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It is a rainy day and you decide to spend a few ten pences in the large arcade in the town centre. Why not?

You have been here a while now, and although you are thinking about leaving cannot find the exit!

Still, there are lots of great games to play here, and lots of Virtual Reality games as well, which are by far the best. You can be a warrior or a wizard in a rich fantasy setting, or go to the shady futuristic streets of one of the sci-fi games.

You have been here for days now, the arcade seems to go on forever. In game credits that you earn in the virtual worlds you spend on food and drink. You use the rest rooms to wash in and you sleep wherever you can find a quiet spot. There is much adventure for you here, and reality is blending into the games that you play until you can no longer tell the difference. You are lost and confused when not experiencing these virtual worlds.

Perhaps the greatest challenge you face will be finding the fabled key that leads to ... outside the Arcade?

Mud Theme: Also ventures into other themes

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