Dragonfire II
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Dragonfire MUD is an Ancient LPMud which has survived through several evolutions since its conception in 1989. We boast a small but loyal player base with some dating back to the first years of the game. Dragonfire is a fun and straight forward game to get started with and make real progress and while you cannot master it overnight, you can become a top-end player in a reasonable time.

Dragonfire offers several exciting guilds with unique play experiences including Mages, the Cult, Monks, Devils, Bards, Druids, Cyborgs, Undead, Psionic, Fighters, Vampires, Wolfings, Bariaians, Changelings and Necromancers. Dragonfire offers a unique and personal small game experience where administrators are approachable and actively seeking feedback for future development. We are open to accepting and teaching new Wizards to develop content without strict rules or boundaries

Mud Theme: Three worlds Fansty/Modern/Future, with a heavy emphasis on Fantasy

Additional Noted Features:

  • In-Game mini map
  • 15 known guilds.. maybe a few secret ones too!
  • Small playerbase
  • Active development

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Review posted by Feydalin
Posted on Thu Sep 26 09:32:49 2019 / 0 comments
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Came back to this mud after a long hiatus. Has alot going on and many new features beimg implemented. Community is helpful and pretty nice. 10/10

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