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The Winds Of Time is a Wheel Of Time roleplaying (encouraged) MUD based on the work started by the staff of Tarmon Gai'don. Create your own character and step into a world in turmoil. The Dragon has been Reborn, and chaos spreads across the land. What role will you play as the Last Battle draws near?

Mud Theme: Wheel Of Time

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Review posted by TPB Adrauna
Posted on Sun Aug 13 05:58:46 2017 / 0 comments
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Over the years, I've played MUDs on and off as an opportunity to roleplay in a fantasy world as an innocent and fun escape from everyday life. I've exclusively played MUDs based on the Wheel of Time universe of Robert Jordan. I've played several of these MUDs, but my first and favorite was the world of Tarmon Gai'don, which sadly closed several years ago. The Winds of Time picks up where Tarmon Gai'don left off, with the same code-base and a large world spanning the main continent of Randland.

Winds of Time is still in its infancy with a small but dedicated player base, but it has brought back all of the nostalgia of my early years of MUDding and has also allowed me to create and live the lives of several fun characters. If you like role playing, this is a great budding community to join. And here you will definitely feel the world of the Wheel of Time - there are no elves or 'magic' here. Everything is true to RJ's vision.

Winds of Time retains from its predecessor a great code system including accurate portrayals of channeling the One Power to the quest to earn the heron-marked sword of a blademaster. The staff is friendly and helpful, and the regular players are also more than happy to help point newbie's in the right direction. RP is readily available, particularly in the White Tower guilde (if you've ever played a WoT themed MUD, that'll come as no surprise). Many of the major cities are coded into the game, with several more on the way.

With news of a Wheel of Time TV show imminent, what better time to jump back into this expansive world from the mind of Robert Jordan? Come join us with a character training to be Aes Sedai in the White Tower or take a warrior north to the borderlands to fight the Shadow (or, you know, if you're feeling devious, creating a Darkfriend and serve on the other team).

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