Dragonfire II
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Dragonfire is an ancient LPmud that has evolved for many years. Recently spun-off (hence the II), the mud is being worked on intensively, incorporating new features and updating the code. Dragonfire is a unique experience in the mud world, as it has not necessary followed the traditional paths of MUD evolution. Many of our loyal player base have been around for seven or eight YEARS, following the MUD through its trial and tribulations--new hosts, new admin, hacker attacks, and so forth. Dragonfire has a strong focus on player- killing, but PK is by each player's choice--the best of both worlds. The 'guilds' of Dragonfire are classes, skills, spells, and clans all wrapped into one in a style that makes Dragonfire unique. Come by and check us out!

Mud Theme: Three worlds Fansty/Modern/Future, with a heavy emphasis on Fantasy

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