It is common for a MUD to die - it is almost unheard of for a MUD to make a comeback, let alone TWO! But Midian: Funnest Mud of All is doing just that.

Midian began in 1991, before surfin' the 'net was a phrase. In its first incarnation, it lasted until 1994, when its server went down. During that time it was highly original and well-respected. For 8 years, it existed only as a memory on Yahoo groups - until as much of the original code could be brought back together. It was restored in 2001, died again in 2003, and is back yet again as of December 2005.

Things that make Midian stand out:

* It uses LPC code. LPMuds were very common in the early 1990s. Now MUDs have much more sophisticated underlying code. But what made Midian great were the crazy ideas.

* The essence of fun. Midian is kooky and fun. One important social tradition of Midian is the Midian MUDwedding. You haven't seen a real MUDwedding until you've been to one on Midian. Note: MUDweddings are not to be taken seriously, although the crossover to RL HAS happened on Midian!

* But most importantly, it's the players and the ideas they bring to the MUD that make it so different. We have been up again only for two weeks, and already have many of our old players and wizzes back -- Midian has incredible loyalty, despite being down for 10 of the past fifteen years!

Come see what makes us the "Funnest MUD of All" (according to Galah)

Mud Theme: Eclectic Ironic vaguely Medieval

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