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Mud Address: 6969
Web Address:
Codebase:            [Dikumud]
Listing Last Updated:     April 15, 2007


Gizmo is derived from Diku Code. Its been heavily modified and changed to meet the needs of the players, and offer endless hours of enjoyment. Some of the things Gizmo has to offer are:

.oOo. Extensive Player Base, there are always people logged on. .oOo. Multi-Playing up to a maximum of 4 characters. .oOo. SOLO Character Benefits. .oOo. Meta of Stats (STR/INT/WIS/DEX/CON Hps, Mana, Moves and Age) .oOo. 10 differant classes to choose from. .oOo. Friendly players and Immortals. .oOo. Clan Housing System .oOo. Special Regeneration Rooms .oOo. 200+ Zones, with new ones being added all the time .oOo. Special Procedure Code (Makes things exciting!) .oOo. Arena for PKing without worry of stat loss. .oOo. 50 Mortal levels, 10 Immortal levels .oOo. ANSI Color, highly configurable, use in titles, and all means of communication. .oOo. Quests run by Immortals, and Quests within the areas. .oOo. Very stable environment, with new code added all the time. .oOo. Rank system based on collecting fame by killing powerful monsters. .oOo. Complex riddle-based areas for those who want to pursue a different sort of challenge.

Mud Theme: Fantasy Hack-n-Slash

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Review posted by Yola
Posted on Sun Apr 22 09:55:24 2012 / 0 comments
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Gizmo is a very addictive MUD. It allows multi-char playing of up to 4 characters, or play a SOLO character if that suits you. There is an extended class selection which allows many different options for a 4 character group. At higher levels, there is even an option to become an UNDEAD class with its own unique abilities. The players are very friendly and helpful here, and many of them have been around for at least ten years. If you are looking for a DikuMUD which has withstood the test of time then this may be the MUD for you. Casual players can look forward to lots of different areas and equipment to discover, while hardcore players could easily spend years building their characters toward ultimate power. See you soon,


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