DraknorMUD is a ROM-based MUD that has been around since 2001. Focusing on a book series I started around the same time, the world has become a sprawling map covering multiple continents. We have ten classes and over forty races to choose from, each combination offering interesting variations of skills and abilities. Our world is managed by a powerful custom online creation, allowing the fast creation of areas, programs, clans, and more. We're a quiet place, with a few dedicated players, but we always love seeing new faces.

Come give us a chance.

Mud Theme: Fantasy - Role Playing - Based on creator's book series

DraknorMUD Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Rekkisu
Posted on Sun Aug 12 20:41:56 2007 / 0 comments
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This has to be one of the best muds I've played on personally. It's not too complicated, but it has a bit of depth to it. If you want to quest, well you have to develop your character. Even for people who don't like to give their character alot of background and put lots of time into a character, it's well worth the effort. If you're skeptical, give it a shot, the place is really newbie friendly.

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Review posted by Rastan
Posted on Sun Jun 24 20:38:23 2007 / 0 comments
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I became an immortal on the Lands of Draknor about 7 months ago, and from the very first day I started it was clear that LoD wasn't like those other 'generic' muds out there. Changes and upgrades are pretty much an every day thing making it a much better mudding experience for the players and immortals alike.

Not to mention an awesome list of races that I believe is sitting at 44 currently, making the role-playing truly unbounding and enjoyable for everyone. An extremly well developed clan system allows for each clan to come up with their very own customized ranks, that differ just about as much as the clans themselves. The clans range from the covenant, a family of blood thirsty vampires, to the Xanadu or the pleasure seekers of the LoD.

So if you're looking for somewhere to enjoy a completly customized, user friendly mud, then stop in and check us out we would love to see everyone there!

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Review posted by Simmias
Posted on Sun Dec 10 17:39:06 2006 / 0 comments
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I played MUDs about 9 years ago, and even inherited one to become a co-implementor, until it was shut down suddenly. Then about three months ago, I decided to start playing again, just to kill a little time. I tried a dozen or so, but I was immediately drawn to the Lands of Draknor for many reasons.

The immortals, and even the other players, were very helpful and patient in explaining many of the unique features of LoD, which are some of the best I have ever seen. I was impressed by the large number of completely original areas, which are being added-to constantly, and the impressive list of playable races.

The classes have been modified to have unique skills and spells, adding to the RP-realism (eg, a warrior isn't likely to be able to cast sanctuary, but would have the strength of will to overcome his opponents). These original skills and spells make replayability very interesting, creating another class/race combination that ends up being quite different from your previous one, and requires slightly different playing styles to be successful.

Many MUDs suffer from a lack of interesting things to do once you reach the max level, but the original hero questing system here lets you avoid 'hero boredom.' New, special, equipment and stats can be gained, even though your levelling is done. Some of them require being in groups to be successful, which only adds to the fun. This system is also being added to in the future.

The clan system is pretty neat too, with customized clan ranks and quite a few of them to chose from, ranging from the helpers, to the warriors, to those who only seek pleasure. The clans fit into roleplaying quite well to, such as ones who are race-specific, or driven by the law of the land, etc.

I was originally planning to only stick around for a little while and have a bit of fun playing a game I hadn't played in a long time, but the differences and the high quality of the presentation and originality has turned me into an addict. I highly recommend the Lands of Draknor over any other MUD I have ever logged into, and I hope to see you there as well.

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Review posted by Gukhaar
Posted on Sat Nov 18 19:31:25 2006 / 0 comments
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I just started a new mud that released this last weekend. I have to say it has the most potential of any newly released MUD I've seen lately. It is a ROM that looks very well modified. There are 40 races and already 10 classes. It is a 100-level system.

The immortal staff have been very friendly and helpful, and the programmers have been posting changes pretty much daily. I noticed many clans with all unique ranks, and the latest changes say its a brand new unique clan system which I look forward to trying when I get to level 20.

I have found lots of areas and equipment so far(I am level 17). I would recommend trying it out if you are looking for somewhere new to play. I'm having a lot of fun.

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