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The Final Challenge began in March of 1994, and is more commonly known to those who play it as TFC or 'the mud'. It has a dedicated, addicted, & friendly player base from all over the world that enjoys meeting new people and interacting. TFC attracts a variety of types of players. You'll find players who place a heavy emphasis on role- playing, those who are PKers, those who enjoy the puzzles, challenges, and mobmasteries in the game, those who enjoy exploring the almost entirely unique 12,000+ room world, those who like to sit and chat, & those who are a mixture of all of the above. And you won't get lost in the crowd - since there are generally 20-30 people online at a time.

TFC has a god-follower system and a variety of alignment flavors that a character can choose from. Of course, characters can also go it on their own and remain unaligned. Characters may dual and triple class as well. Players may also have multiple characters (and many do), so long as they are not online at the same time and are played as separate individuals. Stop by 4000 and check it out for yourself.

Mud Theme: DnD /D&D ® adventure fantasy MUD.

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Review posted by Raage
Posted on Sun Apr 22 12:35:27 2012 / 0 comments
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I have played TFC for several years now and overall have had a very enjoyable experience. Lots of time and effort has been put into making it a great MUD and the FLI's and implementer continue to be active, do quests, update, and improve the MUD. The community is tight but competitive and the gameplay is fun and not confusing like some other MUD's I have visited.

For new players the tutorial process is well laid out and new players are welcomed wholeheartedly (unlike some MUD's where the favorite word seems to be NOOB).

So what can you expect? Lots of great zones to xp in and explore, good player base which will support the new player and challenge the experienced player, & immortals who care and are active.

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Review posted by Lycron
Posted on Thu Dec 10 18:25:48 2009 / 0 comments
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I just wanted to take a few moments to let everyone know about The Final Challenge. I've been playing for 10 years now and still going! TFC as we refer to it as, was the first MUD I ever played - I've played several others, and even worked on others which were well established and reputable but even still - TFC has always felt like home. The MUD to me embodies perfection, balance is the best way to describe it. Whatever path you choose, you are the only determining factor on how well you will do.

- Randomly generated items create a scramble for trying to create the best equipment sets. - God led followings allow for a very rich game play experience. - PK is a game of wits and skills. - Automated questions you can do practically any time. - MySQL enhanced MUD allows for even more indepth game play. - Very established and dedicated player base.

I could go on forever but the only way to really understand everything TFC has to offer is to play. You may find it difficult at first but there is always someone willing to help, myself included! port 4000

Hope to see you there! Lycron

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Review posted by Blake, Shield of the Nashite Magi
Posted on Thu Jun 14 18:42:16 2007 / 0 comments
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Hi, as of now I am Blake. I've played TFC for about 8 years now off and on. It's the only MUD that I could get into. I've tried others, but the environment was not the same. Over the past few years players have for some reason dropped, so I am writing my experience with TFC to help attract more players.

After all the years I have been playing, I still have yet many many areas to explore on this game. It has a huge realm for you adventurers out there!

Almost everyone is helpful! You will quickly learn how to play. I, myself, am a half-ogre. I started this character for fun, then addiction kicked in and he became a serious player.

Everytime I log in I have fun! EVERYTIME!! Even if I get killed by another player, it is still fun!!!!

SO JOIN US!!!!!! I'd love to see TFC boom back up like back in the early 2000s!

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Review posted by Viscous
Posted on Mon Jan 9 18:05:20 2006 / 0 comments
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The Final Challenge is a mud like no other, and yes i know that this could be said about any mud once you get into it and see the effort and work that people put into them. But none i have played have ever reached the same level of what i'd like to call a 'worthy' mud.

I've been with TFC for almost 8 years now, and of course i've had my ups and downs, and so has the mud. But no matter what happens i keep comming back. And so does everyone else who has left it. If it's not the awsome pk system, the delicately balanced class system or the literally _Massive_ world and mob programs, it's the community. TFC has a balanced community of the jerk ruthless pkers, and the sweet intrepid Rpers. Sooner or later the all die anyway, but that's just the fun of it.

Now i'm not writing this review to help improve the playerbase by luring new people to the mud like many of the other reviews, mainly because TFC already has a healthy playerbase to my standards. I'm writing this because i spent a year+ wandering from mud to mud, not finding anything that comes even close to TFC in all aspects, and i'd just like to share the TFC experience with you. I know for a fact that once you see it for yourself, and get in a few of PvP battles and find a following(clan) that fits you, then you won't regret checking it out.


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Review posted by Kethran, Blade of Fate
Posted on Thu Jan 5 20:44:36 2006 / 0 comments
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Welcome to The Final Challenge (TFC). A world of miraculous Mages; benevolent Clerics; spiritualist Shaman; burly Warriors; capable Rangers; cunning Thieves; intimidating Thugs; and entertaining Bards.

Upon entering the world, you will have any of these powerful classes to choose from, as well as having an option further along in your career to chose two other classes to add a more varied and exciting combination of skills and spells. You will also be able to choose from 10 different races: Human, Elf, Half-Elf, Halfling, Ogre, Minotaur, Gnome, Dwarf, Aarakocra, Giant-Kin; each with their own strengths and weaknesses, as well as different hometowns.

TFC is home to a wide variety of players, those who have been mudding for 14+ years, as well as those who have only been mudding 14+ hours. With as much different playing styles as there are different muds, from the highbrow RP’er, to the hard core PK’er. Automated questing systems keep everyone busy, while the Immortals design everything from simple “kill big mob, get cool item” to scavenger hunt, to extremely intricate multi-week quests. Powerful random items aplenty, and remarkable limited items coveted by those lucky and strong enough to obtain them keep the playing field fairly even.

From the greenest newbie to the oldest salt, TFC has something for you. With a helpful Immortal staff more than willing to point you in the right direction, and experienced mortals very willing to assist any and all new players, TFC will make your stay fun, exciting, and unforgettable.

Personally, I have been mudding for approximately 15 years, and even when I’ve found so called bigger and badder muds, I have always come back to TFC. It makes you feel at home.

-Kethran, Blade of Fate.

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