Genocide is not a typical mud; rather, it is a competitive wargame. Players compete against each other in "wars". "Levels" are gained by killing other players in a variety of different war types, including team and non-team.

Mud Theme: Inter-player competition/war

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Review posted by Led
Posted on Thu Oct 30 18:17:43 2003 / 0 comments
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Genocide used to be hugely popular then the entire mudlib was changed. The combat system was rewritten. There are now dozens of races and classes. At first it seemed too complex. And it is, for most people. You'll find a different breed of mudder on Genocide....there is a pretty steep learning curve. Most of the players have a pretty tough skin if you are a female, best join as a male character. As the mudlib was rewritten, many devs that used to know how to code became frustrated and quit. Many returned. Mostly the players are the ones who quit. There are often over 100 people logged in, but most are developers and are not actually playing the game, but chatting, as if on some sort of fancy IRC client. Non-public chat channels have split the mud up into interest groups and cliques. This is hardly seen by the player, who has to get 5000 credits and a developer before he starts to get a clue about what is going on. This takes some time, as even a good player will average <10 credits per war. Most wars last 15-20 minutes. As a consequence of the plummeted popularity of the mud as an actual game, there haven't been any _really_ good players in recent memory.

The mud is making a comeback however, with the addition of LEAGUE warfare on SUNDAY NIGHTS. This has provided some badly needed oxygen for this prev2iously stagnant mud. The code base is second to none, and the game is very worth playing if you can only find someone to play against. Wars don't get very big except in the evenings or on weekends. The exception is SUNDAY when people tend to warm up and then there is the euphoric homicidal madness during the actual league play. WEDNESDAY nights are good too, as this is BS night, and there are lots of pumped stats and free equipment provided by the gods of the mud. Tune in to the 'newbie' channel when you log in.

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