Star Wars: Fate of The Republic
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Fate of the Republic is one of the oldest running SWRs out there, just with a new face. Since 1997, the staff of FotR (Formally RitS) has worked hard to create a MUD that truly captures the essence of the Star Wars universe, a calling that most miss. Through advances in both our code, building and with the help of our loyal players and staff, I am proud to say that I believe we have done just that, shedding our SMAUG skin to become the first truly immersive Star Wars MUD, where the player steps out of our world and into the world of Jedi and Sith, where the Sith Empire dominates the landscape, having smashed the Republic and the Alliance that followed to their very foundations.

Our code supports several key features that are unique to our MUD, including a brand new level system, a player-driven quest system and a completely unique profession-based level system that allows for quite a bit of customization. We have also recently finished an unique combat system that is slightly more than the usual 'whoever has the biggest blaster wins'.

We've diverted from canon these past two years, and now we're playing out our own timeline. Palpatine died at the end of the Clone Wars, the CIS crushed the Republic under the leadership of a Sith Lord, who went on to establish the Sith Empire. From the ashes of the Republic a new Alliance of Free Planets sprung up, but after a long and drawn out fight they too were crushed under the heel of the mighty Empire. The appearance of the Yuuzhan Vong has severely sapped the Empire's resources, and though these unnatural invaders are all but defeated it has come at great cost to the Empire. In their weakened state many systems now question whether the Emperor is still fit to rule.

Mud Theme: Star Wars

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Review posted by Viq
Posted on Sun Apr 22 12:31:55 2012 / 0 comments
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When I first started on FOTR, It seemed like basically any other MUD i've played. I'd come and go, finally get busy with IRL things and not log on forever. But when I just recently decided to come back and play, I realized it was something a lot more. From its unique piloting system down to its faction and planet capture system, player driven story lines and questing and so much more. This place is truly one of a kind.

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Review posted by Skar
Posted on Wed Sep 16 20:15:59 2009 / 1 comment
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Fate of the Republic A rich and detailed MUD set a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away. However, this may not be where, or even when, you think it is.

Fate of the Republic is based on the Star Wars universe, as you may have guessed. What makes this different from other SWMUDS out there are its features. They include a heavily modified and actively maintained codebase, and its community of players.

Players are encouraged to roleplay, and there is always plenty of help for people who are new to the Star Wars universe, roleplaying, MUDs, or all of the above. There are a multitude of worlds, systems, races, cities, ships and more to explore, but it's the players that make them come alive. Whether it's a Sith apprentice being chased through the streets of Naboo by Republic guards, or drunken engineers singing in the cantinas of Corellia, it's when players take the MUD and make it into a game that everyone has the most fun.

What does this translate to? More realism in the universe, which means more ways to achieve goals and more freedom in roleplay. The game is flexible enough that it will support the way I roleplay, and often offer up unique and unexpected solutions to problems. There is rarely only one solution to a problem, and different classes with different skills can be equally effective, even up against Force users. Getting the Force is pure chance, and this means that the numbers of Jedi and Sith more realistic.

What else can I say about Fate of the Republic? In this version of the Star Wars universe, no one has heard of Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader or even Jar-Jar Binks. The histories of the galaxy are filled with heroic deeds and villainous acts committed by some of the most (in)famous players in the game. The best part is, there's no reason you can't be next. This is good incentive for me to get out there and be more active, and become notorious enough to earn my own place in history.

So come and try Fate of the Republic, and see what it's like for yourself. Find out what fate has in store for you, and I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

See you there!

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Comment posted on Fri Sep 11 05:54:25 2009 by Kiyo:

I couldn't agree more. The playerbase is friendly and helpful even to those not used to MUDding or roleplaying. The game is interesting and challenging and its a great place to see what you can do.

A recent masquerade ball was a new opportunity to meet players we normally wouldn't rp with from other factions. It was a lot of fun and I hope there will be more like it. No excuses for people who aren't sure.. I never knew how much fun MUD's were till I got here, I encourage everyone to try it and see for themselves.

Review posted by Sileesha Kwass
Posted on Tue Feb 10 19:38:49 2009 / 4 comments
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I started out on Fate of the Republic after my boyfriend and friends all decided to check it out and play. It caught my attention when I saw my boyfriend being shot down by enemy ships and troops.

I'm not a big Star Wars fan and I don't know that much about it other than the movies, and I feel completely at home on this MUD. The races and classes are both very unique, ranging from Adarians and Selkath, to Soldiers and Space Pirates.

Roleplay is a big part of Fate of the Republic. Characters earn Quest Points by completing quests from other players. These quests can range from 'Go fly to Coruscant and retrieve me food' or 'Assassinate the Chancellor of the Republic'.

You receive a number of Quest Points per quest and these points can be used to buy special ships, weapons, armor, building materials and even unlockable races such as Miraluka and Verpine. I have the privilege of being one of the few mortals who can call themselves Quest Masters, which I honor deeply.

In my time here, i've been treated good and fair by the helpful Immortal staff and the even friendlier playerbase. Not a day has gone by that I haven't seen players helping out new players and even lending a helping hand to older ones.

So in short, if you're a big Star Wars fan or just want to experience a truly fun, RP oriented mud with lots of different stuff to explore and do, I highly recommend Fate of the Republic.

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Comment posted on Sat Jan 31 10:20:59 2009 by Temujin:

Uh, you were only treated well because you're a female. Asher, the admin in charge, is a royal jerk. He has admitted to giving the Empire perks and will NOT let it fall. I do not understand the purpose of a game where your choice is join the empire or have the HEAD admin report any anti-empire actions so you can die a horrible unfair death.

If the empire did this of their own power, I wouldn't be mad even in the slightest. Just provides an RP obstacle to overcome if you really want to uproot the empire. As it is, it's impossible.

I joined this mud because a friend asked me too, and he has good taste. While in the empire, I was having a generally good time. I discovered fairly quickly staying in the empire pretty much meant sitting on my hands, running a few errands every once in awhile. Since then I've noticed any attempt to go against the empire, even those that were not even full-blown attempts but were just little things done in the corner of the mud, led to death. If things changed, this mud could be a great place to play, but as it is I suggest you STAY AWAY.

Comment posted on Mon Feb 2 00:50:56 2009 by Nightshade:

Let me start off by saying that those comments made by Gotrek and Temujin are 100% complete and total rubbish. Females do NOT get perks that other players miss out on. It is fortunate that I played with both Gotrek and the female player he mentions prior to this and words cannot describe my disappointment with Gotrek and the fact that he has to bring his personal vendetta against this woman into such a place like this, as well as his vendetta against the admin.

The female character in question is not the most powerful character in the game, which is quite obvious to anyone who's played there for any amount of time. This 'clique' effect he speaks of I can also, personally, discredit. I have lead one of the two major factions of the MUD and I *always* included all members of the faction equally. You can believe/disbelieve but I like to think of every - *every* member of the faction as a friend, cliques and grudges make for poor RP and a bad time, something no-one wants.

This MUD is based off star wars, and the admin keeps to this theme to the line, when I joined this MUD I joined it because it was a friendly, RP based MUD, that made good RP worth far more than killing random creatures.

Now this rubbish about The Empire not falling is 100% false. I have been a 'commodore' for The Empire for some time now and I will say that I have *not* been helped at all. Everyday I am in this MUD defending our planets from the rebels. Everyday. Maybe this player thought we were helped by an Immortal, because he never actually got off his bum to help us.

The review of FOTR is correct, the comments have been made by players who only joined to make trouble for the admin and hassle our female players, as I'm afraid was the case. When he saw that he couldnâ?^¬?^Ģt get what he wanted from the female player he refers to he resorted to lies and verbal abuse. So I advise you disregard the comments of Gotrek and Temujin, and if you really want to know the truth, there's no better way than checking us out. I ask you to question the logic of a player who has to write the words 'STAY AWAY' on a comment, not a few hours after a review was posted, and ask yourself are they going to fairly represent the MUD? See for yourself what goes on here, I guarantee you won't feel the same as those two, and look forward to meeting you.

Chiroptera - Nightshade

Comment posted on Mon Feb 2 01:25:24 2009 by Pessel Zlaar:

Hi all,

If you're here to find out what the game is like, perhaps reading the comments submitted by people who didn't like it is a good idea. I had to laugh though, especially when I read this:

# Please supply as much factual information as possible to support the position of your comments, in response to the specified review.

These guys certainly don't have all the facts. Neither do I, but I don't pretend to. I do know that this is a very newbie friendly MUD, and when a complete newb (even to MUDs in general) turned up, she was looked after by an experienced player. Certainly if these other players that are unhappy had asked they could have been looked after by another player as well. _I'm_ always trying to be helpful.

Fate of the Republic is about just that, and unfortunately the Empire is more powerful. If the Republic can't get it's act together enough to do anything other than a frontal assault, they probably don't stand much of a chance. So please, if you have more than two brain cells to knock about, join the Republic! (I'm actually in the republic by the way)

Which brings me to the last point I wanted to discuss. Players die in this MUD. PKill is forbidden without an RP reason, but there are plenty of other ways to kill yourself. Once again though, this can be avoided if you think about what you're doing. If you add to that the fact that a new player takes less than a day to train to a competent level, is means that the MUD not only retains realism, but there is also a fresh flow of new characters. And there are certainly ways to save.

Any experienced Mudders out there know that if you're sitting around twiddling your thumbs, you make your own excitement. This has be emphasized just recently with a player-made race through the galaxy. As for me, I enjoy exploring the huge game-world and watching other people lob thermal detonators at Jedi (from a safe distance).

If you're after a Star Wars MUD where everyone has the force, kill each other regularly and spring back to life, then don't play Fate of the Republic. Wait! Come back. BUT, if you want to enjoy roleplay in a realistic interpretation of the Star Wars universe, created by the players, then we'd love to have you.

Comment posted on Mon Feb 2 10:47:10 2009 by Domovoi:

The above comments are moot, and these personal attacks against the staff are just players who got dealt a bad card in the mud. They more than probably didn't take the proper time to get to know the mud and had their character's lives cut short by something they didn't do right.

As to this 'clique' thing, it's entirely not true. It's hard to have a clique with two or three players since that's all that can be really afforded until we grow a larger pbase, and with whiners like these, who spout off random bad things and never good, it will be hard.

Females are not catered to. Never have been, and probably never will be unless it's done ICly by the characters. If this is done, you can simply assume that the male character has the hots for the female. I and my fiancee can safely say I am a male and the staff has been more than accommodating to me, and other males as well on the mud. Why? Roleplay.

I was asked to keep doing what I do, and that is stimulate roleplay. If you 'sit on your hands' and don't promote RP, sure you're going to get the shaft, because you did nothing to help the mud positively. If you come here and establish yourself as a crime lord or a rebel faction leader, you will get helped. If you join these and act as their faithful, roleplaying sidekicks, you will be helped. If you sit and do not contribute to the mud, why help? Why waste time and effort while you suck your thumb?

In essence, I can say I am not familiar with either name above, but I am familiar with Sileesha Kwass, so you can tell who roleplayed and was active, and who just 'sat on their hands.'

And about the head admin not letting the Empire fail: tell me, how, if you're not letting the Empire fail, is the Republic currently winning at this point, as I am writing this? These comments are absolutely ludicrous. The Empire is full of Sith and one in particular has the entire galaxy hot wired with cameras, with the most probable densest network in his own palace. You can't get away with something that you're being watched on.

If the Head Admin is reporting all Anti-Empire activity, why is the Republic still alive and active? Why haven't they been smashed yet? Your personal attacks on the staff can be unraveled by these simplest of questions.

The staff is concerned with keeping the roleplay in this mud alive and they are doing a good job of it. We have players all the way from Jedi to Sith, from Crime Lords to Pilots, and every class in between. We're looking for anyone who wants to roleplay and not treat this as a hack and slash MUD. Someone who wants to express their creativity in any number of ways. Good RP isn't required, as long as you make an effort, that's all that matters.

Review posted by draconmag
Posted on Mon Jan 5 19:02:03 2009 / 0 comments
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Greetings fellow mudders, I'd like to take this time to tell you about Star Wars: Fate of the Republic. I'll try to break it down as best as I can.

First off there are several specialties in which one can diversify their character. Soldier, agent, slicer, bounty hunter, pilot, armorer, politician, leader, shipbuilder, engineer, pirate, and scout. Everyone starts off as a citizen and some of this I listed about build off one another, like a tier system. Of course there are also those select few that can be Jedi or Sith.

You won't find any silly powers like cast float, etc. The forcers have three levels of mastery, apprentice, knight/lord, and master.

Space combat is amazing with use from starfighters, to might capital ships, in which you can bombard enemy planets and attempt to take over those worlds for your faction/clan. There's also special space combat skills like juke, barrel roll, spilt_s, chaff, launching missiles/torpedos/rockets, tractor beams etc.

There are also in game questmasters, made up of players. With qpts you can buy better ships, gear, or save up for special races that require qpts to play.

As far as races to play, there are currently 17. Plus 7 of the more special ones that you can purchase later on.

Currently there are 22 worlds in which you can travel to and explore, trade commodities with, or conquer. There are no stock areas that I have found in this game.

I have played several star wars genre games that are out, but none can touch this one in whats been done as far as code-wise. It's a completely rp enforced game, and most are willing to rp or help out a newbie. The playerbase here is growing, just a few days ago there were 15 on at midnight, and you hardly ever log on to a zero count.

I highly encourage anyone that has interest in the star wars theme, or just likes to pilot ships or rp to come check this place out, give it a few hours try. You'll soon fall in love with all the things in which you can do.

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Review posted by QuakerOat
Posted on Sun Jun 24 18:36:40 2007 / 0 comments
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I started playing this mud alittle over a year ago when it reopened with a new version and entirely new timeline. My first day here was incredible. I can remember spending most of my friday night and saturday morning interacting, roleplaying and understanding the new and unique skills/quest system which had been implemented prior to the games new patch. I can personally say, the way the mud's players and immortal staff pushed active roleplay into the scene within a few days was astonishing. By the end of the week, I found myself engaged in many active clan roles and deep roleplay, frankly, to the point of addiction and a need to be online most of my day.

A few assests this mud has to offer is it's unique quest and skills system. I personally have never seen anything like it and it breaks away from the tranditional habit of obtaining skills and levels. ..You know, that brief visit to the nearest NPC trainer followed by the spamming of the practise command on down the list. This system is all but brief, in that it allows players to become the questmasters and engages the questee into more active roles.

As of late, the immortal staff has been seeking out an even larger pbase from any source. The mud needs to grow from here and I recommend this mud only to people who absolutely LOVE to roleplay. This mud requires alot of it, but still allows players to escape their reality and enjoy the mud. Anyone looking for a mudhome should check this place out..

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Review posted by Marc
Posted on Sun Aug 20 17:46:28 2006 / 0 comments
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Fate of the Republic is unlike any SWR of Fote that you've ever played. A 99.9% original product, FotR promises a unique gaming experience not offered anywhere else. With a wide range of your favorite races to choose from accompained by a leveling and class selection system found only on FotR, its no wonder the playerbase is growing by the handful everyday.

Originaly 'RitS' (Rebellion in the Stars) FotR has undergone a complete facelift to the point where the mud is nearly unreconizable as its previous self. Roleplay is enforced as a way of life and constantly monitored to remain true to this fact. Player-Killing is also offered in a faction based atmosphere as the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) struggles to halt the increasing threat of the Confederacy of Independant Systems (CIS) and its overwhelming droid force.

Naturally based in the 'Clone Wars' era, FotR brings this legendary timeline to life with a Star Wars enviornment you won't believe until you see. One of a kind, FotR throws forth unlimited growing potential to its players where you choose your own path and boundaries are just about nonexistent.

Key features including clans, player driven quests, diverse and balanced classes with a number of skills availible only here, cloning, a quality space system, player controlled economy, private homes, ships and the most dedicated, skilled and friendly staff all mixed into one, this multiplayer universe is nothing short of 'the best Star Wars mud out there today' and almost leaves you with a numbing sensation due to the sheer brilliance it took to create this world.

It doesn't matter if you're the biggest star wars fan or just someone looking to start on a new mud, the staff of FotR have taken all the elements of the Clone Wars and made it as close to reality as possible. The best part is, there's a spot for you. Hope to see you soon.

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Review posted by Locke
Posted on Thu Aug 10 18:57:35 2006 / 0 comments
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This game has long been my favorite to play, even after having played some of the best I've seen in all my time MUDing. I started out here playing a very lost slicer by the name of Locke, and stole ships with a small crew onboard the CEC Hammerhead Fast Transport we called the Gaia.

As much fun as this was (and it was awesome) I later decided to try my luck at being a pilot and liked that just as much. I went on to try many different classes and types of characters, until the beginning of Summer 2006, when the game closed for 2 months worth of renovations. I was there for those two months, and I worked with the most dedicated MUD staff I've ever seen, building to help make the huge galaxy of FotR.

Nowadays nearly anyone you talk to who has ever really given this game a try will agree to say it is the best Star Wars based MUD they have played. It features everything from a custom tiered level system to a player driven quest system to enhance player interaction rather than having everyone just fend for themselves.

If you are going to give anything a try, FotR is the place to go. I remember even now the welcome I got when I first came into the game, unlike the many other games where I ended up feeling left out by the community. I was able to create my character, create a personality, and actually feel like it wasn't time wasted; it was was an extremely lucky find.

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Review posted by Asher
Posted on Wed Jun 21 18:29:14 2006 / 0 comments
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Fate of the Republic is an older MUD with a new face. Since 1997, the staff of FotR (Formally RitS) has worked hard to create a MUD that truly captures the essence of the Star Wars universe, a calling that most miss. Through advances in both our code, building and with the help of our loyal players and staff, I am proud to say that I believe we have done just that, shedding our SMAUG skin to become the first truly immersive Star Wars MUD, where the player steps out of our world and into the world of Jedi and Sith, where an ancient and beleaguered Republic fights for control over the massive droid armies of the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

Our code supports several key features that are unique to our MUD, including a brand new level system, a player-driven quest system and a feature that we are keeping under wraps for the time being, codenamed TigerEye.

At the moment, we are currently seeking dedicated staff to add the finishing touches to our Galaxy, be it through building, quest design or programming. All we ask is that you have an adequate knowledge of the Clone Wars era and a good work ethic with the will to work.

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Review posted by David
Posted on Sun Mar 26 17:52:44 2006 / 0 comments
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After leaving a mud I had religiously played for about three years, I spent a very long time trying to find another mud I could really get into and enjoy. I started looking through SWR muds and tried out several over the course of a couple months. I found that the majority of them were the same stock world with the same flight format, same skills, and same experience. Rebellion in the Stars was very different from the beginning. It has a great 'tutorial zone' that really teaches you the game. While a lot of times in other muds you have to really work to go through these zones, going throw RITS's newbie zone was fun, like playing the game.

Almost everything in RITS is modified, and everything that was modified was modified in very beneficial way. Of all the muds I have looked at in the past year, this has been the only one to really draw my attention and keep me interested.

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Review posted by Tech
Posted on Wed Aug 24 20:04:41 2005 / 0 comments
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A year previous I had played on RITS for about 4-5 months, but had to stop playing due to time constraints. Once my time was freed up I did not go straightback. I gave a variety of the other mudconnector listed SWR muds a try but none of them had me hooked or at worst had me annoyed with incomplete/non-existent helpfiles, and/or a not so friendly newbie environment.

Things have changed on RITS since I last played, but it was real easy to pick up where I left off, thanks to up to date helpfiles. And all the changes and new code that were implemented were definitely moves in the right direction. The staff is constantly striving to improve the 'realism' of the environment, all the while making sure that each improvement adds to the fun, improves the environment for RPing, and never crosses the line where a new feature is tedious and there only for the sake of realism.

The staff is almost constantly thinking of and implementing original ideas (many of the previously mentioned features have co-opted by other SWRs). Unlike, other muds I've been on, the IMs often open up the floor on the OOC channel asking for feedback on various topics like, balance issues or just running some ideas by the players that are on. It's almost a prerequisite for MC reviews to mention that the IMs/Wiz's are approachable and newbie friendly, but on RITS this is the truth. As long as you’re respectful and the IM isn't busy, you'll get a reply/help.

I've played various non-combat classes, and I haven't found a SWR mud that made it so easy to be a class other than Combat/Pilot/Engineer. The helpfiles are real good as far as guiding you where to start, and if you still have questions, someone can offer you some guidance on the OOC channel. It is real easy to play the kind of SW character you envision. And from what I hear, the skills/classes will only get better once the new skill system is fully implemented.

The only downside is that the mud needs more players, to realize the scope of the organizations and themes.

If you are looking for a versatile, RP driven, SWR, I highly recommend you sign on and give this spot a try.

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Review posted by RitS Staff
Posted on Sun Apr 10 19:08:52 2005 / 0 comments
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Rebellion in the Stars introduces a new experience and a new genre to the SWR type of MU* gaming. With a dynamic code specifically made to suit players needs, RP wise and for fun it proves to be one of the most highly developed codes introduced to the MU* world. It holds many unique systems and features including a unique skill system, multiple planets and a great experience, plus the many more slight things that add atmosphere to the game.

The timelime is set just after the Battle of Hoth with the Rebellion and Empire still battling their way through the galaxy searching for independence and power. While playing, you will start off as young talent fresh out of the academy to spiral in your own direction, whether it be to fight the world for justice or lay a treacherous hand amongst those trusted, it is your choice to make. In aid to this, many classes and races are made available for the player, making the possibilities endless and dramatic.

Rebellion in the stars is currently offering a promotion in order to give our new players a headstart in the broad world of Rebellion in the Stars. Please stop by and see us we will be more than happy to answer any questions and the Imms are always at hand.

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Review posted by Andrew Robson
Posted on Thu Oct 7 18:38:53 2004 / 0 comments
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Rebellion in the Stars or 'RitS' is a very large MUD with an average of around 7 players and 2 staff members around at a time. It is based around Star Wars by George Lucas. Currently there are around 10 planets all of which are well described. I found it fun when I first started playing RitS to just roam about planets and look at the different mobs and buildings I saw in or connected to each room.

A big part of RitS is the different clans you may decide to be in, such as the Empire and the Rebel Alliance. They form communities and hierarchies that unlike some MUDs I have played are worth trying to progress in. The two I just mentioned are often fighting about one thing or another trying to force their beliefs on one another or just trying to keep planets under their control or keep the support of their followers. Every player is important to the cause of whatever clan they join.

No two characters are the same even based on looks. There are a LOT of races to choose from and then gender, eye color, hair color, skin type, build, and based on how you play or your description, your weight and height.

While in some MUDs the sight of a character is symbolized in 'You see George.' in RitS until they have introduced themself you would see it as 'You see a toned male Wookiee.' Since roleplay is very important there, names are not known until they are told.

RitS is always being worked on to make it better for the players and while it has everything most players could ask for it is still missing one thing: the playerbase it is worthy of. This is not something that could be thought of as a good thing yet those who actually try playing will find that they are not treated as one of the four hundred people online but as a friend of the staff and the other players no matter how long they have been around.

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Review posted by Nerma
Posted on Wed Sep 1 19:55:25 2004 / 0 comments
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8 months ago, i decided to get back to MUDing. I looked around for a MUD to start at, and i stumbled across a few SWR muds. Most of them looked the same, and there was no one online. Suddenly, i found a mud called Rebellion In The Stars (RitS).

I'm still playing there, and i have been on for at least four hours each week (With a few exceptions). There is so much positive about RitS... You can break bones from combat, or falling. You can crashland on a planet from being shot down in the atmosphere.

The staff is by far the friendliest i have seen in my 7 years of MUDing.

There are NO stock areas.

There are 9 classes (Combat, Piloting, Engineering, Bounty Hunting, Smuggling, Politician, Slicer, Medical and Espionage), each with plenty of skills.

And there are more than 40 races.

If all of that isn't enough, Rits have less than 30% stock coding, and it has it's very own skill system, called E-Skill, which makes the making of skills easy and faster.

I've had some of my best RP ever on RitS, and it's a fantastic place. Please, i beg you to come visit us. I'm sure you will have fun.

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Review posted by Rakun
Posted on Fri Aug 6 19:29:59 2004 / 0 comments
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Quite well modified, so it's fun to play it, RP is good, friendly people. Everyone is welcome.

I've went through a lot of good RP, so did many others, we help new people with Roleplaying too, so don't give up and ask a question if you won't know something.

Our nice coders have made the mud pretty cool, like it's reality (Atmosphere, crashes into planets while in it, bone breaking, etc.) and lots of other nice stuff and still making new cool stuff... :)

Building is nice too, all or most of areas are 'homemade' and nicely built.

Roleplaying is cool. :) Like, we actually make space battles, sometimes also ground (on the planet) battles, which are usually roleplay, briefings, counter-attacks and stuff like that. Also, a lot of other RP happens too, like dark meetings, research of death star and then making it, love (like Han Solo in Episode 6) things, things in the bars, and many other things.

We'll help you if you'll need help, we hope you'll come to see us and play on our mud too :) It's cool mud.

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Review posted by Mr.gogo
Posted on Tue Jul 27 19:48:38 2004 / 3 comments
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This game has little SW RP. The setting has been changed so that such factions such as the Rebel Alliance will never have a Luke Skywalker and the Empire will never have a Death Star. The RP is very restricted.

Example: Kaminoans, who seek perfection to the point of killing themselves over it, are not allowed it. My char lost his finger due to torture and they wouldn't allow a replacement cybernetic ('It's not in this timeline.') or to kill himself due to the lack of perfection. This is one case out of many that exist.

Example: A Jawa can't hold the Giant Swap on Tatooine (Like they have once a year in the books and such) because they, Jawas, would never work together on it.

Example: Yoda was jailed and converted by the Sith. Need I say more.

These are a few cases of the bad RP. However, if you wanna be a Sith in the Rebel Alliance or a Jedi in the Empire, then this game is perfect for you.

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Comment posted on Wed Jul 21 13:48:22 2004 by Shawn:

Unfortunately, if the game had a playerbase, maybe some of your things would have been allowed. I know who your characters were, and what I saw was mostly you being picked on by everybody else.

That's one of the problems with Rebellion in the Stars. You can't seek help from players because everyone there is either an oldbie in a clique or a newbie who's as helpless as you are. Immortals are just old mortals brought to power, save for Ewerta and Drax, who are hardly ever present or who turn a deaf ear on whatever is going on.

The game is large, with the most heavily modified SWR code I have ever seen, and it is by far my favorite, but too much power is given to single players. Unless some drastic changes take place, the game is never going to progress beyond it's current playerbase.

Comment posted on Sat Jul 24 14:23:16 2004 by Asher:

'Mr. Go Go' is nothing more than an irate player who was banned for threatening the Immortal Staff to get his way. In his six months spent on the MUD, he whined whenever something happened that he didnt like. When that didnt work, for whatever reason, he sunk to threatening the Immortals. I will never forget him saying to our Head Builder, 'If you don't restore my file right now, i'm leaving!' Of course, as with all players like that he didn't actually leave.

This talk of Jedi in the Empire and Sith in the Alliance...Yoda being converted, it's all false. As for his character, the Kaminion who was not allowed to commit suicide...well, he was not allowed to kill himself simply because he had been captured for High Treason and was in binders, in an Imperial Prison.

Concerning his other character, the Jawa who tried to start the 'Jawa Liberation Force,' well, can you blame the staff for denying him such a horrid RP scenerio? We encouraged him to go to Tatooine and have the Great Swap, even offered to build him his own little zone just for the event. He of course moaned and whined and told us no.

As for roleplay, while the RiTs staff does not restrict it unless the case is just blatantly retarded (as so kindly listed above by our friend, Mr. Go Go.), instead we promote situations that would stimulate IC interaction and scenarios where roleplay isn't only necessary, it's fun.

In closing, RiTs gave Mr. GoGo every chance to roleplay and advance his position in that manner. Instead, he resorted to threats and lies in an attempt to force his way on the Rebstar staff. When told this was not acceptable, he decided he would rather make a weak attempt to drive players away from our MUD. We invite you to come visit RiTs for yourselves and see what we offer. Thanks, Asher PR Admin

Comment posted on Sat Jul 24 20:25:19 2004 by Karn:

While it seems you have had a not so pleasant time on this MUD I cannot say the same. The comment on a jedi in the empire or a sith in the Rebel Alliance is false, in the three years that I have been playing on this MUD I have never seen a jedi in the empire.

The reason that you where not allowed to receive a cyber replacement for your finger is because that is the effect of the torture skill, used to permanantly lower HP, if you were allowed a replacement then the skill would have no use. Furthermore, the event that you are referring to when you say you where not all- owed to kill yourself, you were at any time free to kill your- self; it was the manner in which you where attempting to do it which was not allowed. No player can blow up an entire planet because they do not like the empire and are angry because they are being arrested.

This MUD boasts a very good RP enforcement department and is always up to date on any event that takes place. Along with a very efficient RP department, the building and coding department do an excellent job in keeping the game fresh and interesting even for the oldest of players.

The force system and piloting system are original and very well designed. Along with almost completely original worlds, this MUD is a very fun and interesting game.

Review posted by Lasakar
Posted on Mon Feb 9 21:57:59 2004 / 0 comments
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Sorry if my english sounds a little bit strange but it is not my native language because I am from Germany.

I visit a lot of MUDs and check them out. RitS is one of the two MUDs I play regularly. It is a Star Wars MUD, so it unnecessary to describe the story. I have played it since september 2003.

1)The race, class, skill and level system

RitS has alot of races like humans, Twi’leks, Jawas, Trandoshan, Wookies, droids or even Hutts. Over 30 races. But not all are available in the beginning. For some (like droids) you have to apply for, because they are more difficult to play.

After the selection of the races you could chooses your class. You must look which proffesion fits to your race. Like a defel would be a very good smuggler (they are invisible). At the moment there are 9 classes available (but there are more planned like merchants, scouts and so on). Here are some examples.

Bounty hunting: The hunter of criminals and all who has a bounty on their head. They have some real nasty skills: breaking bones, torture, poisoning weapons, tracking someone and so on. Hunters have to be in the Guild to develop their skills. That is one of the few points I don’t like. A guild is good, but a Bounty Hunter should be a freelancer too.

Pilot: A good pilot could fly all, speeders, starfighters, big Corvettes etc. They are experts for spacecombat.

Engineer: They could build nearly all. Containers, weapons of all kinds, armors and even spaceships! You could buy blasters, but no will be so good as some player build blasters.

Slicer: They hack into all what could be hacked. Locks, databanks and your bank account! Be careful.

Each class has a skillset, but you also get some skills from other classes. How much skills you can earn depends on which race and class you have choosen. To reach your next skill you have to level up this class. This is done by using a skill of the class. Simply said: A fighter has to battle, an engineer to build and a medical must heal somebody.


RitS has a good developed system. They have hyperspace (can’t do much there), realspace and even the atmosphere of the planets are useable. I personally had some spacefights in the atmosphere because someone turned the planetshield on. You can rent a public ship and land/buy your own ship! There are simple starfighters or big corvettes with over 20 rooms. In player build ships you can insert different moudules (e.g. engines, weapons, sensors, cargo). But the best is you can change the description of your shiprooms (it is the same command for changing the desc of your appartment).

The clans even own Capital ship. Ever wanted to fly a Star Destroyer or a SSD? No prob. These giant ships have their own commands. You are captain and just give orders. Like navigation, shield raising or attacking and invading whole planets! There are endless possiblities.


Force is the heart of every Star Wars MUD. There are lot different systems how is it handled. In RitS it is determined randomly who has force. First time I heard of it I though it stunk. But after a while I saw the RP possibilties in it. A forcer (Only players and he must be a master) has to sense another player if he has force. If it is so, he can take him his as his pupil and teach him. So only players can teach players force. There are no MOBs who can be your Master. RitS has Jedis and Sith. Each has three levels and each level has a different skill set. To play master and pupil is something special.

4) The staff, players and atmosphere

The staff and players are very friendly and helpful. If someone has a question there is always somebody who helps. RitS is very newbie friendly. PK is possible, but you need a good reason for it or it is declared illegal.

What I am missing are more gamers who like to RP and know their abilities, who play their race and not only their class. Who don’t challenge a Jawa engineer (that's me) to an arenafight just to find out which one has the bigger blasters. We have some wonderful clans here which definitely have some important positions open...

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Review posted by Bob
Posted on Tue Dec 30 14:02:36 2003 / 1 comment
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This SWR 1.0 was completely stock about 5 years ago, since then it has evolved into a much more fully developed SWR with about less than 30% stock code left and about 0% stock planets left. Having a total of 40 planets, 10 of which has been recently taken out for renovation which adds up to a total of 50 worlds.

The space system is really unique from any other mud I've played. Linking weapon systems and launchers, communication and sensor jammers, various piloting manuevers, atmosphere for planets, full mob crew for capital ships to perform actual duties (IE: plotting hyperspace courses, firing weapons, docking, etc), taking over another clans capital ship by sending your capital ships troopers to seize the other one. Constructship system, building and modifying any one of over 40 different prototypes to suit your flying needs.

There are nine different classes with three more on the way. There are also over 300 skills to give your character more freedom in the game, more tricks of the trade.

Entirely new force system, a system no longer based on the 'cast' system, but instead based on individual skills. This system also stresses the new master-padawan system that was recently disabled due to bugs, and now is fixed. The skills are divided up into three catagories: Sith, Jedi and General, and obviously all forcers fall into one of these catagories.

Furthermore, all force levels(the force class) have been removed, leaving ones strength in force entirely dependent on their stats. Forcer stats include control, sense, and alter. All forcers can achieve masterhood however, it does take long due to the difficulty of training these new skills.

If you want to learn more, please take some time to view our wonderful mud and if you have any questions or comments, I'm usually available on it to answer you.

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Comment posted on Fri Dec 19 00:03:09 2003 by Vince:

This mud has potential, but it's just not cutting it!

The academy was done rather poorly. The fact that you have to sit there and max out all your stats right at the beginning just blatently stinks. What's the point of everyone running around with max stats. Why bother rolling stats to begin with, just max them out for us in the beginning so we don't have to spend 20 minutes doing it outselves.

The information provided in the academy room descriptions was sparse at best, it mostly just pointed to help files. Ok, I can understand help files are there to be read, but newbie schools should give us enough information about what we need to be doing to at least get into playing for a while before having to sit there and read boring text files!

The turbo lift was kinda cool at first, letting you go to the level that corresponds to your chosen profession, until I found out that they consist of two rooms with the exact same description (more on this later) and provided absolutely no class-specific information! It did have a trainer, but you can train your skills with a trainer you meet at the beginning of the academy. You NEED a 200 character bio and description in order to get out of the academy. That's very annoying. I understand you're trying to enforce roleplaying, but a star wars mud is not exactly a haven for roleplayers. I like the star wars movies, but I'm not familiar enough with the SW Universe to properly roleplay.

What finally made me quit out (probably for good), was the fact that when you finally made it out of the completely boring and pointless academy, all the room descriptions in the city were the same!! Let me clarify: They weren't ALL the same, but for any given road they were exactly alike, and the roads here can go for about 10-20 rooms or so long, each with an exact clone of the room desc from the last room. You do get a different description when you go to another road, but otherwise they're all the same! Come on now, even STOCK code doesn't have every description exactly the same.

I will give credit where credit is due, I like the classes, the races and the systems such as the force system and the ability to use spacecraft to go to different planets and such, but after five years its time to stop dealing with the code and work HEAVILY on the building!

Review posted by Karn
Posted on Sun Aug 24 19:39:05 2003 / 0 comments
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Hi, I am glad that you have decided to look into this wonderful and very unique MUD. I have been playing Rebellion in the stars for a bit over a year now and I can tell you from experience that this is one of the best MUDs I have ever played. The staff of RiTS is very friendly and they are allways willing to help out people, whether it be new to the game or new to mudding in general, there is always someone who is willing to help you out. In addition to very friendly staff, the MUD has over 60 planets to explore and a very unique force system that strongly encourages a master student relationship. RiTS is an ever growing MUD with friendly players and several unique qualities so come on over and check us out, whether you are a fan of SWRs MUDs you will not be disappointed.

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Review posted by Kahn
Posted on Wed Aug 20 11:09:06 2003 / 0 comments
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I have seen rits when it was down. Used to be we had a moderately good code and not much rp at all. We didn't have many players either. But today I look at rits and see a mud thriving with rp especially enhanced by the introduction system. The way it works is you have to use the introduce system to know someone icly, it works great.

We have also had thousands of rooms built just recently by one of the best builders out there, 'Alias,' and tons of lines of code by ewerta and the new coders. The mud is really taking off. I can't wait to see what the future holds for rits. I really recommend this mud to all of those who want to be inside star wars, this is the mud that has gotten the closest to really making you feel your inside the movie.

Thank You, Rits for making such a good mud.

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Review posted by Xero
Posted on Wed Aug 20 11:05:54 2003 / 0 comments
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Rebellion Of The Stars is probably 1 of 100 SWR’s I have played on the TMC, and by far I see it having the most promise.

First, I’ll explain what makes it such a well-rounded mud experience, and then cover some of the downfalls, yep even great muds have them.

To begin with the immortal staff are on the most part are kind, helpful, most questions are answered within minutes, if one is around and if not most of the active players will entertain most questions with helpful answers.

This game in the 2 weeks since I began playing has already made some strides that I have seen other muds take weeks to accomplish. About a week ago I saw one coder Kane accomplish 13 full code changes to the mud in a single day. And Ewerta the games main coding Ewok is what we have dubbed the “Lord of the Copy-overs” due to his copy-overs that repair most bugs, and since he fixes most bugs within minutes of discovery always expect a copy-over after a crash.

The actual pbase is constantly growing and has for the most part a good distinction of races and personalities. There are a few to watch out for like one Dark Jedi is known to go on the killing rampages and try to purge the pbase. Only thing we need is less human, everybody always chooses human so expect to meet lots of humanoids.

The class system is becoming very unique, which new skills are added all the time, and old ones are revamped to fit in the story line, so your not walking around with useless skills. They just added the espionage class which is growing to be one of the more popular picks for a class, The new credits for leveling system was finally tweaked and balanced and works good.

Jedi powers were recently under the knife and have come out better then ever with the new skill Storm. While old ones like Choke, Push, Pull has been redone also to fit well within game. Just so many skills to choose from and so many being added it’s a fun and realistic environment.

The coolest addition for anyone is the ability to control the capital ships with the help of a mob crew, no more needs for out-dated skills like “capital ships” or having a whole 10-15 people just to get one to be functional, they have added in a new skill that controls how many times the speed of light you travel and how much fuel that takes, to allow you to control how close you can hyperspace to an object without under or over shooting. There is also code in works for AI system invasions and a bounty system to collect money for destroying the invaders and saving your world.

The last and final notice is the great job Alias and Jerei are doing on the world developments, Tatooine has recently been redone to include, Bestine, a New Mos Eisly, and complete addition of beggars’ canyon. They also have added new ships and designs with more then 20 build-able ships. In the near future the expansion of ships with a new array for modules so different ships hold different things like some will be great gun-ships while others more suited for cargo or transport.

A Word for the wise be careful when exploring new worlds, traps and ambushes await, an adventure for sure.

In conclusion, this mud has been growing up in the direction that makes playing remember-able, and add to the environment that makes for a great escape into the worlds and lifestyles that have made SWR a choice for most players to experience new while still being simple and easy to understand.

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Review posted by Alias
Posted on Wed Aug 6 00:18:36 2003 / 0 comments
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Rebellion in the Stars is one of the muds I grew up with and actually is one of the only muds I've ever played, leaving me to dedicate my building work to the MUD.

Rebellion in the Stars consists of many original ideas from which our coder, Ewerta Lent [Ewok], codes by hand and takes usually nothing less than perfection. We have many features such as various new classes like espionage, merchant, and scientist.

These, as all other classes, have numerous amounts of skills from which the player may use to his or her advantage. Our vast race system made by Ewerta and used by me has created us a good thirty races and more to come each separatly looked at and modified to keep things in balance.

Our capital ship system no longer requires the skill 'Capital ships' and now is replaced with a crew system and ordership command to move and operate the ships with an aircarrier system that lets the captain of the ship control and operate remote starfighters.

Our entire Immortal staff is constantly working hard to produce new things for our players and what I have written here is only a sample, so please visit us and check this out for yourself. Don't hesitate to ask us any question from which you may have about our MUD.

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Review posted by Xyria
Posted on Tue Jul 29 18:01:59 2003 / 0 comments
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RITS. The mud has had its ups and downs. Fortunately Ewerta took control of the coding department, and its going very well. New things are added in constantly, making the mud a fun and unique place to play. The Pbase, though slightly noisy at times, are good roleplayers who do their best to keep ooc information just that, OOC. That's not something you find in other SWR's. I've been in a seat of power on and off since I arrived to this mud...a long long time ago. It's been the only mud where being in power is actually fun. I've developed quite an interesting little following, my Slaves. *cackles* Hopefully you will be one soon! Heh no, but give RITS a shot, I think you'll enjoy it.

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Review posted by Rich Eisiminger
Posted on Sun Jul 13 13:18:21 2003 / 0 comments
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This is a nice SWR MUD that is VERY different from any other SWR MUD I have ever played. The Imms are helpful, the RP is great, and the class system is great (especially the slicer class and espionage[when it is implemented]).

There are many new planets, and the originals have been modified to be unique (except Mon Calamari). They have a working Cargo system, nice hyperspace system (most of the time). The landing system has been changed completly (you now have to approach a planet and fly to the surface).

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Review posted by Kaen
Posted on Tue Jun 17 19:36:30 2003 / 0 comments
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I've been playing MUDs & MUSHs for a long time and have pretty much encountered every codebase known to these funky little machines called Computers. Being a novice coder myself I have also come to respect the effort which goes into these maelstroms of code. Being a bit of a vagabond, I tend to roam from mud to mud searching for that unattainable perfect game while actively participating in a small cadre of muds which have caught my eye. I've come to enjoy the SWR codebase [a codebase based around the Star Wars theme ;>]the most of all due to its versatility and somewhat unique leveling system. However, the quality of the codebase is overshadowed by the great deal of SWR muds out there which offer very little more then 'stock'...featuring the same errors which most veteran players have learned to abuse to acquire a barrage of bonuses. Essentially, becoming the DBZ muds older, cooler brother in some aspects.

And then I found Rebellion in the Stars...

(Okay, maybe that's a bit of an overstatement...the mud isn't perfect but most of it's flaws are the result of its creator's drive towards perfection. In my opinion, it's close enough.)

Rebellion in the Stars offered me brand new areas (24 planets worth to be exact!), An onslaught of new skills, 2 new classes (Slicer & Medic *Neither of which are STOCK*), an Interactive quest system, a Highly modified space system, a COMPLETELY REDONE FORCE SYSTEM, new races and...well, you get the idea don't you?

However, the mud is not without it's flaws: A few times a week you'll encounter Ewerta [The Almighty Ewok/Coder] pumping out copyovers like no tommorow, but its for the sake of making the mud better so personally, I let it slide. With Copyover's come crashes, so you're going to encounter them once and a while BUT you'll lose nothing due to some nifty features Ewerta's added and the mud will normally boot right back up in a few mins(There have been exceptions!).

Also, the mud is RP enforced which can be a blessing or a curse...personally I enjoy it more this way, but too each their own. The one major drawback is the lack of a playerbase, RotS has averages about 4-10 players and really needs some more people to join.

Thats about it.

If you have any questions you should just stop by and ask, no one would mind and I haven't encountered any Newbie-Haters. So there shouldn't be problems. If you need a hand ask me: Kaen.

Check it out.

Kaen's OOC

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