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/tg/MUD is a pleasant blend of fantasy, modern, and sci-fi elements wrapped up in an interdimensional portal hub. Characters of all kinds end up there, and there's always a niche to fill in the multiversal melting pot. New characters find themselves in the Hub, an apparent interdimensional net. The Hub is a small community built atop a semi-stable portal network. There are several somewhat consistent portals, but smaller, less significant portals open and close daily - abducting people from their rightful dimensions and often closing behind them, forcing them to abandon their old life and join the interesting social structure that has evolved from the complete anarchy of the Hub. Clans have risen and fallen, attempts to seize power have failed, people have died, and yet, life goes on.

Mud Theme: Multi-Genre/Miscellaneous

Client Recommendation: MUSHclient

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