Mirkwood stared in 1995 and is still going strong. Famous for its social atmosphere, its inspired areas, and its professional coding, Mirkwood is a dynamic and active MUD undergoing almost daily code modifications. Recently, the coders implemented an original remorting system and added six new classes. But the largest recent change was a complete remapping of the world that involved splitting the land into two continents and creating an extensive road system. Mirkwood's original and extremely powerful object, room, and mob scripts aid builders in creating immersive areas, many of which are based on the writings of Tolkien. However, Mirkwood's player and immortals are far too eclectic to stick to one theme. The battle-scarred moon Daktor, the red-neck Trailer Park, the magic-loathing city of Pelios, the vast and deadly Ocean, and scores of other areas all await the stalwart adventurer. Mirkwood's custom-designed area builder (Mac/Win) supports the continuous development of new areas. If you love the community of your fellows, join one of Mirkwood's eight tribes, which have huge castles and keeps; their own channels; custom time and weather messages; internal security; shops for armor, weapons, food, and tokens; recall rooms; healers, trainers, and guild masters; and access to a tribal arena.

Mud Theme: Tolkien/Fantasy/General Wackiness

Mirkwood Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Jim (Shto, Hussk, Slim, Feyd)
Posted on Mon Sep 27 20:57:26 2010 / 0 comments
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From my first days at Mirkwood, it was clear to me that the people there placed fun and social interaction high above 'realism' or other similar RPG buzzwords you might think of. There were frequent reboots for system upgrades, new areas being added, new races (I remember when Treants first hit the scene), new skills, color, you name it.

The world has grown geometrically since those early days, and credit goes to the IMMs for encouraging area submissions and allowing new and innovative equipment ideas. (Ever heard of +dam gender-changing Daisy Duke shorts, right off Daisy Duke?)

What started out as a lightly modified ROM codebase has evolved into a completely different animal. But I'm getting off my point. Mirkwood's about people and fun, and that's why it's the only MUD I still play on, 17 years after I started mudding. (I'm not tellin' how old I am)

Through the years there have been many characters who were indeed 'characters', and will always be remembered because of that. Maybe you could be someone's happy memory, or a friend who helps them through a bunch of levels. It's worth while to make people laugh, and most of the IMMs I remember made an effort to bring that.

IMO, Mirk's definitely worth a try, especially if you're looking for laid-back RP and some hackin' and slashin'.

Jim, aka Shto, Hussk, Slim, Feyd

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Review posted by Praxis
Posted on Sat Feb 21 20:56:51 2009 / 0 comments
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This mud is absolutely awesome. I've been going since about 1997. The staff is awesome, the code is rock solid. There's tons of stuff to do on the MUD from quests to random trivia, to player quests from the IMMs.

Top notch mud. You can find me somewhere on there, name's Praxis.

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Review posted by Alazar
Posted on Mon Mar 20 15:22:47 2006 / 0 comments
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Mirkwood is everything a mud should be and more. Simple words to describe this game would be fun, exciting, addictive (in a good way), interesting and active.

The Immortal Staff and players go out of their way to make you feel welcome and also help new players become adjusted to playing the game.

Having been a member of Mirkwood for a long time, I have seen muds come and go and through it all, Mirkwood proves time and time again why it is one of the best places to MUD.

Built on a solid code foundation, the game has been enhanced with options not found else where. And the clans (or Tribes as they are known on Mirkwood) are second to none.

Join any one of the fabulous Tribes and form lasting friendships with fellow players that share your roleplaying and real life interests.

Don't take my word for it however. Give Mirkwood a try today!

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Review posted by Jellybean
Posted on Sun Jan 11 22:44:47 2004 / 0 comments
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Mirkwood is my first and only mud. I’ve tried others, but have always ended up going back to Mirkwood. I started playing in 1996 and have been addicted ever since. Mirkwood’s players are very helpful, its staff is very approachable. We are strict non-PK (although we do have some arena options) as we feel that PK would be detrimental to our friendly atmosphere. Mirkwood has changed a lot over the years, replacing the standard main city of Midgaard with Bree—converting a whole continent to Tolkien themed areas, while sending our other (but equally fun) areas to a southern continent. On the southern continent you can find anything from a Rocky Horror Picture show themed area to an Alice in Wonderland themed area. The staff has also added a very cool remort system, lots of cool new spells and skills, and of course is always looking for ways to better the mud! (This past year I got the chance to become an immortal on Mirkwood and get to see all the hard work the coding types put into it—I run quests and pick on the other immortals… I think that’s my job:P ) Anyway, come check us out (say hi to me!), we’re fun!

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