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[Update July 18, 2023] - I am fixing the bugs in the mudlist and submissions system and new and updated mud listings are being processed again. I apologize for the site being down for so long. Sometimes life comes at you fast and I had to step back from TMC for awhile, I did not realize that the site hosting our dns had gone down during that time.

A bug was recently reported which was preventing small and large mud logo files from being saved (thank you for reporting Myst). This has now been fixed, if you have attempted uploading a logo in the last week please resubmit and your logos should be saved.

The default biglist will no longer sort or display rank information. The ranking system has not been active for a long time and is no longer accurate, alphabetical sorting is now active. -Iccy
Mud Site Play Now Website Connect Status
SneezyMUD 7900 Connected
Buffy Mud 5000 None Connected
Abandoned Realms 9000 Connected
Abysmal Realms 4000 Connected
Age of Chaos 4000 Connected
Aabahran The Forsaken Lands 1848 Connected
Sheltering Sky: Colorado by Night 2601 Connected
Clessidra 4000 Connected
Avendar: The Crucible of Legends 9999 None Connected
Bad Trip 7778 Connected
DragonBall: Infinity 4000 Connected
BlackMUD 2000 Connected
The Burbs 4567 Connected
Cajun Nights MUSH 7373 Connected
CheesyMUD 4001 Connected
Castle Arcanum 3888 Connect Refused
Warhammer 40k: Rise of Heroes 1906 None Connect Refused
CyberASSAULT 11111 Connect Refused
Dark Gift 6251 None Connected
Cantr II N/A N/A
DarkWind 3000 None Connected
DelusionsMUCK 4999 Connected
Desolation 7878 Connected
Divine Blood 4000 Connected
Furscape 2001 Connected
AstroMUD 2447 Connected
Core 4000 Connected
Dune 6789 Connected
Elephant Mud 23 Connected
Emperia 5002 Connected
Elysium RPG 7777 Connected
The Final Challenge 4000 Connected
The Unofficial Squaresoft MUD 9000 Connected
Winter's Edge 3000 None Connected
Dizzymud 4000 Connected
Edge of Midnight 8010 Connected
Rauvyon 7075 Connected
Eaxia Online 347 Connected
Harshlands 5555 Connected
4 Dimensions 6000 Connected
Dragonball Advent Truth 1280 Connect Refused
HoloTrek 1701 Connect Refused
IgorMud 1701 Connected
Imperium 40000 Connected
Voregotten Realm 8888 Connected
JediMUD 4000 Connect Refused
Fading Suns: Star Crusade 5001 Connect Refused
LegendMUD 9999 Connected
Star Wars: Omens 7827 Connected
Leviathan 1691 Connect Refused
Masquerade 9999 Connect Refused
Merentha 10000 Connected
The Lost Dominion 6006 Connect Refused
Mirkwood 4000 Connect Refused
Kushiel's Debut 2009 Connect Refused
A Moment in Tyme 6969 Connected
Maelstrom Earth 9376 Connected
Latitude 23 Connected
Cleft of Dimensions 4354 Connected
Realms of Chaos 3456 Connected
Necromium 4000 Connect Refused
NetherWorld 3666 Connect Refused
Nirvana 3500 Connected
Northern Crossroads 9000 Connected
Holy Mission 99 - Resurrected 6666 Connected
Perilous Realms 23 Connected
Dragonball New Universe 4321 Connect Refused
Prophecy 4000 Connected
Realm of Utopian Dreams 1701 Connected
The Legends of Krynn 6100 Connect Refused
Realm of Magic 4000 Connected
From The Ashes: Detroit By Night 2860 Connected
Cosrin: A New Dawn 31000 Connected
7 Degrees of Freedom 6715 Connected
O Mundo de Arkadia 2442 Connected
Realmsmud 1501 Connected
Dragonfire II 1999 Connected
ShadowGate 4016 Connect Refused
Asgardian Nightmare 4000 None Connect Refused
FlipSide Muck 9999 Connect Refused
Star Wars Mud (SWmud) 6666 Connected
Age of Legacy 3000 Connected
Fighter Adventure 7775 Connected
Akanbar 23 Connected
8bitMUSH 4201 Connected
Blood Dusk 7000 Connected
Redemption 4000 Connected
Tharsis Gate 8765 Connected
KinslayerMUD 2222 Connected
Turf 4000 Connected
UglyMug 6239 Connected
UNItopia 23 Connected
Dark Metal 2039 Connected
Hope Island MUCK 1024 Connected
The World Called Hollow N/A Connected
Waterdeep 4200 Connected
StarMUD 4000 Connected
MOOsaico 7777 Connected
Killer MUD 4000 Connect Refused
Macross: New Horizon 2050 Connect Refused
Ryksyll MOO 8888 Connect Refused
Fantasy Moon 2900 Connected
DarkBlade 7575 Connected
AtlantisMUX 7777 None Connect Refused
Legends of Excalibur (LoE) 8000 Connected
AnimeMUD 2 6900 None Connected
Isengard 4040 Connected
2016's Eternal Darkness 9700 Connected
Anarres II 5000 Connected
The Eternal Forest 9000 Connected
Shadowrun - Denver 1999 Connected
NarniaMUCK 2050 Connected
Aarchon 7000 Connected
aGe oF iNsaNitY 4000 Connected
The Inquisition: Legacy 5050 Connected
Angelic Layer MUSH 7705 Connected
Warlock 23 Connected
God Wars II 3000 Connected
Balzhur 5400 Connected
Geas 3333 Connected
Star Wars: Fate of The Republic 1313 Connected
Neronis 9000 Connect Refused
Seattle 2064 4000 Connected
Shadow Siege 4080 Connect Refused
The Gathering... 9010 Connected
Barsawia 23 Connected
Fallout MUSH 2077 Connect Refused
InfernoMOO 7777 Connected
Reinos De Leyenda - Los años oscuros 5001 Connected
Forgotten Kingdoms 4000 Connect Refused
Ashirion: The Broken Sphere 1969 Connect Refused
Dawn of the Ages 8000 Connected
Moomellow 7777 Connected
Midnight Sun 2 3000 Connected
Awakened Worlds 4000 Connect Refused
Neighvada Nights 8888 Connected
RavenMUD 6060 Connected
Cryosphere 6666 Connected
Tempora Sanguinis 2 4000 Connected
X-Men: rEvolution 7717 http:// Connect Refused
Everwar Rebirth Redux 4242 http:// Connected
OurPlace MUD 6543 Connected
Kallindor 5800 Connected
EmpireMUD 2.0 4000 Connected
MUD Valinor 4000 Connected
LorenMUD 9100 Connect Refused
Midian 3456 Connected
MicroMUSE 4201 Connected
Mass Effect: Legends 2183 Connect Refused
Retaliation 6100 None Connected
At the Crossroads MUX 9900 Connected
Marvel: The Flame of Darkness 2008 Connect Refused
Devil's Bob MUD (DeBo MUD) (Brasil) 4000 Connected
Shattered Isles 5900 Connect Refused
DragonBall: The New World 8395 Connected
Pokemon Fusion 4321 Connected
Act of War 4000 Connect Refused
The Evolution of Esos Mud 8888 Connected
ShadowMUD 1030 Connected
FateMud 7004 Connect Refused
Winterkill 23 Connect Refused
Act of War: the Last Stand 4000 Connected
Dragon Age MUSH 8195 Connect Refused
New Moon 7680 Connected
MahouMUSH 7342 Connect Refused
X-Factor 2045 Connect Refused
DragonBall: Celestial Knights 8500 None Connected
Shadowrun: Denver MUSH 1999 Connected
Ascension Sojourns 7423 Connected
Ishar 23 None Connected

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