The Great Hunt


The Great Hunt is an intense player vs. player environment, which has countless modifications of spells, skills, and melee to enhance the combat experience. It is not uncommon to see hour long battles of epic proportion. The game play and balance are finely tuned to create a pure adrenaline rush unlike any other game.

Despite the competitive environment, entry into the mud is friendly. A leveling system involving quests and interaction with your guild master will teach you everything you need to know about the game. In general the players are friendly and helpful. The Player vs. Player experience is not intense until level 50, so its relatively safe to learn the game in peace until you are ready to fight.

There are also many unique areas, including 'artifact areas' such as the Tower of the Necromancer, or the Ogre Cavern, which provide unique puzzles and extensive mob artificial intelligence. There are also lots of custom additions such as potion brewing.

The admin and developer team is dedicated, the server is stable, and the mud has been around since 1994. Roleplay is not required, but is certainly welcome.

Mud Theme: Very loosely based on Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time

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