StrangeMUD - where thinking might become a prerequisite(tm).

StrangeMUD is a dynamic, growing mud that's been up for approximately two years now, and is constantly adding players, areas, skills, and nifty new code. Our theme is 'Anything Goes'. We're wacky and zany, and have the mobs to prove it - from Elvira, who gets _really_ peeved if you pinch her tush, to Bill Clinton, who wanders around town cleaning up the Whitewater affair. Most, if not all of our areas have 'interesting' mobs - that is, those who don't just sit there while you kill them. Mob progs and spec procs were added to tons and tons of mobs to make playing here a more remarkable experience than it already is.

It should be pretty clear that we're proud of our mud, with good reason. Years of work have gone into it, and it's a damn fine mud, with great gods and players.

Mud Theme: Anything Goes

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