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Welcome to Dragonball Z: The New World! The first thing we want people to know about our mud is that this isn't going to be your typical Dragonball Z mud. Though it is a work in progress, the admins here are working hard on adding in new races into the game that will set us apart from the other typical DBZ muds out there. Two particular races that will be added in the near future are Ninjas (From Naruto) and Shinigamis or Soul Reapers (From Bleach). We also have a newly added demon race based upon the character Janemba from the movie Fusion Reborn called Dimension Demons.

What's currently in our mud that is new: We have Dragons (with an upcoming update to them) and DarkSaibas which use a unique combo system in which you build up a resource called "Chloro" and release the chloro doing varied amounts of damage.

We also have several areas not from the Dragon Ball Universe such as: Nintendo Tower which, as you guessed, has several characters from the varied Nintendo worlds, like Scorpion from Mortal Kombat, and King Krusher from Donkey Kong, as well as other areas from Naruto, Transformers, and more, with more to come!

We have a remort system here in place that provides players with the ability to remort their characters at various power levels, with each remort you are provided with an item that makes the remort releveling process easier and more exciting. Plus we have a lot of end game content that provides players with the ability to group with other players and take out strong and tough to kill bosses.

We are a fast paced mud that has a lot of PKing for those looking for the additional challenge of our hardcore mode and an extreme hardcore mode for those looking for an additional challenge of having a limited amount of lives.

We also highly encourage Roleplaying here and reward active roleplayers with various rewards ranging from zeni, to a three room house to a increase in pl gains.

We are also always looking for new ideas, races, skills, and areas that could be built in the future. We hope that you will come and join us here and see all that there is to see.

Mud Theme: DragonBall

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Review posted by Arial
Posted on Wed Aug 6 11:05:58 2014 / 0 comments
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DB:TNW is a pretty sweet mud. It's a saga based mud, but with a looot of changes. The gaining is easy and fun. There are new changes put in pretty much daily, often several per day. The players and staff are all rather friendly, and quite helpful! Any questions I've ever had about where to go to gain, or where to look for gear, or how something works, they've been answered. There's a lot of fun areas in the game, and it's not all just dragonball. There's a lot of different things to be seen, and there's plenty of quests to work through as well. Come and join us, it's quickly growing, and constantly improving! Find me in game. :)

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