Vampire Wars
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Vampire Wars is purely a vampire mud: it has no werewolves, demons or mages. As such, it allows us to concentrate on vampires. With the return of the Cappadocian and Tremere clans we now have 8 vampire clans and mortals. We plan to add more disciplines and clans in the near future.

Status is gained outside of the clan by player killing. The game has a lot of unique features, far more than one could do justice to in abrief description; come take a look for yourself!

We hope to add more features yet maintain a retro style of gameplay.

Vampire Wars is still run by many admin who have been around for years,drop by - you never know who you might run into (for better or worse).

We make no promises and set no deadlines about what we may add to the game, but we plan to continue the expanding and adjusting our world.

Mud Theme: Vampire Dark Ages

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