Aliens vs. Predator


Aliens vs. Predator: The MUD is set in the Aliens vs Predator universe of Dark Horse comics and 20th Century Fox fame. After 21 glorious years of operation we are currently in the midst of a revisionary Renaissance.

AvP is an open PK MUD with regular MUD gameplay mixed in. We feature perpetual violent racewar, clans, vehicles, guns and ranged combat, explosives, and more!

Play as the USCMC marine and assault zones. Create perimeter defenses with installable claymores, sentry guns, and alarm systems. Call for air support if you need an ammo resupply, an airstrike, or squad reinforcements. Exterminate xeno scum and their hives with iconic Aliens weaponry such as the M41A Pulse Rifle, M56 Smartgun, and M240 Incinerator.

Play as the biomechanical Xenomorph in service to the Queen. Spread hiving throughout zones to create a natural combat bonus for your race. Take the Queen's eggs and create your own hives across the MUD world. Ambush your prey with your natural skills and rip them to shreds and bathe in ther blood.

Play as the stealthy Yautja (Predator) and claim the skulls of your enemies and prey. Track your prey while invisible with your shift-suit. Collect skulls and trade them for iconic Predator equipment like wrist blades, hunting masks, and netguns.

You won't find ANY stock mobs, objects, or rooms in AvP - the game world is 100% unique and original. What you WILL find is plenty of excitement and fast and furious action to get your heart pumping.


(Not affiliated with Dark Horse Comics or 20th Century Fox. Aliens, Predator, and Aliens vs. Predator / Alien vs Predator are copyrights owned by both parties.)

Mud Theme: Aliens vs Predator science fiction

Aliens vs. Predator Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Kelevra
Posted on Mon May 6 09:39:56 2013 / 0 comments
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I started this mud a long time ago, and the coder spent a long time to get the code just right. Now it is amazing. Everything is automated and hassle free, just play the game. A variety of races and classes gives a complex character building style, that maintains it's simplicity. Track your win/loss ratios with score boards, and join in a bunch of wild Easter Egg style missions for redeemable points. I hope to see you there. If you have any questions, just ask me.


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Review posted by draconmag
Posted on Fri Nov 21 20:42:31 2008 / 0 comments
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Greetings, For any of you that would like a full player killer mud, I'd encourage you to try Aliens vs Predator. There are three basic classes, which is broken down into three separate subclasses: Marines, Predators, and of course, Aliens. You can specialize within these three sets, and the good thing about that is there is no level limit to learn or unlearn them, so you can switch back and forth until you are happy with your character build.

It is a level based game, with top level being 100 for mortals. You gain 12 practices per level to distribute how you see fit, in either skills or stats. It also boasts several different type of missions you can join, from battleship, high card, free for all, minefield, Russian roulette, and several more.

There are clans for each race, which can capture outposts and gain clan points, which can be used for special clan equipment, clan bases, etc. You gain experience through mission points per kill instead of the regular experience point system so many of us are use too.

As for the Admin and Imms, they are always working on new missions/areas, and of course there is constant battles between clans/races.

Anyways, I highly encourage anyone looking for a good pk mud to come check us out. Things may seem a bit hard at the beginning, but once you get into the swing of things, you're ready to start stalking down some prey.

I hope to see you soon.

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Review posted by Vogt
Posted on Sun Mar 25 19:16:05 2007 / 0 comments
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He was one of only two remaining marines in the outpost. The other one was wounded and was limping along using his pulse rifle as a crutch. The marine in the lead kept his incinerator out in front of him like a torch and constantly swept it back and forth and he kept his eyes glued to the sights. A trickle of sweat crept down his temple and fell down on his hand and made him jump. The marine in the rear tuned his radio from a local frequency to a one that the marine ship nearby waiting to destroy the base and all the unlucky marines within who were waiting to be rescued. As well as all the aliens within.

As the lead marine took a step around a corner, the wall behind him exploded and a swarm of warriors and drones leaped out of the grey cement walls and onto the marine with the incinerator and ripped him apart in a matter of heartbeats and left behind only a spatter of red blood and a pile of gory flesh and meat. The marine in the back fell down and struggled to fire his pulse rifle on the aliens and get a last message out to the ship at ready. 'Outbreak, Outbreak!'

Welcome to AvP, Soldier. Where a second of reflection can take you to the moon and the slightest hesitation can send you down in flames. A fraction of a heartbeat is more than enough time to change the world, and just enough time to get you killed.

> There are the high tech marines, sniping from afar or in close with combat shotguns and incinerators to set some alien scum aflame with more than just pure hatred. Or aliens [Xenomorphs] who don't need any other weapons or any technology at all as their claws, tails, and acidic bite is more than enough for the flesh of humans and yautja alike. The yautjas who cloak themselves in invisibility lurk in the shadows waiting for the right moment to strike out and claim their trophy, the skull of their kill. Each race is unique, and all are equal in this battle for the universe taking place planets with their own separate environments ranging from arctic wastelands or the close quarters of desolate infested urban cities. So grab your rifle and get ready to incinerate some alien scumbags.

Are you ready? We're waiting for you.

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Review posted by Rajaat
Posted on Wed Feb 14 19:07:57 2007 / 0 comments
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AvP is a long standing game with many players coming back over the years. It's a very large place to explore, from space, to Earth, to alien homeworlds like the Predator home of Yaut.

The game is very pk-oriented and is full of tough adversaries. The learning curve is a rather sharp one, but eventually you find your own style that will lead you to victory. You can pick one of three races to battle with for dominance and each one has their own unique style of play.

Much freedom is given to the players(though most don't act like it or take advantage of it) so, expect some of smack talking and expect to get frustrated.

Luckily, to deal with the frustration and relieve battle tension there is a mission running staff. They varied missions from Team matches to Russian Roulette to Capture the Flag. You also get rewards for playing missions, some of them even if you win or lose, you get rewarded.

There's many players who have come back to check in or even have picked up their weapons and carried on the fight. The atmosphere isn't for everyone, it takes some maturity(or immaturity) to deal with it.

This is a game that will get you hooked, frustrate you and keep you coming back for more.

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Review posted by Vriess
Posted on Wed Jun 21 20:30:10 2006 / 0 comments
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AvPMUD has come a long way since it launched 9 years ago, through a few different gameplay ideas, and finally settled down in the last 3 or so years.

Currently, the game is still PK-oriented, but with a very active Missions staff base that regularly run fun diversions from the constant PK-fest. This is personally my favorite aspect, since many times I get frustrated with the attitude of some of the players, and don't feel like getting 'PWND' by someone 50 levels higher than me. Being able to play some trivia, russian roulette, or whatever really keeps the MUD from becoming monotonous and repetitive. The gameworld is very large, and quite varied in its design, so exploration is a lot of fun. There is a huge amount of items in this game, though it can be difficult to understand what item is better than another, so thats a bit of trial and error.

Each race is really different in its gameplay, and some are more difficult to get used to, the predator I found to be the most annoying to play.

The game overall is a lot of fun, but the biggest drawbacks have to be the steep learning curve and attitudes of many players. Unlike most MUDs I have played on, the players are allowed much more freedom in what they say, and their treatment of one another. So it is not for everyone in that aspect, but once you realize its all in fun, it gets a lot easier.

It is always nice to see people you remember from years past still playing the game, which says a lot to me.

Anyway, the game is more 'adult' than most, so that can be a good thing or bad thing, depending on your perspective. For me, I'll stick around.

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Review posted by dissipate
Posted on Thu Oct 13 21:02:06 2005 / 0 comments
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AvP is a mud that gets updated and improved often. I first logged onto AvP 4 years ago. Lots of people warn about the steep learning curve at AvP - that is true. AvP describes itself as 'newbie friendly' on its listing here, but that is absolutely untrue. What makes gameplay at this mud a steep learning curve is their lack of sufficient helpfiles and newbie-friendliness.

Upon creating a character, I moved around the mud trying to figure things out on my own as all my questions were ignored by both staff and players. I gave up and stopped playing after a week.

Two years later I decided to try the mud again. Many things had changed except for the attitudes of the staff and players. I've been logging onto AvP now and then to see what has been going on - constant updates make it an interesting place to play at.

One update months ago outdated a container I was carrying and switched it to 'an official AvP 'temporary container''. I'm not able to drop it or sell it or trade it in. Everytime I log onto the mud (about twice a month) to ask how to get rid of it, I'm ignored.

In fact, I'm online right now with 5 staff members and 15 players and they are killing other players and chatting. But all of them ignored me when I asked what to do about the container.

All in all, full enjoyment of AvP and introduction of fresh blood are greatly hindered by lack of helpfiles and friendly players. If you're a player that doesn't care for player interaction and tutorials on how to play on muds, this mud might be for you.

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Review posted by Chonfa
Posted on Sun Oct 2 21:47:37 2005 / 0 comments
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The views and opinions expressed in this review are not those of, and are no way affliated. They are my own opinions and views, created from experiances I've had while playing this mud.

When I joined AVP a year ago, I was overwhelmed at the complete lack of newbie friendliness. This is without a doubt, the worst mud for anyone looking for newbie friendly folk, ever. The staff, and the players alike are quite rude and insulting on a daily basis. Turning off BOTH race chat, and normal chat, was my only solution. Yes, that is correct. Even members of my own race were beyond snotty and rude to me, being new.

After I learned the ropes a bit, I did enjoy the overall feel of the mud. But again, the players themselves bring this down in value. The imms here are helpful to a few players. I've noticed if you aren't a friend of an imm, you certainly wait eons for help.

I've generally seen a whole mountain of favortism on this mud. Clans will insult non clan members repeatedly, and the mud itself plays like a popularity contest. You'd find less Drama on an episode of Degrassi High.

The skill system for his mud isn't bad, but be aware you'll be using your hard earned xp points here, as both cash, and to level. Yes, you read that right.

I would also like to note the other reviews I read of this mud were misleading. I thought this mud would be a much nicer, more polished experience. I realized why I was lead to believe that. Those other reviews, were written by the imms of this mud. So of course they're trying to sell you on it.

And I noticed the only other review that was written from an honest to god player, was negative, as mine is. Immortals replied to his, too. They'll no doubt reply to mine.

This mud has an excellent flow, and a good system in many areas. Unfortunately, it's the players who ruin it; and a few of the imms. I've noticed cetain ones siding with thier buddies instantly in an argument, often with no idea what's going on.

I'd tell you folks who want a decent mud, to find another. This one's trash all the way through in the end. A pretty park may look nice. But when folks dump garbage in it, garbage is all you have.

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Review posted by Matthias
Posted on Wed Aug 24 22:33:20 2005 / 0 comments
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AvPMUD is a great mud for people who want to play a game with a friendly community, easy learning curve, and a dedicated helpful staff.

One of the greatest things about AvPMUD is that it's constantly changing, new things are being added, old, out dated systems being removed or revitalized. The AvPMUD world is large, and growing. Many players also enjoy that the staff is not above conversing and enjoying the game like the players, rather than just seeing it as work. The staff gets into the game as much as the players, up to putting on armor and going pking, (although this has happened on ocassion durring one of AvPMUD's frequently run missions) You can see the same people and new faces on consistently, day by day. Almost no one who has 'quit' AvPMUD has done so forever, and not come back. Players really get into the game.

There isn't a time when a staff or player isn't on. Someone is always there for company.

By far, my favorite MUD ever, there's just something...homey about it. Hope to see you there, joining the adrenaline pumping, nerve- grinding, action-paced fight for survival and stellar domination!

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Review posted by Raid
Posted on Fri Aug 6 21:23:21 2004 / 0 comments
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Aliens vs. Predator: The MUD has been a place where I have played and worked at for several years. AvP offers an extensive race system and interaction with people all over the world. This MUD offers real-time missions that are run often by the staff.

Predators have many features including but not limited to, regenerative power source that fuels deskulling and invisibility; snipe/melee capabilities, and just general ass kicking. Predators are average in melee and snipe. However, Predators are generally meant for the experienced player. If you are new, I suggest you try playing a Marine or an Alien first.

Marines offer a variety of classes including Rifleman, Heavy Assault, Sniper, etc.. The list goes on. Marines specialize in sniping and use motion detectors to track other players. They have grenade launchers, sniper rifles, and a variety of other weapons. Marines are ideal for newbies.

Xenomorphs, or aliens, are pure melee. Obviously, they don't have any sniping capabilities. They are able to 'install' alien eggs which can hatch and form into a huge hive resulting in an alien queen. Aliens also have skills like, 'tailwhip' and 'bite' which do extra damage in combat. Aliens are ideal for newbies.

Now on the different note, AvP also offers many perks. AvP has a system of token points which is used to buy special equipment that has very high attributes and affects; called WYMEQ (Weyland-Yutani Mission Equipment). TP can also be converted into MP (Mission Points) if desired. TP is given out as a reward by mission operators for playing in their mission. Prize packs are offered if you collect a certain 'set' of tokens. More information is in-game.

AvP also offers an extensive clan system which allows you to bond with other players of AvP while kicking some ass. Clan leaders have the option to 'war' or 'ally' with other clans. It totally benefits you to join a clan, however, some clans will require donations of MP. Clan MEQ and charms are offered to clans. The charms add points to a certain skill that the clan choses. Clan MEQ has special abilities such as detect-hide, fly, and auto-sneak. Clans also have personalized bases and teleporters.

So.. to wrap this up. Come and join us on AvP. We have PR staff to assist you if you have any questions about the game. The player base is quite active which will allow interaction with others. You won't be disappointed. REMEMBER: 'In Space, No One Can Hear You Scream.'


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Review posted by Nagra
Posted on Mon Apr 12 22:28:45 2004 / 0 comments
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CARNAGE! CHAOS! ATMOSPHERE!?? Yeah, it's got all those things. Positively GREAT PK mud. Based more on player skill than on who has the twinkiest character. Recently all equipment was revised and balanced, and there's still more being added. At one point the mud was unbalanced for quite a long time, but it's much much better now.

It's a well established mud with a nice sized Pbase of interesting people, who can be quite fun to talk to when you aren't killing each other (though that doesn't happen too much, hehe). It offers 3 different races which are more or less three entirely different takes on the mud. Each race has it's own set of classes and strategies associated with it. Humans get big guns. Aliens don't need guns. And predators probably have the widest capabilites from going invisible and stalking to sniping.

The staff is incredibly amazing and devoted as well. There are admin run missions which are always an interesting break from the standard killing. They offer such things as team deathmatches, sniper matches, russian roulette, and whatever else the admins feel like doing.

The mud has a bit of a learning curve, though there's always people willing to help new players. So log on and join the fray if it sounds interesting to you. It's a good break from the standard dungeon crawling dragon slaying MUDs that are so common.

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Review posted by Frank
Posted on Sun Jan 11 23:03:33 2004 / 2 comments
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This is the only avp mud listed on, and unfotunately although im a big fan of avp (pc games and movies) this is probably the worst mud i've ever played.

They have almost no newbie help or tutorials. If you ask a player for help about 65% of the time they'll just leave without saying a word. No newbie help is a problem, but it's not the reason why this mud is so bad. The real problem is you only have 2 hours before everyone can pk you, and i mean EVERYONE. You can be pked by the same person 20 times in a row; you can be pked by players who are 30 levels higher than you or more. They can sit on your corpse and not let you get your stuff back, or sit in the newbie leveling area and prev2ent you from getting exp.

If you like pure pk muds then this mud is perfect for you. If you like muds where you basicaly have to find out everything the hard way then you'll LOVE this mud. If you like muds full of jerks then you've just found the mud of your dreams.

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Comment posted on Sat Jan 10 03:00:29 2004 by Kuro:

If anyone is looking for a good AVP mud then i have found one and have been playing it for about one week. It is a good mud although it does have alot of holes because it is not fully coded. Then again i only know of one coder there, so if anyone like AVP muds and knows how to code maybe you could drop in and try to get hold of Ghost who is the owner and coder of the mud. He is on most of the time and will help in anyway, and believe me he will help because when i first came i was asking about almost every skill and i got an answer to every question. So if you are an AVP fan or even if you're not and just want a nice mud that is kind of a shoot 'em up but a mud, then don't be afraid to come to AVP: Legend.

Comment posted on Sat Jan 3 20:05:13 2004 by Ghost:

AvP: Legend has been open for a year, and is actually the third AvP mud created. I have it listed kind of poorly on TMC, i'll see about fixing that soon. Most of the players are helpful, although several of them are jerks, thus is the risk with PK muds. It does have a high learning curve, but helpfiles are being written and new skills and changes are being made daily.

If you don't mind the dust and putting some extra work into getting adjusted, you'll find AvP: Legend has some amazing features and gameplay. Drop by and check it out if you're interested.

Alien vs. Predator: Legend : 7000

They always die the first time. -Ghost

Review posted by Teif
Posted on Wed Oct 22 21:28:06 2003 / 2 comments
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To be honest, I didn't see much of the MUD. Why? Well, let's see...

You create a char, with no knowledge on any of the races (They give you -really- general descriptions). OK.

You enter the game in a room packed with people, a recall point for your race, and not one bothers to say Hi. OK.

You search for a MUDSchool...I mean, if the game is so unique and different, there has to at least be a mudschool, right? Well, they obviously don't think so. OK.

You stay around for 5 minutes, in the recall room, with imms and other players logged on, see them talking, and not one bothers to ask if you need any help.

Goodbye, AVP... You might have a nice concept, but you still need a lot of work for new players.

Sure, a lot of people would come and say 'You haven't seen anything yet!', but how can you see stuff when you don't know how to play?

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Comment posted on Fri Oct 17 03:33:59 2003 by FearItself:

This is a very fair point of view, although not a very good review, as the MUD wasn't truly reviewed, only glanced at.

AvP isn't very friendly to new players, as it plays very differently from most MUDs. It's built to play more like a first-person-shooter style of game, with 'roleplaying' elements (levels, equipment, NPCs, etc). We've tried tutorials and newbie schools throughout our 6 1/2 year history, but those never prepare players properly for the real gaming experience. We do have more interactive, immersive tutorials under development, ones that will, hopefully, teach some playing skills that are useful on AvP and unlikely to be learned on other MUDs, without the drab feeling of a series of rooms with descriptions.

The staff and players are often willing to answer questions for new players. But a player who needs a lot of hand holding or is going to wait for someone to offer to hold their hand, likely won't tolerate the fast pace and brutal action of the game. They likely won't have the patience for frequent deaths (despite the potential reward of frequent kills). Whereas the player who has the willpower to figure things out on their own, the assertiveness to speak out and ask questions, and the stamina to fight for a place in this virtual world, is more likely to enjoy the MUD.

AvP is not a MUD for everybody. It's a rough crowd, and a tough game. Appeal everybody isn't our goal. Our goal is to provide a fun MUD for those who like fast-paced, action-filled MUDs with a heavy dose of PvP/Racewar.

I do have this to say to prospective new players: don't be afraid to ask questions. The timid do not survive in war. But if it's not a war you're looking for, AvP is not the MUD for you.

- FearItself Owner and Operator

Comment posted on Sun Oct 19 16:14:15 2003 by Terell:

I'd just like to say, although I didn't stay with the game, I saw this review and it disgusted me. Whenever I wanted help the staff and players were always there. It isn't really my type of MUD because I got bored from killing opposite races all the time, but when I did play it I must say everyone was very nice(even while killing me :P)

Review posted by Lividity
Posted on Sun Jul 13 15:32:54 2003 / 0 comments
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After several years of unfortunately turbulent and unsuccessful gameplay modifications and testing, AvP has landed solidly on its feet with an entirely new skill-based combat system coded by its original conceptual designer and creator, Chris Jacobson. AvP features a solid mix of diversified racial combat between the USCMC (United States Colonial Marine Corp), the Yautja ('predators'), and the Xenomorph ('aliens').

The USCMC: consisting of human soldiers and their synthetic counterparts, the USCMC is the workhorse of the US armed forces, and the main front against the impending xenomorph infestations. Being the weakest race by nature, USCMC squad members rely on superior tactical deployment, teamwork, and firepower to overpower and annihilate their enemies. Marines are divided into two distinct categories: 'melee' and 'snipe'. 'Melee' marines (generally synthetics) are highly proficient in close-combat, while 'snipe' marines generally tend to be of the human variety, and are capable of shooting down foes at long ranges (2-4 rooms away). In addition to their vast firearm armories, the marine arsenal also includes, but is not limited to: M40 high-explosive grenades, motion detectors, installable M-388 proximity mines, electrostatic grenades (for disabling those pesky predator cloaking shiftsuits), dropships, APCs (armored personnel carriers), and more. Marines are generally a good choice for newbies, since they expose new players to multiple facets of gameplay at early stages.

The Yautja: bred to become hunters and warriors from conception, the Yautja possess a massive arsenal of combat efficiencies to employ in their honorable hunt for prey. As such, they are often considered the most 'difficult' race to master, since they have no exceptional proficiencies in any given area. A successful predator must acclimate themselves with both ranged and close combat, as well as develop their stealth abilities in order to ambush and slaughter their prey. Due to their extremely violent and militaristic society, the early years of young Yautja are spent preparing for the Hunt, thereby devoiding them of any intellectual basis to be spoken of. To this end, predators spend the vast majority of their time practicing and honing their formidable combat skills, while generally ignoring technical and medical training. The predator race is an excellent choice for experienced players who wish to test and develop a wide variety of combat abilities.

The Xenomorph: the natural killer. Every aspect of its horrific and grotesque biological evolution has been finely tuned to create the perfect killing organism. Capable of surviving in the cold vacuum of space and possessing concentrated acid for blood, the highly aggressive xenomorph is generally considered the sole dominator of close-quarters combat, though they completely lack any form of ranged combat. Alien players have the ability to spread eggs from their Queen across the various worlds, where they will lay in wait to impregnate their unsuspecting prey. Aliens are generally considered a low-to-mid range difficulty race - though they excel solely at close range combat, they are easily picked off by players with ranged combat abilities, and require a great deal of quickness and aggression to play successfully.

AvP has come quite a ways over the past year, with the implementation of the new skill-based combat system and new armor class system. Damage is divided into types, each with a corresponding armor absorb type (blunt, ballistic, thermal, slash, impale, energy), allowing for an almost unlimited amount of customizable armor and weaponry to be created. Thanks to a highly active and populated staff base, additions are made to the mud on a regular basis in the way of new zones, equipment, and player-inclusive missions.

If you're looking for a solid sci-fi/military warfare MUD, AvP is definitely the place for you. Race wars exist almost perpetually as each race vies for dominance in the universe - so pick up a gun, a plasma-caster, or a pair of talons, and join the fray.

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