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Darkstone Enterprises meets the demands of sophisticated 'mudders' with the monthly addition of new areas filled with brain-teasing puzzles and imaginative mobs. The game Legends of the Darkstone has a loyal following of players who play daily, write stories about their characters, and participate in the role-playing environment of the game.

Legends of the Darkstone is a role-playing mud. There is a basic storyline and players are encouraged to go to our webpage and read some of the history of the Darkstone. The world is a totally unique and diverse place featuring a host of interesting areas which will challenge your mind as well as your sword. There are many races to choose from as well as totally unique races.

Come, Become a Legend of the Darkstone!


Mud Theme: Roleplaying/Fantasy

Legends of the Darkstone Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Zoie
Posted on Thu Oct 11 12:49:36 2012 / 1 comment
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I've tried lots of MUDs and had some great times, but many of them these days are either gone(can't connect) or forgotten(no one online ever). Then I found Legends of the Darkstone! I was warmly greeted by the staff and other players who wanted to help me get started.

I picked a class that sounded fun, the Gypsy, and decided to get going. I was immediately shocked when I saw actual thought put into quests and NPCs that interact with each other, giving me a reason to look at everything around me. I was rewarded by the realization that the room descriptions were changing based on whether it was day or night.

This is a very established MUD, with tons of areas. The world is set in a way where the geography is represented very faithfully too, so you can journey across large deserts or through dense forests yet the quality of description and the details are not ignored even in what would normally be 'filler' zones. I would recommend to anyone trying Darkstone out to not hesitate to ask for help. Everyone's really friendly and there's a lot of varied and interesting complexity to the world.

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Comment posted on Tue Oct 9 03:43:28 2012 by Seluctruh:

I completely agree! Long Live Darkstone!

Review posted by Pracllik
Posted on Thu Dec 10 19:16:26 2009 / 0 comments
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The Legends of the Darkstone is a unique MUD that almost any player would enjoy.

Darkstone features over 100 custom built areas each with their own unique quests, equipment, and mobs. The staff here has spent countless hours making the game enjoyable to both new MUDders and the seasoned veteran. I've been playing this MUD for over 7 years now, and I have yet to find a MUD that compares to it.

That being said, Darkstone has recently been having problems with its playerbase. Most of the players, myself included, have gone off to college, jobs, and other IRL things, and a lot of us have found it hard to make time to play this game. Recently, myself and a handful of other veteran DSers have made a concerted effort to recruit new players to this MUD.

The Legends of the Darkstone is an excellent MUD, what we need now are players. Check out our webpage at http://www.DarkstoneMUD.com, or log on directly at telnet://www.DarkstoneMUD.com:5432.

Thanks, Pracllik

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Review posted by Gorous
Posted on Sat Jul 2 19:46:19 2005 / 0 comments
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Hmm... It is quite fascinating. I have been through multiple Muds. It seems Darkstone accelerates far more in roleplaying than in any other Mud. I recommend Darkstone for all those out there who seek total RPG. I understand as roleplaying to be the reason why these Muds exist. All players seek both enemies and allies.Some may even want to be outcasts and feared by all. But also you donít want it to be too complicated. Players want to be superior and Rage into war against other clans. Players here can devote themselves to Immortals and apply their actions to the immortals alignment.

Some Mud Players just want to play the game and not get too involved. Well, we have specific Clans for all types of players. If you are willing to go through the training and experience yourself in the arts of all classes then you will be renown for your deeds and actions.

In the beginning players will help you develop your character as he or she levels. This will enable you to level much quicker so that you may soon take place in the finest realm out there. Darkstone Accomplishes all of this and much much more.

I encourage all the new mudders to come take part of this enthralling experience. Also i understand that all you experienced mudders have already picked out your favorite Mud. Well, unless you have tried darkstone and seen its improvements you may just be in the WRONG Mud.

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Review posted by Gorous
Posted on Wed Mar 30 20:48:30 2005 / 0 comments
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I am relatively new at mudding, but I have looked through a few other muds and tried them out. I could'nt find any other mud that is as user friendly as the Legends of Darkstone.

Darkstone is the first mud I have been to and immediately thought it was welcoming when everyone had greeted me. This gave me a sense of trust throughout the mud knowing that I can prosper in the mud without having to worry about getting killed by some person who holds a grudge against me. However, if i provoke him then it gives him a roleplaying reason to kill me. This makes the environment more realistic.

I know that I too, must act respectfully to others. The staff members themselves work real hard and have fun keeping the Darkstone environment safe and glitch free. That makes Darkstone dependable. I vote this mud to be the best user-friendly environment and the best gaming environment throughout all the muds.

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Review posted by Rhyein
Posted on Fri Aug 6 22:38:14 2004 / 0 comments
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I started playing Darkstone whenever a friend told me about the game. I had never played a mud before, so I didn't really know what to expect. Well upon arriving to the realm of Darkstone, and killing a few things, I was hooked. I thought it would be very hard to pick up and learn where things were and how to do everything, but I was kindly greeted with other players that had been there and they showed me how to do a lot of useful things. They also gave me a set of equipment to get me started.

So time has passed and through the years I have tried a number of different muds and none of them have the same atmosphere as Darkstone. Others don't have mind teasing quests and very good rp tactics that is offered at Darkstone, so I have found my home at what I can honestly say is the best rp mud ever, Darkstone.

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Review posted by Pracllik
Posted on Fri Aug 6 22:34:29 2004 / 0 comments
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I have been playing Legends of the Darkstone for just about three years now, and I have to say that no other MUD I have ever played can compare to it. Everyone there is friendly and willing to help new players, whether they are brand new to the MUDing community, or are experienced players, there are always people willing to help.

The staff is kind and answers questions. There are weekly quests run by avatars that players may participate in for glory or other prizes, a forum where players may post there thoughts and ideas about the MUD, and other great things.

I have never been able to find another MUD that could be a replacement for this one. Darkstone offers a friendly atmosphere that both social mudders and RPers can truly enjoy.

The forums are at: http://darkstone.the-haleys.com/cgi-bin/dsforum/forum.pl

The webpage is: http://darkstone.betterbox.net

--Pracllik the Thiever

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Review posted by Auralis
Posted on Thu Jul 1 23:04:54 2004 / 0 comments
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I just love Legends of the Darkstone. I am really into the roleplaying and this MUD really encourages it. At no time do I hear laughs or sarcasm when I roleplay.

Players are encouraged to quest, even new players who have not yet built up levels can participate and earn a reward. I spend as much free time as I have there because the areas are unique, the MOBs are challenging, and the folks in the land are like a family (hehe...even if they are your enemies).

I would certainly recommend this MUD to anyone, new players or old. Come visit us and have a great time.

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Review posted by Kehl
Posted on Tue Jun 15 21:54:04 2004 / 0 comments
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The first mud I ever played was Darkstone and I played it for quite awhile. Later, I began looking around at other muds. I played a few, but everytime I would just come back to Darkstone and to this day I have never found another like it.

There are a few things that set Darkstone(or DS as we all call it) apart from other muds. The first is the immortals. The immortals of DS really care about the players and they make the mud a great place. Also, the players on DS are nicer than any other mud I have ever seen. If you ask for help, you will get it.

In my experience if there is something about the mud that the players don't like, well it's just too bad. But on DS that rarely happens. The players AND the immortals decide how to right a wrong, mainly through our forums. If you have a question about anything, a new idea, or even just a bug you can post it in the forums and something will happen.

There are so many great places and people in the mud its hard to keep this review short, but I will. You really should come and join us sometime, we just love new people.

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Review posted by Latara
Posted on Tue Jun 15 21:56:40 2004 / 1 comment
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I must say that Legends of the Darkstone is by far the most intriguing, sophisticated, engaging, and player-friendly mud that I have ever played. I have been playing whenever possible for quite some time now, and now find myself logging multiple hours every day.

There is a huge Roleplaying guild/clan system, and once you reach a certain level you can apply for the one of your choice. The mud is always evolving, whether it be a new area with new creatures and items, or a whole new thing, like being able so buy houses.

I encourage all of you who read this to come give darkstone a try. You will never leave!

Latara, Graceful Culprit <2nd, Guild of Fighters>

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Comment posted on Thu Jun 10 09:44:53 2004 by Blarg:

I would just like to add a bit to Latara's comments. The mud staff is very open to player opinions and ideas. We have a very active coders and builders constantly upgrading and tweaking. Also the head builder takes on beginner player builders on a regular basis. This mud is a lot of fun for both experienced and unexperienced players.

Blarg, Taraderic Thespian

Review posted by Halvos
Posted on Wed Aug 20 13:20:06 2003 / 0 comments
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I must say that Darkstone is by far the best MUD Iíve ever played. In fact, this was my first MUD ever and even though I went through others throughout my life, this is the only place I stuck with. During my whole time playing, Iíve gone through many hardships, tasks, and accomplishments that have made this game so great. I must admit, first starting out I was a bit nervous, but both the players and the staff helped me out at the time. Even after the years have passed the staff continues to try to make everything better for the players.

Whenever you think youíve reached as high as you can go, youíll always find that there is something else that you have not yet completed. The challenges continue to flow in as you progress through the game. The further along you get, the harder things become. It is things like this that truly make this whole game worth while.

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Review posted by Eldaren
Posted on Sun May 25 20:20:04 2003 / 0 comments
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After having wandered through a few MUDs to get a feel for the genre, I paid a visit to Legends of the Darkstone. I was warmly greeted by many players who offered assistance to get me started.

I picked a class that is weak at the beginning, but eventually grows to awesome power. I was prepared to be patient, but help came almost immediately.

Some experienced players helped with lots of equipment. Others cast protection spells on me or helped me recover lost equipment. I've now reached a level where I can start exploring cautiously.

My advice is not to hesitate to ask for help. Mingle, get to know the players. This MUD has a great deal of geographical, social and gaming complexity (the good kind that makes it varied and interesting). I haven't gone back to other MUDs since.

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