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ShadowGate is a huge MUD based primarily on the AD&D 3.5e system and the Forgotten Realms setting, although it has been heavily branched from this in recent years. We strive to form a community of adventurers with all aspects of interactions, both positive and negative. Look forward to prejudice and tolerance, conflict and cooperation, hate and love.

Our systems of multi-classing, races, feats, skills, languages, spells, deities, and required introductions all make you feel as if the world of ShadowGate is an evolving environment. Your character can be heavily customised in nearly all aspects, including descriptions, history, saved and crafted equipment, and more.

We encourage role-play first and foremost, however it is not compulsory. We feel the greatest strength of this game is its ongoing story. Each individual thread of your character's experiences, misadventures, friends and enemies becomes the tapestry of his or her life, and the whole winds up becoming more than it's parts. We encourage RP through a system of Avatars, which are our DM's. They are not creators or builders. They are people who drive interactive quests through various abilities and interactively controlled NPCs. Avatars and creators are all selected from the players who have played and gained our trust, to ensure consistency with the game's evolution forward.

The ultimate, and perhaps idealistic, goal is to make the ShadowGate world reflect not only the tabletop world of adventure and RP, but also those idle times of characters - the times in the city, spending your gold, reflecting on your adventures. We encourage any player who wishes to become part of the community to join us, enjoy what we have, and help us make it better and move toward our goal.

Mud Theme: Dungeons & Dragons, Forgotten Realms

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Review posted by ViolaRose
Posted on Wed Aug 29 17:59:22 2018 / 0 comments
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They say there's no place like home, and this has been true for me when it comes to ShadowGate. I started playing here when I was just a young thing, it was my first MUD, and I've tried many MuDs in-between. Now that I am older, and wiser, I still return to SG.

To me, the only con is that the playerbase has dwindled over the years. This is not great for a mud where roleplay is encouraged.

However, the players that remain are all very friendly and helpful, and it's a welcoming community overall.

Other pros: The world itself is quite lovely. The world is entirely custom, and there's some great descriptive writing, coupled with a striking - but not overwhelming - amount of color.

My personal favorite aspect of ShadowGate is the ability to customize. From character descriptions, to mounts, to magically crafted armor and weapons, everything can be shaped into the character you visualize in your mind. You can even write books and submit them to the local library for everyone to read. You can create potions or craft instruments. A trade for every shade.

There's a great balance between quest-like areas, and grinding grounds, as well as a couple other options for those who prefer neither.

The mud continues to grow under the watch of some incredibly talented and dedicated coders, and after almost 20 years it is still a really fun place to explore and play.

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