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Akanbar is a role playing game that takes place in a land of magic, mystery and fantasy, where you, the player, help to weave the ever changing storyline.

Created by a team of developers who have spent much of their lives both playing and creating role playing worlds, Akanbar is a land that is constantly evolving and cared for.

The setting is an era of medieval fantasy where dragons, ogres and magic exist. You enter the realm as a young male or female who has just matured into adulthood. You must then decide upon how you wish to live your life. Some may simply wish to own a small shop selling herbs to heal others, others may wish to ultimately conquer the entire realm. The multitude of possible paths and goals is what makes Akanbar so special. It is up to you to decide what path you will follow.

With three realms to live in, the Sun realm, the Shadow realm and the Demonic realm, you can play whatever role you wish, be it a stealthy Assassin or a dragon-riding Storm Warden. Each realm hosts a city and, within that city, four guilds to choose from. Should hunting or player-killing not attract you, there are countless other activities to do, ranging from completing quests to creating items.

In Akanbar Online RPG you will find a refreshing break from reality where you will be able to role play with and maybe against players from all corners of the globe. We hope you find as much enjoyment from it as we do.

Mud Theme: Medieval Fantasy

Akanbar Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Aidan
Posted on Thu Mar 10 09:34:42 2016 / 0 comments
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Akanbar, oh how many years its been, on and off. Being my first true MUD, its hard to put into words Just how much I have thoroughly enjoyed Akanbar. There have been good times and bad, yet it somehow always finds a way to bring me back. No other MUD has grabbed my attention quite like Akanbar.

The combat, while in my belief I feel it could use a bit of tweaking, is very well thought out. PvP it all comes down to skill. While in the beginning(as having witnessed this with my newest character Aidan) it can come down to who has invested the most crystals in skills that pertain to PvP effectiveness. However those of equal skills, and indeed end game maximums can provide excellent PvP in which thinking and strategy are key. I personally have had duels that last into the 10 minute range, and they have been the most intense PvP battles I've experienced throughout any game, graphical or no. PvE, while not on the scale of PvP, holds its own merits. On the surface, and in the beginning, it is simplistic, easy enough for those just starting to grasp. As you grow, and start to take on more stronger Mobs, strategy and even group composition come into play. As an example that I have just recently experience as Aidan, a group of my fellows attack the guards of an opposing city's tower. This is the most fun I have had in a PvPvE setting. having to manage who was being attacked by which Mob, and trading tanking back and forth felt almost as if I were in a raid in WoW. Not many others can match this level of play, especially more so with the small dedicated playerbase that Akanbar has.

The second aspect of Akanbar that keeps me glued is the Roleplay. While not always enforced, its is strongly encouraged, and a lot of the time rewarded. Aidan himself earned the right to wield his guild's weapon after proving himself to the Patron of his city. There is always some Admin lead event being planned or even in the works, but what truly, truly makes Akanbar shine is the player created roleplay. Every player I have come across and RP'd with has been very skilled and can adapt to anything thrown at them. Sometimes yes, even players preplan roleplaying situations, but in the end, the creativity of the players drives the story, and can lead you in a totally different direction from which you first planned. Akanbar thrives on this kind of roleplay, and I hope to see it continue to grow and to see just what old and new players can come up with.

All in All, Akanbar is a world that is unmatched, and a great atmosphere to play in. The players, and most admins(oh who am I kidding they all are pretty decent) are great people. And while somedays I feel the PvP is a tad lacking, all in all the combat both PvE and PvP are great systems in and of themselves. I hope to see Akanbar continue to grow and flourish for many years to come.

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Review posted by Lawrence
Posted on Tue Apr 1 10:10:11 2014 / 0 comments
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Akanbar was my first MUD. I've tried other MUDS, and they just don't seem to stick. The playerbase is small, but dedicated. The admins present, active, and helpful (If snarky). There are three cities with 4-5 guilds in each city (We're in the middle of all three cities getting a fifth guild.) For me, the biggest draw has always been the guilds. Seeing how they work, playing with the skills, and discerning the little secrets. Of the three cities, there is Golgonath, the empire of evil, constantly yearning to take control of akanbar and all its denizens. Opposite them, is Elysium the city of light, fighting Golgonath with everything they have, and spreading the light to all the realms. Tucked away in the northern forests of Akanbar, though, is a third city. Ysallyra, shadowy and mysterious, nestled amongst the trees and the beasts. All three cities have (although different from each other) player run government systems. The guilds are quite varied, from the lightning throwing storm wardens of Elysium, to the talon wielding, mind affecting Forsaken of Golgonath, to the silent, poison wielding Assassins of Ysallyra. As I said before though, the playerbase is quite small, I enjoy it, but I understand it isn't for everyone. Perhaps, it is for you.

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Review posted by Ashrabia
Posted on Tue Nov 5 10:13:26 2013 / 0 comments
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Akanbar has been a complicated land. Rewarding those whom are determined and disciplined in their area of interests. Politicians, scholars, merchants, and warriors are equally valued in the land of Akanbar. For me, Akanbar has been a place of great turmoil. Serving the Empire as a slave and crawling up the ranks only to oppose the Empires Deity and to plunge head first into abis. Once a feared member of the Forsaken and now a Honorable and Just warrior, instilling hope and bringing light to even the darkest of places. Akanbar is a home to all though, even those who rely upon deception and prefer to hide within the shadows, unable to be seen except for those with keen eyes.

I confess though, Akanbar is a land that requires a certain amont of time before you will understand the beauty and intricacies of it's lands. The first time I tried, I played for less then a week and gave up on it. A few months later, I returned and gave it the second chance it deserved. I have never regretted it. Akanbar isn't like other Muds. Those that would say 'We have over 1000 unique skills' or 200,000+ locations. Heck. I am sure akanbar probably does have 200,000+ locations... I don't count though, nor care.

Akanbar is a land that has has a great level of immersion and a very delicate and well defined system of balance. Each city is at their best when all roles are played. A warrior is never at his best without a smith that can provide him/her with armour and weapons of the finest quality. The smith can't fashion such armour without someone to mine the ores. This same kind of progression within Akanbar is evident in everything. The combat system is the same as well. Each guild is unique and very capable of out dueling the others. Each guild is also capable of uniquely benefiting another in its combat skill. Though no one combat guild is over balanced. Meaning that it really is dependent upon your abilites rather than which guild you are fighting as or against. This is especially important to me, because combat is what I live and die for.

Akanbar has numerous features and undiscovered mysteries. Once such mystery is the Kraken. Nobody has lived to tell the tale, but there are rumors that such a beast resides beneath the waters of the sea. Akanbar is one of the best lands that have incorporated sea warfare. Within the last year, three new villages have been added and a Player Killing area also has been added. These are the big additions. Many other additions have been made, though it would require you to take part in the world of Akanbar for yourself.

With this review of Akanbar, a place I dwell in and call home upon all other lands I have had the pleasure of taking part in, I hope that you will take a moment and live within my world. Akanbar isn't a land that is perfect... but the people in it, and the people that take care of it, do the very best. This land isn't focused on making a profit, it is focused on the experience... I'd like you to be apart of that experience. Welcome to Akanbar.

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Review posted by Foinn
Posted on Sat Feb 9 13:00:39 2013 / 0 comments
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I first found Akanbar back in 2005 when I was searching for a new multiplayer game to play.

My friends and I got very into it. Each night after playing I would walk over to my friends house and we would chat for hours about what had happened in the game.

The world in Akanbar consists of three main cities, the Sun Realm (Elysium), the Shadow Realm (Ysallyra) and the Demonic Realm (Golgonath).

The guilds in Akanbar are very well thought out. When I first read about them it made me really want to try out the game and get stuck into one of the guilds. It was a hard choice deciding which one I wanted to go for because they all have a of appeal.

The combat system in Akanbar is intense and exciting. It is balance orientated, meaning you do not simply type 'kill target' and then watch like ninety percent of other Muds. You must 'swing' your sword.

As your skills rise you unlock new skills to add to your arsenal. You will have to think on your feet, think up strategies and have good timing to become the best.

You use triggers and aliases to help you deal with things more efficiently in the heat of battle. (Your skill at using your skills in combat is more important in this game than your level. You do not have to slog it out to reach a high level before you can play properly and be a part of the world.)

Each city has a different feel to it and each city is run by players. (Same with guilds.)

You have the totalitarian Golgonath, ruled by a Master/Mistress of All and his/her Inner Circle of Masters.

You have the Chieftains of Ysallyra. You have the democratically elected Senate of Elysium. Each city can build its own army and conquer the villages/towns of the world, alternatively you could get those villages on your cities side by questing and trading with them.

There are guards in each city to protect the inhabitants and mages with shields to stop enemy players from making gateways into the city.

By attacking that cities outposts/towers players of the opposing city can weaken that shield and if they weaken it enough they will be able to gate inside the enemy city and wreak some havoc.

(Events ingame have hinted that each city might be getting one more guild each in the future.)

Demonic Realm guilds: Forsaken. Black Legion. Pyromancers. Crafters. Shadow Realm guilds: Assassins. Shadow Warriors. Shaman. Traders. Sun Realm guilds: Runesmiths. Templar. Storm Wardens. Merchants.

Like Pyrok said in a previous review, it is hard to sum it all up in a review like this.

It is the one mud out of all I have played that keeps me coming back for more.

Even in the times when I was not playing the game properly I would still log on now and then to soak up the atmosphere and remember things that had happened in the past.

It is all very well thought out and it is constantly being improved, the Divine listen and often implement players ideas from the forum.

So if you are looking for a new multiplayer game to play, come to Akanbar and stimulate your imagination.

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Review posted by Dimetrius
Posted on Fri Jul 6 06:03:43 2012 / 0 comments
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While I haven't been around since 'the beginning', I do count myself among the big kids. Through all of my attempts to write reviews like this, I always reach the same conclusion: Akanbar is a strange place.

On the surface, it appears rather simple - sometimes overly so. While it may lack the staggering population and insanely complex lore offered by other MUDs (those produced by Iron Realms Entertainment come to mind, specifically), there is a certain charm about Akanbar that defies explanation.

It could be that I've grown attached due to sheer familiarity, but I've never felt quite as at home with a MUD as I have with Akanbar. The countless opportunities for creativity and expression, while not always supported by mechanics or administrative contribution, allow the playerbase to keep things lively even in the most dead of times.

And when I say dead, I mean that things can get -very dead-. If you've never logged into your favorite MUD to see that you're the only visible player, Akanbar may not be for you. We have our slow times, we have our bustling times. Aside from this, however, I have little to complain about.

Whether you have the drive to be a valiant knight, talon-wielding bloodsucker, earthen mage, or even a simple tradesman who locks himself up to brew potions in solitude, you will find a proper outlet in Akanbar. Your role is never imposed by a multitude of precedents, nor is anything specific ever expected that you don't wish to convey personally.

The lore, while not as in-depth as I would prefer it, provides a solid foundation that allows you to create your character based on any principles or quirks that you find necessary. Not every Templar must praise the Light at every turn, nor must every Forsaken scream of bloodlust and torture.

I suppose I'm rambling a bit, rather than jumping out of my seat to beg you to give Akanbar a try. But if anything I did cover happens to float your proverbial boat, I am sincere in hoping that you will take a look. You may find it unimpressive, you may find it primitive.

But, you may also like it.

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Review posted by Pyrok
Posted on Sun Apr 22 12:36:30 2012 / 0 comments
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As I've stated, I've been playing Akanbar since 2005 roughly. I've seen a lot of changes happen in the game, fought in a few player run wars, ran a section of a city... the list goes on. In a nutshell: I laughed, I cried, I spilled that heathen's blood on my good trousers.

What got me hooked? Initially, it appealed to my own personal tastes, and some of the goings-on at the time drew me in. Such as the aforementioned war. Now I find myself unable to draw myself away for long periods of time, returning to further carve out my place in Akanbar's history. I could elaborate on what each city is, and isn't. But I can't, I can't because it would not do them any justice to try and simplify them into one or two sentences and expect you to draw your own conclusions from that. I could also mention several guilds, or perhaps my own in game experiences. But I won't, again for the same reasons as the cities.

I've spent nearly a decade playing this game, off and on as my time permitted. It's a game where you can easily delve into your role play, and find others wanting to do the same. At the same time find someone to just shoot the breeze with whilst slashing away at heretics. But the rewards for pushing the proverbial envelope right off the table can be enormous, you can carve yourself a name in history, a great deal of it just ingrained in the memories of the players. Whether you're mentioned as a brilliant combatant, or the next court jester, or as someone who constantly defies their own nature.... Good or ill, you'll be immortalized in the minds of others.

Akanbar is a game that wants to be played, has players starving for more new things, and admins actively, whether overtly or covertly, “meddling” in the affairs of the mortals. Don't be surprised if during your role play a previously silent serf suddenly joins in on your conversation, or similarly remember to bow your head when you see an admin make their grand entrance.

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Review posted by Curlay
Posted on Mon Feb 5 17:13:22 2007 / 0 comments
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Where to begin...

Akanbar has achieved EXACTLY what it intended. It's providing an outlet that is not Avalon. Clearly it has some of the basics in common with Avalon/IRE games, the affliction based combat, the skills/skillsets, methods of learning, etc. It does excel in bringing a fresh, new light to this series of games. It succeeds in making a game that's equivalent to a VERY BASIC version of these other games with a much smaller monetary requirement.

With that said, however, I believe that it has failed in the following aspects:

1) Updates. Major updates come few and far between. The merchant system was introduced after almost a year of waiting, only to continue to be tweaked and re-tweaked to this day.

2) Merchants. Merchants have a handful of interesting skills, if even that many. Most of them require completely dull, standing, aliasing, triggering or mindless command-entering. Luckily, they are good at making gold. Unluckily, you can't really do anything with said gold. A merchant pays for guards to protect them, but they could still never stand toe-to-toe in PK against another non-merchant player. Nor are the expected to, sure, but when there's nothing else to do, life as a merchant quickly gets very, very boring, evidenced by the fact that there are very, VERY few merchants.

3) Premise. The premise is your generic good vs. evil vs. shadow (balanced). There's no room for growth, no room for anything else. Good will always be good, and they will always do no bad. Bad will always be bad, and do no good. Shadow appears to be the place to be, with the most active players in that realm, and understandably, too. I believe that it's much better to be able to have a choice than to be locked into a role, ad perpetuity.

4) Administration. They try, it's clear that they try, and care about the game, but every new system that they've put into place in the past few months have led to nothing but monotonousness and repetition. They arbitrarily decide policy, which of course is their prerogative, but they never tell anyone besides those who are involved, and it is never proliferated through the ranks of the other players. Helpfiles are rarely, if ever, updated and the policy files are loose and left up to interpretation. Of course, that interpretation could be very wrong and you will receive some form of punishment from the administration. They enjoy contradicting themselves, as well. In the new herbal system, you'll find that all of the apothecarists know what the new herbs do, but are unable to share. The administrators have decreed that information is not to be shared between people regarding skills. Being completely unable to regulate this outside the game, of course, has diminished the capacity of those who do not talk outside of the game. It's understandable that they want us to learn, but the system is inadequate to provide even that without an extraordinary amount of time and effort. It passes the point of becoming 'fun' and enters the realm of 'work'. In my opinion, games are more meant to be fun, with some work, but not from scratch and certainly not with information asymmetry that affords certain players and even certain organizations advantages over others. In the new herb system, you don't get a message if you use it the wrong way, or use the wrong herb to try to cure an affliction. The only time you receive a message is if you cure it. This isn't enjoyable, this is a guessing game. There's a large difference between using logic to figure something out, and increase brainpower, and playing guessing games. It would seem that the administration confuses the two.

All in all, Akanbar is a good escape in the short run, but if you expect to spend any significant amount of time there, lower your expectations. The players are a good batch, for the most part. You'll find your occasional fool (but you'll find those everywhere) and you'll find your gems, and I'd say there's an even smattering of each. Those gems, however, are what keeps Akanbar running and moving smoothly.

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Review posted by Terry
Posted on Sat Nov 25 18:34:53 2006 / 0 comments
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Akanbar is a really wonderful world, though not completely unlike others I've played. So much detail, and a whole lot to learn. RP is enforced, which is as it should be.

The crystal system for learning allows even those who don't level very much to learn at their leisure, plus you can always purchase more for added learning.

Overall, the mud is put together well, thought out and interesting, there's tons of quests and new players are helped if it is needed, though the tutorial and novice island provide everything that a new player might need.

I highly recommend this mud for anyone looking for something new, and it seems the place is looking for people who'll play and stick around.

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