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Acropolis is an ever-growing ROM-based MUD that has more enhancements (good enhancements) than 99% of ROM MUDs out there. We are constantly adding new features to make your MUDding experience even more enjoyable.

Here is a brief summary of what we have to offer:

* Many new classes, races, skills and spells. A lot you have never seen before because we made them ourselves.

* Random equipment based on a set of weapon/armor flags. Included in the random equipment system are a few new item types: bows, arrows, materia, and more. The system is very similar to Diablo / Angband / Nethack.

* The arena system consist of a Grand Arena, Mob Arena and War arena. The Grand Arena runs every weekend allowing players to earn tokens, to buy special items with, as well as bragging rights. Our Mob Arena allows for player selection of difficulty, ranging from 1 to INSANE, where they can pit their prowess against randomly chosen mobiles. You may also test your skill against other players in our War Arena, where non-pk and pk players may compete with no fear for loss of experience or equipment. The War Arena supports several different forms of combat, free for all, team, clan team and duel style.

* Remorts, imm and auto quests, friendly staff always ready to help new players, beautiful ANSI color, neat clan system, dedicated player base, the list goes on and on. Stop by today, you'll never play another ROM again!

Additional Noted Features:

  • Arena War system
  • Grand Arena system
  • Mob arena system

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