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Haven of the Embraced is not a new MUD but we are undergoing a revival. The MUD is running under a new administration and with the addition of a new coder, changes are going in regularly. We are now looking for new players to help us make the game better as we continue to beta test through significant code changes. The MUD is set in the the 10th century and centers around Medeival Europe. Vampire Lords rule the towns and cities while ruthless Werewolves hunt the great expanses of wilderness in between. Other races hide in the shadows, keeping themselves away from the eyes of Humanity. The world map is small but we're looking to expand and continually add new content. We have three fully featured races with active code development to add others and move us towards a classless system. Currently Haven runs a modified ROM mud with OLC. The game is roleplay encouraged and in some rare cases roleplay enforced (namely for player-killing.) Haven supports 3 separate classes each with 3 'professions' or specializations. (For example: Rogue class contains Trickster, Bandit and Assassin, each with different perks.) Skills are level-based but they are being converted to a new stat system based off of Vampire: The Masquerade's character stats. Players reach level 100 and 'remort' back to level 1, keeping all of their stats and gaining 'freebie' experience points to spend on their IC stats. Players have the option of playing 5 races, Mortals, Ghouls, Vampires, Mages and Garou. Vampires have six clans available at creation and there are an additional four available to players who create as human and are 'embraced' or made into a vampire in-game. Ghouls are servants to Vampires that share some of their powers and are bound to their Vampire Master's clan. They have a selection of fourteen Disciplines that give vampires near godlike powers.Mages are willworkers and can perform fantastic magickal feats with a few simple gestures. Haven supports five Mage Traditions with nine Spheres of knowledge that new Magi can study, each one giving mastry over some aspect of the natural world. Garou (Werewolves) are currently under development and are not suggested for play. They will have a number of tribes that players may join and a wide selection of spirit "gifts" or powers that the werewolf may use in her many forms.

Mud Theme: World of Darkness

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Review posted by Jason
Posted on Wed Sep 17 23:05:30 2014 / 0 comments
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Where to start...? Well first let me say that I have been playing Haven off and on for about 15 years now. That in and of itself says loads to the overall character of the MUD itself. I just could not stay away. Haven has become almost a second home to me. The players are great and the immortal staff too. Both will make you feel comfortable as soon as you start your new 'MUD life'. Haven is like a family online.

Right now the MUD is going through some changes. We are moving from a class based system to a classless system based off the WOD character sheet, so be ready when you log on. Haven offers both H&S and RP style gameplay. The two systems work off each other and it is set up in a way that you are not penalized for being solely one or the other. This game is truly unique in that aspect, and many others. Just give us a try and you will see. Lastly I would just like to say that I have played a great many MUDs, MUSHs, and have NEVER found one quite like Haven. There were a few that I enjoyed playing, yes, but none of them were Haven. It's not just the game here, it is the atmosphere most fall in love with. It's always being treated like part of a family. Log on and give it a try, you will see exactly what I am talking about. Don't be shy about it either, we may be a close knit bunch, but we are always looking for new people to join, new players. Everyone is so friendly and helpful, you will be set in no time. Haven is more than just a game.

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Review posted by William
Posted on Tue Aug 12 22:14:04 2014 / 0 comments
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Throughout the years, Haven has seen it's fair share of trials and has remained a constant enjoyment in my life for over a decade now. The current staff are welcoming as are the fellow players. Currently the MUD is transitioning from a class based system (rogues, clergy, swordsmen) to a classless system where anyone can become anything they want through time and dedication to said character(s). Haven tries to be both an RP/IC and H&S/OOC MUD and does an excellent job of maintaining that balance. If you enjoy cWOD, or are just looking for a virtual place to call home (or slaughter innocent mobiles), then come give this MUD a try.

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Review posted by Kaelis
Posted on Thu Sep 19 07:57:57 2013 / 0 comments
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I feel in love with thus mud from the first day i played it. And its gotten better. Haven is a great mud. It is both RP and H&S friendly. Though rp may be encouraged it us not required, even though it is so much fun. Do if you feel like logging in and just slaughtering innocents, go ahead, or if you want to rp, well there is plenty of that too. The player base is great, everyone is friendly, it really feels like an extended family sometimes. The immortals are even better friendly and helpful, and always building. The game world is every growing. So try out and get hooked, you will enjoy it.

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Review posted by MJS4745
Posted on Sat Nov 17 20:31:12 2012 / 0 comments
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I am braking this review down into 4 categories: Friendliness, Staff, Roleplaying, and General.

Friendliness: Haven of the Embraced has a very friendly staff and most of the player base is helpful and friendly as well. You'll find them often times joking and picking on one another in good humor over OOC channels. They are one of the more newbie friendly MUD's I have ever played with players and Staff alike willing to answer questions. The player base at the moment is small but many of them will help out new players with directions, finding decent gear, and even helping them to level. Over all a very friendly and nice Mud.

Staff: Haven staff is knowledgeable about the mud itself and about the roleplaying side of the mud as well. What staff members do not know they will try to answer as quickly as possible.

Roleplaying: Roleplaying on Haven in my experience is quite fun and most of the player base is willing to roleplay. There is a dice system for rolling feats based on character sheet information and the roleplay based commands are good. They could use a few extra roleplay oriented support options like an extra sheet players can edit to add additional information. But over all the roleplay environment on Haven in my experience is good and worth the effort.

General: Haven in general is a good mud and well worth the visit. Come by, check it out. The player base is small right now since it just started backup recently and is still in a transitional stage but I think you'll like what you find. Bear in mind however that Haven will eventually be switched to a new code base at some point but character won't be wiped they'll be transferred. So it is still worth it in my opinion.

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Review posted by Mad Brew
Posted on Sun Dec 4 21:14:52 2011 / 0 comments
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The MUD has been up and down over the years as well as several transitions of staff.

In its current era, the staff is improved and the atmosphere friendlier, but the real reason to come to Have is its unique blend of hack'n'slash and roleplay based on the medieval World of Darkness from the series of tabletop roleplaying games by White Wolf.

Unlike the other World of Darkness based MUSHes, Haven is more than just a glorified chat. There are many original areas built specifically with a WoD theme and plenty of character options.

The MUD is still very much a work in progress, as the Storyteller System is not yet completely integrated. However, what is available is sure to sate most fans of Dark Ages:Vampire and Dark Ages:Werewolf.

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Review posted by Irulan
Posted on Sun Dec 4 21:12:45 2011 / 0 comments
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Been playing there for a long time. It has just recently came back and missed it terribly. The new immortals are very helpful and the players are always up to help people and to share a few laughs. I like the mix of rp and ooc action and the areas are classic. I love the old World of Darkness themes and this is the best place to go for such. Come join us.

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