Eternal Night II
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Eternal Night II is based on a very heavily modified Godwars 95 code base. Its two classes are Vampires and Werewolves, which have been meticulously balanced. This mud is totally PK oriented, but includes character building aspects as well. We offer an extensive clan system that is unique, and is also the driving force behind most conflict on the game. A class remort system is in place and there are no stat or experience limits. Of course the main reason we all play online games is the other players, and our mud has the best group of people you are likely to meet in an online game. We have an active and helpful staff, players willing to help newbies, and an extensive help file system. It shouldn’t take you long to feel comfortable in the Eternal Night, but it takes a lot skill and effort to rise above the rest and own the Night.

Drink the Blood, it will make you stronger.

Mud Theme: Dark Ages Vampire -vs- Werewolf

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Review posted by Edge
Posted on Thu Dec 27 19:38:59 2007 / 0 comments
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I started playing Eternal Night back in 1999. The mud has changed dramatically since then.

The setting is a Vampire vs Werewolf PK mud. The classes are incredibly balanced. The mud has a remort system which has it own skills and class bonuses.

You no longer have to do quest cards to quest here. But if quest cards are your thing we still have them. We have a Questmaster, aka The Oracle, who gives out xpquest(for xp) and equests(for qps).

We have many different clans. We have pure vampire or werewolf clans, as well as renegade(ww and vamps) clans. And you will never be stuck without somewhere to xp at. You think you can handle a challenge as well as keep your head on your shoulders instead of my blade! Then I dare you to try this old school with a new school attitude mud.

I am Edge there. Come try us out. I promise you that you will not be disappointed. If you have a heart condition please dont play, the mass amounts of excitement may/will cause a heart attack!

P.S. Sabbat Rules!

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