Edge of Midnight


Edge of Midnight V4.6

We now have a custom java/mysql base.

Heavily upgrading in progress main concern is a haven for adult mature players.

Anything goes with certain restrictions no means no, no harassment of players who don't want it, no spoiling anyone elses fun and no rape unless its purely roleplay and agreed by both parties.

In this world of politically correct subject matter I feel there is a place for people who are open and happy about there sexuality and want to explore the subject within a safe fantasy enviroment.

Email greyarchive@greyarchive.org

Mud Theme: Adult fantasy

Edge of Midnight Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Foxtai
Posted on Tue Feb 20 06:28:42 2018 / 5 comments
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I have been a player on EoM for over a decade and I have had fun for those many years, and have made quite a few friends over the decade as well.. but I am not writing this review not as a way of promoting this mud. It is a warning to players who would seek to play on this mud. There is a staffer who is in control of the mud now known as Vella, who has been abusing their power to make my time on there a living hell, accusing me of false crimes and constantly slaying me on the spot for the smallest things, and even things I haven't even done, under the false proclaimation that I was arrogant and disrespectful. She has even went as far as publicly slandering me on the gossip channel for everyone to see, adding on harassment, humiliation, ruining my reputation, and being an absolute control freak. This mud was once fun and offered a free environment for people to have said fun, but Vella has completely ruined it for me and I would not want her to ruin it for anyone else. No matter what I do, she always finds a reason to make my time there absolute punishment.

Any normal person would have likely left by now, but I've been playing on this mud for over a decade.. and I am sure most people know how hard it is to leave a mud that you've been playing on for quite a long time.

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Comment posted on Mon Jan 29 10:34:07 2018 by Vella:

The user Foxtai, has had trouble with administration in the past *there is a post in 2008 reflecting that* Users encounters with administration are not atypical. Time spent on the mud, is no excuse for poor user behavior. Thank you, Vella - Administrator of Edge Of Midnight.

Comment posted on Tue Jan 30 15:19:57 2018 by Foxtai:

Just a quick little update. It seems my review exposing Vella's abusive behavior has earned me a 24 hour ban from the mud, followed by a possible 2 month ban pending from what I have heard. In light of this, I will not be returning to this mud until things turn around for the better, or at least until Vella is removed since she will likely continue this abusive behavior until something is done, as she believes she is above the rules that she was put into place to enforce.

If you do wish to play on this mud, play at your own risk.

Comment posted on Wed Jan 31 19:18:12 2018 by Observer:

I would like to start this off by stating, I am not a player on this mud, nor staff. My involvement here, is a result of having my eyes assaulted by having read this. It is my view, that the original post is not a review at all, but a crybaby response to having ran into conflict with the MUDs staff. I feel this is NOT the place for this post, this sounds like an internal matter for EoM to deal with. Your an Adult OP, you need to grow up, and gain some integrity. If you can't do as your told by the owners and operators of a service, don't use it. It's not like you pay for it, or have any right to use it. As pointed out by the staff member, this user seems to have a history *10 years it seems* of conflict with the ownership and staff of this mud. That is the majority of the time they played, I'd say the ownership and operators of this mud have been very accepting if this is the case. The responses I have read from the staff member accused, here on TMC, have been professional, so I really do question the original posts validity. I don't want this to turn into a novel, but in conclusion: I felt this post needed to be critiqued. I don't believe it should be taken seriously by any free thinking adult. Thank you for reading. I won't be reading or responding to comments, I have said what I need, and I am moving on.

Comment posted on Mon Feb 5 20:02:22 2018 by Foxtai:

I would like to start out by saying, no.. this is not a crybaby review. Since you do not play on the MUD, you are forgiven for not knowing that Vella is a manipulative liar. I have had -no- history of conflict with the mud over the past 10 years, as my only conflict with the MUD has been only within the past couple of months with that person in specific. In fact, you can look back at my previous reviews of my actually promoting the mud.

''The user Foxtai, has had trouble with administration in the past *there is a post in 2008 reflecting that* Users encounters with administration are not atypical. Time spent on the mud, is no excuse for poor user behavior. Thank you, Vella - Administrator of Edge Of Midnight.''

The only reason I had an issue with administrators (let me point out, that Vella is the only one in charge of the MUD right now, so she believes herself be more than one person apparently) is due to her manipulative behavior and the abusive actions she took towards not seeking a solution. She even caused a few of the people in which I brought to the MUD to leave due to the bullcrap she was doing, even went to the extent of disrespecting my friends whom were trying to figure what she was doing and why she was acting out in that manner. I have laid out everything in my review regarding the reason why I would not be coming back, and why I was banned from the mud. As far as what I can see from what 'review' she left, it's more deceitful garbage. Her behavior is disgusting and amoral. It is regretful that no one holds her accountable for her actions since there is literally no one there to hold her accountable.

I truly hope karma justifiably bites her in the ass.

Comment posted on Fri Feb 9 23:43:11 2018 by Nox:

Having been actually online at the time Foxtai had their outburst in a public chat channel in game, I can assure anyone reading this review that Foxtai was exceedingly rude when Vella put the player in a time out for breaking rules. Further more, Vella is not the only staff in game, and the owner of the game has expressed support in Vella's decisions in this matter.

Without getting into details of what actions Foxtai did that resulted in the time out and then ban beyond the public outburst in game, I can say that Foxtai was treated fairly given their behavior. The short of it is if staff tells you to stop some behavior in a game such as this, then you stop the behavior and do not try to argue about it on a public channel.

This game is an adult game and is welcome to many forms of adult entertainments. But it is ultimately owned by an individual who has trusted staff members such as Vella, and if they tell you not to do something then do not do it. The game isn't some dictatorship ran by Vella, but ya if you break the rules Vella will put you in a time out, and if you continue to break the rules Vella may ban you.

So Foxtai, sorry you got banned but ultimately, I've little sympathy for you as you continue to just act out because you were told to stop doing something and you wanted to play the victim.

Review posted by Vardos
Posted on Mon Nov 7 10:10:35 2016 / 0 comments
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Well I have seen other reviews and have been (at various times) player, immortal, and builder for Edge of Midnight (will abbreviate to EoM after this) and I have a lot of different things to say.

To start with, some of the older reviews I can honestly say WERE spot on for the time. This MUD has had some serious issues in the past and cliques, issues, and favoritism was rampant for a long time. If you were part of the have's it was very clear you got VIP treatment, and the have not's were generally scrambling for scraps. It wasn't a good place, and eventually I did the digital equivalence of taking my ball and going home.

However, I can honestly say that the MUD issues have become exponentially better in my most recent play experiences. Now I won't say this is perfect (it isn't trust me) but they have managed to come a long, long way from when I was here the first time. The community has become a lot easier to interact with (particularly if you are new), the game files and builds have become better (not perfect but better most things are currently being reworked or overhauled completely) and there are less overall issues with how characters work.

While it has quite a distance to go (And it does. As a side note I am actually applying to be a builder again because I want to see this in a wonderful spot, and the current people in charge seem to be the ones that will get it there.) it has come leaps and bounds from where it was. I highly encourage people to check this MUD out if they are looking for a fun place to play.

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Review posted by Lvyriana
Posted on Fri May 15 02:09:27 2015 / 0 comments
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I'm still fairly new to this MUD, but I am highly enjoying it. Actually, I have tried several others on this site, but this is the only one I'm on every day, without fail. I love that there are so many ways to gain experience. You can go kill things, of course, but then you can gain experience from role-playing, and from their crafting system, which is pretty fun and really extensive. Also, while there is player killing, there must be a good rp reason to do so. And, if you like, you don't even have to be involved in it, it's your choice. There are even player ran shops. I have found that the IMMs and long time players alike were more than willing to help me. I am fairly new to MUDding in general, so I can't tell you how nice that was, compared to others I tried where they just told me to read the help file. Technically, there are kinks and bugs, but they are constantly being worked on and improved upon.I'd give my overall experience a 5 star rating.

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Review posted by Lvyriana
Posted on Fri May 15 01:44:58 2015 / 0 comments
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I'm still fairly new to this MUD, but I am highly enjoying it. Actually, I have tried several others on this site, but this is the only one I'm on every day, without fail. I love that there are so many ways to gain experience. You can go kill things, of course, but then you can gain experience from role-playing, and from their crafting system, which is pretty fun and really extensive. Also, while there is player killing, there must be a good rp reason to do so. And, if you like, you don't even have to be involved in it, it's your choice. I have found that the IMMs and long time players alike were more than willing to help me. I am fairly new to MUDding in general, so I can't tell you how nice that was, compared to others I tried where they just told me to read the help file. There are kinks here and there technically, but the staff are constantly troubleshooting and working to improve it. I'd definitely give my overall experience a 5 star rating.

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Review posted by Yzeria
Posted on Fri Apr 24 08:46:43 2015 / 0 comments
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I am a relatively new player to this MUD, but I am sure that I have found a long-term home here. I will attempt to make this review as honest and unbiased as I can, stating both the good and the bad.

Role play is heavy, and there is a roleplay reward system. It is possible for a character to advance without any mobbing at all. It's highly encouraged that you come into the game and put thought into your character's personality, and backstory, and get right into the mix of RP. The player base is rather small, and full disclosure here, one of the main reasons I decided to write this review was in the hopes of attracting more players, especially those who will enjoy the heavy roleplay environment.

Code. There's lots of it. Lots of customized things that help make the overall MUD experience better. There's ways to customize your character, quick commands to set specific outfits, manage weapons, the options for prompts, and numerous other things.

If you enjoy crafting, then you'll like it here. The craft system is quite detailed, and it yields experience points when you make items, so it is also possible to advance your character by crafting. There are several crafting 'professions' you can enter. These do not replace you character class, but are advanced in separately, alongside your class. Truthfully, there are some buggy issues with the crafting system, but not in the core of how it works, and I know that they are busy working diligently on fine tuning it.

This IS an adult content MUD. It's a feature here, but it's not the only feature. It's highly likely that you will encounter characters who exhibit public sexual behavior, but I must stress that the RP factor here is well-balanced between the sexual type and the story driven type.

Honestly, I could go on. I can't say enough about how much fun I have had since joining the MUD, so I will close this review by saying thanks to the players and staff that I have met there who have made it a great place to play.

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Review posted by Vella
Posted on Thu Jul 24 11:26:34 2014 / 0 comments
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I would like to start this by saying thank you to everyone expressing their views of EoM. I think they are fair to the most part, taking into account each person's personal dealing with the mud and staff in general.

Now onto some things I would like cleared up. Firstly, Spike in no way represents the current views of the staff of EoM. In fact almost all of the previous staff is gone, I now am the administrator for the mud. It does still belong to Pyros, but he dose not direct involve himself often. I am working to change things, mostly from a staffing view, and I hope you will give us a chance in the future.

Thank you again for your feedback, and taking the time to read this note.

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Review posted by Spike
Posted on Mon Apr 15 07:18:00 2013 / 1 comment
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The Edge of Midnight is a peculiar game that has survived two decades of challenges come May 2013. There are a few core aspects of the game felt to make it unique, not the least of which is the idea of unending evolution. EoM would like to claim that it fosters a role-play environment, but that, ultimately, is up to respect being established between the staff and the players.

No game is without ups and downs, though Edge of Midnight may have ultimately had more downs than ups to date. Once upon a time, the game had a grand player base with very active and imaginative individuals. As staff grew sick over time with various ailments in the real world, the game became somewhat neglected. The well-meaning remainder of staff tried to carry on for quite a long time, but lacked a firm direction until rather recently. This chaos and disorganization is easy to see, I would think.

Some very important changes have been taking place recently, but the transition from the old way to the new way is bumpy. If it went through without a hitch, then I'd really worry! A director was named as an official guiding force, game masters have been hired to facilitate role-play, the map has been restructured to be more logically connected (finally!), the wiki has been under review, the forums are now in full swing, and so much more.

The staff have been trying to improve the game and their own approach to administration, but overall there is a decrease in melodrama. I've been on and off with Edge of Midnight for a decade and I have seen it climb and fall in popularity, wax in wane in melodrama, crest and fall systematically over time. We are getting closer to the appropriate environment for a well MUD, and we continue to do so daily.

Some of the staff have been with EOM for as long, if not longer, than I have, but more importantly we also have new staff that have varying amounts of time under their belts on the game. Although a core tenet of the past has been 'There is no favoritism', I don't believe that anyone can be completely unbiased toward anyone. Ever. As humans, we judge. Some of us do it fiercely, some of us more passively, but we judge each other. Someone said to me once that the people around us are our mirrors - look into your mirror. I wish we could be freed of this fundamental human flaw, but we cannot be. What we -can- do is request assistance from other staff when our patience grows thin.

The Edge of Midnight has updated code bases several times to date, so we call our current one EoM v4 rather lovingly. It started as CoffeeMUD 5.2 code but it has been modified so heavily that there is not much in common with its origin these days. We are still in a state of transition, so there are many tasks not yet completed, but we anticipate some very exciting things in the next 18 months, including:

A fully new crafting system that has more moving parts, so to speak. It's a tad more realistic than the original system and much more customized. Players can technically make their own items and string them. Depending on the skill the player has developed in the crafting, it can be far better (or worse) than any item you can find on the map. The ultimate goal is to allow players to craft epic equipment that is 100% customizable and reduce the number of pre-made objects in the game by a vast amount. Crafting also provides experience rewards as you continue to move up through the system and practice, practice, practice!

Secondarily, we pride ourselves on our extensive racial system. We have dozens of playable races, although some of them may only be gained through evolution (remort). The evolution concept is maturing slowly over time, but we're definitely enjoying it as a perk here. We also add new races all the time as concepts grow!

Third, we have a system in place to automatically reward role-playing experience. This system takes in (roughly) the amount of information you have entered into the game across the various in-character channels and talking methods and then applies a numeric reward based on a rather complex formula. You can walk in the door and role-play from level 1 to 301 if that is what contents your heart.

We always strive to improve at Edge of Midnight and we try to welcome a diverse population and demographic, improving our services for the blind, the mobile, and everyone in between.

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Comment posted on Fri Apr 12 16:40:04 2013 by RequiredName:

This is a review section, not an advertisement. Your bias is showing. One doesn't improve without admitting one's faults, or with an exclusionary attitude. I guess spamming positive reviews just because you received one honest one helps you continue striving for your self-serving Sisyphean toys.

Review posted by randomplayer
Posted on Wed Apr 3 17:06:35 2013 / 1 comment
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The Edge of Midnight has changed over the years i have been playing. Though i don't really do the combat system they have changed for the game. They Currently have a Remort system in place which will be fun to help advance the rp even more. Though The Edge of Midnight has OOC channels, things like say and tell should be considered IC unless it's labled OOC either by the room you are in or by it being said in the tell/say. Though I don't know how big the player base actually is, Due to people being able to log in two accounts at a time, and others whom have tons upon tons of accounts... Alot of the players in the mud will RP with anyone in the area. I love the fact that the more you RP the stronger your character can become through the leveling system in place. You can either grind or craft to earn exp, or you can Roleplay to get the exp needed for level, Natrually those who Roleplay are going to be stronger roleplay while those who grind or craft will be stronger code-wise.

There are actually very few things i dislike about The Edge of Midnight aside from the massive ammount of Sexual Roleplay that seems to be constantly taking place. Be it in the open or off somewhere else. While i appreciate them going off elsewhere to do the srp, It makes it hard to find roleplay sometimes because everyone is off doing something else and they don't respond. I have been ignored many times when i ask questions on a channel like chat or newbie, but get an instant responce when i send a message to someone who is higher level.

Another thing that i rather dislike about The Edge of Midnight is the fact that certain people in the game will downright ignore you and favor rp with someone else, even if that other person isn't responding as much as you are, or not at all. It makes me just log off sometimes because i can't get the roleplay experience alone. I personally have never been one who has liked grinding and crafting for exp and i am rather annoyed that my roleplay experience has deviated towards those things because of various factors.

All in all i believe The Edge of Mifnight is a good mud to go to if you like grinding or if you like roleplay, Though Depending who is online you may have to be patient to get some roleplay.

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Comment posted on Wed Apr 3 10:44:38 2013 by Spike:

Hello randomplayer, I hope that with an increase of players, we will have a good balance of people who are busy and people who are not, so that role-play is available to the players all the time. Your problem stated here could be a problem anywhere without an expansive player base, sadly.

Have you thought about asking for feedback (out of character) from the people you feel are ignoring you?

Love, Spike

Review posted by GreenBanana
Posted on Mon Nov 7 10:11:05 2016 / 3 comments
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What could be a stress-free MUD with a refreshingly open-ended character creation system of bountiful race options is marred by a crude mishandling and gross misinterpretation of expectations and obligations on the part of the human element. If you expect a professional level of primary responsibility, don't look for it here. While there may be plenty of monsters to slay and a very broad range of characters to play as in terms of species, the whole premise is instead limited by infantile moderators who lack the pulse of what their target demographic is actually seeking. There are some great features conducive to variant roleplay, and even an experience system doled out to reward players for roleplaying (presumably without human-driven bias), but these innovations become sorely pressured by the severe amount of practical flaws at hand here.

Let's get the technical issues out of the way first. There are still a lot of missing help files and mountains of typographical errors, and the mapping is bloated, disjointed and easily distracted to the point where areas don't appear to logically fit together. Now, online games are always going to experience consistent development because they're intrinsically organic. They're prone to change all the time. We know this. The pacing of the work is the crucial issue here: While much of the mechanics still need fixing, the focus instead has turned to building outlying areas, a feature which is not in such a crucial status as other fundamental elements of the game. In actuality, when a portion of the system is exposed for its flaws, the staff has routinely shoveled over it entirely: Certain whole classes are essentially hidden, and an otherwise- innovative breeding system for creating complex racial hybrids has been disabled and ignored. Another such example indicative of the staff's eclectic thought process is in trying to divert traffic by cordoning off an area: This just moved the heavy traffic issue one room away (to a more bottle-necked area, with more NPCs and objects standing about).

This MUD seems to have digressed heavily from the first and foremost rule of any software which caters to end users: User-friendliness is attained by adhering to intuition. This especially pertains to terminology in the help files which is misleading, inconsistent, or non-specific. Several features have a one- direction-only error: One cannot opt back out of Player Killing. This even affects maps, shockingly enough: Many maps do not logically follow physical rules of connecting two rooms together, which becomes multifold due to a bizarre gimmick where commands to recall to a set area are inexplicably disabled. These grievances ultimately punish players for exploration, particularly as any area can be warped to, with other towns remaining empty and set next to each other. Remnants of old changes still linger to produce inconsistency errors which can alternate between player characters. Some characters still recall to an older location, but this claim mainly pertains to so many arbitrary changes to an already terribly inefficient and mind-boggling inventory and equipment system which necessitates the use of spreadsheets to coordinate a character's possible outfits.

The emotional state of the MUD has to be rated at no less than 'drama hell'. It's not unheard of for new players to receive abuse when driven to using the Help channel when confounded by some of the more counter-intuitive terminology and functionality of the game's mechanics. Red flags show up concerning a counterargument by the staff stating that simply because the game is free to play that they are somehow merited no obligation to validate player concerns. This is as if to imply via power-drunk, almost Orwellian double-speak that they are infallible so long as they don't outwardly project this subconscious egocentricity. This is textbook psychology stuff. This puerile attitude amounts to a self-serving tyrannical playground hosted solely for the benefit of the 'Immortals', where new players are permitted to suffer at their mercy. This even extends into 'global roleplays', where players are subjected to game-wide messages (essentially a non-interactive playlet) which routinely involve unmitigated over-the-top events of adult-oriented violence such as infant mutilation and rhetoric praising the game's deities which appear to be named after older game moderators who have not visited the server since before this reviewer's memory. Further example of moderator abuse lies in their choosing to hide from other players and responding to their duties by using an invisibility function, rendering the alternative from their dictatorship to be utter anarchy until such a time as they decide the way to fix everything is simply to reset the server--an act which apparently becomes necessary at least once a week.

The server resets should be in the above technical issue paragraph: Lately these resets have caused crucial NPCs to be deleted entirely, including quest NPCs and even shopkeepers for beginner equipment (for the combat-leery Mage no less). These issues have not even been acknowledged let alone fixed for what appears to be months now.

When an objection is raised, it always ends in drama. Clearly those 'inalienable' rights are, in fact, alien after all. Moderator abuse is rife in this aspect, with a certain moderator having repeatedly disconnected a user multiple times due to a simple disagreement, rather than dropping the issue or instead using a temporary ban which (while still excessive in this case) could have reduced on channel spam. When other users stand up to object to these practices, the moderators routinely proceed to flame, whine and threaten any free-speakers with revealing personal information, hyper- and hypocritical personal judgements, and of course banning. This occurs even in the glaring face of their ability to view room and channel logs on a whim which should easily expose how any conflict occurs without doubt. These emotional defenses are typically accompanied with some gaping, irrational flaw of logic that cries out for more poignant counter-arguments, which only fans the flames of controversy (or rather bald-faced contradiction) hotter. This negatively impacts the players who are forced to feign ignorance of moderator activity for fear of evading the scathing dirge of retaliation, and encourages cliques of apathetic yes-men who are content to exploit the 'Adult-Oriented Sexuality' rating as if this was a social networking website designed for quick real-life hook-ups rather than an online multi-player role-playing text game designed for an immersive fantasy world. Has it been mentioned that most of the moderators speak as if they share an apartment together? Perhaps what they wanted instead of subjecting themselves to other human beings was to just play Dungeons and Dragons together.

This is a fantasy role-playing genre of MUD, and yet it emulates, unintentionally, with such accuracy, something more along the lines of a paranoid post-apocalyptic setting complete with anarchy torn at by tyranny from all directions. While this MUD has a much lower learning curve than most, it is not at all recommended for players new to MUDs who wish to have a positive experience for their first outing. It seems a tragic shame, because this could be an excellent MUD in its own right if only it returned to its roots and remembered what it wanted to deliver and who it wanted to deliver it to.

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Comment posted on Mon Apr 1 20:50:21 2013 by Spike:

Hi Ilinuxu. Disgruntled players often have poor opinions, indeed. I'm sorry that you are incompatible with Edge of Midnight. I wish you luck in finding a more fulfilling game that makes you happy!

Love, Spike

Comment posted on Tue Apr 2 14:56:26 2013 by TheHuntress:

This review was well written ( a true wordsmith here ), well thought-out and accurate to a fault. And the truth hurts doesn't it? The response by a staff member posted is exactly the type of thing written about in the post..their way of dealing with anyone who tries to discuss, or let them know of issues or problems or ways they may actually be able to improve. I had a blast for oh, five or six months, until one of the IMMs turned on me like a dog in one of his player characters over nothing. Since that time, I can do no right in any of my many characters...they complain if you spend time hunting, they complain if you enjoy crafting, which they spent a lot of coding time on...they complain when you try to get into the rp they insist you must and block your way favoring the nucleus of YES buddies. I was away for several days, went in for like five minutes, read a PM from one of the said IMM's and was livid. In all fairness, I was warned about this game early on from another player about things that had gone on in the past. For quite some time it didn''t seem to be that way and I stuck up for em. But them, almost on a dime it did gravitate back to what I was warned of. I have four hero level chars and many others, and I really miss when I actually had fun here. I usually stick to myself or friends I've made and do things I enjoy. But now, they are not even allowing my any part of the game to really relax and enjoy anymore. I am saddened by that. So Bravo on a thought provoking, accurate review, fellow player. I hope to find a mud I can feel at home in and have fun again...currently seeking such. -- Oh and since the writer did not identify his IC player, I assume the IMM took the addy from here, identified the name and OUTED him. That seems the TACKIEST of TACKY and a strong indicator of the many issues. I am sure I'll see some of my CHARACTER names splashed here as well after my response.

Comment posted on Sun Oct 16 20:02:42 2016 by Vardos:

Ah yes I remember this individual and I feel the need to respond to this claptrap. What had occurred with this person is that multiple times they abused the rules of the system to circumvent penalties for doing acts that would have made them die (i.e. they have a wank command so you can ejaculate in EoM and he decided to do this on another persons face as a one up. The other person couldn't stop it and it doesn't count as a violent action so he had to just deal). So after doing that and spamming spells to make everyone unintelligible to everyone else (a spell that would force combat by the by) this individual was told by the Imms to knock that shit off or he would be flagged.

Since there is no way to unflag this is a one way trip. Subsequently he still did other things that eventually made them flag him as they do not enjoy people that game the system. They eventually had to resort to threatening to flag ALL of his characters because he would just make new ones to harass people.

Just because he speaks eloquently does not show the true nature here. He is a dick that wanted to be praised for his exploits of the system while ruining the experience of other users. While people did enjoy playing with this person when he wasn't a dick the fact remains he essentially wanted to run roughshod over the server without consequences to his actions.

At one point large portions of the server were pointedly ignoring him due to repeat problems and actions. While the ban would have been more appropriate (and I mean a full, immediate and lasting ban) they decided to handle it differently.

Review posted by Lynn
Posted on Fri Oct 8 20:34:09 2010 / 0 comments
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This is a friendly place place to play! There are many good roleplayers here, and at times a very exciting place to play! Most o f the Nobles are helpful with one, rude, loud screaming exception.

Be warned there is an extensive weapons/skills/armour revamping going on,but with all the cheerful, lusty and friendly roleplayers, you won't notice hardly at all!!

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Review posted by Jenny_vei
Posted on Fri Oct 8 20:33:12 2010 / 0 comments
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The Edge of Midnight, a place where I am proud to have spent many years playing and helping create a fun field game where just about anything can happen. EoM is a land of Chaos and life filled with people that are willing and able to have fun and roleplay nearly anything in the broad spectrum of possibilities.

While EoM is not a MUSH we do heavily encourage and reward RP. One of the ways is with an automated RPXP system that grants experience based on your RP. This EXP, unlike in many other games, can not only be used for leveling your character, but also for bettering yourself through custom made equipment or items to help you change classes. It can directly influence your stats and skills, as well as aid you though the process of rebirth, known in many games as remort.

EoM is currently home to many characters who live and work together in a community environment enriched by multiple guilds and clans. It offers the ability for anyone who wishes to start a clan of their own.

Our world however, is still a bit of a work in progress, with our code and many parts still evolving. So from time to time things about the world do change. Most of the time change is for the better, in hopes of maintaining a fun, balanced gaming environment for all adult text based gamers to enjoy.

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Review posted by Foxtai
Posted on Thu Jul 10 20:40:47 2008 / 0 comments
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I have played EoM for many years and the player base has always been friendly, and willing to help. The nobles are always helpful as well, and tend to show newbies how to get around the game.

The mud is always updated and fixed up fast as the credit goes all towards the nobles as well.

The game is quite great to be frank, but the only problem I have or anyone would, being a veteran to mudding for many years, would have to be the Admin Pyros. I do have respect for the guy, dont get me wrong, but throwing ban threats around like candy is nothing to be joked about. A ban is where you close off a connect to a player for something illegal or offensive they have done with a bit of warning. Whether it was a rash move or he was having a bad day, I would not know that using such a way to intimidate someone, especially on a long playing player such as myself for seeing if there was any roleplay xp awared for players who played on the previous version of EoM... is just completely unjustified.

The mud itself is great, the noble staff is great, the mud is newbie friendly... but I dont recommend Pyros as one of the greatest admins out there.

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Review posted by Ender
Posted on Mon Nov 14 21:26:06 2005 / 0 comments
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Hello there,

If you've read the discussion board on my promotion of this place, than kudos to you. It tells you most of what I'll tell you this day. But if you haven't, feel free to read it along with this Review.

Edge of Midnight, in my opinion, is one of the greatest games I've ever played. The best thing I can say is giving this place a try, but why? I'll be sure to tell you all about why.

First off, the storyline of Edge of Midnight begins with a being created of Chaos. His name is Pyros. As Chaos is a sort of element that incites suprise, whether it be good or bad, in whatever it may be. Chaos and madness are what made this being, so surely you would believe he's not very sane. In fact, he was so insane that he created a realm made entirely out of this Chaos. He molded beings for his amusement, created societies, and toyed with them. He made the realm merely to turn it upside-down with his constant meddling. Pyros is neither a benevolent or heinous immortal. He is merely one who seeks to fill the void known as his boredom with the creations of mortals.

The game itself is a DoT code that has and still is being heavily modified. With a excellent team of coders and builders, the game itself molds like chaos and blooms into more than just a game, but a society. The game itself is known as roleplaying mud, though if you're into hacking and slashing apart the most difficult of mobs, this is difinitely a place to test your skills. With many different races to try, one places themself in a sea of endless possibilities. Not only can you hunt, but you can play character of any race of any choosing, and you only have more say in where you go from there.

But with so many possibilities, a new person could easily become lost in the subtle waves of chaos. But, the game has had such a newbie-friendly playerbase for years that it rubs off on the next generation. Help can always be found no matter what time of day it is. There are currently 3 immortals and a team known as the nobles, who enforce the guidelines of the game, award roleplay, and further smooth out the game in many possible ways. The fun doesn't end there at all though.

As stated above, the game is user-friendly, hack-and-slash inclined, roleplay encouraged, but it still has more? Of course! The game is constantly worked on and new areas not only for hunting(A term used for slaying mobs to gain experience points and equipment) but to stage your own roleplay. One can go in any direction, not just one set path. You can be vile and twisted or as loving and caring as a saint for all that you want. The possibilities broaden as you go.

You may also wonder if the code is stable. Well, I've been in the game for two years straight. Addicted of course, but moving on, I've never seen the game crash deliberately. The code is very solid and is worked on by an excellent team.

Gameplay goes on and on.

And it gets better and better as players are always respected. Though jokes and mockery is merely a human trait, this is a paradise and respected as such. One can come here a newbie and be respected the same as a veteran. Respect is merely how you make it. The community always accepts new people and their new ideas so one's fresh mind never goes to waste in this game.

In short, you not only learn much from playing this game: Roleplay, hunting tactics, and many ways to play different types of character. You also have the ability to make a difference and change the ever-flowing stream of chaos. I suggest hack-and-slash players and expert roleplayers, beginners, anyone who wishes to join me in the Realm of Midnight.

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