (Not PK codes of course).

Comment posted on Wed Sep 24 13:43:29 2003 by Oddball Tourist:

Legend is a vast world full of in-depth quests, storyline, adventures,and areas. It is easy to become addicted once you get the hang of it.

True, this mud is very addicting - I have been here on and off for 6 years. It's fun.

Newbie-unfriendly: This I do not think is true. If the person is a true newbie and not a new character of an old player, people do try to help and explain. However, frequently it is a new name only and the person as more interested in what you can do for them rather than learning because they already know. Of course, the other problem is that this mud is so different from the rest - not having a mud school and not having teachers all in the same place. When I tried a mud with those features, I was confused and disoriented and had trouble adjusting to that style so I figure that is also a problem for a new player at Legend. Legend takes patience and perservance when at low level to progress.

This I do not think is true. If the person is a true newbie and not a new character of an old player, people do try to help and explain. However, frequently it is a new name only and the person as more interested in what you can do for them rather than learning because they already know. Of course, the other problem is that this mud is so different from the rest - not having a mud school and not having teachers all in the same place. When I tried a mud with those features, I was confused and disoriented and had trouble adjusting to that style so I figure that is also a problem for a new player at Legend. Legend takes patience and perservance when at low level to progress.

Group reliant and requires knowing people: Unfortunately, this is true. The game has been changed to promote grouping as it is a goal of the imms. This is not something I enjoy. I feel like I should not be forced to group to get ahead. Even with a well known character, it can be hard to get said group to get the piece of equipment you need.

Unfortunately, this is true. The game has been changed to promote grouping as it is a goal of the imms. This is not something I enjoy. I feel like I should not be forced to group to get ahead. Even with a well known character, it can be hard to get said group to get the piece of equipment you need.

Corrupt immortals & disciplinary actions: Ok, I doubt that if imms had been disciplined many times that they would continue to be imms, no matter how corrupt it may appear to the non-imms. However, I do believe the imms have adopted a more hands-off approach and are not enjoying the game as much and don't want to participate in games and the like. But then, shall we review our own behavior as reasons they don't want to do that?

Ok, I doubt that if imms had been disciplined many times that they would continue to be imms, no matter how corrupt it may appear to the non-imms. However, I do believe the imms have adopted a more hands-off approach and are not enjoying the game as much and don't want to participate in games and the like. But then, shall we review our own behavior as reasons they don't want to do that?

Advanced players, impressions & change: The world is full of change, whether good or bad. Life is about adapting. So adapt as you will...with or without legend and its people. I don't think Legend has been downgraded, even though I would rather than some changes had not been made.

Conclusion - Still worth playing for the people and the fun!

Comment posted on Wed Sep 24 09:30:02 2003 by Ingrid:

On not being newbie friendly (first paragraph):

I have to agree. However I am not sure it is entirely the old players' fault. I have, as an old player, met many newbies I tried to sit down with to teach them about the game-mechanics, not telling them anything they have not asked about. Less than 5 had the patience to listen. More than 1 told me to shut up because he was offered to be dragged about and be powerleveled.

So, is this 'end-up-as-a-clueless-highlevel'-thing not as much the newbie's own fault?

On being group/friend reliant (paragraph 2):

Yes, you need to talk to people. It is good to have friends so make some. Is that really that bad? It is not impossible. And is advancing slow at first? So what? Why do we all need to be perfect from day 1 (or 3 for that matter). Take your time, learn the game, don't be powerleveled.

On evil immortal conspiracy (paragraph 3):

Okay. That is one opinion. Immortals are lazy (they don't want to run games). I have heard enough players whining over games to understand why they don't bother.

Some immortals are breaking the rules, cheating and misusing their powers. Granted, there has probably been problems with corrupt imms. So much more reason for not allowing 'anybody' to become immortal. Call it tangled political system or narrow pinhole.

On the closing (last paragraph):

I am not sure what to think about this. Yes, you need to make an impression to be recognized. I fail to see how that is different from everywhere else. Is it easy to get warned? Yes, it is easy to break the rules. I disagree that legend has changed from good to worse. It is different than it once was. And I can see why some people would say it is worse. I dont, maybe I am good at adapting?

Comment posted on Fri Apr 30 19:01:28 2004 by Sana:

I'm not going to get into the whole political-immortal issue really except to say I was shocked when I was told by an immortal that I might as well stop logging in because sooner or later i'm going to be asked to leave. I have a relatively clean record, the few warnings I do have stem from the accidental slip up with a naughty word and clan channels or chat. But I wouldn't hold that against all the immortals, this immortal is just old and grouchy and should take a break from legend because he seems to think it's imms against players...and actually, playing a mort sometimes wouldn't hurt him either, maybe get rid of that separation complex he has, since we are all players. I wonder if he can find the stag from sherwood as masha mentioned....

But anyway I said I wasn't going to get into this and the real reason I wanted to post was to disagree with the whole 'grouping is required' train of thought, There is not many items that I can't get completely solo with one of my characters (most can be gotten with this one in fact...) and if I pick a good partner, there are almost none. And with a good trio, the only thing I can't see being able to get is a Kill zone item, but well... This also applies to experience gaining, not one of my favorite pass-times but if I have to I can easily get enough of it on my own, and again with a wisely chosen partner there is pretty much nothing you can't do. Now obviously I have more experience than the average newbie and I wouldn't expect them to be able to do these things but I was just sort of shocked when I saw so many experienced players claiming grouping is needed even for them... anyway...

Review posted by memories
Posted on Mon Jun 30 21:03:42 2003 / 0 comments
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I would like just to say to the creater of LegendMud: 'thanks a lot for making me addicted to this game and wasted 4 years of my life in college!'

Well really, I have been playing since 1995 in this game, you get the good parts(lvling, pking, rping, recalltags, treasure hunts, coupons that you can change the look of your eqs, etc.) and bad parts (dying, dying and more dying, and Death traping --- losing all your stuff). I would say the most fun part of the game is to group with a bunch of people and make a run at a bunch of tough and aggresive mobs.

The fun continues when you can help others at a low lvl, as once you were, and when you reach the highest lvl 50 you get to reach for 1 million exps (which could give you a cool pretitle, or more coupons, etc.)

If you really made a difference in the game, you can also apply to be a Legend of the past (LoTP) where your lvl 50 char can be made into a mob and walk around and get killed by other players for their eqs!

What am i talking about? Some of the most important things in this game are the memories that i had in the past, the atmophere of the game design, the helpful immortals that always trying to make the game more balanced, the excitement of mob/player killing, and the good people that grow with me together.

Oh yeah, don't forget to look for a clan (rp or pk) if you are ready for some player bounding, me myself is the GM of 18 members of 'The Society of Allies,' we try to preserve the history of legend, pratice the art of combat and study the way of daoism.

So what are you waiting for? come jump in legend and say hi, we are here to help you out :)

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Review posted by Jay
Posted on Mon Jun 30 20:16:09 2003 / 0 comments
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The thing I like most about Legendmud is the player base. The Rpers are creative and the game allows them to use it with the description system and stringing of normal game items. The Pkers are....well...pkers. There are hard core killers and people who will duel to a truce. The pkok system allows you to be whatever kind you feel comfortable with.

I have tried several other muds and always come back to Legend. It is well written and well thought out. The additions of new areas keeps you discovering new things also.

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Review posted by Dr Herbert West
Posted on Mon Jun 30 20:16:02 2003 / 0 comments
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I've been mudding on Legend for quite a long time now and it has kept me enthralled for that long for a number of reasons. The code base is amazing and the areas well written with beautiful mob acts and quests. But mostly it's the people that keep me there. As is the way a lot of the time, the playerbase is the key to survival and with the passion and enthusiasm of most LegendMUD players. I'm sure it will be around for a good many years to come.

My only real advice to people using this review to decide whether to play or not is don't try making a mage class character for your first character unless you are willing to spend a LOT of time learning.

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Review posted by Cara
Posted on Mon Jun 30 20:15:55 2003 / 0 comments
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The world of LegendMUD is one of both history and myth. The game has three time zones: ancient, medieval, and industrial. A player can travel between the time zones by accomplishing quests which he or she must figure out. Each time zone has several areas which differ in size and content. The areas contain buildings, NPCs, and events which either actually did exist at the time or were part of myth and legend. This combination makes for an alternate world of sorts - a world that is somewhat based on reality but also on popular tales of the time. The different areas are generally connected by bodies of water which players can cross by way of their own personal boats or by paying to take a public boat, train, or the like.

Experience on Legend is gained by killing NPCs, finding secret rooms, and completing quests, among other things. Player killing is an option which both battling players must agree to. Player-customized houses are available for players with the desire and the cash for them. Heavy character customization is also available including the ability to put new descriptions on old items to better suit the character.

Legend is a classless MUD with available skills to any one character based on that character's hometown and not any particular class. Legend's playerbase consists of people from many countries and backgrounds, and the general discussion channel is usually very lively.

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Review posted by Straussy
Posted on Wed Mar 24 20:38:00 2004 / 2 comments
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LegendMUD is a mud unlike any other. I have played many muds and have fought many beastly fidos and have traveled far and wide the vast planes of creativity. And to be fair, many muds have met my expectations on originality. But when I think of a mud I think of LegendMUD.

It is COMPLETELY original and with an original theme to fit it large and growing world. What makes LegendMUD or Legend, as we call it, so unique is that instead of deriving from an 'AD&D' world of dragons and centaurs or bearded magicians and thinly-shaped rangers, we originate from the history of the world as it was told throughout the centuries. That is to say, LegendMUD is the legends and myths and more importantly, the history, of the real world.

Players are able to interact in three different eras: Ancient, Medieval, and Industrial. Each era represents a range of years and every area in that specific era represents a piece of history, legend or myths of that time.

The world is continually growing as you can imagine. There are countless legends and myths and pieces of history yet to be told in the game. And because of this our playerbase is constantly changing. Unlike many muds or mushes we have a strong, friendly playerbase that is growing large as the mud expands. But everyone is welcome for there is something for everyone: Pkill, RP events, historic quests and mobiles, items galore, player interaction that involve player creativity, and housing--YES! LegendMUD allows player housing. Furniture? YOU BET! Not only can you create your own house, but if you choose not to join the guilds already established--yeah, the Guild of Paladins or Warriors' Guilds... get a band of players together and create your own! LegendMUD allows player housing and player guilds!

What are you waiting for?! Come explore Ancient Greece or serve Robin Hood's head on platter to Guy Gisborne! Climb Mount Kilamanjaro or form a guild of pirates who hold claim to the hide tides of the South Seas. All three eras of our history have been written and await your travels. So come! Relive our ancient history and live the legend through LegendMUD!

Straussy Milano, player since 1995

LegendMUD: legendmud.org:9999

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Comment posted on Thu Oct 23 11:42:28 2003 by Don! Boutwell:

I also consider myself a devoted mud player. I have tried almost 200 different mud's since 1998 and out of all of them, I think that Legend is the best. Interesting and entertaining theme, medium sized world, and a large population, make legend #1 in my book.

-DJ! Boutwell (a.k.a. Dak)

Comment posted on Tue Mar 23 10:21:06 2004 by Robert Wood:

I've been playing legend for a quite a while now, off and on such and such. My friend got me started on it and well, it's by far better than any game you could buy in a store or even possibly create on your own. There are few other games that can even compete with the level of detail and interaction the legend is capable of... and the theme of the story setting allows the game to expand to whatever it needs. All i have to say to the staff of legendmud and to all the people reading this is WOW!

-A.K.A Syphor

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