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[Update July 18, 2023] - I am fixing the bugs in the mudlist and submissions system and new and updated mud listings are being processed again. I apologize for the site being down for so long. Sometimes life comes at you fast and I had to step back from TMC for awhile, I did not realize that the site hosting our dns had gone down during that time.

A bug was recently reported which was preventing small and large mud logo files from being saved (thank you for reporting Myst). This has now been fixed, if you have attempted uploading a logo in the last week please resubmit and your logos should be saved.

The default biglist will no longer sort or display rank information. The ranking system has not been active for a long time and is no longer accurate, alphabetical sorting is now active. -Iccy
Mud Site Play Now Website Connect Status
Buffy Mud 5000 None Connected
Cities of M'Dhoria 6996 Connect Refused
Abandoned Codex 4000 Connected
Abandoned Realms 9000 Connected
Legends of the Jedi 5656 Connected
Sindome 5555 Connected
Covenant 1685 Connected
Age of Dragons MUD 4000 Connected
After the Plague 3000 Connected
Aliens vs. Predator 4000 Connect Refused
Epitaph 6789 Connect Refused
AustinMUD 4000 Connected
StormHunters 7000 Connected
Clessidra 4000 Connected
Bad Trip 7778 Connected
DragonBall: Infinity 4000 Connected
Star Wars: Knights of Darkness 5555 Connected
Barren Realms 8000 Connected
Primal Darkness 5000 Connected
Cajun Nights MUSH 7373 Connected
CheesyMUD 4001 Connected
Castle Arcanum 3888 Connect Refused
Crimson MUD 2 4000 Connected
OtherSpace 1790 Connected
CyberASSAULT 11111 Connect Refused
Dark Risings 1313 Connected
Darker Realms 2000 Connected
The Great Hunt 8500 Connect Refused
Dartmud 2525 Connected
Deeper Trouble 4242 Connected
Divine Blood 4000 Connected
Furscape 2001 Connected
Dragon's Den 2222 Connected
Dead of Night 5000 Connected
Emperia 5002 Connected
Elysium RPG 7777 Connected
DraknorMUD 4000 Connect Refused
AderonMUD 3200 Connect Refused
Realms of Aarendil 4000 Connected
The Final Challenge 4000 Connected
The Unofficial Squaresoft MUD 9000 Connected
Dizzymud 4000 Connected
Edge of Midnight 8010 Connected
Genocide 2222 Connected
Fossworld MUD 4000 Connect Refused
Imperium 40000 Connected
JediMUD 4000 Connect Refused
Legend of the Nobles 5400 Connect Refused
LegendMUD 9999 Connected
Shattered Realms 8081 Connect Refused
Legends of the Darkstone 5432 Connected
Lumen et Umbra 6000 Connected
Dark-Legacy MUD (Dark Legacy MUD) 9898 Connected
A Moment in Tyme 6969 Connected
Cleft of Dimensions 4354 Connected
MULTI MUD! 4242 Connected
Myrradel 4000 None Connected
OuterSpace 3333 Connected
Holy Mission 99 - Resurrected 6666 Connected
PixieMUD 6789 Connected
Dragonball New Universe 4321 Connect Refused
Realm of Utopian Dreams 1701 Connected
Pict 4200 None Connect Refused
Winds Of Time 4500 Connected
No Reality 4000 Connected
The Lion King 7675 Connected
Cosrin: A New Dawn 31000 Connected
O Mundo de Arkadia 2442 Connected
RoninMUD 5000 Connected
Dragonfire II 1999 Connected
ShadowGate 4016 Connect Refused
Moosehead SLED II 4000 None Connect Refused
End of the Line 2010 Connected
DreamScapes 2 MUD 4500 Connected
Stonia (The Cruel and Lost World of Stonia) 4000 Connected
StrangeMUD 9332 Connected
Chonicles 2: The Dark Ages 9009 None Connect Refused
StickMUD 7680 Connected
Redemption 4000 Connected
KinslayerMUD 2222 Connected
Heroes of the Lance III 5000 Connected
Shangrila 9999 Connected
UNItopia 23 Connected
Valheru Mud 4242 Connected
Vampire Wars 6666 Connected
Virtual Realities 3019 Connected
Ages of Despair 5000 None Connected
StarMUD 4000 Connected
Acropolis : Revival 4000 None Connected
Cthulhumud 8889 Connected
Anime Planet 3334 Connected
Cleft of Dimension 9000 Connected
Frandum 2001 Connected
Arkadia 23 Connected
Haelrahv 3001 Connected
JellyBean 4444 Connect Refused
Worlds of Carnage 4000 Connected
Mortal Realms 4321 None Connected
FoxMUD 4848 Connected
FieryMUD 4000 Connected
Dragonball Uprising 3074 None Connected
Legends of Excalibur (LoE) 8000 Connected
Eternal Night II 9009 Connect Refused
Kingdoms of the Lost 2222 Connected
Edge of Creation 5665 Connect Refused
Overdrive 5195 Connected
Aarchon 7000 Connected
Ragnarok 2222 http:// Connected
Star Conquest 7777 Connected
Beyond the Veil of Shadows 9000 Connected
Balzhur 5400 Connected
Neronis 9000 Connect Refused
Seattle 2064 4000 Connected
Islands of Myth 3000 Connected
Firan 5000 Connect Refused
Lac 4000 Connected
InfernoMOO 7777 Connected
Haven Of The Embraced 2000 Connected
WinterMoon 4003 None Connected
/TG/MUD 5555 Connected
Midnight Sun 2 3000 Connected
Bedlam 9000 Connect Refused
Simauria 23 Connected
Chaos Mud 1111 None Connected
Ensimud 4500 None Connected
Asteria 1111 Connected
Coast of Seven Incarnations 4000 Connected
Typhon Accords TrekMU 1701 Connected
Distant Lands 23 Connect Refused
Shattered Lands 6666 None Connect Refused
Cosmic Rage 7777 Connected
MaDDness 6000 Connect Refused
Once Upon A Time... Steampunk! 6660 None Connected
LorenMUD 9100 Connect Refused
Midian 3456 Connected
Deathwish MUD 1111 Connected
Shattered Isles 5900 Connect Refused
DragonBall: The New World 8395 Connected
Pegasus 4242 Connected
ShadowGate MUD 4016 Connected
Act of War 4000 Connect Refused
Gizmo DikuMud 6969 Connected
Realms of Redemption 3000 None Connect Refused
AnimeMUD 9000 Connected
Insymnia 6600 Connect Refused
Angalon 3011 Connected
Act of War: the Last Stand 4000 Connected
Crimson Stained Lands 4000 None Connected
Ancient Empires 5011 Connected
Continents Mud 5050 Connected
Yggdrasil: Horse of the Hanged 9500 Connect Refused
Dragonball: North Star 4000 Connected
ShadowGate Re-Imagined 4016 None Connect Refused
Rise of Praxis 6666 Connected
NoMUD 4096 Connect Refused
Seltami N/A N/A
Highlands III 9001 None Connected
DreamLand 9000 Connected
Aesir 2 7000 None Connected
Crusify: The Chosen 5000 None Connected
Shadowrun: Denver MUSH 1999 Connected
Dark Pawns 6969 None Connected

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