Bad Trip


Now under new ownership as of Spring, 2009.

Welcome to an online world like none you've experienced. Bad Trip is wild, irreverent and most of all fun. If you're looking for a new mud, now is the time to try Bad Trip. We are currently rebuilding our player base, so come give us a whirl.

We have a new imm staff, but are continuing with the best in the tradition of Bad Trip-ness.

Some of the things we have going for us are:

* An active staff who constantly strive to improve the game (Currently undergoing a major overhaul!) * A unique token system for improving your character and gear (New tokens on the way!) * Friendly and mature players who are glad to assist you and answer questions * A clan dedicated JUST to helping newbies called 'Oracle'. * Frequent Imm-run quests awarding prizes and equipment. * A multiple remort/rebirth process which lets you further specialize and master your skills. * An automated quest system that allows you in time to earn amazing equipment, and many other prizes. * So many unique things, you'll wonder why everyone doesn't play this mud. * We are irreverent, off-beat, and laid back. Try us. You'll like us!!

Mud Theme: Socializing, roleplaying, fighting & helping one another.

Bad Trip Mud Reviews

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Review posted by hope_again
Posted on Tue Jul 5 20:22:49 2011 / 0 comments
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A year ago I was diagnosed with a terminal illness. Having given up all hope, I turned to extensive drug use to try and drown my sorrow. Then, one glorious day, my whole life changed. A friend of mine introduced me to Bad Trip, and I suddenly found the will to live. That was a little over two months ago. I've kicked my bad habits, and even the cancer that had irreversibly spread throughout my body. This is not only the most amazing Mud in the universe, but it even saves lives.

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Review posted by Schimazing
Posted on Thu Feb 10 21:43:08 2011 / 0 comments
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The day I began playing Bad Trip was the day I realized I became a man. I knew right away this was the right game. I could immediately hear the bells ring as my room lit up with some otherworldly presence. With each glorious strike of the keyboard I began to Pwn N00bs on the battlefield. With each successful kill my heart began to race faster and faster building towards my inevitable climax...

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Review posted by Iridium
Posted on Wed Oct 28 20:39:36 2009 / 0 comments
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Like many of the others here, I'm a returning player, harkening back from the days when an a fellow named Coby ran the game. At some point, he closed the game down, and I'm just now finding out Bad Trip is back.

It's a slightly different mud - new staff, but a lot of older and returning players. Anyone interested in having a look around for old time's sake shouldn't be put off by that. While some things are changing and updating as a new crew settles in, they're keeping to the spirit of old Bad Trip - attitude and the slacker-gamer experience. I've found that despite a lot of new names, things haven't truly changed, they're simply a new face on an old theme.

For those who haven't yet tried Bad Trip; I recommend it as a truly different kind of mudding experience. Certainly there's the standard variety of hack and slash, but knowledge of stock zones is invaluable for the token-hunting that makes up the core of the player experience. It's a gladiator style environment, and all about building up your characters to be the most powerful in the game. No real stat caps, but there's enough balance to the game to keep things relatively fair. Battle it out at your leisure in regular battlefield events, or take the risks of going out into direct PK while you're still building yourself up.

It's all at your leisure with no pressure to immediately go out and be the most hardcore. Most of the fun of the game is learning the ins and outs of the Token system while shooting the breeze with other long term MUD'ders who have been around since the earlier days of these games.

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Review posted by Timmons
Posted on Wed Sep 16 22:23:53 2009 / 0 comments
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Like so many of you out there, I too, have been mudding for a good many years. I spent many hours of my young life playing the great text-based game we all share. I recently returned from a long hiatus from mudding and found BadTrip. What a tremendous experience thus far.

A great staff of immortals are constantly helping and interacting, which as well all know can be a rare commodity once the superiority complex kicks in on some muds. The players are more than helpful and are good bunch of people that I'm getting to know better each day.

They have an incredibly token system, with the sky as the limit as to what you want to do. Quests are run, built in autoquestor, Unique items generated by the mud with various affects..the list goes on and on.

So if you're looking for a friendly environment, a great staff and playerbase and just old fashioned mud fun, try BadTrip. Hope to see you there.

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Review posted by Samael
Posted on Tue Apr 28 22:07:28 2009 / 1 comment
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PK? Yes. RP? We reward it. Staff Immortals? The odds that you will log on and not find one of our bright, smiling, at times malevolent though player cherishing faces are non existent, and we need players! No, we would LOVE players.

My name is Samael, I've been a player on this MUD since I was just post-pubescent (about 9 years) and an imm since before I rightfully should have been, and I just can't seem to find myself enjoying any other fascinatingly intricate text based online social phenomena worldwide, period! And it's not like I haven't tried.

We won't punish you for speaking your mind or not speaking it. The atmosphere on BT is so relaxed at times I escape to it like a thickly fatal though euphoric intravenous opiate.

Our training, stats, item, skill and wealth systems were developed by a handful of people who were technologically brilliant and completely blown out of their minds on acid. No joke, the result of their multiple year-long endeavor on hallucinogens has become the home of many, myself included.

The name may imply that it's a narcotic based dopehead reality but to be frank and sincere it's just a title given to the MUD by the aforementioned technologically genius LSD fried coders that created it over a decade ago. It really doesn't share a whole lot of place in the premise of the game outside of a few subtle references, it took me a year and a half to actually understand what the name of the MUD was supposed to imply.

In our history we've hit the Top 10 on TMC at least a half a dozen times. We're striving to be there again in the spotlight where we belong, and we feel that you belong here with us in it.

Come one, come all. Experience the greatest distraction from the frivolities of ordinary life since the invention of a user friendly internet. Don't forget to type color once you're on the inside.


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Comment posted on Mon Apr 13 09:08:29 2009 by Dnarl:

Samael is 100% correct. I just returned to Bad Trip from a several- year hiatus from mudding entirely, and it's every bit as superb and wonderful and weird as when I left. I actually haven't seen Samael since I came back -- we have different schedules and therefore different playing times -- but I still have items left over from some of the amazing quests he's run. They're great for reminiscing.

If anything, the immortal staff has IMPROVED since I left, which is saying quite a lot. They seem even more responsible and involved. Immortal-run quests are a daily occurrence, and I have yet to log and not see at least one active, non-idling immortal and at least a couple players hiding there from the horrors of real life.

Anyway, to Sam, a job well done, and to everyone else, stop on by BT. You won't regret it.

- Dnarl

Review posted by Huntah
Posted on Wed Jul 30 20:16:00 2008 / 0 comments
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Hey all, Bad Trip is an awesome newbie friendly environment with lots of room to grow.

I first came to Bad Trip 5 years ago and returned recently after a long absence, it was easy to pick back up and learn over again.

The Immortals are cool and can be quite friendly throwing lots of Global Quests as well as handing out lots of neat stuff.

If you looking for a place where your character can grow forever? Well Bad Trip is the place!

Pk & non-PK available!

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Review posted by Furey
Posted on Fri Feb 22 20:53:56 2008 / 0 comments
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I have been mudding at BT for almost 8 years now on and off. I say on and off because everytime I take a break (usually to put time into another game) I have always found myself coming back. Their isn't a more addictive game out there, nor is there a more friendly environment.

With the help of Seth, Veles, Tylor, Monrick, Anarch and the plethora of other great immortals, I never feel unwelcome. Newbies that log in are instantly greeted (usually by more than one person) and are set up with a newb pack to help them level a bit easier. Currently, BT is undergoing a lot of changes, as ownership has finally changed.

The old owner let the place die a little, but Anarch, the new owner, is busy digging into the code making changes everyday, and helping the place thrive. I can honestly say that I won't ever mud anywhere else. BT is my home, and an amazing place with a great set of players and immortals.

With 600 levels, plenty of quest EQ, TONS of non-stock areas, immortal run quests, token drops, handouts, trivia, and much more, badtrip IS a great place to play.

If you haven't logged in before, I highly recommend the mud, as it's one of the best muds out there. If you are an old player reading this review, I highly recommend you check back in, as a lot of changes are taking places. 7778 7778

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Review posted by Kelicus
Posted on Sat Jan 26 19:25:15 2008 / 0 comments
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Bad Trip- 7778 I have been playing BT for a fews years now and I absolutely love it. It is the coolest game i have ever played. The imms are great and all the players are cool. The immortals hold LOTS of quests for us players and go the the extra step to help us.

There are 600 lvls and lots of custom areas. BT is like playing around with care bears... only if the creators of care bears were on LSD and liked sharp objects and had constant nightmares... If you think you can handle the creative fun and destructive nature please stop by and become an addict like the rest of us.

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Review posted by urbn
Posted on Sat Jan 21 19:40:51 2006 / 0 comments
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Badtrip is a great example of an active, fun mud. I first found Badtrip 10 years ago, and have never really found a mud I liked more.

The members are very friendly and helpful, along with the IMMs being amazing and interactive with the mud.

The best part of Badtrip is the token system that is used. With tokens you can update your stats, make amazing weapons that are totally customizable (even changing name, weapon types, flags etc). There is also a scrabble game of collecting tiles for prizes.

This is truly a remarkable mud. There are alot of active members that have been there for years, there just needs to be more active players on all the time.

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Review posted by Phork
Posted on Thu Sep 1 21:45:53 2005 / 0 comments
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After not playing muds for about 4 years i decided to start back up with them. I tried many different ones and came across a gem. Bad Trip is one of most highly involved mud i have come across (i'm sure there are better but once i found this one i quit searching).

All the players are constantly striving to make the weaker ones better. In return the imm's keep the game fun with exciting quests and expanding on the already great environment.

This mud is very newbie friendly so i encourage everyone to at least give it a try. I don't think you will be disappointed. All i can say is the Trip may be Bad but the adventure makes it all worthwhile. (I know that was pretty corny, but i thought it was creative so i threw it out there).

Phork 'the B.A.M.F.'

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Review posted by Nyghthawk
Posted on Wed Aug 24 22:27:00 2005 / 0 comments
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I have only played here at BT for about 7 months now and have learned allot and how the mud works, with there large amount of tokens, Quest, and other new changes in the making. I have decided to post a review up about the mud because I think it is time I let everyone else know how I feel about BT.

Well itís by far the best mud I think that I have ever visited. Some muds you go onto and there are either just hundreds of players, or you ask for assistance and the imm staff does nothing to help out a newbie thatís why I say BT has the nicest Immortal staff I have ever dealt with Fair and easy going. Also I might add that the players are willing to give a helping hand too. But I can only say what I see everyday.. so come check it out for yourself and see..

Thanks Nyghthawk (Dominion) for life

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Review posted by Berin
Posted on Wed Aug 24 21:58:59 2005 / 0 comments
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I'm a bit biased i must say, being a member of the staff for a year and a player for 5-6, but i wouldn't have gotten that way unless this was a really good mud. The leveling is fun, but it's when you get to level 300 that the fun really begins. There are area quests, that always keep rewarding, and immortal run quests, which are wild. The whole atmosphere of the place is fun. Many unique things that will keep you coming back. Everyone there is happy to help newbies, whether new to our particular mud or new to mudding in general. But come see for yourself.

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Review posted by Mobius Et. Al.
Posted on Wed Aug 24 21:56:16 2005 / 0 comments
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It's a great place to be. Plain and simple. For anyone who has been mudding for a while, we've all been to those muds with problems... either too high of a tard population, powertripping imms, or crappy or no players. Even BadTrip has had it's share of these in the past, but that's in the past. I've stuck with this mud for almost 10 years now, so that should tell you something.

The best times i've had on BT have been lately. The immortal staff they have set up now is amazing. Totally helpful, interesting, and always looking out for the playerbase. Immortal quests happen a few times a day typically, and are lots of fun. The playerbase has developed into a cohesive family of us who form the foundation for an open and inviting environment for all who venture to our world.

If you're looking for a fun, challenging, and exciting mud, come check us out. If you've visited before, come again. A lot has been updated over the years... and it's still a great place to be.

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Review posted by Danus
Posted on Thu May 5 21:29:04 2005 / 0 comments
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OK! Come one come all:) This mud is great, the leveling is quick and for some thats not a good thing. After you reach the highest level then the real fun begins. Takes a great deal of time and effort to get you character powerful through using tokens, uniques, combination of them.

Specially created imp/imm items. There are clans and great rp for those interested, pk is available or not, which doesn't exclude you from all the clans either. The imm/imps are ALWAYS working and very very seldom will you see a crash or have a problem not resolved immediatly.

Hundreds of automatic unique items hundreds of items gained through tokens and great thought out quests, along with Vel and his automated quests. The people are helpful and friendly and the imps tolerate very little stupidity. Come give it a try and say hello to the danish seeker danus! I'll help ya out when you arrive!.

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Review posted by Synclare
Posted on Mon Feb 14 22:36:39 2005 / 0 comments
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This has been my favorite mud for so many years that at this point I an not even sure how long I have been there. The Immortal staff is the of the best I have seen on a good long time. The players are all very dedicated to Bad Trip.

Anyone that likes building strong Pk chars should really like this mud. I could give you a very long list of reasons to stop by and play here, but I will let you stop by and see for yourself.

Synclare the Dwarven Mage

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Review posted by Veeles
Posted on Fri Feb 4 23:28:42 2005 / 0 comments
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Ok, so for the majority of my time on Badtrip, or BT as we like to call it, I have been a player. While at first i found that playing muds was somewhat lacking i slowly became infatuated with them. I bounced around from Mud to Mud looking for one that I could call home. It wasn't until a few of my friends from school told me about BT that i found the mud that i would stay with for years.

BT is ever changing. People find that when they leave for a short while and return great leaps have been made into make the game more challenging, more complex, and more fun!

As a player I have found that BT offers something for any type of player. Whether you're the type that enjoys massing huge amounts of wealth and lording it over others (people we affectionately call hors :)) or the type of player who simply loves the thrill of the hunt and kill of other players or even yet you want to develop your character's identity through carefully planned RP.

Regardless to what your interest in mudding is BT has a place for you. I personally have found that i enjoy a combination of all of of it. We also have some awsome builders working on some of the most inventive and challenging areas i have ever seen or heard about. So if you want to try a mud that not only will challenge your skills, buy also provide you with more fun and better friends then anywhere else try us out. BT is the only place to Be.

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Review posted by Xero
Posted on Wed Oct 13 19:41:16 2004 / 0 comments
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Bad Trip is one, forget that, THE best mud I have ever played. I've looked at most of the MUDs on MudConnector and I haven't seen a mud as good as this one.

First off, the token system. On Bad Trip there is an ingenious, unique token system, which acts as currency. There are IMMtokens and IMPlementor tokens. 150 Imm tokens gets you an Imm Luvin, which is a pack of usable tokens that you can use to beef up your character or personalized equipment for you and you only. 150 IMP tokens gets you a pack of really great tokens and great equipment. These IMP luvins are a favorite for many, and the hunt for tokens is half the fun of the game!

There are 300 levels in this game that you can reach. Reaching these levels is nonetheless a good challenge, but when you get to 300, there is so much more to do. Some things include collecting equipment to beef out your stats, getting tokens to fix your equipment (50 Con and 5 int on a piece? Not so with a Stat Swap! Now you have 5 con and 50 int! What a plus!), participating in Imm quests, which some are the greatest I've ever played ever before. There is more to do at level 300 than there is leveling up to 300- I was in doubt about what to do before I reached 300, but now, I'm trying to max myself out.

The clans are not like normal clans. There are no Clan Signets. To get in a clan, you must be a dedicated Roleplayer. Posting (and reading) Roleplay notes are both very fun. The clans are amazing; special and very unique. Clan spells are great, and the equipment is some of the best you'll ever find. Hard and long, but worth it. Uniques- special equipment that is loaded onto the mobs and random points and have random stats on them. Most of the times the stats are worthless, but sometimes you'll find a killer stat on a Unique. You can then proceed to add HP, Mana, Damroll, Hitroll, and switch around the stats using tokens to make the unique perfect, an ingenious system.

I haven't even got to half of the whole of what Bad Trip has to offer you. Great colors, and a really friendly Imm staff. Our imms are some of the friendliest you'll ever see around, most of whom were once players on the Mud. There are immquests throughout the week, one per day. The prizes are really good and will help you alot. If you don't want to wait around for an Imm quest, there is a mob called Vel who gives out mortal quests for Quest Points.

So much stuff to do. It's ALOT of fun. Some people might go as far as calling themselves Bad Trip addicts. It's worth checking out. Play it. And when you log on, look for Xero- I'll help ya out, just say Xero sent you. Hope to see you on the greatest mud out there!

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Review posted by Seryx
Posted on Mon Sep 27 23:16:47 2004 / 0 comments
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I've mudded on Bad Trip for eight years now, and I've found through those eight years that no other mud has to offer the amount of fun that this mud has to offer. I've tried plenty of others throughout the time i've played here, but there's just something unique about Bad Trip.

It has so many things to do, such as go hunting for tokens or hunting for uniques, which in itself is some very good code. Uniques are items that are loaded randomly onto random mobs, and the items have random stats, both good and bad. No one item the same, it really is ingeneous code.

And then of course, there's the thing that sets Bad Trip apart from most any other mud. Now, I, myself, dont smoke weed, but it's still pretty cool code. They have it coded in to be able to smoke weed and a 'bad trip' spell which you eat 'a hit of acid' and the whole screen turns into a massive swirl of color, which is pretty cool the first few times you do it. :P

Bad Trip has 300 mortal levels, and once you get to level 300, there's so much more to do to make yourself more powerful. It could take months to get your equipment maxxed, leaving you with something to do all of the time.

And to top it off, Bad Trip has an excellent immortal staff that is always willing to help you out with anything you need, greeting newbies, giving them newbie packs, any questions are answered. There is also usually at least one immortal quest a day; plus there's an automated quest mob that allows you to do quests every fifteen minutes.

Hope to see you there. Trust me, it's a lot of fun, and at least worth checking out, what can you lose? :P I promise to help anyone out that comes. Just mention that you came to Bad Trip from reading my review and I promise to help you out.

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Review posted by Krux
Posted on Sat Aug 14 21:13:29 2004 / 0 comments
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It's been about 4 years since i started playing and the mud never gets boring. The imms are cool, and they have quests often. They even have certain imms just for quests. The playerbase is always growing and new areas are always being built. If you like a fun mud with fun people then bring your booty here. Try us out, look for me, krux.

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Review posted by Neil
Posted on Wed Jun 2 19:56:07 2004 / 0 comments
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When i first looked in on bad trip, it was because this other mud i played was down. Then i started playin' BT, and i said to myself, 'What have i been doing with the last few years of my mudding life, this mud is WAY better!' Everyone there was really friendly and levelling was balanced and fun, but once i got to level 300, the fun really began. There's always stuff to do, and if you don't like to do anything, there's always good, interesting people to whom to talk. If you don't like to play or talk...go read a book, cause mudding ain't for you. Many systems are in place to make the game smooth and fun. And we're always changing for the better, new areas are usually being worked on at any given time. That's my two cents. I hope you find it as enjoyable as i still do.

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Review posted by Larah
Posted on Fri May 28 22:00:22 2004 / 0 comments
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I don't remember exactly when I started playing at BT...I have been mudding for about 8 years now, and stumbled across BT when I became unhappy with the way the administration was running my prev2ious mud. I'm sure you know how that is- Power-tripping, mean immortals who just are disrespectful in general to their playerbase. I have never been happier at a mud than since I started playing at BT.

I am currently one of the builders for the mud, and it is my goal to convert the whole place into original areas one day. I adore mprogs and in-game quests that make the mud challenging for characters of every level. My areas come in once a year or so, but they usually take people a few weeks to figure out how to beat them.

Besides the building aspect, my favorite part of BT is the low tolerance it has towards idiots. I know that sounds funny, but I've played many places that just don't care who plays their mud, as long as there are people there. At BT, anyone who is spammy with annoying comments, rude to people, or spewing racist/sexist comments is disposed of quickly and quietly. I find BT to be a place I can come, relax and hang out at without having to deal with the drama of annoying attention-needy people.

So come and check it out. We really, truly like new people. Say hi to me if you do :) I'll hook you up with a cookie or something. Love, Larah

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Review posted by Ringo
Posted on Mon Apr 19 22:35:43 2004 / 0 comments
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This is quite possibly one of the best MUDs out there. The staff RuLz, the players rOcK, the areas are very entertaining and the quests, eq and most of all, the fact that you can pretty much customize all your eq.

There is strong language, but that is better left to the mudders discretion.

There is one thing you can always count on BT, and that is pHun!

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Review posted by Phinox
Posted on Mon Apr 12 22:36:00 2004 / 0 comments
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I find that Bad Trip is a very welcoming mud. I have been there for about 6 years and have found that the fun never stops. The staff members like to work their butts off to make quests and do what they can to help Bad Trip be a fun place to come back to.

Seeing the mortals happy makes the staff members even more happy. To anyone who is looking for a home mud to stay with for years to come, I would recommend trying Bad Trip.

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Review posted by Akujii
Posted on Sun Apr 4 20:41:26 2004 / 0 comments
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When I usually play a game, it's for a time, then I move on with my life. Not with Badtrip. This is, without a doubt, one of the most balanced and addicting MUDs that one can possibly take the time to log onto.

But what about the newbies you might ask, how much help is there out there? Lots. Almost everyone will answer any questions you'll have, players or immortal alike. Too much to describe, so little time..... although pk is allowed, they have a spiffy system for roleplayers (which is encouraged, and seen alot more of, than pk) and stuff

Many different races put in for some great roleplay. The different races get their own bonuses! Getting the chance to be a dragon is really awesome. but theres a lack of classes i must say, which is a downfall, hopefully, more will be added.

The equipment is varied, as well. Everything is thought of from swords, to armor, to even using a spatula!!! It's great. You can also restring your equipment to anything you want! It's really great!!

By playing, I've found countless hours of enjoyment, entertainment, while forging alliances and friendships with fellow players. Give Badtrip a try, I assure you you won't be disappointed.

P.S. BadTrip is completely free, and that's a plus for anyone who wants something to do during the days.

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