Star Conquest


Humanity has just emerged from the lowest point in its collective history, and the closest it has been to extinction since the advent of agriculture. By the year 2304, the Coalition of humans and their alien allies the Jinu had spread across the stars, and thought themselves powerful. But the Outsiders, an alien empire occupying vast reaches of Rimward space, proved them wrong. First, contact between the two allies was severed, and suddenly humanity was alone. Then the Outsiders attacked in force, and human planets and governments fell one by one.

It was the apocalypse.

But contrary to the beliefs of many, not all hope was lost. After five years, a single starship, the Percival Lowell, returned from Rimward space, bringing with it the means to nullify the Outsiders' greatest weapon. With this, and the help of many other brave pilots, the occupying Outsiders were driven off human worlds and back to where they came from.

Humanity is now trying to rebuild, and trying to regain what it has lost. The Outsiders are finished with occupation, and now desire only to see humans extinct. New threats and new mysteries seem to appear every day. In the midst of it all, civilian starships span the stars, maintaining an open threat against any new invasion and trying to make a few credits while they're at it.

You too have felt the lure of this; the desire for a unique freedom that most citizens will never know, the drive to explore, the need to defend your species, and yes, greed for the vast wealth that is to be had.

It is time to take to the stars.

Mud Theme: Pulp Science Fiction/Space Opera

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Review posted by ItsaDog
Posted on Sat Dec 1 09:56:12 2018 / 0 comments
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Do not play here. Don't even try it the first time.

Seriously, don't.

Fantastic game, code-wise. Heavily addictive, satisfying systems, tons to do and lots to play with. You will, however, be treated like a piece of garbage by every single member of their Staff in ways that even "survivors" of some of the worst games in history will be surprised by. No one I have ever met who plays Star Conquest is happy to be there. They're there because they got hooked, put too much time into their character to walk away, and only rarely have to deal with the Staff. I was on the same page. Sure, they spy on every single thing you say to every single person no matter the medium of communication and shove your nose in the idea that that's normal behavior, but you don't have to interact with them much. The mental gymnastics you have to do to stick around are insane.

No big incident took place in my case that caused me to stop logging in, I just did. I was actually fiddling around on a completely unrelated game when a Staff member sent me a tell and I got a wave of stress-nausea. That was my hint it was time to cut ties and wish the remaining members of the Star Conquest Stockholm Syndrome-havers the best.

If you play there now, please leave. You might be surprised how much happier you are for having done so. If you've never touched it, seriously, don't.

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