DragonBall: Infinity


As you may have heard, the DragonBall Saga codebase leaked a while back. We got ahold of the code and started up our own MUD. Before you judge, please note that Warren, the original owner of the Saga codebase, has given permission for us to use the code.

DragonBall and DragonBall Z are highly popular anime series', based off the manga created by Akira Toriyama. DragonBall GT was not created by Toriyama, but is still just as popular as the original shows and mangas.

DragonBall Infinity offers several of the things seen in the popular series. Races such as Saiyans, Nameks, Bio-Androids, Androids, even Ghettis; and more races are still in the works. Skills and abilities such as Super Saiyan, the Kamehameha wave, Kaioken Attack, and much more features bring the series straight to your computer.

We feature an exclusive RolePlay storyline, derived from the series themselves. RolePlay is highly encouraged, with new plot twists forming every day.

Come, join us. We are confident you'll like our MUD.

Mud Theme: DragonBall/Z/GT

DragonBall: Infinity Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Sherry
Posted on Thu Jan 15 14:45:56 2015 / 2 comments
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The mechanics are okay, honestly the only reason to join the playerbase is the population. Otherwise, the admins and favored players bot all day and talk about it on the ooc channel.. My character was deleted for focus ki/meditate 'botting' though I was at my computer, without talking to me, having a discussion, issuing a warning or anything. Be warned! There's a HUGE CHANCE you'll spend a day, week, month, year on this game grinding your PL and having fun, and then log on one day to see your character deleted because an admin or favored character accused you of something without you being able to defend yourself.

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Comment posted on Tue Dec 23 11:37:19 2014 by Eryx:

I mean, botting is pretty cut and dry on this MUD. I've been a player for ages, and when someone is actually botting, they get punished. You agree to the rules at the very start of the game and there's even a question about how many triggers you're allowed to have (hint: The answer is none).

Yes, people openly jest about botting because they've been there forever and those that have been there forever have seen players come and go quickly because they're too lazy to type in two or three letter commands, and instead set up the client to do it for them.

The point of playing the game is to achieve progression by yourself, not allow a program to do it for you. If you don't want to have fun and actually play, learn, and enjoy the game yourself, then feel free to go join a community that allows or actually does ignore botting. I hear that there are plenty of them.

But if you want to join a community that actually interacts, has a personality, and wants you to enjoy playing for the sake of playing, then give DB:I a try; without the botting and triggers. Chances are you'll become addicted.

Comment posted on Fri Jan 9 00:13:15 2015 by Songi:

I honestly got banned for simply asking questions and correcting a few GMs. The only reason this mud is popular is cause they go mud to mud recruiting already dying Player bases. It makes me sad as a classic dbz mud fan.

Review posted by Zavrik
Posted on Fri Aug 2 08:13:47 2013 / 0 comments
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I used to play on this mud many years ago. While the mud had always been great, I decided that I was bored with it and quit some two years back now.

However, as of late I've had a lot of extra time. So on a whim I decided to try and log back on. I was a little surprised to see that the mud was still running with a moderately sized player base. Although my characters were long since deleted due to inactivity, I decided to make a few new ones.

Although I retained a decent amount of information about the mud, I still could not remember everything. Luckily, the current players and staff have been more than helpful. While they are fewer in number now, they still provide more than I could need. The current staff (while minimal) is extremely active, and still seems to be dedicated to making the mud a better place. In addition, the players really seem to be committed to helping each other out (Well, most of them!).

Overall, my return experience here has been extremely positive. I would highly recommend this mud to anyone who shares an interest in DBZ.

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Review posted by Error101
Posted on Sat Aug 3 09:28:11 2013 / 0 comments
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When I started playing DBI I wasn't that impressed, but being a fan of Saga I just wanted to play. There were never any players on during my allotted gaming time. This was mostly due to me being European. Although I am not a fan of change, a lot of the changes are for the better. There are many things in DBI that I wished existed in Saga. During this last month I have come to really enjoy DBI and made some friends, most of the people are great. The playerbase started off small but has started growing again, so even with my weird Euro time I still see many people. Good job Imms at DBI and thanks for letting me play.

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Review posted by Will
Posted on Mon Jan 28 08:44:54 2013 / 0 comments
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I've been playing on DBI for quite some time now and I find it to be a good place to play. It has its moments that wear on you for a bit, but I always have a good time, regardless of what goes on. I admit that I tend to take a small break from time to time, but I always come back because I love it there.

DBI is one of the best DBZ MUDs that I have ever played and despite what other people say, we're one of the liveliest MUDs out there since the majority other DBZ MUDs are either dead or not even running anymore. We're still going strong and I'd like to see it continue running for many more years.

As for the admins, they personally don't bother me and I like them all. They do what needs to be done and get it done. I've never had an issue with any of them. I see nothing wrong with what they're doing and I think they're doing a good job, so keep it up, guys.

The fact that new things are still being added makes me happy because there will be more to do later on for newer players and veterans.

Overall, DBI is an enjoyable place to be and I encourage new people to come and play with us.

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Review posted by Natalia
Posted on Mon Jan 28 08:44:18 2013 / 0 comments
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Let's start by clearing the air about these rumors of 'cheating' or whatever that seem to be floating around periodically. One must consider that Administrators code the mud, and as such, yes some of them might send their morts through an area they have coded and completed a quest in that area, this is something I would do as well. However I have no reason to believe that any one coder has shared information of their areas with any other coders. That being said, while one administrator may have superior knowledge over one area, they would be at the same level as the rest of us for any other quest to be undertaken. Most of these quests are in fact simple to figure out, and simply a pain in the butt as far as getting the drops to happen, involving a lot of camping or farming sometimes, which is to be expected or the quests would be too easy.

It hurts my brain when people say 'oh this is impossible' or 'oh there's no way to figure that out.' I have gone through three quests already and am working on two more, all they took was a little bit of sitting back and reviewing the information presented to me. On occasion I did have to go off and do something else until it dawned on me, and yes on one of them I had to re-watch an episode of the T.V. series to acquire the information needed, but over all I find the questing experience well worth the payout.

Now on to the player base. At worst the guys can be a bit hectic or touchy, but not really without reason (I.E. being pushed into that state). Admittedly I have willingly sparked what I would consider to be a few highly heated debates (most would call them arguments, some might go so far as to say full out fights), with the sole purpose of testing the limits. Sorry guys, just had to know. Now I have a very good understanding of how most would react to certain things, which help because a majority of things that fall into my humor can be somewhat on the edge of acceptable. In all the player base is calm mannered and fairly nice. They do have a dry humor at some times but that is to be expected online.

The Admins... hoo boy here we go. Really the only thing I can say about them is they do what they can to put out the fires while still maintaining some breed of normality in their daily lives. It can be hard with problems ranging from coding fixes to the rest of us just being assholes from time to time in our own little ways. I can honestly say I do not envy them.

I'd give this place a thumbs up overall. It's a fun game with a friendly environment. Just don't expect everything to be handed to you.

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Review posted by Grif
Posted on Thu Jul 24 11:25:04 2014 / 2 comments
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For about a year now this mud has been going through a steady decline in players, and in entertainment. When I originally joined this mud, it was by far the most enjoyable place to be. As it progressed, the improvements to both the mud areas and certain aspects (ie mainly RP) made this mud a great place to be. The main issue as of late is that the administration is SORELY lacking. Whereas there used to be a full, involved staff, it has gradually dwindled down into 4 main people, and unfortunately only one of those doesnt talk down and belittle the players. Whats even more unfortunate, is that this one person doesnt happen to be the owner, and holder of all the power of the mud. If you speak out against him, he'll make racist jokes or find a way to insult you then play it off as a joke. Another administrator constantly insults people and 'flexes his powers', by making them quit out or changing their names. And he happens to be the next most 'powerful' admin. The final person was raised from a player to builder status to...whatever they want to consider him. He also likes to insult and quit people, but he claims 'its only friends who can take it.' The 4th administrator has been around from before Ive been there, and hes probably been the nicest person there is. Unfortunately he cant be on all the time. As mentioned before, I like the place. But because of the administrative indifference its become more of a trip through high school where you're bullied or picked on for expressing your opinion, or being of a certain race or such. Even writing a review citing my opinions will most likely get me ridiculed.

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Comment posted on Tue May 1 14:00:59 2012 by Raykar:

I agree 99% with Grif. This mud was ok to take up idle time, lots of hack and slashing to get more powerful. Though you can never get as powerful as any of the Immortal's characters since they cheat regularly and brag about it too!

Any time global events happen weaker, out of clique players will be forcequit out repeatedly to keep the Imm's friends advantage in those events.

Any time you kill one of their alternate characters, the IMM will simply log a different one of their characters to relentlessly hunt you, no matter what their own rules say about multi-interaction and pkrevenge with alts.

You will be bashed for anything and everything, think of the worst internet trolls with all the time in the world, and pack them all into one MUD where they have some 'power' and you'll get dragonball infinity.

The only point I disagree with Grif is that its less like highschool and closer to elementary school with a limited adult's vocabulary. Also, Pokemon take priority in Dragonball Infinity... I know I know, nothing like dragonballbut well that's just how it is there, grade school stuff.

I have logs of the main Admin Rendo giving his buddy Cosor all sorts of perks and explaining how to abuse bugs of the system to maintain a monopoly on dragonballs. Logs of Maverick sending people to his blog to get quest info, because he agreed that the questinfo rule was too rigid before he was promoted to a builder/IMM. Logs of IMM Ryune getting a 1 in 100,000 drop item due to a bug told to him by IMM Gordo cause he changed the drop rate to 1 in 1000 for a few days for his buddy. I also have logs of Raykar pking Maza and Cosor back to back, which is the one time that cheating wasn't needed.

Comment posted on Sat Jul 19 12:05:28 2014 by Borfin:

Raykar and Grif have a bit of a sour reputation with most of the playerbase. Even today invoking Raykar or Grif's name in conversation is akin to an insult.

There is no cheating that happens on DBI. We build the areas, so there is no denying that admins have an advantage when it comes to determining quests and knowing drop rates. As for Ryune getting a 1/100,000 drop (it's actually 1/1,000,000, and there are now ways to farm this drop) was a fluke in which the drop rate program was written improperly. Ryune just happens to farm jewel shards more than anyone else on the MUD (by a landslide).

I would be happy to explain Raykar and Grif's situations and mindsets to anyone who enters the MUD, as will any other admin, and most of the playerbase. Suffice to say they are not exactly shining examples of maturity in the MUD (the fact that Raykar needed to complain about people liking Pokemon should be evidence enough of that) and have developed long, deserved reputations.

Of all the people to complain about cheating...

Review posted by Delk
Posted on Sun Aug 22 21:53:49 2010 / 0 comments
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For the most part its a very well constructed game, With recent changes to PK it seems to have become more friendly for new players. Newbie areas are quite well built. Most players are quite supportive. Questing varies from very easy and straight forward, to ones even advanced questers still take sometime to figure out.

Equipment in DBI is almost a funny joke. It seems one person can wear hundred items if you can find enough of the proper wear locations and layers. The equipment in DBI has no personal flare. Since none is custom except for by name. It makes it more of just who gets luckier in PKs when both people have exactly the same equipment and race.

The owner, Nice guy. He will log a mortal and PK the piss outta you if you do stuff that isn't a rule violation, but is frowned upon. Ehhh, not so bad really. Rendo makes funny things happen.

Now lets get started on the rest of the staff. RP Admins are all pretty cool. For the most part they keep the place civil. A few of them had come from being very respected players and roleplayers. RP admins have not very much power so abuse is minimal. Luke=Nice guy and i think he builds too.

Rizion=Pretty much keeps to himself and does RP.

Nygmus=Welllll, you just need to meet him for yourself.

Coders. Ha! I've only seen Picard twice in my time here. Rendo will fix small things occasionally.

Builders. Nell=Nice Immortal. Doesn't talk on OOC much. Ryune= A very nice Immortal, is always willing to help or answer questions. Keeps his mortals and work separate. Sometimes he gets confused about which window he is in. Loves Asians.

Borfin=Thinks he can do whatever he wants because he is a Immortal. Watch out for him. Also likes to abuse Immortal powers to make fun of mortals.

Rakam: He isn't so bad. Once you get used to him, his attitude is easily gotten past.

Helpfilers. Novideus=He is gone now, was a crappy helpfiler and a serious PK jerk.

Saeji= The new Helpfiler. Is really good. Makes great helpfiles. If you see one that needs fixing he is on it. Also will answer most questions.

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Review posted by Theremin
Posted on Sun Aug 22 21:18:33 2010 / 0 comments
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Dragonball infinity is a dragonball mud that has been being polished for years. It originally began right after the fall of the DB Saga mud which took a downfall after some changes that no one seemed to like. Thankfully DBI (dragonball infinity for those who weren't paying attention) came in to keep the ball rolling. DBI started out as basically any clone did (although it's been years now) and has become something A LOT more. It is hardly fair to call it a clone at this point.

Each race on DBI is uniquely done and in line with the DB universe, you won't be finding any megamans or bleach characters here. All characters or able to gain ki by 'focusing' which turns current energy into a larger max, and allows all characters, given enough time, to be able to have as much ki (which is like mana or energy) as they possibly have time for. Some races even get power level gains for meditating. People are even able to spar their own splits, but this is balanced out by their spar timer in which you are able to spar as many times as you want, but only every few minutes. There are 16 unique races here and definitely one that you'll find to your liking, wheter it's the hydians who gain increased damage and gains in the sun or the thought bending kanassians.

Some people dislike the game for the 'slow' power level gains, but really people should understand it's all relative, and there are many players who have made it well into the 100's of trillions. There is no lack of areas to gain in and it just takes a bit of time to get used to your surroundings.

This is also THE place to go if you are looking to RP. The rp in this mud offers rewards for your 'ooc' character as well as your 'in rp' character. The imms have made it so that for all purposes your character has no control over how strong your rp character is, and they do this through a tier system, and while the rp may seem a little hard to get into at first it is definitely well worth it.

To me DBI has become the MUD that continues on from what DBS would have been if it had not screwed up so badly. It has become something much more rewarding and fun, with A LOT more features and is definitely worth checking out for anyone, DB fan or not.

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Review posted by america rocks
Posted on Sun Feb 14 20:16:01 2010 / 0 comments
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It seems that this mud just doesn't want to become great. They've made it illegal to talk about any sort of information regarding any type of dropped equipment that's rare because they strictly enforce a no-help-on-quests policy that most of the time doesn't involve the item being dropped.

They are NOT NEWBIE FRIENDLY and will call you an idiot for being one. If you decide to play a pkillable player, the characters online will try to kill you whenever they can because they can.

There is also very adult material talked about on every channel. If you want to join a mud that is no fun and where you get insulted for just trying to play, this is the one for you. I spent more than 100 hours, it doesn't EVER get good.

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Review posted by Andalar
Posted on Fri Dec 11 20:23:59 2009 / 1 comment
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A very well put together mud, with unique systems that define this out of all the other DB muds out there. My favorite is the structured rolePlay system they created after the last player wipe. It has tiers to gauge players against each other, rather than just random vague notions.

There is a mostly fair Player Kill system that evolves. It has a tendency to favor the more experienced players, and is the cause of several disputes over harassment. A bounty system is also in place, where a player can set up a bounty for anyone over a certain power level, and Hardcore characters collect on this by killing the bountied player. One does have the option to buy off the bounty, if a character isn't waiting at a bounty office to kill them. And unfortunately there is always that one person who is strong enough to kill you. There is a timer for this.

Unfortunately the bad side to this mud is the administration. The main force behind the mud, Rendo, is a man who usually is very unwilling to compromise to what his player base wants. I say usually because I have seen him cave in, albeit very unwillingly. He usually chalks the issues up to people whining and complaining however, and lets people do what they want. Rules are changed around on the fly, sometimes without any explanation.

Taken at face value, the changes may seem minor, but stepping back and looking at the bigger picture, its obvious that some changes are made to benefit a certain group of people. I've seen several new players be run off this way, simply because of the lack of support. Some players will sit online all day and have several alts so its possible to pick off enemies no matter what range they are in, and it isn't considered harassment.

Not all of the administration is a failure however. Several admins are just held back for some reason or another, when they could really be used to let the mud shine. A great mud if you are willing to put up with being harassed or don't mind the owner doesn't really care too much about his player base.

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Comment posted on Fri Dec 11 07:03:30 2009 by Rendo:

Before I begin, I'd like to say Andalar's review is for the most part fair and what he has said about me is true in a specific light, with the only thing that's 100% false is that I don't care about the playerbase.

The way I run and the direction I take DBI in is the direction I want. Many people like this, while others will dislike it. That's simply how things work, as there will always be someone who doesn't like what you're doing or how you're doing it. To say I don't care about the playerbase is absurd, especially when they're providing free entertainment at their own personal expense.

The biggest issue that occurs between myself and specific players is they don't like X thing, and want me to change it. They never give compelling arguments as to why it should be changed, but they do it, usually for their own safety. DBI has evolved over the years and I've taken it into a more player vs player based game, over one involving solo grinding. You can still become powerful going solo, but interactions with players, for skills, powerlevel, other items are primarily where you will get most of your strength. The issue most people have with this is a lot of the player killing that goes on.

This is a MUD based on DragonBall. DragonBall had villains. DBI has villains. People don't like dying. People thinking dying over and over shortly after the allocated 'safe timer' is harassment. According to the rules the DBI staff has come up with, as well as the coding restrictions, this is not harassment. There are 3 player killing flags. Red/HC which means anyone can attack you, Yellow, which means anyone within 5x your base can attack you, and White which means anyone within 1.5x your base powerlevel can attack you. In the case that you're out of any of those ranges, a bounty can be placed on a target and as long as they have a PK flag on, and everyone gets a PK White flag at 100k base, though the bounties can only be attempted on when they are 10 billion base, the player is treated like they have a PK Red flag. Now you may be thinking, hey this seems unfair. You can buy the bounty at 2x the cost, with an overall increase of 5% everytime you buy the bounty, and then you get a 2 hour bounty free timer, or you can accept your death and get a 6 hour bounty free timer. The average powerlevel less for a player is roughly 2-5.5% on a death and gaining back that little powerlevel in the 2-6 hour time frame shouldn't take even an average player that much time. With all these checks in place, pissing someone off and having them come after you for whatever reason, like they need one though, this is DragonBall afterall, is not harassment.

Now, let's say you don't like PK. I added, and recently updated a NOPK option at creation for players. It allows players to play the game free of player killing threats, but some of the costs involve not being able to participate in some of the global events like the dragonballs(The dragonballs are a pk event), and they also get reduced gains as they get stronger as this was NOT how DBI was intended to play. I also recently changed bountying to allow non hardcore players, as hardcores were at the time the only ones allowed to hunt, the ability to hunt hardcores.

Before DBI and even the base DBS was a horrible PK Mud. Bounties were essentially useless, as safe rooms existed everywhere and players needed a PK Flag on to be able to successfully hunt them. I removed safe rooms completely and made a mandatory 1.5x range flag to encourage people to fight more often and more fairly instead of the typical 1 hit/round slaughters, as well as to allow some of the PK races the ability to gain their skills/forms earlier on, otherwise they were just paying people to let them kill them which really isn't how the game should be played. If someone finds a way to hide, I fix it, almost immediately. If someone finds a way to gain in peace, the area will be adjusted. If someone comes up with a GOOD reason with GOOD arguments as to why something needs to be changed, I change it. The majority of people say oh no, player X here just called me 5 times in the last 2-3 hours, that's harassment. No, no it isn't. It's part of the game, and if you don't like the PK aspect, take the NOPK road.

As for Admins being held back.... No one on staff has ever been held back. All positions are earned. No one gets a free pass at anything, even if they've been around since the beginning. Whatever capacity an Admin is currently in, should really be all they need to 'shine'. What exactly do you expect me to do though? Give everyone shell access? If a person steps up, let's use Luke as an example, they earn their position. Luke started as an RP Admin, then went to builder, then went to Head Builder, then finally reached Head Admin. This didn't happen overnight, this took years of hard work. Luke is one of the hardest working staff members we have and through all that work he was 'allowed to shine'. Other Admins are welcome to put forth the same effort Luke has and they too will be rewarded with promotions.

As I stated at the beginning, his review is mostly fair, with the biggest fault being that I don't care about the playerbase. I do not compromise to people who can't make a compelling reason for something to be changed. I run DBI the way I want, and many times I can be extremely blunt. However if a player cares so much about a specific aspect of the game and can lay out how it's broken and why it needs to be changed, I greatly consider their suggestions, otherwise I usually ignore them because they are whiners and complainers. :D

Review posted by Maverick
Posted on Wed Oct 28 20:37:03 2009 / 0 comments
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I've played Dragonball:Infinity for a long time now, a really long time. I think it's long overdue that I write a review for an awesome mud. So, I'll do so... But I can't gut the flaws and awesome of DB:i without gutting every category of it.

Gaining in DBi Gaining is great, there are so many different ways to gain. You could medgain (Meditation gain) which is quite simply, lazy gains. Split sparring with is sparring with a split form and can be done with any form of split form. Sparring is also, obviously an option along with gravity training and mob killing. There is also the HBTC which increases your gains by quite a bit, allowing you to gain faster but can only be used for 15 minutes every 3 days. One of the best systems I've seen with no gripes about it, although it can get boring if you do it for hours on end, but with so many alternatives... How can you go wrong?

Quests on DBi Are well put together and done in areas. I've seen muds where they do the 'You accept a quest from a questmaster, kill a mob and get QP (Quest points)' but DBi's quest system is based on areas in which you get the quest and follow the story... The problem with some of these is that they can be so vague you could play in the area for a full day and not be able to continue...

RolePlay on DBi I'll start with the begining; A problem that has plagued DBi since I started and before I ever even touched or looked at Roleplay. The bio you need to begin RolePlay will take forever to get authed or even looked at, and if and when it does it may be turned down... Which is very disheartening.

Fairness in RP isn't an issue until you get up to tier2 which is difficult to explain. But in the roleplay system there is a 'DODGE OR DIE!' method of combat which is very unfun. If someone is running around with an ability to generate a ki sword, slash at you with a high tier ability and you dodge it... They tend to complain that you are godmoding.

RP Admins... Are generally very unfair and unfun. You will find yourself quite often in situations with the RP Admins that leave you looking at your screen going 'WTF?' for reasons such as they seem to pull very odd and unfair advantages/abilities for their own NPCs out of places that do not seem to make sense at the time.

From a player stand point, it almost seems like they pull these high end tiers out or unfair technologies out of thin air JUST BECAUSE THEY CAN, no joke, you will often find yourself up against an NPC that is not only 10x stronger then the strongest RPer iRP, but they will randomly pull out technologies that virtually make them invincible.

I admit though, only two of the three RP admins seem to have this... Attitude, one of the head RP admins seems to have a voice of reason and will listen to you and at least ATTEMPT to give you a fun and fair event. I can understand not wanting to NPC a punching bag, but at least make the bite worth getting.

Immortals of DBi Yeah... Rendo, the owner of the mud isn't so bad once you get to know him. But otherwise, he's unfair, he's extremely cruel and doesn't seem to follow his own rules (regarding channels anyway) Rendo has sculpted DBi's rules into that of some of the most unabusable and understandable rules I've seen from any mud. But his 'I'm the Owner, you're a player you don't matter' attitude will leave you asking why the mud is able to be played by mortals at all.

You can come up with a million ideas and they will be shot down rather harshly or not commented on at all, most of the time the shoot downs of ideacrafts are from Rendo himself.

Good Immortals of DBi Picard and Ryune, I don't even need to explain these two. They seem to be another set of reasonable voices amongst the immortals. Ryune is a great enforcer dispite what people say. Picard is a great coder and will seems to always hold an event if enough people are on when he logs in.

Less then good immortals of DBI Luke is a great builder... But seems to go through spells of bad attitudes where just treats everyone like junk. Furthermore it's as if he tries to enforce the mud when I've seen questionable acts that just leave me wonder if he knows the rules at all...

Kairus Remember the RP Admins I complained about, 90% of that comes from this guy. Although, I admit. I got to at least thank him for doing his job some of the time and reading/grading roleplays so people can get their RPP unlike the other two, who VERY rarely seem to.

Rendo Yeah... He's unfair, he's big, he's bad, he owns the mud, and he barely follows his own rules. You can't hate him because he brings you such an awesome mud like DBi, but you'll often want to complain about him directly to his face. Which I've seen him have no trouble just jumping on your ass for complaining about him and making your time on the mud a living hell.

The rest of the immortals are nothing special to note. All in all, DBi, despite it's flaws is the single best mud I have ever played and I will continue playing it until some unfortunate events strike.

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Review posted by CatManDoo
Posted on Wed Oct 28 20:33:52 2009 / 0 comments
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I tried to play this mud, they seemed uninterested in new players. They did not greet me, no one was willing to help me. They just were using profane language in gossip channel and being generally immature.

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Review posted by Nicholas
Posted on Mon Oct 5 20:53:52 2009 / 0 comments
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I've played quite a few DBZ related muds, and I'm searching for one that feels like a good home for me. I'm going to go through rating them on a scale of 1-10 as a personal record, but possibly as something to guide other people towards the DBZ muds they will like.

Gaining: 10/10 Gaining powerlevel is about as seamless as you can expect. At some point, it does get a little tedious, but with a fair amount of item drops and more than a couple places to gain at wherever you are in powerlevel, this is about as good as it gets. You don't gain too fast or too slow, either... giving you a sense of accomplishment without feeling like you're crawling at a snail's pace.

EQ/Drops: 10/10 EQ is pretty well done, plays an important part, and isn't too dificult to aquire.

Quests: 7/10 Some quests are unnecessarily tedious, others feel broken, and others expect you to guess so specifically as to what's done next that it's more luck than skill. There are a bunch of good quests, but a few bad ones really bring the quest rating down.

RP: 4/10 RP has potential, but there isn't enough info on races. Bios take days (in some cases nearly a week) to get authed, and if you get denied, it's extremely heart wrenching to know that you have to wait another long period of time before you can begin to RP. Getting denied is far too easy, because you're supposed to start off as a trained fighter, but without any special moves or abilities... yet in the case of some races, it's necessary to start off with one (namely tuffles). Not enough information is given about some races for you to successfully create a bio in one try... which points back to a painfully long waiting time. Some notes on the boards tell players to wait for RPP points to be given for some RPs, which suggests they are either short staffed on RP admins, or need to find RP admins who have more time to devote to their jobs on the mud. The RPs themselves, however, look fairly fun and there are plenty of competent players to RP with. The system for RP is probably one of the best I've ever seen, too.

PK: 7/10 PK is odd in DBI. Some races (Bio Droids and Tuffles) need PKs for abilities and/or powerups. You'll find people selling off PKs of their chars for different things, which is actually kind of cool. However, the less popular or new people are going to have a harder time in PK. The powerlevel loss is about right, so it's not devestating, but you still would prefer not to die. Waiting for players that you can actually kill to get your powerups is pretty annoying, and you really won't be getting any other powerups in the meantime, which creates a pretty bad stall time in a couple races since you're going to have to gain 10 times higher to kill people with the same base powerlevel as you who naturally get powerups. Unless you're popular and get people to lay down their lives for your cause. It's not extremely difficult, but there should be some kind of minor extra powerup to help you out, so you don't have to wait for newbies to get on to pick on them.

Overall: 8/10 The mud has some serious potential. The players are great, and the admins seem pretty cool, too. A little more dedication on the part of some admins would bump this up to a 9/10. Building/Coding takes time, but there really isn't an excuse to lag so bad on the RP stuff. It can really frustrate those who love to RP in DBZ style having to wait so very long to be able to. The owner, or the person I assume is the owner, is probably the coolest owner I've seen. Very active and fair, but with a distinct personality. He seems to mostly stay out of the way and let people play or do their jobs (in the case of admins), but isn't afraid to step in if things get out of hand here or there.

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Review posted by Grif
Posted on Sun Jul 5 21:47:08 2009 / 0 comments
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I've been playing this MUD for a while, and it's one of the best I've ever played, if not THE best. It has many different aspects to keep one involved in the game: IE roleplay, questing, gathering items or just straight up gaining.

The admin are usually amicable, unless you don't follow the rules. Anytime someone has a question, there is usually a flock of people to answer them, or provide any help they can.

The quests range from ridiculously easy, to 'I want to tear my hair out and beat whoever made this' hard. And while the quest info rule puts a little hinder on finding stuff out, it also makes you think for yourself instead of relying on someone else for the answers.

Roleplay has been reformatted since I first joined, now ranking the rpers based on their in-rp experiences. Long gone is the shenanigans of overpowered characters from the start just doing what they want. Now everything is in a nice tiered system that makes people earn their abilities.

The races are fairly diverse, where only a few are truly more powerful than the rest. The skill sets and racial traits give a new player many choices upon creation.

Stop in and check it out for yourself though.

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Review posted by Dorbett
Posted on Fri Jul 3 21:22:57 2009 / 0 comments
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I've been an active member of Dragonball Infinity since almost the start. I witnessed a lot of changes over the time I've spent on there. I've tried other DBSaga clone muds, and this one is the one I found the best.

All of the admins are reasonable people. If you break the rules, you get owned, but if you play by the rules, you can make some new mates. The changes since the last pwipe have almost been on a daily basis, constantly refreshing the experience, with some awesome new things being implemented.

I would thoroughly recommend this mud to anyone from the old schooler from Dragonball Saga to someone new who just has an interest in this type thing. Also, if i'm online and anybody needs assistance, don't be afraid to ask.

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Review posted by Fenor
Posted on Sun Jul 5 21:45:30 2009 / 1 comment
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How did this mud get rated so high when, after multiple days of connection attempts, you still can't connect to it? I came to play after the recommendation of a friend who also plays, and followed the links through Mud Connector. I understand that downtime occurs, and that hosts can shut down unexpectedly, but I have been trying to connect for the better part of 3 or 4 days.

Seems like they might have shut this one down...

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Comment posted on Sat Jul 4 12:31:00 2009 by Rendo:

The MUD isn't down. The only major downtime we had was when my ISP decided to make some policy changes and I was without internet access for about a week. No access for me, means no access for the players. It has been resolved and there are no foreseeable issues that will cause a longer than normal down time. I apologize, but we're still around. :D

Review posted by Togashi, Uros, others...
Posted on Fri Jul 3 21:12:56 2009 / 0 comments
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DBI is a great mud, with a great set of players and admins alike. Having recently come back to play after an extended vacation, I am reminded of all the reasons why I enjoyed playing here in the first place.

The mud is constantly growing and progressing, there is always something new to check out, a new area to explore with new quests to figure out or an overhauled event mechanic such as space wars or the saiyan invasions.

Balance seems to be more of a priority now than in the past, I see many new changes to racial transformations and attacks, aimed at bringing them in line with others. In the past you would see a majority of players all flocking to one or two races, while now it seems much more diverse and to me that says a lot.

Quests seem to be aimed less at making 'the hardest most frustrating quest ever' and more at making interesting and fun experiences for the players, which is a change that I personally love. But this does not change the fact that the 'quest info' rule, which basically forces you to ignore other players asking for help on a quest, really puts a damper on the sense of community (for me any way). I am the kind of person who really enjoys helping out others, and to me this rule is an artificial roadblock with no real reason to exist. But enough on that.

The roleplaying community on DBI is excellent, as is the system of rewards and the new RP tier system, which allows you to work your way up the RP power ladder. This new system really helps eliminate the 'can he do that?!?!' factor that seemed to crop up all the time in the past, taking huge chunks of time to get settled and really just ruining the continuity of an RP session, among other things.

All in all I really believe this is the best Dragonball mud around, and aside from the one issue with the 'quest info' rule, I can not think of anything about DBI that I do not like.

Well that's about it for this review, I hope if you read this you will stop on by and see how you like it for yourself... You won't regret it :)

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Review posted by Mikor
Posted on Sun May 3 20:41:28 2009 / 2 comments
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I would have loved to have provided a more detailed review of this game, but unfortunately my experience only lasted about 15 minutes before I was kindly asked by an immortal to 'gtfo'. Upon logging in, you see the typical creation screen that would be seen in most any other DBSaga derivative. After creating my character, I was informed that in order to do anything in the game, I would be required to read 66 announcements on the game's announcement board. These announcements contain such informative information such as 'you're on your own for the weekend, I made plans with my wife'.

I realize that a DragonBall MUD is not really designed to be taken all that seriously, but after voicing my distaste with that code-enforced policy, I was asked to, in the offending immortal's words, 'gtfo'.

Perhaps when the immortal staff shows a greater respect toward growing their playerbase, they will propel their MUD to a higher level. As it stands, now, DragonBall Infinity only represents a failed promise, and it will not be able to sustain itself if its implementers take such a perspective toward their playerbase.

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Comment posted on Thu Apr 30 01:53:09 2009 by Rendo:

To start with, my sincere apologies that something like this EVEN happened. The mud reboots at 4am and I get kicked off at 4am until I login sometime around 8am MUD time. Things that happen between 4am and the time I log back in often go unnoticed by me, and only when something is brought to my attention does it actually get any investigation.

I didn't have to spend any more than a few minutes to see what happened. What happened is absolutely ridiculous, childish, and you're right. We don't stand a chance if this is how new players are treated when they complain/argue/whatever about policies existing in the game, baseless or not.

I assure you, this matter will be taken care of immediately. I am extremely disappointed with this staff member's actions, and I'm very frustrated garbage like this happens when I'm not around to monitor the mud for all of four hours. I've changed the reboot time as a precaution so hopefully my presence will be enough of a deterrence for the ridiculous behavior.

Now, on to the policy. I understand that it's a GIANT pain in the butt, but there were SO many times people would NOT read announcements and would complain about being punished or about whatever it is because they failed to read it. You can SKIP the announcements by reading the last note posted so you're not stuck going through all of them, however it's your responsibility to understand any changes that are posted in them. Yes, some announcements are trivial, mostly by me, but most of the time they're relevant to the MUD and should be read to keep everyone up to date with some changes.

I understand if you are completely against trying DBI out again, but I do ask you stop by to see that everything I said in this response was lived up to, and that the way you were treated will not be tolerated in the future. Take care.

Comment posted on Thu Apr 30 05:15:15 2009 by |Noob-King| Ryune:

I love when people write reviews about our mud and tend to leave out important facts, such as logging on and ranting about the system which is in place to keep our players informed of changes that could have huge affects on their characters. Yes, not all announcements are of 100% importance but they are written for a reason.

As for the 'GTFO' that Mikor here very carefully pointed out, it would have been polite, or at least somewhat honorable, to put the rest of what I said as well. After hearing this player insult the mud, myself and anyone else who supported the gnote system for thirty minutes I said. 'Well if you are just going to pick at our game and players u can gtfo.' Generally I would have silenced Mikor from the start when the conversation about the gnotes changed to a bashing contest on who likes it and who doesn't by hurling profane insults.

But don't take my word for it by any means. I wasn't the only admin on at the time and several other players were on as well. All in all, my review of this review is as follows... Nothing out of the ordinary from a player who breaks rules and is trying to make themselves look in the right.

Review posted by Sonny
Posted on Wed Sep 23 20:10:50 2009 / 3 comments
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From the time I spent there, DBI is full of power hungry immortals that are only nice to the people that suck up to them. Don't come to this mud unless you like being ignored or just like to watch other people make distasteful jokes.

Truly a garbage of a mud in my opinion. They've went down and had player wipes twice since I started. Each time I came back for a friend. Bad decision on my part. Just not worth the time at all.

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Comment posted on Thu Apr 30 01:25:10 2009 by Rendo:

[ 47] Vairen: Sonny Date: Wed Apr 22 22:36:07 2009 To: all

Caught Sonny botting med/focus ki - destroyed and two week banned.

I do believe that covers why this review is so negative. He was deleted and banned for breaking the MUD's rules. We are so power hungry, we enforce our OWN rules. That is all. :)

Comment posted on Mon May 4 22:56:54 2009 by Sonny:

I was by no way botting and nothing was said to me. One second I was meditating and the next I was booted and banned. No warning or explanation. Someone just walked in and assumed I was botting? I'd suggest you get a grip on your players and immortals because if you handle all your new players with false accusations and any less courtesy then that. Then it's not going to make it much longer in my opinion. All this time I was under the impression that I was banned just because I didn't fit in. Nice to know it was false accusations.

Comment posted on Sun Sep 20 21:31:30 2009 by *Ryoukaiiz.*:

I happen to be bumping this, but at least it's not a forum.. If someone gets banned for botting, it is possible for anyone to claim that they were online during that time, actually PLAYING the game, rather than using a bot. Warning of explanation? You were definitely warned when you made your first character. In fact, it was even mentioned in a QUIZ that beginners had to complete. So warned? Yes, you were. Explanation - once again, the 'warning' told you everything. It did mention that DBI did NOT allow any bots (and other things). False accusations? Hardly - people don't just WALK in and accuse you of botting. I've experienced some bot checks - no one just came into where I was and checked whether I was botting or not.

All the admins that I have met are friendly, and if they disliked you for any reason, think about the way you behave and interact with other players on the MUD. In fact, you back my comment up yourself - you thought you were banned because 'you didn't fit in'. If you were an admin, and someone kept going around to people and making them aggravated, use channels to swear and say random things.. What would you do? That's not called 'fitting in'. It's more like trying to get kicked off the MUD.

Also, sections from your original review: 'power hungry immortals that are only nice to people who suck up to them. I don't recall myself sucking up to people, yet I still communicate with many 'power hungry' players. Ignored? I was barely ignored. The only times no one replied to my questions was when there was about 4-5 people on. Distasteful jokes? I find them quite hilarious, on my part. Perhaps, you just have a different taste compared to other people. This is NOT something that you should use as a reason for disliking this MUD.

Once again, the primary reason that would explain why you were 'ignored' and treated unfairly by 'power hungry' people is due to your own behavior. Think about it, and do not insult this MUD or any other with such selfish remarks. The comments that you made about this MUD is completely based on what you thought about SOCIAL things. A proper review would have been to carefully analyze the basic construction and design. Social reasons would have been a minor part. Social reasons that are not based on selfish reasons, to be exact.

In the future, be careful of what you write, and rather create your own MUD and display your perfection the MUD world.

*Ryoukaiiz.* (Kradia)

Review posted by Anonymoose
Posted on Tue Apr 28 21:31:54 2009 / 0 comments
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A mind-numbing grind with a decent playerbase and some interesting areas to go through, DBI is your typical Saga clone with a few twists. When viewing it as such be sure to keep in mind that the basic battle system you see during the first two hours of play or so, is not likely to change much throughout your stay. Even at endgame levels (read: 10trillion powerlevel+, which is the equivalent of 'experience' and measures your character's strength) gameplay remains somewhat stagnant and offers very little variety. Expect PK battles to be extremely short lived and reliant on who gets the first attack in.

The administration is typical of most DBS clones, so don't expect anything new there; immature and unfriendly except to potential new players and even then only for a short time. Short tempered and extremely biased; there have been multiple records of administrators cheating upon their 'morts', or player-characters, doing things such as giving them free experience (powerlevel), extreme pieces of gear, and scouting for information to give them the upper edge. These records even go so far as to include the former owner of the MUD.

Builders are encouraged to continue adding to the area frequently; but even these new additions are stagnant and offer very little 'new' experience to the game. There are only a few mind-teasers or anything relatively interesting aside from 'kill minion kill minion kamehameha' spam for weeks on end, and the developers are very fond of extremely low percentage drops to keep their playerbase interested. If you want anything decent, expect to roll a 100 sided dice once an hour and pray for a 1 to show up - and those are the easy drops.

Burn an hour or two here, then avoid it like the plague.

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Review posted by Thomas
Posted on Mon Jan 5 20:20:51 2009 / 0 comments
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Gameplay on DB:I is very good. It's an expansive world, many unique races with a great set of race abilities as well as ability and skill lists, including a fully creatable signature attack which is cheaply 'bought' with RP points (given for good roleplaying) -- though, that really is 'the trick' to it.

There's a large variety of mobs to go after, a huge universe to explore, and the RP system is detailed and fantastic.

On the downside, the Immortals seem preoccupied and busy most of the time, and even rather grumpy at times. Some of the players are exceptionally nice and helpful, though there are a few I've run across who seem less than willing to be friendly to a 'n00b' such as myself.

I was big on Dragonball (a little) and DBZ (quite a bit) when I was in high school, but my memory isn't that great. As a result, there are quests for necessary skills that I'm clueless about, as it seems these are expected to be common knowledge.

Additionally, every time I play, there are frequent times when it seems as if the MUD is going through a 'mini-reboot', correcting bugs or changes or whatnot, and is accompanied with a little message about it 'feeling like it's happened before.' This can get irritating in the middle of trying to stay alive, or being focused on a task. If it were me, I'd put these off until the next reboot, but it's not me.

All in all, on a 1-10 scale, I give it: *Gameplay: 7/10 *Friendliness: 4/10 (though this could just be my own unique experience) *Variety/Uniqueness: 9/10 *Addiction Level: 8/10

Bottom line, I recommend giving it a good try.

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Review posted by Nithron
Posted on Tue Sep 2 19:52:46 2008 / 0 comments
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DragonBall: Infinity sets itself apart from the clones that rose from the ashes of DragonBall Saga quite well. Much respect to the administrators throughout the years that have ensured its survival by throwing original ideas in with pure skill at what they do, as opposed to botched creativity and futile attempts to make lackluster areas and quests as I've experienced on other Saga codebase derivatives.

It's true, that on this MUD you are not given everything you need to flourish right off the bat. You're expected to learn just as well as the others have that have played in the past, much to some player's dismay. It's truly not a travesty to have to actually play a game to get good at it, to experience things for yourself as opposed to getting everything secondhand vicariously through other means. Exploring areas, using your pure logic to solve quests, to find areas to gain are all good aspects of the MUD that are encouraged by not only the players but the staff as well.

The infamous instant transmission quest seems to be a popular one that people seem to complain about. I, myself, have figured this one out on my own, and it's certainly not as tedious as others make it out to be one bit. True, you may have to go through it a couple times and actually THINK to proceed, but that's what it's good for. No sense in having a useless quest that shows everything right there for you, that couldn't in any honest sense be considered a quest at all.

An extensive race selection from the stretches of DragonBall, DragonBall Z, and DragonBall GT are another spectacle of this great MUD. Well-planned ideas and great coding have prevailed throughout their creation, as no other DragonBall MUD I've played comes close to the dynamic ingenuity of the administrators, as in the past I've also worked for possible DBI competition. Along with the races also comes their racial ranks. All races as of the day I'm writing this with the exception of Tuffles and Konatsus have ranks, most coming with an actual function besides the honor of being considered one of your race's best warriors out there.

Player-killing opportunities could also be considered an honorable mention while considering this MUD. You are offered hardcore and softcore as playing abilities when you create your character, not deviating one bit from its DBSaga roots. Hardcores are at a great advantage to softcores in my opinion, with the fact that you can kill any time you want without having to change flags, there are no alignment restrictions on your equipment, and you are barred from most hi score boards, leaving your character in pure ambiguity as to how powerful it might or might not be. Softcores, however, are not totally left behind in the dust. If they choose, they aren't required to playerkill. They also receive more stat points (so I'm told), which are to their great advantage.

Lastly, all game mechanics set aside, the roleplaying sector of the MUD is the most intricate and well-thought out that I have encountered since the day Saga closed its doors.

I recommend this MUD to everyone who has played a DragonBall MUD, as certainly no one else rivals this MUD in playability, fun, and sheer creativity and ingenuity.

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Review posted by Nieroda Kusanami
Posted on Tue Aug 19 20:51:16 2008 / 0 comments
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As far as DBZ muds go DragonBall: Infinity is by far the most versatile. Good gain system, good Roleplay system and generally helpful people if you are just starting. Rules closely monitored and overall gameplay is enjoyable.

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Review posted by Xyphen
Posted on Wed Aug 27 21:20:46 2008 / 2 comments
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Dragonball infinity is another DBS clone, but it has had a fair amount of work put into it. It has a few features which set it apart form other clones. The first thing DBS fans would notice is there is no maximum ki limit. Skills in DBS were balanced around a focus/ki ratio, the less focus a move required made it cost more ki to balance it out, however since DBI has removed this limit, 95% of all the skills in the game are completely useless, since the strongest move for the lowest focus is always the move you'll use over and over, since the ki needed VERY quickly becomes irrelevant. Also, the ability Ki Heal which used to take ALL of your Ki to heal someone to full can be used 100 times in a row if you have enough ki.

The vast majority of quests in the game (the quest to obtain Instant Transmission comes to mind) are the most horribly designed and coded quests I have ever seen. I do like the attempt to actually add quests for the players to do, but most of them are colossal wastes of time. Androids are required to do multiple quests to obtain their powerup chips, however the quests are buggy and not even worth the hassle to do, but nobody has bothered to fix them yet. Essentially, the quests are a gimmick added to say they have quests in the game.

The game is fun for a while. The gaining formula from DBS was cut in half, so your gains decrease every 1.5x a mobs PL as opposed to every 2x, which in itself isnt a bad thing. The gaining is slower but its the same for everyone, so it just means you dont hit the trillions as quick. The problem with this is, all the old DBS gaining areas STILL have not been updated for this modified formula. This mud stops gaining you PL at 5x a mobs PL, but all the areas still have mobs that increase in increments of 10x, meaning you actually can only use the area for half the gaining you need, which becomes very frustrating. There are several all new areas, however, and if you eventually learn your way around the mud for most PLs you can still compensate for this.

There is a problem with some races, however, since Bio-androids for instance gain half their PL during the fight and the other half upon the death of the opponent (absorbing them through the tail like cell), once you are stronger than the strongest mobs in the game (about 15t-20t are the mobs PLs) you hit a brick wall and can never gain faster. Sparring is typically the way you gain at these PLs which Bio-androids only get half gains from, since they do not kill their opponent. This means that no matter how hard you try, without paying people a substantial amount of gold daily to let you spar them, you will quickly be passed by any other race.

The single biggest problem I have with this mud (is surprisingly not the owner) but the 'quest help' system. The quest help system means that you are NEVER allowed to help anyone with quests. Ever. If someone gets stuck on a quest (which I would find out half the time later was due to a bug anyway) the players and immortals are required by policy to NOT help you and completely ignore you. Not only this, but you are not allowed to tell where ANY item in the game drops, or essentially help players with anything at all. No, I'm not kidding. The only time you can help players is typically with syntax questions like 'how do I train charge L2?'. This system makes the mud extremely difficult to learn, and adds an atmosphere of hostility and indifference that just isn't fun.

I mentioned earlier I did not care for the owner/head immortal of the mud. Here is the reason. Multiple times I have come across bugs in the mud. The first time I was trying to find my way to a certain planet in the spaceships, and could not find the right system. I kept asking where it was and several players, including the owner, Rendo, proceeded to just laugh at me and mock me for being an idiot unable to find something so easy. Well it turns out that the system I was looking for had accidently been deleted from the system list, so there was no way to find it if you didn't already know what it was. I never received an apology, but it was fixed. The second incident I noticed while gaining my bio-android. My gains seemed HIGHER than normal, and in contrast to what most players would do, I reported it to Rendo. Rendo sort of blew me off the first time, so I waited until I had his full attention and said to him 'Your new gains are randomly increasing by up to 300%'. His response was 'Tail stab gains have been increased by 25%. expletive you.' Ask him to show you the logs. You'd laugh at the exchange. So I took his advice and didn't tell him anything from that point on. Eventually I figured how his bug worked (poor coding, essentially) and started using it to gain way too much PL way too fast. I would have felt bad exploiting a bug, if I hadn't already told Rendo multiple times it existed and had him tell me to 'expletive off' for being honest. Once he found out he wasted no time helling me, waiting for me to log on, then banning me. I feel like I should care more, but unfortunately the mud had become stale to me, since I couldn't really gain any more PL until that bug appeared, making the game more interesting for a short amount of time. So I guess I should thank you Rendo. Prevented me from wasting more time on your poorly run mud =)

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Comment posted on Tue Aug 5 10:59:53 2008 by Rendo:

Congratulations on writing your review Xyphen, you didn't disappoint! On to business. Yes, the skills are mostly unbalanced with the maxless ki system, that's true. This issue is going to be addressed in the upcoming playerwipe. I could fix it now, but people would complain about being forced to focus all day just so they can use skills again.

As for being able to ki heal constantly. That will also be addressed for the playerwipe. I'm aware of a lot of the balance issues but you must realize. We haven't pwiped in 3 years. Drastic changes like this will be met with a lot of resistance and hatred, so it's better to leave it as it is now and have a 'few' haters.

Most of the 'quests' in game are well done. The IT quest is used by many DBS derived codebases because it's done so well. Occasionally issues come up, but they are addressed when needed. Keeping your mouth shut about issues surely is a good way to NOT have your problems taken care of. :)

There are only a handful of DBS original areas left over, and yes, they have not been adjusted to the new gains system, however there's a skill called suppress that allows you to lower your powerlevel so you can continue to gain on the weaker NPCs before you adventure forth to the stronger ones. Bio-Androids don't get this skill, and Xyphen's main race was a Bio-Android so this is why he's complaining about it. Bio-Android's are required to kill to obtain their skills, via pk or through NPCs, NPCs having a greatly reduced chance of acquiring a skill. On top of that, there are many areas that cover the powerlevel gaps that exist in the DBS areas, so with a little exploring, you're quite fine with gaining powerlevel non stop. It just takes a bit of adventure.

There are only TWO bugged android quests, it was a poorly designed DBS original area that will be removed for the playerwipe. Very few, if any androids actually take the time to complete the quest. Because some people have the rewards from the quest, it will remain in until the wipe.

Regarding our quest stuck rules. You are allowed to TELL what AREA a quest or item drop is in, but that is all. You cannot discuss which mobs start the quest or what mobs drop what items. This is to encourage exploring and to keep the game fresh when new areas are installed. If you have issues with our rules regarding this, you're by no means obligated to stay and play. DBI's staff feels this is the best way to address quests since it will only allow those with the skills and ability to finish the quest and reap the rewards...

Players can ask for help on a lot of things. They can ask where to gain at X powerlevel, syntax issues, just about anything that IS NOT quest related. Yes, it can seem strict, but once you actually complete a quest on your own, you will see that it was worth the hassle.

As for issues relating to me. I apologized for the system issue, I just assumed it was still there, but I did not mock him. I simply stated he should explore to find the area, it was on the system list and left it at that until I found out the system was removed and it was then fixed.

The second issue, Xyphen is distorting. When he first brought it up I had never stated that a change was made to the race, I was in the middle of adding more bonuses related to them but got sidetracked with family issues. Regardless he mentioned his gains were up 25-50%, when it was supposed to only be 25%, I just assumed he was wrong with his calculations and that they fell within the standard norm.

Eventually I told him it was not a bug, it was fine, as I was still under the impression it was around the 25% mark. I told him to stop bugging me about it, it's not an issue. He then proceeded to find a way to gain 60trillion powerlevel with 3 kills, doubling his base in 3 kills. Now, he took my words as, it's fine don't bug me about it, so he went on his merry way abusing a bug that needed to be reported and EXPLAINED.

He never ONCE said he was gaining 300% more powerlevel, for if he had I would have corrected the issue right then and there. He remained silent and abused the bug, finding out how to exploit it to the best of his abilities. As you can see, he has no remorse for his bug abuse, and cared more for his self interest than the fixing of a nasty bug.

So of course he was banned and destroyed once he got lippy about it. I simply intended to just lower his powerlevel back down and leave it at that but he took the opportunity to BLAME ME for HIS bug abuse.

That is all.

Comment posted on Tue Aug 26 17:02:57 2008 by Xyphen:

I applaud your blatant misinformation and lack of knowledge in your own mud. In reality, bio-androids DO have suppress from the start like everyone else, and I definitely had it. I'm not saying you cant ever gain at all in these areas, I'm saying it's painfully slow since you have to suppress to do it. You can get to 100 trillion PL on mobs that are 100pl with suppress, the issue is the TIME it takes.

ONLY two of the android quests are bugged. The ones that are longer than saying 'i want my new chip.' Some people would call that ALL of them.

Next, I didn't distort the issue at all. I NEVER said my gains were up 25% OR 50% OR 25-50%. The only numbers I ever used were saying mine were up up to 300%, and then said I was sure it was a bug because the max I could see Rendo adding was 30%, so I just assumed he added an extra 0 or misplaced a decimal by 1 digit(I said this with Rendo online and listening by the way). So by the second or third time I told Rendo when he told me to BLANK OFF, I didn't care that it was a bug. To quote Rendo's post 'Eventually I told him it was not a bug, it was fine'. Replace 'it was fine' with 'now !^%@ OFF' and its close enough.

I know it seems absurd in retrospect, since a player did the right thing and reported a bug that was beneficial to him MULTIPLE times and yet EACH time was ignored or insulted. The problem is Rendo, that IS what happened EXACTLY how it happened.

Review posted by Gehu
Posted on Wed Jul 30 20:11:53 2008 / 0 comments
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Like many DBZ Muds this is based on the Saga codebase, which I played many moons ago. If this is likely to put you off, don't let it. The basic mechanics of the two are where the similarities end.

The races seem much more balanced, as do the skills. The Immortals are both friendly and fair. The quests are well written.

But by far the crowning achievement of DBI is its playerbase. Personable and helpful, many go out of their way to help a new starter. And a lot of the most regular players are avid RPers.

What some people may call a quiet MUD, actually allows for greater interaction between players, forming friendships... and friendly rivalries.

The improvements made since Saga are manyfold and the players much less likely to be immature little [Self-Censored].

I have yet to find a better DB Mud, and I will be staying for while. Still unsure, check it out anyway, what's one hour just to see whether you like something that could provide you with months of entertainment.

Gehu - The Goth Namek.

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Review posted by Cherice
Posted on Tue Sep 2 19:48:26 2008 / 6 comments
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Dragonball Infinity is an overall poor mud with a playerbase that is very good. This is the only thing that makes DBI worth even taking a second look at. If you like player to player interaction, this is the place to be. If you like a game that has any kind of interesting points, don't like to be constantly antagonized by the immortals for no reason, or like quests that are possible to complete, then this is NOT the place for you.

For example, the quest to gain instant transmission is quite literally impossible. No NPC gives you any clue as to how to complete it. You spend practically all week trying to get instant transmission and the only way to complete the quest is to instant message a player who has it outside of the MUD and have them tell you the solution. This requires you to gain friendship with someone who has it and go out of your way to forceably cheat a quest which otherwise can never be completed. Nobody is allowed to tell you inside the 'game' either, thus making IT an impossible feat for anyone willing to be knocked down over and over by useless crap and player-bashing immortals.

Overall I would say don't even think about trying this MUD.

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Comment posted on Wed Jun 18 09:37:33 2008 by Rendo:

If you're going to do a review, at least have the bravado to use your game name and not an alias that's never been used in the game. On to my point now.

Playerbashing by the Imms at DBI does occur to some extent. It all depends on the situation. If a person, and I think I know who you are, is constantly asking an immortal to break our own rules and help them with a quest and then go on an INSANE rant and start bashing themselves, you can bet an Imm will bash back. We don't spend countless hours trying to make DBI as fun and enjoyable as we can only to have people call us assholes and other expletives. Respect is a two way street and if you don't earn it, don't expect to be treated with it. That's a life lesson, not just a DBI rule.

Secondly, the IT quest and any other quest on DBI. DBI implemented the NO QUEST INFO rule for a variety of reasons. Quests are a good way to advance your character with skills and or some of the best gear in the game. DBI isn't some widescale game like World of Warcraft. We have a general playerbase of 10-25 people at any given time, and our feelings are that quests should be done on your own without any help. It's a test of YOUR abilities as a player, and if you can't complete a quest, then maybe you're lacking the skills to think abstract.

The IT quest is far from impossible, in fact a lot of other DBZ based MUDs have the area files for the quest, FOR IT, so get used to it somewhere else. The quest is excellently written, requires a little bit of common sense, and reading comprehension. All quests in DBI, not just the IT quest, are completable. It's up to you look for clues and make sure you SPOT them when an NPC tells you things you NEED to know.

I take negative and partially biased reviews seriously. I am the owner of DBI and I make sure to set the record straight. DBI has its problems, but what MUD doesn't? We try our best to offer the best DBZ mudding experience and I and the playerbase feels that's what we've accomplished. Take Cherice's review at face value. S/he got upset that they were unable to complete a quest, openly admitted in their review that they ASKED people on messengers, and then got mad at the staff when we enforced our own rules of not revealing the information and more likely than not, defended ourselves from their verbal assault. Come try DBI for yourself and make your own opinions.

Comment posted on Mon Jul 7 08:45:12 2008 by Keyan:

Cherice's review is right on.

I got to the IT quest myself, it is impossible to complete in the manner in which the administration demands. Besides it being a STOCK area, it was never an area designed to be designated as a strict, you can't talk about so and so, area. It was an area designed on freely shared information between players, guiding each other along, perhaps even with help from immortals. Basically, the area if you judge it as a stand alone quest area is trash. There are no descriptors and the keyword for the final stage of the temple does not exist unless you look at the source. There is no indication speech is required, in fact the quest is misleading. Moonbase is very poor. Most of the areas are trash when judged upon questing area criteria. They were never supposed to be that.

The players don't even answer questions when you ask them about syntax, everyone on the mud just ignores you if you are talking about a quest even if you don't ask direct quest information. Yes, just turn away from this mud and better yet, start up a new Saga clone that is more true to the original. Aka, not trying to be elitist in you can't have this skill because you're obviously not good enough to get this. Speaking as an old Saga player, I have to say 'lol'. This is the way people with no real achievements, feel good about themselves. Or are a veteran and know what they are doing from beforehand, from the old Saga. The only reason Dragonball Infinity is so small is because it IS an elitist fest, so yeah, if you are a new player to a 'Saga clone' and/or lack knowledge of the DBZ universe, then look elsewhere.

Besides the above admin just blatantly calling the player stupid for not figuring it out in the first place, aka, unable to deal with 'abstract reasoning', you have just seen Dragonball Infinity right there for what it is. Yeah, it's not them, it's obviously you, the player, who has the problem. Stuck-up administration. For a stock clone, with nothing new, that for the most part sticks to the original Saga (and this is the only piece of the game that shines), the direction they are trying to take the game is not only laughable but downright offensive to players who like a friendly, helpful athmosphere in which to play and have fun in. And RP freely to their heart's content. Not have fun dictated upon them.


There is no freedom in this game to just have fun and play, because of the incredible attitude of the administration regarding quests, none of which are their own. The admin even points a player out to look into stock area codes instead of being allowed help from fellow players in game or even themselves, in order to fully participate in the game; it is a very small yet definite gaming experience that relies on player cooperation to be as fluid as possible, which is an absolute necessity in this type of unlimited PL type codebase, for which the game was originally designed to work.

This is what is most outrageous, this sort of dictatorship, over content that is not even their own. I think they were even trying to take donations a while back. If any mud should have gone down over lawsuits (as the original Saga), it should be these guys.

Rendo, you fail. And please don't call every new player that comes into the game, 'Rendo's wife'. It's not cool. Saga is dead, and the vultures gather.

Dragonball Saga was a true innovation and the mudding community has lost a true asset with its demise, it has many immitators but no true successor. After looking around at these clones, I salute the old team, Viola, etc, you know who you are. Yes, Saga is missed. :/

You all did a fantastic awesome job in both creating, maintaining and running the codebase in the manner in which was your vision.

Comment posted on Sat Jul 12 09:01:09 2008 by Rendo:

First off. LOL!!!!!!!!

Alright, back to business. Once again we have another 'coward' who has to use an alias to post their comment. Keyan has never been a playerfile on DBI, so that right there should be clear indication of this 'players' intentions. So let's go over some of these 'issues'.

For starters, the IT quest is not a STOCK area. It was created and designed by Kilan, and has been used in many if not all DBS based MUDs. It is an original DBI area, not STOCK.

Not only does the ENTIRE area have descriptions, but the quest is 100% able to be completed. It is my, and my staff's view that quests should be challenging, so where exactly is the challenge if you just find out how to do it from another player? How does this improve your skills on DBI if you can't even figure out one of the more SIMPLE, yet complex quests in the game?

Regarding syntax, if it's related to a quest, you will not receive help, as per our rules. I'm sorry if you find them too strict, but as I previously said, if it's too hard for you to do, then don't do it. We recently offered an RP Reward that allows you to obtain skills for RPP, so you can buy Instant Transmission if you're unable to complete the quest.

As for the 'elitism' and 'size' of DBI. DBI has one of the most consistent and active playerbases out of all DBZ based MUDs. Our players are also some of the most mature, loyal, and helpful players you will find. They do answer your questions, but if you act like a child, why should they help you? What makes you think you have any rights to information if you log on and treat people like crap?

As for our 'stock' code. Saiyr, and you should know who he is, for those that didn't he was one of the coders for the original DBS, stated MANY years ago that DBI is the most advanced DBS derivative there is. So you can only imagine that over the years more code has been added. We have a custom skill/race system that allows us to create whole races in game without the need to code. We've had many requests for this code as it's one of our most powerful features. If you call that 'stock' then you surely live in a faery tale world. :)

99% of the areas and code are DBS/DBI based. We've used a few snippets here and there and given credit where it is due. So your absurd accusation is unfounded and fictitious.

Once again, we have a case where a player, or quite possibly a 'rival' admin from another DBS based MUD, has posted a review about DBI. They fail to use their REAL player name, because it's easier to post anonymously and hide behind their wall. Please take their comments, and even mine, as pure bias. Come witness DBI for yourself and see who's telling the truth here. :)

Comment posted on Fri Jul 18 17:54:23 2008 by Veritas:

There are a few things in these reviews that I do not agree with, and I would like to share that with the TMC Community.

Firstly, DBI has had a no quest help rule for a long time now and that is not going to change. It's the way our MUD is run, it's the only way that makes sense based on many of the quests in the game. What's the point of having quests and forcing people to play for their in-game rewards if everyone gives everyone else the answer? We might as well just line up a row of merchants and have them sell every item and skill in the game for free.

Quests are important, they are meant to give players something to do and fun ways to expand their characters. That being said, they are not all easy.

The IT quest is NOT a stock area. No idea where anyone got that idea. It was built by Kilan specifically for DBI2.0, was installed then and was even voted on by the players as the best area in the game. You may be able to call it 'stock' now because DBI has allowed other clones and codebases to take and use the area, or because the DBI codebase has been leaked a couple of times.

But it was not a stock area, it was specifically built for DBI, and YES, IT IS HARD. Seems to me that a very large percentage of our playerbase has completed it though. Seems to me there were other players completing this quest at the same time these players were complaining it was impossible. I, myself, made and ran a test mortal player through it to make sure that it worked properly and that these players weren't experiencing bugs, which they weren't.

Quests are not always just 'go here, do this, get this, take it back'. It is not DBI's fault if that's what you are used to. The IT quest requires INVOLVED READING of room descriptions, item descriptions and much out-of-the-box thinking. Again, this quest has been part of DBI for a long time and I can guarantee you that 95% of the playerbase that attempts it does complete it, without any help.

Now, when you spam questions after being told that asking about quests is against the rules, you're going to get silenced. When you're silenced, create a new character to bash the imms, that's punishment evasion and some imm bashing...You don't expect to be treated the way you're treating others? I'm sorry, but you get what you give on DBI. I was there, I saw the whole thing, I was involved, and this is just a story of a couple of players who didn't want to accept that something was working properly, simply because they couldn't figure it out.

It's always the kids who get picked last for baseball that don't like playing the sport.

Comment posted on Sat Jul 19 06:36:56 2008 by Kilan:

First, the IT quest. You make wild assumptions that the area is a 'stock' area not designed for solo-attempts, not to mention, by definition of 'stock', the area is not. I designed the area for DBI, and it was released during one of the few codebase leaks, and almost immediately snatched up by whoever wanted to try their hand at running a MUD.

I'd like to point out that upon implementation of the area, due to the quest being that which the ultimate goal is an almost critical skill, I put those rules in place. The ultimate expansion of 'no quest info' resulted from those rules. There are plenty of clues scattered through the areas, and like Rendo said, you have to keep an eye out for them and(as most quests are) PAY ATTENTION TO EVERYTHING SO YOU DON'T MISS A CRUCIAL PIECE OF INFORMATION. Some parts of the quest require common sense, which is apparently not as common as it should be. Other parts of the quest require exploration - namely the Moonbase - which isn't a very difficult concept to grasp. So the overall quest isn't easy. Big deal. It wasn't meant to be.

As for most of everything else, I won't even bother getting into mostly for the fact that it has already been covered and resolved elsewhere. I will say this, though. Read carefully.

WE ARE NOT TRYING TO BE DRAGONBALL SAGA. We don't care what DBS did, we don't care what DBS wanted to do. We're doing what we want with the MUD, the way we feel things should be done. If you don't like it, don't play here. I say that with no hostility. There are plenty of other MUDs out there you can play. I'm sure you'll find one that suits your desires, whether it be mindless soloing to level up as far as you can, or a basic chat room where senior players and staff alike throw around insults and pretend they're the greatest thing since sliced bread.

I'm sorry you found DBI so displeasing. But know that we aren't going to change how we do things just because you couldn't figure something out. Confusing quests in actual video games cause the same problems, and you don't see the staff of Ubisoft or Square Enix doing anything to make it easier on you. DBI is not a MUD in which you can train easily then idle around, screaming 'I R TEH BETTAR DEN YUO, TUCH MI PEEN'. It is challenging and, at times, thought-provoking. Not your cup of tea? Oh well.

Comment posted on Sun Aug 31 02:02:22 2008 by Nithron:

It's foolish to think that the instant transmission quest is what DBI revolves around. It certainly isn't a hard one to figure out if you've been gifted with an adept mind. However, for those who just want everything thrown at them without actually playing and experiencing, maybe even going back three or fifteen times to find something you might not catch onto the first time, I would say is a ridiculous demand.

So, I suppose it's a shame in most who are reading this' mind that here at DBI we won't fork over every little detail and actually make you think and explore to go complete something. Although, I could be wrong...

Review posted by Nicla
Posted on Mon Jun 16 21:53:15 2008 / 0 comments
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I have been playing Dragonball Infinity for a couple of months now, and I am rather impressed by the involvement of the staff. There is always someone on who can answer questions. The gains are well paced, insuring that you don't become too strong too fast. They have many races and planets. Changes are always occuring, so something new is always popping up. Overall, this is one of the better Dragonball muds i have played.

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Review posted by Picard
Posted on Wed Apr 9 21:56:15 2008 / 0 comments
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I felt like putting up a review for DBI.

I'm Picard. For those who don't know me i'm the main coder for DBI. Rendo helps and such, but all the life changing events are driven by me.

Dbi has become such a radically different place since i've touched it. We have a massive skill system in place as well as awesome ships and a lot of areas. More massive things are in the works. We have an automated dragonball system that releases the earth / namek balls.

I'm currently working on redoing the entire clan system to make it all user friendly. Basically my goal in coding is to code so i don't have to code. I rewrote the entire skill system so builders could 'build' skills and i wouldn't have to code them. I still have to code some stuff for skills but NOTHING like i used to. It may seem like a lot of work to redo things etc... But this way its a lot harder for people to break the mud attempting to code.

I was on a temp leave to fix my personal life. Its going great and i'm devoting all my free time to do what will hopefully make dbi last a very long time. I'm sure there are other muds who've done what we are going to do, but we have the userbase and people like what we are currently doing. That will help us gain a larger foothold.

So if you want to help be part of a massively growing and expanding mud, come join dbi. We do take user comments to heart and any bug that is found is squashed immediately.

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Review posted by Kaito
Posted on Wed Feb 20 21:47:37 2008 / 0 comments
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Get ready to experience a MUD like no other. Dragonball: Infinity is just that - I've played several DBZ muds, but none have been quite as good as this. It's user-friendly, the staff and players are helpful, and it's really a fun environment. Apart from that, there are good items, activities, and quests to keep you entertained for a long while.

There are also many races with several different transformations and techniques that make this a very unique game. Furthermore, it's been going for years and still maintains a large playerbase (usually about 20-30 people online during the day, 5-15 at night), so you know ithas to be good.

Check it out, and look me up or pretty much any of the experienced players in-game for questions on how to get started on the greatest DBZ MUD out there, Dragonball: Infinity.

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Review posted by Jello
Posted on Sun Jan 20 20:30:37 2008 / 0 comments
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Well, I have played many DbZ based muds, but this one is the most interesting I have ever played. First of all DBI is very newbie friendly. When I started playing it was a little confusing at first, but with the numerous helpfiles and the willingness of the playerbase to help with any questions you may have it was fairly easy to get into the learn how everything works.

Unlike some dbz muds I have played there is always something going on in the world of DBI. The RP system is one of those things, whether you like RP or not the storylines are always fun to follow or even if you like questing there are numerous quest of all difficulty to explore. If you are not a biggie on RPing or questing, no problem. There are plenty of other things to do on DBI, whether it be sparring/pking with other players, or chatting with the playerbase of DBI(which they have a pretty good pb all of which are very friendly).

What I like the best of DBI is the unique race selection. Every race of DBI has its own personal skills and abilities, as well as a numerous amount of races to choose from. Whether you like to play a Demon, a Tuffle, or even a Hydian. The races are also very balanced having their weaknesses and strengths, so there isn't one PWN ALL race.

So if you're looking for a good DB mud to play come try DBI. I am confident that you will like it, I played another DBZ mud for four years and switched to DBI aftering playing it for a day. You will not be disappointed!

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