Once Upon A Time... Steampunk!


The year is 1910, near the end of the glory days of the Old West. History has taken an alternate course, such as Charles Babbage's succesful completion of his Difference and Analytical engines, giving rise to advanced steampunk technology that has been steadily trickling into the American frontier.

The 1898 Spanish-American War never saw a clear resolution, resulting in hostilities, skirmishes and small proxy wars to this day, keeping US forces occupied and resulting in a leap in war-based technologies. The Mexican Revolution is in full swing, but with both Spanish and American intelligence forces trying to manipulate the outcome in their favor. Grigori Rasputin used his influence with the Russian Tsarina to stage a veiled coup, poisoning Nicholas II and manipulating his wife, slowly turning the Russian Empire into an oppressive Theocracy with him pulling the strings. These and other (as of yet undecided) changes to history shape the world of Once Upon A Time... Steampunk!

So hey, if you like cowboys riding mechanical horses, or simply enjoy western themes and/or steampunk in general, feel free to drop on by.

Mud Theme: Steampunk Western

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