Dragonball Advent Truth
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The truest form of DBZ a mud can provide. Allowing you to live out your DBZ based character to the fullest extent of your imagination. Featuring the following but not limited to;

Destructible environments, fully explorable space, private ships that you can own to explore space, dynamic gravity system with gravity generators that can be programmed to a specific setting, and a dynamic wish system that summons Shenron and allows you to speak wishes like in the show.

These are to name but a tiny fraction of what Dragonball Advent Truth offers. Won't you come experience the true beginning of DBZ mudding with us? You won't regret it. Leave the past behind.

Mud Theme: Dragonball

Client Recommendation: Mushclient

Dragonball Advent Truth Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Tony Gulley A.K.A. Kemon
Posted on Fri Jun 27 08:01:52 2014 / 0 comments
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Hello there! I'm here to tell you guys about Dragonball Advent Truth. I know what you are thinking. Another Dragonball MUD? Don't we have a bazillion and one of those things? Well it is true there are so many Dragonball Z MUDs, Nappa and Vegeta would have a hay day counting them all, Dragonball Advent Truth breaks every stereotype you know about this genre. I'm going to give you several reasons why you should try out the MUD I now call home, but there is so much besides what I'm going to go over here on this day.

I'd like to start by telling you DBAT is a Roleplay Intensive MUD, but we are very newbie friendly here. We have the entire gambit of Roleplayers from the very experienced to the people just getting their foot in the metaphorical door. On any given day, you can find an average of seven or so people on, all ready to RP at the drop of a hat. Whether you find solace being the Archtype hero, the Badguy, or just the goofy Comic relief you will find a place here at DBAT.

Now, let's tell you about the game it's self. Iovan our beloved coder is constantly updating an already impressive game. We have a crafting system in game which allows a person to make anything from a campfire, to armor, to weapons, pretty much everything in game. Fighting is done in real time, and requires you to think about your next move, making it feel very much like the show. Our combo system allows you to feel like a real DBZ fighter. As you pound your enemy, you build momentum, adding to the damage you do. On top of that, we have all of the amazing Ki attacks and moves the characters did in show, so you can feel even more like your favorite character as you create a character and a story that is all your own.

I have been playing MUDs since I was twelve, and majorly Dragonball MUDs, and RPI muds. That being said, of all of the places I have played in the last twelve years this MUD has to both the most Fun, and accurate of its genre! Lets go over that first part, FUN. This is possibly the most important aspect of any MUD. I mean, if you don't enjoy yourself, then you are likely to find a a place where you are. Though at DBAT you don't have to worry about all that. Between the amazing people we have as Players or the IMM staff, there is never a dull moment to be had. Now lets cover that whole accurate thing. Here at DBAT, the rooms, the characters, the fighting,the mobs, the sensei, the powers, hell everything here is as close to the Show as humanly possible to make. The first night I played here I was so lost in nostalgia that as soon as I finished I HAD to go and watch the show again.

I guess it's time to wrap things up, I had so much fun telling you guys about the MUD I call home.If you're looking for a new place to play and you love Dragonball, and you like to Roleplay, this is the place for you. We hope to see your new faces out there, and if you come by you tell them Kemon sent you. Later guys, hope to see you soon!

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Review posted by SpyderVenom
Posted on Fri May 31 04:58:28 2013 / 3 comments
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Well, its a great mud, but freedom of speech is gone. This is a third world country of a mud acting like the america of muds. They have no problem muting and banning people for minor offenses.

They also want you to spend HOURS outside of the mud editing logs to perfection, and if you dont, you can not advance. So beware, unless you enjoy writing novels three times a day with perfect grammar, you will find yourself never able to compete with anyone in this game. Thus the fun factor is null, making you feel forever small.

They dont care about players that dont have time to be on 24/7. They dont care if you have a family and a job. Most of these people who play do not and never will. So its full of winners that just love to make you feel like you are a loser because you have a life, if you have a life.

In conclusion, you have to be very geared toward being a slave to writing and editing logs all day long if you want to play here. Otherwise its just the equivalent of teaching preschool kids the golden rule, who never learn it.

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Comment posted on Mon May 27 13:33:45 2013 by lentholium:

Freedom of speech? There is plenty of that, including the ability to freely criticize the imms. You, my good sir, were punished for Harassment. thing like the following:

SpyderV [OOC]s, '|Stygian| Ya, ok, spending 5 and a half hours is [Expletive Deleted] lazy, you [Expletive Deleted] 2 year old [Expletive Deleted] punk |Abyss|'

I think it is painfully obvious that that comment was well deserving of the mute, especially when nothing had been said that should have aroused that level of ire.

Furthermore, nobody is asking you to spend hours editing. The process of preparing a roleplay log is actually incredibly simple, and to date only you and one other player have been unable to post logs to that standard.

There is even a plugin for Mushclient, the recommended client, on the website. It does the majority of the work of cleaning a log, only requiring you to remove the extra spaces.

As for the work of coloring it, that is entirely optional. Failing to color logs will only cost a player a single RPP (The reward for posting these logs.) Most of them average 5-6 for a given log, so the loss of one point is hardly crippling.

Lastly, very few of us are unable to balance both lives and the game.

Comment posted on Mon May 27 17:18:11 2013 by Loren:

Just a few problems I find with, well, a lot of the statements above. I don't see how 'freedom of speech' is gone when most other MUs don't even allow politics or differences of religion spoken over a global channel. And the random mutes are only after people have been warned (I should know, I was warned and kept going on more than one occasion, getting as much as a week-long mute). Anyone's that's been banned have a reason that they got banned, and usually due to rule -breaking. Since I've been playing, only like... 3 people have been banned, and they're only a week at the most.

With the logging, sure, it can be tedious. I myself hate writing logs. But I get around that by letting other players who want the bonus points to make and edit a log. It's only one extra point, and if I'm in enough logs from other people, I get more than what it takes for me to edit a single log. Just meet other players, that's all. I've been to the top before, and once without making a single log. I relied on a lot of friends in-game, and even paid them back, even if it took me a while to get the total.

I'm in the Army, and I don't have that much time to actually play due to early formation times, and sometimes even Field Training Exercises that are mandatory, let alone doing a tour overseas. I get maybe 4-5 hours a WEEK to even play, but a lot of the 'high' players know this and work with me for roleplays. The game is heavily roleplay- enforced, not stat-based like a thousand other MUs out there. If you're trying to rush to 100 or be immortal, or whatever, I think you chose the wrong game, good sir.

Take it as you see fit, but this MUD is still one of the better ones I've played in a long time, and the only one that's kept my attention with all that I have on my real-life plate for a good long while. There are flaws, I won't argue that, but that's why, like every game online out there, is a work in progress.

Comment posted on Fri May 31 00:10:48 2013 by Aldath:

We don't allow freedom of speech? We allow plenty of speech. It's when you start being insulting and attacking other people over OOC that we throw out mutes. We've let things slide on OOC that I'm sure other MUD's would disallow, such as random discussions about other MUDs.

And we don't require hours of editing logs. Just a decent job of it all, not too many typos, no chat speak, and not too many grammatical errors. And it has been stated before, that if you don't like logging, you can see if any of the other people involved can log the RP instead.

And in regards to banning, we do NOT ban for minor things. If you get banned, you broke the rules. In all my time of staffing, a ban has only been dished out a hand full of times, and I've been here for a few years. And those bans are 90% of the time only a 24 hour or a week long thing, depending on the rule breakage.

Review posted by Kandari Trinity
Posted on Sun Apr 22 11:28:58 2012 / 0 comments
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Hello, my name is Kandari Trinity. I am a new player on DBAT. The first time I logged onto DBAT I was immediately greeted by the players and staff which was something totally unexpected. I made my way through mud school and found myself in the world of DBAT. The descriptions were nice and the mobs pointed me to where I needed to go for my first few kills. After a while of killing I met my first ever person to roleplay with. I have to say roleplaying was very exciting indeed. He helped me out and gave me a scouter and a few other things to which i thanked him for. When the mud re opens on January first You can bet i'll be back for another round of DBAT Please come and join us and I gaurantee you will love what you see.

Kandari Trinity

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Review posted by SpyderV
Posted on Thu Feb 17 19:47:46 2011 / 0 comments
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Awesome mud! Having a blast! Easy to learn if you're already a mudder, easy to learn for beginner mudders. I highly suggest you play too!!

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Review posted by Rukh
Posted on Sun Aug 22 19:25:00 2010 / 0 comments
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Where do I begin? After a long hiatus from MUDding I perused the lists for something new and exciting. I had always been a Dragonball/Z fan, and I missed roleplaying; it seemed like a good match to me. I logged on for the first time and was heartily greeted by the staff -- something I did not expect! The character creation process was very smooth, and quite extensive.

I made my way through the MUD school, familiarizing myself with the differing commands and mechanics of the MUD and finished it off with the finer details. After I had completed the school, I made my way into the environment itself. Mobs pointed me on my way to where I needed to go, and was soon surprised that I had an influence on my environment just by attacks missing/being blocked.

Not even a dozen levels into the game and I had found myself immersed in my first roleplaying experience on the game. I was a good little player and submitted my character's biography ahead of time, so I went through the roleplaying, and continued my growth on the game.

As time passed and I became more and more aware of the mechanics, I was able to make a decent name for myself in the community by being out-spoken, always trying to role-play with others, and helping the staff in whichever way I could. Barely a month later, I found myself in a staff spot helping out the very newcomers to the MUD with a great attitude like I had originally come in contact with. I have enjoyed my time on Dragonball: Advent Truth immensely, and I hope others can too. We look forward to seeing you!

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Review posted by Krayt
Posted on Sun Feb 14 19:08:42 2010 / 0 comments
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Ok, the first thing I have to say about this mud is that it is NOT a DBT clone. Not in any way, EXCEPT, it's made by the man himself, Iovan.

Now that that is out of the way... DBAT is beyond indepth. You literally control the battle by each punch, kick, or ki blast. Every round is at your fingertips, because there is no auto attack of any kind. You want to punch? Punch. You want to thwack some Saiyan thug with a club? Go right ahead. How about decapitating someone with a well placed Kienzan? That one is my personal favorites, because I can pick up the head afterwards and throw it at things... >_> or train my ki by meditating with it. Seriously, I haven't really played any other DBZ mud that gives you the level control DBAT does.

If the mood comes across you, which it has me plenty of times, and you just feel like destroying something, do it. EVERYTHING is destructible. Park benches, statues, armor, even ROOMS. You can literally turn an area into nothing more than a pile of rubble, and who doesn't enjoy that?

One of the coolest things I've seen is when this mob deflected my ki attack, and sent it careening into the corpse of his friend I had killed moments earlier. Let's just say, all that was left was a smoldering pile of goo after that. Not to mention, nothing is more satisfying then grabbing a mob and slamming him into the ground to create a massive crater, which DOES show up on the room desc. for all to see.

Training your stats on DBAT is pretty unique as well. Many things factor into it. Gravity being the foremost. You can actually buy a private ship and install your very own gravity generator to spar/train to your heart's content. When you're done training, you can hop into the pilot's seat and blast off into space to explore. Space is massive and free roaming. You can visit other planets, or explore wormholes. You can even exit your ship and fly around.

The skill system is pretty in depth, with Sensei's that you choose instead of a cookie cutter race/class combination. There's several different teachers to choose from, with most being accessible by any Race. There's also several more trainers that anyone can learn from, depending on alignment. If you've ever played Feudal Realms when it was up, then you'd instantly recognize the PS/skill advancement system.

Every planet I've been to has been in depth and fun to explore, with reputation systems in place for quests, as well as free roaming quests. You better have a keen eye though, because not everything is pointed out or handed to you on a silver platter, which draws you in even more as you search for an item.. or person.

Overall, if you want a unique mudding experience with a few goody but oldy things tossed in... then this is the perfect mud for you. RP all the time, friendly players, and a fair staff make DBAT #1 in my book.

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