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We, the players of Anime Planet, wish to share with you the MUD we have come to hold close to our hearts. Thriving for over 9 years, our friendly staff strives to bring the best elements of the anime and gaming world to life in Anime Planet.

Discover a brand new world. Leave the drab reality behind as you explore regions from notable anime series, meet with people that share the same interests, and recognize a few game references. Popular anime such as Dragonball Z, Sailor Moon, Ranma 1/2, Trigun, Ghost in the Shell, Ronin Warriors, and many others are referenced throughout the world. Though anime is the primary theme of Anime Planet, you are not required to know anything about it to be successful or have a good time. Jump in and become one of the players; there may not be hundreds of us, but those that are here are more of a family than just nameless faces. If nothing more, it is fun to be in a nice atmosphere with good company!

So, come to Anime Planet and see what we offer. Take part in various types of quests, or party with someone to level up. Experience the thrill of evolving into a Super Saiyan, Super Sailor Senshi, Gundam, or any other of our races, each with their own evolution trees! Take part in pk wars and ctf matches, try our own personal version of 21, or even try one of the simulators to see how tough you really are.

Players have been enjoying all that Anime Planet has to offer for a long time now, you should too! With constant updates and new additions suggested primarily by our player base, there is always something new worth checking out!

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Mud Theme: Anime, DragonBall Z, Pokemon, Final Fantasy, All Kinds of Anime (Bastard, Slayers, etc)

Anime Planet Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Kain
Posted on Wed Feb 20 21:49:38 2008 / 0 comments
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Nearly eight years ago a friend suggested Anime Planet to me. I have been playing ever since. It's a fantastic place. I am a die-hard DBZ fan, and I have played other DBZ muds in the past, but they pale in comparison to Anime Planet, and AP isn't even purely DBZ!!

The racial and class combinations are so extensive and interesting that it involves you in a way that no other mud I have ever played has.

The helpfile system is easy to use and more are added all the time. The players are as friendly as the staff is and all are willing to help. I rarely see a newbie in need of help because most are always offering it.

The quest system great. It allows you to build from scratch provided you put the time in; if somehow you lost everything (which I have only seen happen a handful of times in 8 years) you could STILL build from the ground up with the way the mud economics work.

And the best part of all (in my opinion) is the message board system. Notes and funny postits can be made by anyone, and the staff uses it to post news and ideas, but the best part of the message boards (again, in my opinion) is the idea section. Anyone can post an idea to make Anime Planet a better place, and I know for a fact from personal experience that not only does the staff read and take note of every idea, but they are logged and saved for later incorporation if possible.

All in all, it's kept me around for nearly years, and I'm not even the longest player there!!

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Review posted by Lady Yuri
Posted on Mon Feb 21 20:29:49 2005 / 0 comments
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Anime Planet is a very wonderful and fun mud. I have know of AP for almost 3 years now. I played on it and even was a staff member at one point a year and a half ago, but I left because I did not like where it was going. I had played on AP for around a year before I left.

Well recently I checked back with it and to my surprise it is under new ownership and being taken care of quite well, so i decided to give it another try. It is amazing how much this mud has improved; new races, a dedicated staff, and it is just generaly more fun to play now.

If you asked me what the main reason i would recommend AP is i would have to go with that it is new player friendly, but still able to keep advanced players happy.

The mud is friendly and whenever new players join and ask questions someone is always there to help them out. The mud does not support 'newbie bashing' which is one of the reasons i have always enjoyed it. With that said AP offers a very complex tier system that will keep older players very happy with lots of challenges.

So anyway, there is my short take on AP considering how the staff is running it now and how well it is develpoing. I will definitely be here for some time. It's good to finally come back home.

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Review posted by Hiromatsu
Posted on Mon Feb 21 20:08:42 2005 / 0 comments
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On first look the new Anime Planet doesn't seem to have alot to offer in terms of what it used to. The colors are almost blinding and the 'Token' system which really was the defining character of the mud a few years back has been replaced with a new reward system. A character wipe also occured after most the major changes, doing away with some of the player base including myself.

However, Anime Planet seems to have done alright for itself. It still boasts thousands of rooms as well as more class/race combinations you can shake a stick at. Not really a good choice for people with decision making problems, since character design is an integral part of playing, but very fun for someone who enjoys problem solving and a bit of headbashing.

The combat system is nothing to scoff at either, since each race at an evolved state can cast or use unique abilities, combined with more than a hundred skills or spells per class, all very self explanatory. But the fun I think, comes with the mobs and rooms. Since Anime Planet is at heart a compilation of all things anime, you can find almost every cartoon to be dubbed or subbed in game. Whether it's a freak run-in with a half dog demon boy, or you stumble into an entire cartoon series while doing a quest, if you have ever seen any anime, you'll find it here.

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Review posted by Eldarin
Posted on Tue Feb 15 22:04:23 2005 / 0 comments
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Well, Anime planet, or AP as it is known to most of the players was probably the third mud I ever played. I remember the days of 9th grade, where I would skip classes and sit in the computer lab just to play muds. Anime planet is one of the reasons I did those things so willingly. At the start, I was a complete and utter newbie, I didnít even know how to ooc or anything, this went on for a few weeks, and I eventually grew tired of it, as no matter what I did, I couldnít get any higher level.

I played a few other muds, some good some bad, some just plain dumb. Eventually I came back to Anime planet. On almost all of the muds Iíve played, there has been some sort of rule breaking done by an immortal that either worked against me, everyone else on the mud, or caused problems in some other fashion. Ap is the exception. Although there have been instances of immortals cheating, I haven't seen one in years, and all those were quickly dealt with. Iíve quit more than one mud due to unfairness on the part of the immortals, and Iím glad to say Iíve never had that problem with anime planet.

The evolution system is more developed than any other mud Iíve played, having almost countless race and class combinations. Of course some races are weaker than others, but it all works out in the end, because the very best races require the most work. However, it does take a while to fully understand the concepts behind the system, as there are a massive amount of little things you have to remember. You have to get mob kills of a certain type to reach your evolutions, and this is the part I hate about the mud, but I respect its necessity. Some people can get through whatever amount of kills they need in a few days, whereas some take months to finish their goals. But, in the end, when your done going through the grind, it really pays off. Iím one who believes that the harder the work the greater the reward will feel, and no other mud gives me the feeling of complete satisfaction that I get when I get the evolution I shoot for.

The questing system was originally very basic, using the stock questing system. After years of work, it has been molded by the imm staff into something truly unique. Iíve played many muds with similar questing systems, but they either donít give you enough rewards, or too many rewards. The amount on Anime planet seems to be just right. The quest equipment is very worth getting, and you will find it very difficult to level without at least one quest weapon.

Its a very great game, and a excellent time waster, but there are some problems.

One of the biggest problems, and a nearly unsolvable one at that is the PK system. Its simple, and not hard to use, but there are players with very little to do other than get more powerful on the mud. There tends to be 2-3 characters that rule the pk system completely, and everyone else just gets murderized. Its a good challenge to live up to if you have ALOT of time on your hands, but the pk on this mud seems like it was made solely for the hardcore player. There are countless sets of eq, all adding resistances and effects that are good against one weapon/person, despite the fact that they may be useless against another. Some people like to go for the highest hp and damage, some people like to get resistances to everything they can, there are countless combinations, and none of them is completely superior to the rest.

Another problem Iíve had with this mud from the very start is the sheer amount of money the old players seem to accumulate. Its madness when you see someone with a million times more wealth than you, and it makes you wonder how anyone could have the time to do such things. Its all legit however, and there are very few get rich quick schemes left after all the years it has been up.

This mud is a great place to spend your free time, the people on it are great, there are rules against being a thief and a scammer (That are enforced extremely well), and its got a great atmosphere. This is a mud for those of you just looking for a quick gaming fix, and those who can devote a large section of their lives to something they truly enjoy. It has it problems, but almost all of them are problems every mud has, or has had sometime in its run. The fun never really stops here, and thatís why I love it.

Hit me up if this review is the reason you joined, I might give you some free stuff and help you learn the mud some.


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Review posted by Rafal
Posted on Mon Feb 14 23:19:00 2005 / 0 comments
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I started playing AnimePlantet about 4 years ago. My brother had started and in interest I checked it out as well and I have to be honest, I didn't like it very much and quickly moved on. The atmosphere just didn't seem right, but about a month or so ago, my I decided to just check it out again to see what it was like. Chronos and the IMM staff took that mud to a whole new level.

They now offer very detailed evoloutions for every single race, and have also added another layer of challenge with their class evololution. There is also TONS of stuff to do. Apart from the run of the mill quests. The quest mob, Pluto offers different types of quests, one in which will send you all over the mud and take 5-15 mins to complete, but with VERY good rewards. Plus the addition of a 4th tier only quest mob. Not only is there awesome opportunity to earn the quest points, but there is plenty to spend on, with wheels that generate random prizes, class specific equipment, and your basic quest items! The people are also quite friendly and always willing to help.

Now that i've hit on some of the awesome points about this mud, I think its only fair to hit some points that I feel could use some work. First, clans are almost nonexistent and there is virtually no pk on the mud, which is something that many players are moving to change. Some of the helpfiles about evolution can be misleading, but to solve that issue the imms have brought on a staffer soley to create and update helpfiles.

Another thing I noticed is that, there are almost no mob items that are worth using. I was told my first day that if I wanted to succeed in leveling I would have to quest first for the quest weapon because there weren't any good enough to level with. There are so many quest/clan/wheel items that no one hardly every uses a mob item.

All in all, I really really enjoy this mud you don't even have to be into anime to play. Don't tell anyone this....but I RARELY watch anime, but the staff is just so amazing, the players are so nice and the gameplay is so much fun that I can't simply not play because I have absolutly NO clue what a boomer even is!

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Review posted by Miro
Posted on Mon Feb 14 22:59:19 2005 / 0 comments
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After playing MUDs for around 9 years now, I have found just 2 that I enjoy. Anime Planet (AP) is one of those muds.

AP is a MUD based upon various anime found both here in the USA and in Japan. Races, spells, even some areas are based on anime, so if that is your sort of thing, this is the MUD for you.

Anime isn't the only thing AP does well. The leveling and tiering system is very innovative. Your race and class have chances to evolve into something better if you meet the requirements. This adds an entirely new level of play to the game. Not only do you have tiers, which you see in ROTs, but you have the evos which help seperate it from the rest.

The Immortals of AP are very friendly. Most are willing to take time to help you in any way they can. They will not give out things for free and they will not cater to whiners, which is something I personally like. Some players get disgruntled because they feel like the Imms pick on them, but if you ask me it's just that they get out of line more often than others. *Shrugs*

PK on the MUD is not that great, which is something I really hope to be changing soon. There are quite a few clans on the mud, each with their own powerful members. Things are fairly balanced out in PK as long as you are willing to work for a decent evo. Expect to be underpowered in pk if you don't take one of the more difficult evos to attain.

I would not say AP is a large mud. We have around 20 players on during busy hours at the moment, but our playerbase is large enough that you get to meet a lot of new people. If you are looking for a MUD with 50-100+ players online at any given time, I would not suggest AP. If you are looking for a MUD with a family-like atmosphere, then AP is the place for you.

Players have come and gone on AP, but I would like to think that the majority of them feel they can never truely leave AP. It shows as many of them come back, if for nothing other than to just say hi to old friends. I think that says a lot about the place.

Come by and check us out, I am sure you won't be disappointed.

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Review posted by Justus
Posted on Mon Feb 14 22:50:53 2005 / 0 comments
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I have been playing on and off on Anime Planet for quite a while now. My very first experience with the MUD was absolutely great. Even though I was already accustomed to ROM layouts, I got immediate help with changing my race to better suit my class. Oh, and there was a guy who swore and flamed me on my first go for doing the whole 'get all pack' 'wear all' type thing. But, he was immediately punished, considering he was in the newbie room, and I was a 'newbie'. Which showed me good following the rules..skills...umm, the imms are very strict which helps to make it more fun overall.

At the current moment, I find the possibility of things to do is great. There are 6 tiers. The first three are the general ones most ROM's have, but the other three are rather challenging to get, depending on who you are. They are based on luck after all. There are special '4th tier' races and spells. The races, you evolve into, and if you get the top 'evo' of a race you get the spell or skill for that race.

The staff are great and are usually friendly. Always willing to help and take most things in good humour. And if they can't help you they usually try to find someone who can. This is if the often reasonably large amount of experienced players can't help.

There are...three different types of quests, maybe four actually. But there is the standard quest, go get this item, kill this mobile. There are ones where you need to pass on messages, or kill a certain mobile after fulfilling requirements. Some are based on tier and are ones where you are called to do the quest. The quests also are there to get you good equipment. There is also guild equipment which only certain guilds can wear...well obviously, but like mage/cleric type guilds are interchangeable.

Even though I have had my fair share of conflict over my time playing, including one 'I'll never come back even if you paid me.' type scenario, I find myself just hanging out sometime, or mindlessly getting kills, nah, it's not mindless. I find it fun. But there's that and doing quests and talking, or getting platinum, as platinum definately actually has it's uses in Anime Planet. I've been through the introduction and removal of different features, some I've liked, some I haven't...but all in all, my Anime Planet experiences have been good, fun and really...the start of my entire mudding career :p. Well, the fourth mud I tried, but it's only one of two that I'm still playing.

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Review posted by Firelord
Posted on Mon Feb 14 22:49:59 2005 / 0 comments
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Anime Planet, having been one of my first ROT experiences, has left me with a taste that made me come back over and over. Now, getting straight to the point, there are some places that leave lots to be desired, but all in all are few and far between. If you want a perfect MUD, look somewhere else, because thatís not what youíre going to find here, what you will find however, is a very well organized staff, a friendly player base, and many, many fun things to do, at the same time, we are trying to make it a perfect MUD so you who want perfection can have it!

A solid beginning race and class selection, and after evolutions and tiering, adding up to a VERY large number of choices. If you are not interested in evolutions, then perhaps the questing will tickle your fancy, and with almost 10,000 rooms, it's sometimes very difficult to complete them, but no matter, you can always fail that and try again later.

If you donít like quests, how about looking for rare items that the Immortals drop from time to time? Perhaps you just want to kill other players? We have an Arena, and a PK system for all your Playerkilling needs. Perhaps you just want to slay monsters, or talk to other people? We have, many, many different kinds of monsters, and we have many different ways of conversation. All this and more can be found on Anime Planet!

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Review posted by Heero
Posted on Mon Nov 8 18:03:59 2004 / 0 comments
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Anime Planet (AP) has got to be the BEST ROT based MuD out there. I've mudded somewhere around 300 different ROMs and ROTs and AP is the best, most complex, easy mud to play. You can play some combined total of 1500 levels or so, on 6 different tiers. I know this is all in the description, but it's the coolest thing ever. Questing is fun, and it takes a while to get even 1 QeQ. It's just beautiful...

-Gundam Pilot Heero Yughy.

P.S. The staff is'll see if you start playing :)

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Review posted by GokuClone
Posted on Mon Apr 12 23:00:50 2004 / 0 comments
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Anime Planet is the only MUD i've really played consistently for the past 3 years. While others have gone away and some have changed to become not so fun places to be, AP has always been a fun loving place with tons of stuff to do, and now its getting even better, with classes and races getting balanced it will be even more fun to mess around on.

Areas still need some work, but the Immortals are working thier arses off to bring us the best areas possible.

PK isn't big at the moment, but that's ok i never cared for it anyway hehehe. Ok, ok some people do and it will get back to being a part of AP sooner or later *hoping for the later myself* Not only are the Immortals great people but so are alot of our normal mortals, some will go outta their way to help newbies and non newbies, some won't, but sometimes you gotta expect that.

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Review posted by Gregg
Posted on Wed Mar 3 15:48:27 2004 / 1 comment
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Anime Planet, which has gone through quite a few owners, has now evolved into a more polished product than most muds, in just a few months with the new coder. With a brilliant race selection (many actually evolve into new more powerful races) and 4 tiers with MANY class choices (4th tier is NOT stock based) and ever changing areas. If you are just starting out to mudding, or wish to change over to a new mud, try ours.

-G (-string)

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Comment posted on Mon Feb 23 15:56:27 2004 by Punker:

I agree. I have been playing there and there have been massive, massive changes to it. Alot of it used to be stock, now that the current coder/owner(Chronos) is in there, that place has become more balanced and all of the corruption that laid waste to the game before has cleard up, making this the foremost Anime based mud. Go check it out.

Review posted by Graygen (not player's real name)
Posted on Tue Sep 2 17:40:37 2003 / 0 comments
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The changes that are being made are not entertaining the players. Everytime somthing is coded something get bugged or people lose eq and items. When this happens people ask for a reimbursment. Some of the Immortals say 'Too Bad'. VERY few show sympathy. I have a friend who has recently lost ALOT of Tokens, Eggs, and qeq/dqeq when they took out all of their clans eq. He/She has asked for a reimbursment, and he has not gotten any of his stuff back.

Don't get me wrong, it is a very good mud to play in. But if you starting out new I suggest the following.

1. Make friends with ALL Immortals (And i mean kiss up heavily) 2. Get to Third Tier as fast as possible 3. Don't invest in QEQ (quest equipment) until third tier 4. Don't go PK (it is usless) 5. COMPLAIN ALOT 6. AND UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES LISTEN TO ANY OF THE JERKS THAT SAY 'Give it to me' when you ask 'What do i do with token' or 'What is this token for'

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