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In a world ruled by Deities with powers beyond mortal comprehension, mortal man and his sentient beastly kindred walk among some of the greatest heroes and villains ever to exist in the human consciousness. Emperor Palpatine and Lord Vader inhabit the same world as Sir Lancelot and the Greco-Roman Gods. Choose your path among the mortals, honour always the deities, and be sure to watch your back; the wolves here bite. Aesir currently has 6 tribes, run by mortals, that aid in roleplay and player interaction. Most of our areas are original and we will accept and review areas from anyone, not just immortals. We have Rebirth systems in the game. Rebirth will brings 8 advanced classes into the game. Questing is optional and the rewards are as variable as the types of quests. We like to try to keep a light, relaxed atmosphere, while at the same time keeping an open forum for opposing views. Feel free to stop by anytime and if you should need anything, don't hesitate to ask! Aesir II is a dedication to the origional Aesir (u/). It was an incredible piece of work so the mud is being relaunched on a new port under new management. Same great mud, better flavor! Also, it has been redone from the areas it had a long time ago so this is a nostalgia trip that only the gods could brew up. Happy mudding and see you there!

Additional Noted Features:

  • Rebirths

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