Heroes of the Lance III


Heroes of the Lance 3 is a Dragonlance, Forgotten realms based mud with 100+ unique classes, skills, questing, heart thumping war and fusion/generation systems. You choose the skills according to how much your brain can hold, and the class will be assigned to you.

The leveling system extends to 50, and upon there, you gain the ability to fusion/mate with another player and go on to the next generation (more powerful), being something you have never been before. This makes for endless replaying and customising through a dynamic gene pool. Note: This is NOT remort. During fusion any of the other players limbs and/or genes can be transferred to you and vice versa, but be careful, genes can also be lost.

Due to the unique fusion and skill system, no two players are ever the same.

With the exception of standard weapon attacks, combat and spell casting time is not randomised, you employ full control of when you cast the next spell or strike the next hit through our action point system.

Try us out to see it in action.

Mud Theme: Fantasy

Client Recommendation: Pueblo

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