Based on a highly modified UltraEnvy codebase. Includes an INTENSE combat system, 15 unique and varied classes, a subclass system to further individualize your character, and many, many races with strengths, weaknesses and racial bonuses. There are 60 character levels and Player rolled statistics, an active, all-playerkiller/playertheft system, and there is an advanced clan/guild system run completely by players. Clan interaction is a major focus in the player environment. There is a clanrights system, allowing you to give each member specific rights and duties, and ClanAreas allow clans to claim various areas on the mud, and to receive bounty from their claims.

There are interactive quests and quest equipment, 'intelligent' mobs that adapt to player actions, and hundreds of unique skills and spells. Most importantly, Gods don't interfere in play, mortals are left alone with their affairs. Extremely fast system (multiple T1 connections to the Internet), full online building/editing capabilities, full alias/macro system for keyboard shortcuts, and customizable prompts and colors.

Mud Theme: Medieval Fantasy with concentration on Clans and PK

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