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Deeper Trouble opened its doors in the early 90's. It was started by a handful computer-science students from Aalborg University in Denmark. Note: The language spoken on Deeper Trouble is English.

"Artesia" (as the world is named) is fantasy-based. It is themed after J.R.R. Tolkien's tales of Middle Earth, though it does not strictly adhere to them.

Despite its age, Deeper Trouble is constantly being improved, and new additions and changes come often. The game mechanics are very much our own -- custom, and nothing is off-the-shelf -- promising a very refreshing experience with plenty of things to discover.

The world is large and varied, and in many cases a labor of love. The different areas and puzzles are very distinct, and sometimes there is more to an item than meets the eye. Regardless of skill and experience, there is always a new challenge waiting.

Some players compete for rank, attempting to becoming the best of their kind for a particular choice of race and guild. Others take it easy, exploring the world at their own pace and soaking up all the little secrets that Artesia truly has to offer. The choice is yours.

Many new friends have been made! We have had real-life gatherings where players and wizards have meet and exchanged gossip, face to face, over a mug of dark ale. :) Hopefully more to come.

On behalf of players and wizards alike,

Welcome to Deeper Trouble!

Mud Theme: JRR Tolkien, fantasy, roleplay

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