Imperium is a mud offering a variety of classes and races, each with a unique set of abilities in a huge, all-original world. A multi-continental world which is still expanding, even after years of growth. Imperium uses a zone docking system to allow fast travel with minimum lag. The zones are all unique, featuring many different themes, some new, some recognizable. There are always places to adventure. Geared towards both roleplaying and combat, pking is allowed within certain restrictions. Multiple characters are allowed, up to three online at a time. Imperium's features include increased AI for mobs, multiple coin types, spell components, a unique introduction system, a wide variety of classes and unique spells, and huge travelling terrain with inns scattered throughout the continents, though they allow lodging for free at this time.

Item descriptions may be customized, within the fantasy world theme, for a modest amount of platinum. The Imms are both helpful and professional, having had many years of both roleplaying and MUD experience.

Mud Theme: Fantasy Roleplay

Imperium Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Seanna
Posted on Tue Aug 14 14:50:45 2018 / 0 comments
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Whether is womping wemics or strolling the contorting trials of the Tesseract, you will never be for want for somewhere to adventure on Imperium. Some areas are built for the solo adventurer other can handle large groups of multiplaying capped adventurers. Others still are as of yet, unexplored legends. I have played Imperium for well over a decade on an off and I have made life long friends and enemies over the years through roleplay, pkill, romance, and politics. There is something of everything for the committed player who comes with an open mind to Imperium. I have had my mettle tested in raids of epic proportion, invasions, DIKU challenges, pk vendettas, testing combos of unlikely merit in multiplay(remember you can play up to three characters at once, and you will find you almost have to play at least two to succeed, a rarity amongst muds), and just in single player play you have a huge world to explore spread out over multiple continents- come prepared to explore! Unparalleled adventure awaits you in this epic realm, come give it a try- a mudder with 20 years experience is here to tell you he calls this place home and wouldn't have it any other way!

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Review posted by Hadrian / Randall Bazell
Posted on Mon Aug 6 17:20:46 2018 / 1 comment
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Unless you're a friend of the implementors on this MUD, you should avoid it. I played for a couple of months after a very long hiatus, and everything appeared to be great on the surface. Everyone was very friendly, happy, and helpful, and we all ran around together and had good adventures. But then, one of the Implementor's (Halen) friends was scorned because of not receiving a piece of loot he wanted. This erupted into a full-blown fight on their Facebook group (of which I was just banned), and ultimately the banning of myself and two of my friends who had also recently begun playing.

Just know what you're getting into if you play here. The playerbase is low (4-5 people), and they allow the playing of 3 characters since you have to basically do everything solo or with a friend. But do yourself a favor and avoid interaction with the other players, as many are toxic. It's a fun MUD, but just like most others, the immortal staff ultimately ruins the game. I have screenshots of the FB meltdown that are available upon request if anyone is interested. Just do a search for my name in Google or Facebook and you should be able to find my contact information.

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Comment posted on Sat Jun 30 15:48:11 2018 by Billy:

I encourage people to try the game and make their on judgement. This reviewer was banned from the mud by the previous admin for cheating, grief killing newbies in an attempt to run players off, and complete and utter disrespect for the admin. Years later, I unbanned him, being assured those were his 'crazy kid days', and everything seemed okay, until his mask slipped. He is one of those blame the staff first players, regardless, dreaming up theories and paranoid delusions based on zero other than his own imagination. He was banned from the facebook page due to trollling and being personally insulting after he had already announced he was no longer going to play on the game. Then he comes on this site to continue his trolling and posting falsehoods.

Review posted by Cyril
Posted on Mon Mar 14 20:07:14 2005 / 0 comments
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I've tried some of the big-budget blockbuster MUDs available. They're certainly impressive, in the way that New York is impressive when you're standing on the street looking up at its skyscrapers. You can tell a lot of work has gone into packing them with a dizzying array of features. Dizzy is a good word for how I feel when I play them.

Somehow I keep finding my way back to this little mud. It's so *simple*. It feels like someone's hobby, a hobby they've been patiently devoting themselves to for years and years, slowly and lovingly adding to it here and there. There is a very particular kind of mudder who can't stand the big chat room muds, the cookie cutter muds, the eye-searingly colorful muds, and even the feature-packed metropolis muds (as impressive as they are). Once they discover this little mud, they are suddenly at home. I'm that kind of mudder, as you can probably tell.

When I call it a little MUD, I don't mean in terms of the size of its world. It's got a very healthy 8,000 rooms, some of which I am fairly certain have never even been explored. Having played here for a good 8 years, I still don't know everything there is to know about the _world_. When I say 'small' and 'simple', I'm talking about game mechanics and character options. It's a relatively basic set of classes, each with its own predefined skillset.

Another thing I don't mean by 'simple' is 'easy'. There are 30 levels, and if you level to 31, you are automatically anointed an immortal. Simple, right? You could count the number of people who have actually managed to do this on two hands. Death is no joke in this game, especially at the higher levels. If you don't learn how to avoid death early on, you will quickly be in an experience hole that's almost impossible to dig your way out of; that, or you'll exhaust all your 'fates' and be permanently dead. Again, some people don't like this--they want to be constantly gaining levels, and they want death to be a slap on the wrist. Personally, I prefer the challenge on Imperium.

Players are allowed to run 2 characters simultaneously, and most who are successful at higher levels choose to take advantage of this. It takes some getting used to at first, but with a good client it's not at all difficult to pull off.

You have to meet people and introduce yourself to them in order to 'know' them (so they show up on your who list and you can send tells to them.) A lot of people coming from chat type muds really hate this. What can I say. We like it.

Spells are memorized rather than mana-based, a la D&D. This is one of the coolest and most unique features we have, in my opinion. It makes being a spellcaster a real challenge, but a fun one, in my opinion.

Basically this is a hack and slash mud. Within that simple framework, a lot of players choose to roleplay for their own enjoyment. We have a very small community right now, hovering a little below that critical mass of players where newbies who aren't turned off by small who lists will stick around. Some people like to putz around on Imperium *because* it's not crowded. Myself, I could stand to see a few more fresh faces. Either way, Imperium will stay what it is: a well-loved little hobby mud with a long past and an even longer future.

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