Over 14 years of development has brought AustinMUD to its current state where a unique and well-designed middle-age world made up of over 11.000 rooms is waiting for you to explore.

Select one of four default classes and specialize later on into classes such as Knight, Crusader, Barbarian, Necromancer, Psionicist or Druid, and try out our vast number of both good and evil player races which includes everything from Human to Vampire!

AustinMUD has a nice and relaxed atmosphere thanks to both our players and immortals, and the game is expanded and improved on every day.

In order to try the game, just point your client or telnet port 4000.

The focus is on these areas:

Socialisation : - Several old, powerful player controller guilds - Players can rent houses and make them personal - Playerkilling is an OPTION, not required.

Exploration - Over 11000 unique rooms created just for AustinMUD - The world is divided into 92 areas and the AREAS command shows you how much you have explored of the world so far - Each exit that leads to an unexplored place is marked with a question mark, which disappears for good once you explore it - Several buildt in quests to make adventuring more interesting.

Combat - Multiplay with up to 4 chars is made easier with commands such as ACCEPTORDERS and EXECUTE - Powerful monsters sometimes has random items, items that are totally unique and thus one of a kind! - Many NPC's act intelligently in combat due to an extensive system of special procedures. - Top Playerkillers are listed on ranking list in the main city.

Other - Powerful parser that accepts abbreviations, hundreds of spells and skills and much, much more...

Come, join us and find out who you are in the world of austin today

Mud Theme: Classic Fantasy

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