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Shangrila is an adults-only BDSM fantasy roleplay MUX. We wish to provide a safe environment for adults to explore their sexuality within the exciting theme or go where their imaginations take them in one of the many areas provided.

This game is no place for children. Adults only, please.

Mud Theme: Adult

Shangrila Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Mira
Posted on Fri Feb 19 11:29:55 2016 / 0 comments
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Other reviews on this site speak to the command system, which is admittedly a bit incoherent. There are, however, hundreds of help files and a comprehensive new-player guide that requires new players to read and follow. There are numerous helpful players logged on at all hours to provide assistance, and the mush is always looking for helpful advice. Once one gets past the tricky character and profile creation, the mud opens up to a wide variety of roleplaying options, with willing players to help flesh out your ideas. You can insert yourself into any number of ongoing storylines, and there are bulletin boards on which to advertise invitations to your own storyline ideas. This mush has been ongoing for a great many years, and the entrenched players are avidly entertained by creative injections into their roles and thoughts. This is an adult-themed mush, with opportunities to delve into all sorts of things you will never see anywhere else, in a completely safe, and friendly environment. It only requires patience and courtesy on your part. :)

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Review posted by Serret
Posted on Wed Apr 1 08:20:21 2015 / 0 comments
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Stunningly un-user-friendly, impossible to navigate, lacking in anything to indicate to a new player where to go, what to do, or why to continue wasting their time with an atrocious command system that is neither coherent nor consistent. I honestly cannot imagine why anyone would bother.

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