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The war with the Zarist Supremacy is at an end.

The Orion Confederacy, an alliance built by refugees from the Orion Arm, helped push back against the warmongering of the Zarists and their Nall cohorts within the alien universe of the Ancient Expanse.

Now, the depleted Clawed Fist Fleet is on the run, the Opodians of Kamsho have made their peace with the rest of the galaxy, the Thul are doing their best not to be noticed in their grimy corner of the cosmos, and the Kamir-descended Aukami in Multvaros wait, practically defenseless, for the repercussions and retaliation to come.

All anyone probably needs is a good excuse. And now they might have one: Captain David Ransom Porter and his team aboard the Minerva reverse-engineered a transuniversal rift drive. Porter shared the design schematics with all worlds in the Ancient Expanse before taking his ship through a space-time rift back to the Orion Arm. The key ingredient for building a rift modulator: Kamir artifacts, which litter the surface of Aukam and other Kamir-influenced worlds.

How far will people go in the hopes of scoring riches across the multiverse? And should everyone be so eager to find out what lies beyond those shimmering gashes in space-time?

Join the saga and find out!

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Mud Theme: Original Theme Science Fiction Space Opera Roleplaying

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OtherSpace Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Rakonnis
Posted on Wed Jun 6 14:44:30 2012 / 0 comments
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Having been open since 15 years, OtherSpace has long history of unique evolving theme. It is a legend and many roleplaying legends started there.

Its space opera theme and game arc can be compared to Star Wars. 1998-2001 are the Original Trilogy. The best story and heroes are here, it had heart. A swashbuckling space opera with dark undertones.

Firey rogueish heroines such as N-Sha El and Jestliana unfolded the sinister plot of Hive Minders and Kamir aided by anti-heroes like Falkenberg. A story worth remembering.

2002-2006 is the Old Republic, a reboot with promise. Weaker than Original Trilogy, but faithful to original theme. Un-inspired stories about Athena and wars, is made up for by legendary adventures of rebel Jeff Ryan and larger than life Mika.

They carried the plot, the new heroes of a hopeful reboot but once their activity slowed down the reboot began to sink.

2007-2011 is Prequels. This is the worst time for OtherSpace. A bad war story on rails and a lame spinoff called Millenium. Millenium is the screaming Darth Vader of the OtherSpace saga.

No stand out characters and no good theme anywhere. The original story shifts to an alternate universe but like the Prequels its trying too hard, to be something its not.

2012 is looking up. The original universe is back, with original theme. Story is improving and the game too.

Long time problem players kicked out, pbase growing up. Home run hitters Falkenberg and Mika sometimes show up, a shot in the arm for everyone. Brand new heroes like Leucohyle appear.

Its watching remaster of Original Trilogy, not the same as the first time...but almost as good.

If you want to play OtherSpace now is the time. Staff is good, pbase mostly active. No annoying buffer breaker poses. Mostly newbie friendly but vets are more impatient than some other Mus.

This is a good place if you want original theme.

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Review posted by Acran Mern
Posted on Wed Nov 11 20:06:54 2009 / 0 comments
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I have now been playing on Otherspace for more than 11 years. I don't think there's ever been anything that has held my attention like that in my entire life. That must say something. There have been tremendous changes in the game in the time I have played, both in structure, and in story. What has not changed is the engaging, living stories that are told every day by the staff and players.

The possibilities are endless, and the stories epic. My own characters have been involved in hijackings, revolutions, the beginnings of government, and war. I have played politicians and criminals, bottom-feeders and nobles. If you seek a place to kill things and level up, join WoW or some such thing. If you are looking for well-developed storylines, _mostly_ friendly players, and the opportunity to join in the telling of a great story, give us a try. My main character's name is Razorback and I'd be more than willing to answer any questions you have if you stop by, though using the +newbie channel would probably suffice. See you 'round.

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Review posted by Dirionis
Posted on Mon Nov 2 20:15:53 2009 / 0 comments
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Otherspace, during the four years i've played it, has been through a lot of change. But throughout all of it, it has always succeeded in doing one thing; keeping it fun for the player. Once a new player logs in, he is greeted by both staff and players alike, and asked if they could provide any help or assistance. After a small bio and through chargen, you're on the grid of OS. The players are consistent and friendly and you can near always find roleplay somewhere.

The skill system is something I truly think is fair and fun, allowing specialization in certain skills without having someone become super powerful so they can beat on younger players.

The staff is always working on improvements, such as the Hspace system, crafting, and much more. I've been playing MUDs for 9 years and I strongly reccommend this game.

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Review posted by Aadzrian
Posted on Wed May 7 21:12:59 2008 / 0 comments
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I've been at OS:NJ for about a year now, and it's been a thoroughly enjoyable year of great roleplay and great player camaraderie. Originally scheduled to shut down after a ten-year run on June 28th, 2008, OS has just received a new lease on life due to the desire of its players to keep the game going.

OS has a lot to offer any serious roleplayer. There's an original sci-fi environment with over a dozen worlds to explore and roleplay on, an original coded space system with player-owned spaceships, and a rich amount of background/theme stored on a wiki approaching 5,000 articles. The entire skill system is about to receive a full overhaul with a new design to encourage specialist characters, but remain class and level-free so the focus is on roleplay, not rollplay.

Best of all, there's a dedicated, mature playerbase just looking for new people to bring into the saga as it takes off again. Give OS a try, and you can help be a part of the renaissance of this unique sci-fi MUSH!

(And if you prefer fantasy? Don't worry- OS has a sister game called Chiaroscuro with many wonderful features of its own. You can check them -both- out at jointhesaga.com!)

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Review posted by Arizhel
Posted on Fri Jul 7 20:34:19 2006 / 0 comments
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In a word, fun. That's a short word, sure, but it's a very important one when it comes to games. I've seen some of the best roleplaying I've -ever seen- in the year I've spent on OtherSpace, and it just keeps on getting better. The staff (and actually, the playsers, too) are incredibly friendly and patient, and willing to help out with just about anything you could think of. Whether you usually play the dashing rogue, or the upstanding military officer, or just a run-of-the-mill civilian, OtherSpace has a niche for you! -Anyone- has a chance at becoming part of world-changing events. If that's not your cup of tea, well then there's more than enough chance meetings to go around, with some of the most colorful characters this side of the Orion Arm.

I, myself, am looking forward to another year (and another, and another...) at OtherSpace. I'll see you there!

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Review posted by Michela
Posted on Mon Apr 19 22:31:43 2004 / 0 comments
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If youíre ready to give something new a try and be immersed in a totally original RP immersive sci-fi roleplaying environment you might be ready to give OtherSpace a try. Otherspace was founded in 1998 by professional journalist/ author Wes Platt who 6 years later is still the driving force between what happens at that Otherspace.

Storytelling is not just a hobby, but a passion for Wes and the other staffers at OtherSpace, who are all selected from current players helping us maintain a continuity of storyline while keeping things new and fresh. We have a little something for everyone both human and non human races from the British inspired Sivadians and Russian descended Ungstiri, to the warlike lizard race of Nall, the psionic Jellyfish-like Centaurans, the glowing Vollistan light singers and prophetic Mystics. Be a criminal, a soldier, a merchant, or a doctor, the possibilities are virtually endless.

We use a fudge-based tasked roll system, but combat is always human refereed and we have a variety of other coded systems that are all designed to enhance the roleplaying experience like +speak which allows conversations in various languages. We are eagerly awaiting the full implementation of OSpace, which will include a trading system and further promote RP.

Our focus is all about making the experience better for players. We have staff assigned to run events on individual planets so there is always roleplaying going on somewhere and never a dull moment.

Otherspace is perfect for the experienced roleplayer looking for a new challenge but we also go out of our way to welcome new players. We have a survivorís guide on our website at www.jointhesaga.com but you neednít grasp everything at first. The staff is always there to answer questions.

As the Journalism admin for the MUSH, I urge you to consider making a reporter character because it offers the perfect opportunity to jump into the thick of things almost immediately and continue to learn about the many worlds and cultures of Otherspace while roleplaying. My first character, nearly four years ago(which is the longest Iíve stayed with any MUSH) was a reporter and I found it a perfect way to become involved in our story. Keep in mind that our game allows for the creation of alts, giving newplayers to our game a chance to start out with a character in one of our humanoid races before moving on to something more exotic. What better way to decide your next alt than going from planet to planet in search of the latest buzz while honing both your writing and roleplaying skills by interacting with a wide variety of our experienced roleplayers.

Just log on and ask for Michela or @mail me if Iím not online. Let your adventure into the world of Otherspace begin and a brief hello to any former players who might be reading this. Címon back! A lot has changed in 6 years. Thereís always something new and weíre better than ever!

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