Overdrive or OD as it is commonly referred to, is a large MUD with thousands of rooms. OD is a hack and slash type mud but it does offer 11 unique quests and a ton of mini-quests. It is player friendly and you can usually find someone to help you with any questions you may have. There are dedicated realm coders creating new and fun areas for players to explore. There is a very detailed help directory available to players and it is highly suggested that new players to OD read through them.

Also new characters that are created will be able to enjoy a basic set of armors and a weapon (dagger) to help them through the first 4 levels. At level 4 you can join a class and start using the perks of a Class Vault and the Class Channel line to ask other players of your class for assistance in obtaining better gear. The noob set is to help players with those first levels in the learning process of the mud!

There is a level cap at 160, but players at that level can continue to gain experience and train their skills beyond that. There are four different classes players can choose from: Fighter, Priest. Mage and Thief. Each class has different training styles and can be trained to your liking.

While there is the level cap of 160, OD is now home to Hero Levels! This is a new leveling system for players that have reached 160 and have obtained certain training requirements to advance even further. Hero Levels will offer new advantages to players that call themselves "Heroes of Farcaern".

We offer Colorized Items based on the quality of the item you are wearing. This is a new addition and not all items have been upgraded for quality colors. A lot of the higher end and newer items to be installed into the game do however have colors.

With a low player base OD allows simultaneous Character play, up to four characters on at the same time. It's nice to know you can have a Priest on with your Fighter on at the same time!

OD has friendly players and wizards and we are a very casual mud. Role Playing is not really played on OD; however, it is allowed and you may choose to Role Play. Log on and join the fun!

Mud Theme: Medieval Fantasy

Client Recommendation: Zmud, Cmud, Tinyfugue, TinTin++

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Review posted by Neon
Posted on Fri Aug 23 10:37:15 2013 / 0 comments
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I started playing Overdrive in 1999 and became hooked rather quickly. When I started playing OD the game had a respectable player base and it was filled with unique areas. While the areas are still there, the player base has lowered some. Lately myself and a few other Overdrivers have been working on creating new and fun areas for players to explore and they also offer a mini-quest feel to it. We have added additions to the MUD to allow for more player progression past the 160 level cap. Hero Levels are new to the MUD and of course give players that have capped out the chance for further progression. Recently we also added colorized items/equipment based on the quality of the item. The quality colors used for each quality item is set up by the player, while the quality is defined by the wizard of that item. For example, if a wizard sets an item to be of 'good' quality, the player can set up the color for quality/good to yellow, red, blue etc. There are still active players who play on the mud and they are always willing to help new players. Even though I am a wizard and somewhat biased, but the active wizards on game are extremely friendly and are alway willing to help or answer any questions that new players might have. Bringing new players to Overdrive is something we are actively working on, so if you're reading this and looking for a new game, Overdrive would love to have you!

Overdrive offers a ton of mini-quests and it has 11 unique quests for players who are looking for an intense puzzle to solve. More mini-quests are being worked on so if you think you've solved them all, just wait, more are coming. There is no PVP in the game, but we do offer dueling, a non-permanent player verse player combate. And every so often we offer Party Wars. Overdrive is extremely fun, challenging, and very welcoming for a hack and slash mud. So like I said before if you are looking for a new MUD or are new to MUDS in general we would love to see you around.

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