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Dying for a smooth running mud with great adventures? Multi Mud has been customized for balance, style, and adventure! We have many features including:

-60 level system with multi-classing into 16 different remorts. -Personalized newbie help from Avatars and Guardian Clans. -7 main races with hometowns including Vampires with Advanced features. -10 minor races for improved RP. -Zones range from middle earth to current days to sci-fi. -Solo challenges such as our Simulator Arena or Survivor Camp. -Group challenges such as freeing the virtues in hell or fighting in the Ragnaroek. -An entity system offers clans and followerships for more roleplay and gaming options. -Over 100 zones with over 6000 pieces of EQ and over 10000 rooms total. -Advanced remort skills/spells for RP such as bard's songs of war and nature. -Immortal run quests and missions as well as auto-quests pre- programmed.

What is mentioned is simply a glimpse, for a real taste visit us or get more information on our webiste. We truly encourage roleplay, offer great newbie help, and have challenges for expert mudders as well.

Mud Theme: To combine Fantasy, Modern and Sci-Fi

MULTI MUD! Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Razlin
Posted on Thu Jun 6 05:50:24 2013 / 0 comments
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I have played this mud, Multimud, on and off for the past 14 years. I have created nearly every different type of character possible to max level, just to try them (and it is also fun to level with your friends).

I took several years off as life got in the way. But, here I find myself, once again, every night, doing what I love to do. I love to be here, with all the friends, and enemies (pk), I have made over the years.

To teach someone the ropes, to gather eq for the needy, collect degrees, pillage for money, loot uw, run asgard, kill lucifer, or to just act as a meat shield for those who require it. I am always happy to be a part of anything and everything that is going on.

I have seen this place evolve over the years, the immortals are more involved in a positive way. They create custom quests, they tweak current zones, they create holiday / theme related quests/tasks, they actually listen to you, and they are willing to help you. It is one of the main reasons I decided to STAY once I came back.

There are plenty of challenges and rewarding aspects to this mud. if you want to explore for knowledge (and a reward), kill special mobs for status (slayer knowledge), collect stones (loot uw) for sorcerers to summon elementals or to buy some elite items, etc.

I could go on forever but I wont. Come give us a try and I will tell you and show you how much fun we can have.

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Review posted by Fin
Posted on Tue Apr 16 05:48:07 2013 / 1 comment
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I don't even know where to start when it comes to submitting a review for my beloved MultiMUD, so I guess I'll just relay a recent experience for me that personifies what MultiMUD is all about.

I had come back to the MUD after a 2 year hiatus and I created a new character. I was approaching the max level, and hit a particularly rough patch in my leveling. I had out-leveled the zones that were previously pushing me through my levels at a steady rate and I had to find a new place to kill. Long story short, I found a new zone but it was frustrating and slow, due to mobs that have large amounts of HP and the tendency to flee when low on life. I was getting bored, leveling was taking too long and I needed a change of pace. I suddenly remembered a zone that was appropriate for my level and headed right over.

This new zone, Cloud City, was absolutely perfect. The mobs gave large amounts of exp and were easy to kill in addition to being near a healthy room to rest in. My spirits were lifted! I started running around the zone, poisoning all the mobs I found. I figured that by the time I finished poisoning everything, the very first mob I had poisoned would be sufficiently weakened and I would be able to just breeze through the zone and accrue the levels. All was going well until I went up to the 6th floor..

In the world of MultiMUD, there are rooms that are death traps. If you enter the room, you will die immediately and your body will forever be entombed within this room of death. They can generally be avoided if you read the room descriptions and check your exits, but every once in a while you get cocky and stop paying attention. They are completely and utterly demoralizing

The 6th floor of Cloud City contained a death trap, and much to my dismay I waltzed right in and promptly died. I was absolutely crushed. I had just lost all of my gear that I had worked so hard to balance and perfect, and this new amazing zone I found had betrayed me. I honestly considered just deleting my character right then and there, I had not the heart to re-equip my character from scratch. I realize that this was an irrational thought, but I had just had my spirits lifted after that frustrating patch of leveling and with my newly acquired dismay I just didn't know if I had it in me to carry on...

20 minutes later I was completely re-equipped, and actually better off than I was in the first place. How was this possible? Why, because of the generosity of the players that were online. They dropped whatever it was they were doing to offer condolences for my death and lost equipment, and promptly offered to help me acquire new gear. At this very moment, I was reminded of what it was that makes MultiMUD such a special place to me.The inhabitants of MultiMUD are some of the kindest and most generous people you'll ever meet. All you will find is acceptance and kindness if you give it in turn, and this is what makes MultiMUD such a wonderful place.

If you're looking for a new MUD, look no further than MultiMUD. I promise that as soon as you create your first character, you will immediately be assaulted with greetings and offers of help and advice.

MultiMUD, I love you.

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Comment posted on Mon Apr 15 14:00:39 2013 by Sabach:

I'm glad to hear you got re-equipped that well Fin. I'm also glad I didn't have to help!(Just teasing).

Your calling Cloud City a new zone got me thinking that someone should say some of the new features that are cool and different lately in the new zones.

The underworld, It has went from 300 rooms to closer to 3000(Benden could give a much more accurate number). While the twists and turns are different, the mobs and difficulty has stayed the same. The three levels separate out the levels of difficulty, but there is plenty of danger on 1.

The pyramid is a pretty different feeling zone because of the instant heals and !magic areas. I've seen a lot of players who in my mind were slow on reaction times, build up their skills and ability to react there. Figuring out how to deal with the traps and such has been a blast for a lot of people. At least there is help to get your gear back most of the time (it resets fast).

Everyone talks about Asgaard and Hell a lot, but there are some more unique challenges too. The pirate wasteland maze is a huge maze that dwarves the old ones. Working through quests in zones like Otoh Gunga, and Andergast can still keep people really busy.

And for our explorers we have new quests that keep them digging through zones/mobs/whatever on our site. If you are a powergamer, we have places to keep you busy and occupied. If you are an explorer, we have many places/quests to keep you occupied. If your into PK, we have a group enjoying that on Thursday nights right now.

I was talking to Kain the other day, he became immortal back before there were remorts (look, he's just a thief). We talked about how many people come back around to the place as if it was a home for them.

I know we have room for more! Give us a try, we are a mud that is active and trying.

Review posted by Thistle
Posted on Sat Aug 18 16:18:22 2012 / 0 comments
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A small group of friends got me into this MUD back in highschool. My first MUD, I found Multi easy to adapt to and the community very welcoming and helpful. The playerbase was small enough that everyone would get to know everyone else, yet large enough that something was always going on.

Over the years I've been in and out of the MUD scene but no matter how long I'm gone I always get nostalgic for this place and come back to find it and many of the friends I've made here are still here waiting for me with many wonderful additions to explore and adventures to have.

MultiMUD continues to be developed by a staff of active, receptive Immos and one Implementer that astonishingly keeps this all going and puts up with me to this day.

Now older, I'm finding myself still drawn back to these lands I grew up exploring. I'm hooked.


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Review posted by Brashen
Posted on Mon Aug 13 05:28:58 2012 / 1 comment
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After playing on MultiMud for about a dozen years or so it seemed a good idea to put up a review. The MUD is an RP encouraged environment. I’ve seen people come on who like to remain in-character, those who focus more on killing and leveling but still add that touch of personality to their character, and those who tend to just socialize as themselves while either loitering about the fountain or going off to kill the gods of Olympus.

You have a choice of 17 races on this MUD and 4 starting classes with the ability to remort farther down the line. So once your character is fully leveled it is one of 16 classes. Each one is balanced out well with its own strengths and weaknesses. One class I really enjoy is the bard as they get a spell called play instrument which opens up a number of extra spells. Each instrument will play a certain number of songs and you have to choose which ones you want. You can ‘tune’ the instrument and it will change the song for you but it does this randomly so it might take a while to get the song you want.

The mobs are also made so that some are harder for certain classes. For instance some of the mobs might be ‘aware’ so that they can’t be backstabbed. That makes for some unhappy thieves and assassins. Some mobs are in rooms that magic can’t be used and those characters that chose to go with a spellcaster only class are in trouble. For every main strength of a character there is a weakness. Of course you can choose a class like warlord, which is a mixture of warrior and mage. You give up the added strength of say choosing warrior again as your remort class to mix in a bit of magic. Thus a mob that can’t be affected much by just sheer strength can be taken down with spells.

The immortals on the game are nice, even somehow while being evil they are nice. They are more than willing to listen to requests. They also sporadically will come up with quests or tournaments you can choose to take part in. Sometimes tournaments are class based, such as a bards tournament for the best bit of bardic entertainment at other points it might be an open game of hide and seek.

Aside from the immortals tossing out quests there are also a number of them already programmed into the MUD. Roam the area and find mobs talking to you asking for your help with some problem or another. Prizes vary from experience points, to items, or quest points. The types of quests also change up from needing to go killing things to finding something, or a mixture of both.

Also this MUD is BIG or maybe HUGE is a better term. No idea on the exact room number and even over 15 years it’s still growing. I can safely say over 10,000 how much over I’m not sure. They have 3 continents on the game, as well as a few islands and then there is a portal that you can take to get to an entirely different planet and a more futuristic sci-fi setting. The planet is Mos Eisley and from there you can go to a number of other planets. Believe me, there is plenty to do so that you don’t get bored.

PK on MultiMud is an optional thing. There are certain areas you can find arenas that anyone can player-kill in or there is the underworld, a zone ruled by thador who will send his minions out to get you. The zone changes landscape every time they reboot the mud and the entire zone is player kill. The other option is to turn outlaw. If you’re an outlaw you still can’t fight in the cities but anywhere else you roam on the mud you’ve got to look out for other outlaws.

This place is excellent for newbies. Both the immortals and the players are ready to assist people who have any questions. It also has a newbie start up area that will help take you through the basics and get you a feel for things. Plenty of ways to communicate your questions or socialize on this game. A few of those include a newbie channel, ooc, gossip, clan, auction and more!

The mud has several clans you can choose to join depending on your preference. While it is not mandatory to join a clan it helps offer more rp opportunities, can help you connect more with some players, gets you a beneficial clan item of some sort, as well as several other features like clan homes.

Multi Mud also has a website and a facebook group to keep in touch. The facebook goes over a lot of the basic details of the MUD, offers some map and help files and even has a who list to see who’s playing.

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Comment posted on Sun Aug 12 13:14:40 2012 by Marina:

When I first started playing on Multimud it was an awesome experience. Years later my feelings have not dulled for a bit.

The game and the people in it are still awesome. There is an overwhelming feeling of warmth upon entering the mud as you will most certainly get a hearty hello from everyone.

If you are new the veterans of the mud will help out any way they can.

There is always something going on in the mud whether its a discussion or a time of killing or even a quest (which are very frequent).

Like the review stated, we have our own facebook page as well as a twitter page so the player will always stay in the loop of things.

Multimud will forever be my home and the people will forever be my friends.

Review posted by Durango
Posted on Thu May 20 19:07:10 2004 / 0 comments
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Multimud has been where I have spent most of the free time in my life over the last six years or so. It is high excitement, adrenaline, and addicting. It is simple, yet incredibly detailed. Even when you have maxed out the leveling system the fun is not over with quests, clans, and even expeditions into the underworld to fight the forces of evil or fight against those 'goodies' :P

Leveling is fun, remorting (mixing classes) makes it infinitely interesting.

I think it's a blast. I've tried to play others, but I just can't seem to feel at home.

Hope to see you all there soon. When you get in feel free and mudmail me or ask for assistance from anyone there.

Durango the Wizard

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